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The Perfect Slave

Author: slave girl

Filed in: slavery, definitions

How does one begin to write an essay giving a definitive description of the perfect slave? I believe that there may be as many descriptions for that as there are Masters in this world, as it has been my experience, limited as it may be, that there is a vast difference from one Master to another. What one Master considers perfection might be deemed as outright disobedience by another. My assignment, though, is not to determine what one Master or another might believe, but what mind set I, as a slave, must have to please my Master; and that shouldn't vary.

Ultimately, the perfect slave brings pleasure to the Master by serving him in whatever manner he desires. The perfect slave should know her Master intimately, enabling her to anticipate his needs and desires, without ever being presumptuous. Those needs and desires encompass intellectual stimulation and conversation, physical pleasure and emotional support.

The perfect slave would become educated on the subjects that interest her Master and be able to discuss those things with him as he wishes and expresses a desire to do so. The perfect slave values education and intellect and considers learning and personal growth to be valued and desired by her Master.

The perfect slave understands that there are many forms of physical pleasure, of which sexual pleasure is but one. A slave should learn what pleases the Master physically and become adept at providing that pleasure. The list might also include such things as massage and sensual touch, favorite foods, textures, clothing, colors, gifts and scents. The slave must make herself and her Master's environment pleasing to all of the five senses.

The perfect slave knows her Master so intimately that she is in tune with his emotional state of mind and knows what it is that he needs at any given moment. She should be completely loyal and supportive, lifting up her Master and bringing him great joy and satisfaction. He should leave her presence feeling ministered to and beloved.

Lastly, the perfect slave has no secrets from her Master. The Master knows his slave better than all others and it is expected that there be complete trust and honesty in the relationship. The slave serves her Master out of the freedom that comes when there is nothing to hide, and she serves with love and passion.

I have decided that I need to write an essay on submission, as I think best when I have to write out my thoughts. My Master knows that about me, and as a result, I do A LOT of writing *smile*.

I recently realized that submission is not easy to define, and that there are many levels. I discovered that I find it relatively easy to submit physically, as demonstrated by the following story:

He told me to turn over, and then he went over to the closet and got something. I didn't know if it was going to be a belt or a tie to tie me up or what. It turned out to be a plastic hangar, which he decided he could use on me without making the noise that his hand would make. I said, "I don't think I want you to use a hangar on me. I think that's going to hurt way too much." I tried to take the hangar away, but he held me hand down and said, "Yes, you do want it, you'll like it." He straddled me and held my hands with one hand and began slowly, methodically beating me with that hangar. I couldn't believe it! I began to squirm something fierce, because it stung like mad, but he persisted. When I thought I was going to lose my mind with the pain, he would stop, only to start up again after massaging my bottom for a few moments. Then he pushed my hand down under me and told me to begin masturbating, at which point he moved up to a kneeling position by my face and told me to suck his cock. So, there I was, masturbating and sucking his cock while he hit me harder and harder with that damn plastic hangar! I ended up having a huge orgasm, which, frankly, surprised me. After I calmed down a bit, he had me get on my knees and elbows and he entered me from behind, eventually, he started hitting me with the hangar again, and as I bucked crazily with the pain, he came. As the pain intensified, I found "subspace" and just went with it. My ass is burning today, but I must admit, I enjoyed the activity.

This was an incident that ocurred with my husband, who was trying to show me that this D/s stuff was really terrible. He was certain that if he did this to me that I would realize how much I hated it in real life. He was greatly distressed to discover my pleasure, and he stays away from anything remotely like that now. When I told that story to my Master, he said, "So, he thinks he is teaching you a lesson, but what he is really doing is training you for my crop." We both laughed at that *smile*.

Shortly after that, my Master had me go through a mirror exercise. We don't not live near each other, so much of our communication is through e-mail or over the phone. We were having a training session over the phone, and he asked me to look in the mirror and describe what I saw as he had me masturbate. I found it incredibly difficult to do. I realized then, that I was squirming more emotionally through that exercise than I did physically with the hangar whipping! That's when I discovered that the more subtle, but, I suspect, far more satisfying and real, elements of emotional and mental submission are where I will have the most work to do.

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