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Shocking! Absolutely Shocking!: Part I - The Beginners Guide to The Violet Wand

Author: Norische

Filed in: electroplay, beginners


For centuries man has been fascinated by electricity; the mystical, magical illusion of power and fire all rolled into one tangible source. Since 1745 when Georg Von Kleist discovered that this wondrous power could actually be controlled, man has been on an amazing journey of discovery and wonderment. Inventers every since have been attempting to harness the power of electricity; scientist have theorized and hypothesized on the true nature of that which has held a world mesmerized for generations. Since the discovery of electricity humanity has been in a constant state of chaos and change, each new invention has added to the comforts we now take for granted.

Within this interesting adventure we have found a whole new level of sadism. With the discovery of electricity came the invention of the Tesla Coil, and as a result the Violet Wand.

Nikola Tesla, a Croatian born in 1856, invented a high-frequency transformer called the Tesla Coil, which made AC power transmission practical. In 1896 a Dr. Frederick Finch Strong lectured to his colleagues at the Boston Medical Society about the therapeutic value of high frequency electricity; at that time his colleagues scoffed at his proposal, but within twenty years his proposal blossomed into the Violet Ray. By 1919 Renulife, a company from Detroit, Michigan was manufacturing and distributing this extraordinary cure all device to hundreds of well-equipped doctor\'s offices throughout the country. By the mid 20\'s to 30\'s the Violet Ray Generator could be found in many homes, and was even being manufactured over seas as well as here in America. As this wondrous device found its way in to more and more homes, new manufactures began experimenting with the idea and new versions of the Violet Ray became available; one of which was the Violet Wand. The Violet Ray consisted of a generator box that was attached to a hand held unit, in short, a wand. With persistence and a little ingenuity, engineers managed to create a method in which the bulky generator could be eliminated, leaving only the hand held section, hence a new era…the Violet Wand. However, their success was short lived; when the medical miracle of the century failed to produce the expected results people stopped buying. The Violet Wand was viewed as having only limited medical uses and hence was discarded by the medical community.

In 1951, a libel suit was filed against the Master Electrical Company (one of the last manufactures of the violet wand medical device left in existence) for misbranding its devices as a medical cure for various diseases. The court ordered the devices to be turned over to the Food and Drug Administration as contraband. At this point the Violet Wand became a rarity within the United States; foreign companies were able to circumvent the ruling and continued to manufacture violet wand kits and expanded on the variety of attachments available.

It was a renown psychic by the name of Edgar Cayce that ignited the resurgence of the Violet Wand during the 60\'s and 70's. During his readings Edgar Cayce recommended the use of the Violet Wand over 800 times, as a form of treatment for a wide variety of disorders. During his readings the primary purpose of this device was to stimulate circulation and assist with certain skin ailments.

It wasn't until much later that the Violet Wand became a absolute must for every well equipped dungeon, with a little sadistic laughter and a whole lot of imagination the Violet Wand danced its way into the hearts and souls of every sadist (and masochist) in America.


A Violet Wand is a disruptive discharge coil design based on the Tesla coil, with a tightly wound primary magnet coil connected to a vibrating resonator, high voltage capacitor and a separate secondary coil. This wondrous device transforms ordinary household electricity into a high voltage, high frequency, and low amperage electrical energy output. The high frequency of the output of the electrical charge ranges between 400 - 500 KHZ, a set of frequencies that coincidentally human nerves do not feel once it enters the body, passing through it just under the range of radio high frequencies. The Violet Wand also emits a small amount of Ultraviolet light at the point of the spark, and a good quantity of ozone. These devices may have a voltage upwards of 30,000 Volts.

Basically the Violet Wand is a device that manipulates standard household current into a controllable and entertaining static discharge.

The wand itself is generally made of a durable plastic; the electrodes can be made of glass or metal. The wand is created in such a manner as to allow an electrode to be inserted into one end; these electrodes are interchangeable and simply slip in and out as desired. Most glass electrodes have a steel or brass tip that is inserted into the wand. European electrodes have a standard size of 11mm, American electrodes have a standard size of 7/16 inches; this is something good to know when you are buying electrodes. Also the majority of European models use 220 not 110 like in America so you will have to purchase a converter if you buy your wand from Europe.

The electrodes themselves are gas filled glass tubes, created in a wide variety of designs. The vast majority of the glass electrodes are filled with argon gas, which turns purple when exposed to a high voltage, hence the name Violet Wand. There are other gases that are used that can create other colors but the argon gas is definitely the most common.

One thing that I would like to mention is that since the violet wand is a single outlet device, it is the safest electrical device to use on the market at this time. The Folsum and the TENS units are dual electrode units, where electrical currents runs from point A to point B, these units tend to be more risky and are frequently used improperly. Specifically, individuals will place one electrode on each nipple and turn the unit on; one thing that is a law of electricity that everyone should know is that the current will follow the path of least resistance; and hence the least resistance is straight through the heart in this circumstance. The Violet Wand is the only electrical unit that can be used with a reasonable amount of safety above the waist; this is of course may be done if basic safety precautions are followed.


You can buy a nice Violet Wand new for between 250.00 and 450.00, depending on the number of accessories you purchase with the unit. Most electrodes run between 30.00 and 90.00, although some of the more unique antique ones may run as much as 250.00. The body probe normally runs around 60.00 to 80.00 dollars.

If you buy an older model you run the risk of getting a unit that is not electrically sound, before you use it on someone you should definitely have it checked out. This is one area that common sense should prevail. Remember electricity is nothing to play with, learn about your equipment, and make sure it is in good condition. Before you use an electrode make sure there are no cracks or sharp edges to it, you don\'t want to hurt someone by accident when you are trying to hurt them on purpose.

Make sure that you follow all safety precautions when you use a violet wand. This would include the type of surge protector or extension cord to use, where and how long to use the unit. I know it is a little redundant but a little common sense can help you avoid a big doctor bill later on.

The Violet Wand is the safest electrical device that is available on the market at this time, but this does not mean it can be used recklessly without consequences.

When using the violet wand make sure you start at the lowest setting, you want your sub/slave's eyes to be open wide not to be bugged out of their head.

If you want to restrain your sub/slave, please keep in mind that there will be muscle contractions when you use the Violet Wand. Therefore, do not put the restraints on too tight or make them too restrictive, this may lead to unnecessary injuries.

It is reasonably safe to use a Violet Wand anywhere on the body except on the eyes; for you sub/slave safety keep at least 3 inches away from the eyes. Also until you are familiarized with the use of the Violet Wand it is best to restrict the use of the Violet Wand to below the waist.

You will find that when you place the electrode directly on the skin that the shock will be rather mild, so for the most interesting reactions keep the electrode approximately 1/8 to ¼ inch above the skin. This will create a spark gap that will allow the tiny lighting bolts to jump from the wand to the skin surface.

Keep in mind that these wondrous lightning bolts can cause micro-burns on the surface of what ever they make contact with. Some individuals state that the spark from the Violet Wand never penetrates the surface of the skin, due to a phenomenon called the skin effect. According to some individuals, the high frequency of the violet wand produces a magnetic field that polarizes the electrons within the electric discharge. Since the electrons are similarly charged they will naturally repulse each other and hence dissipate across the surface of the skin and not penetrate the skin. However, this theory does have some flaws to it, in reality the electric discharge actually penetrates the skin approximately .075 centimeters.

Also something to be aware of is that the very same electric charge that can penetrate skin, can also penetrate silk, cotton, vinyl, rubber, even leather. So make sure that the area you are planning on using the violet wand at is either bare or you are not too picky about the clothing that is on your victim, Also remember any rubber, vinyl or polyester can melt and so it may actually burn your subject more than intended.

You now have an idea about the history of the violet wand, what it is and a brief glimpse at how to use it. These are your first steps into the fabulously sadistic world of the violet wand. Before you take that second step, I suggest you familiarize yourself will all the safety issues involved with the use or misuse of a Violet Wand.

Coming soon… Shocking! Absolutely Shocking! Part II: The Safety Guide to the Violet Wand.

As with everything this is my opinion, take what you will and leave the rest. If you wish to contact me, my email address is If you wish to see more of my work you may find a complete listing of all my writings at…. in the files section.


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