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Our Absolute Lifestyle

Author: Master Eso

Filed in: leather, lifestyle, scene

When I came out in the BDSM scene some 6 years ago, after practicing my lifestyle in the privacy of my own home for some 23 years, I did so under the naïve assumption that the BDSM scene was ruled by honor, integrity and respect in a hierarchy like anciently setting, just as or similar to the way I rule my household. Slaves humbly serving their Masters in deference, devotion and with pleasure. Masters ruling over their subjects with grace and honor. Masters like brothers. Slaves like sisters. Ritual and protocol. A Man a word. Bonding I guess they call it now. I think you get the picture…

That’s right. And I never even read the Story Of O or any of the Gor Books.

Why else I thought, would we come out and gather. Surely not to practice our vanilla society skills. Certainly not to do now, what we would never do at home. Absolutely not to have our slaves behave all out of “role”, contrary to what we expect them to in the privacy of our own homes.

The reality however, dear Masters and slaves, is far from anything I would have ever imagined. The reality indeed, is a disgrace.

Go to the chat rooms and take a look, especially the ones on AOL. Visit a Munch or join a group, go to a party, and see for yourself. There is little honor, no ritual, no protocol. A Man a word… give me a break. No deference and no respect, it’s almost like the lifestyle is a fake.

Pseudo submissives running amok. Doms or swingers or players, or just out to get laid, one just doesn’t know. Egos and cliques. Bullies and fakes. Instigators, antagonizers and anarchists. Dishonesty running rampant. Sportsters, role players, and jokers. Protectors and preachers, and yes then there is us, in midst of the mess.

Structure and protocol is amiss, ritual, honor and pride and respect most of all. The hierarchy must be upheld.

It must not be that our slaves and those aspiring to be, are instigated against their Masters, looked down upon and belittled, if they wont comply. It must not happen that us Masters are portrayed to be abusers, control freaks, tyrants and worse. It must not be tolerated that Masters are scolded and lectured by submissives or even slaves, belittled or ridiculed, it is a shame. It must not be accepted that our collared slaves are proposed to by others behind our back. It simply must not be allowed that our lifestyle is ruled by backstabbing, slander and lies, by power struggles and those who simply don’t care. It must not continue that our lifestyle so dear to many of us, becomes watered down more and more by those new age online philosophies by the political correct, who brought us this mess.

Maybe some may say I am a dreamer, unrealistic, a fool and out of touch, an odd-ball, a fantasist, and if I would not live this, my lifestyle for so many years, I might even agree.

Absolute BDSM, Old Guard, Old Ways, Absolute Slavery, APE and TPE, it does not matter, but it all starts in our minds, our lifestyle is mental. Pride and honor, integrity and respect, our perceptions, it’s all in the mind. Expressed with behavior, through rituals, protocols and rules, it comes alive thru speech. We create our lifestyle, all by ourselves.

If we don’t carefully select who we surround us with, if we don’t take action when things go array, if we don’t correct the path when the lifestyle goes the wrong path, if we don’t choose honor, integrity and respect, and if we don’t uphold our lifestyle, nobody else will !

Anyone wishing to use this article on their site or mailing list may do so as long as the article remains unchanged and my name and email address remain on them. Giving credit where it belongs.

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