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All Wrapped Up In Myself: Mummification Part 3 - The Adventure Begins

Author: Norische

Filed in: how-to, bondage, mummification

Now that you have explored all the safety issues and to some degree you have ventured into the realm of possibilities where wrappings are concerned, now the adventure begins.

Set up a general area that can be used for the mummification, make sure there is plenty of room for the slave/sub to stand, sit and lay down; for you will probably wish to utilize all three positions at some time during this process.

Be Prepared:

1. One pair of bandage scissors, or safety scissors. Cost is about $3.75 to $25.00 depending on the quality and source.

2. Several rolls of self-adhesive bandage tape. This comes in several different colors and widths. Cost ranges from $2.99 to 8.57 depending on the width and brand. I personally utilize four-inch wide tape; I get it for about $2.50 per roll at the vet supply store.

3. The wrapping material of choice, remember that you will need between 75 and 200 feet of the wrapping. Also you might want to make sure that you have a variety of different widths, just for the different areas of the body.

4. Towels, you need to have between 2 and 4 hand towels available, one for the knees, one for the ankles, and two for the armpits.

5. Cotton balls, you will want to have a few cotton balls available, this is to put on the nipples and over the eyes (if you plan on wrapping the head completely).

6. A glass of ice water with a straw, just incase the slave/sub begins to get dehydrated.

7. Another person to help is always a good idea.

8. Rope or decorative tape if you are going to adorn your mummy.

Starting the Wrapping

For this example I will utilize cling wrap as the material of choice.

First make sure that your slave/sub has an empty bladder before you start.

Now have him/her remove all clothing, it is also wise to remove all jewelry (if possible), you don't want the jewelry cutting into the skin from the wrapping.

As to body jewelry, I find that sometimes it can get in the way of the wrapping or can tear the cling wrap so I will either encourage the removal or put gauze, tape or cotton balls over the body jewelry in order to prevent a rather shockingly painful mishap.

If the slave/sub has artificial nails on you might want to have them remove them or avoid wrapping the hands. Wrapping the hands with long nails or acrylic nails on will at best tear the wrapping, at worst bend the nail to an uncomfortable position and leave the slave/sub begging to be removed much sooner than necessary. If necessary you can use bondage mitts as an easy solution.

During this whole process encourage the slave/sub to let you know how they are feeling, are they too uncomfortable, are they getting too hot, are they beginning to panic, also make sure that you listen and react appropriately. If the slave/sub asks you to stop, by all means stop; this is a huge test of trust, do not risk the bond the two of you have by being stubborn.


Start the wrapping with the slave/sub in a sitting position. Have him/her extend one arm to the side and begin to wrap. Start about 2 inches below the elbow and run the wrap along the underside of the arm towards the fingers. Hint: You may want to put a piece of medical tape on the end so that it will not slip and you will not have to hold onto it while you are wrapping down the arm. With the slave/sub\'s fingers extended continue the wrap over the fingertips, the top of the hand and up the arm to the shoulder region. Once you are at the shoulder area turn the wrap 180 degrees so that you can now begin wrapping around the arm itself. Take your time and smooth out the wrap as you go, the less wrinkles the better it feels and the better it will look. Over lap the wrap about half the width of the material, continue this process down the length of the arm. Once you get to the wrist again turn the wrap 180 degrees and repeat the original run; wrap over the fingertips, hand, and back up to the shoulder. Hint: Do not wrap too tightly or you may compromise circulation; if skin bulges over the wrap or the wrap does not lay smooth this could indicate that you have wrapped the bandage too tightly. Repeat this process until the wrap is to the desired thickness, normally three times should do. On the final wrapping instead of turning the wrap and going over the fingers, simply proceed to wrap around the arm back up to the armpit. Cut the wrap and take a strip of self adhesive tape and go around the arm to secure the cling wrap. Now repeat the process with the other arm.


Have the slave/sub lie down, raise one leg from the surface and begin wrapping. As with the arm, start about two inches below the joint on the underside of the leg, again placing a small piece of tape at over the edge to prevent slipping. Bring the wrap down the length of the leg to the ankle, and over the foot. Hint: At this point take a piece of self adhesive tape and wrap it around the ankle securing it to itself but remember not too tightly, if you skip this process you will find that the wrapping will encounter problems at the ankle when as you go further along. Now proceed up the front of the leg to the hip. At the hip turn the wrap 180 degrees and begin to wrap around the leg, make sure not to put too much pressure on the upper thigh, and use caution around the genitals, one good nudge and you could end up in a inconvenient delay in your whole process. Now as with the arm repeat the process until you have the desired thickness; over lapping the wrap about half of the width of the material as you go. On your final wrapping do not turn and go over the foot, instead simply continue the rap back up the leg to the hip. Once you have reached the hip cut the cling wrap and smooth out the wrap. Using the self adhesive tape go around the leg at the hip and secure the tape to its self, remember that this type of tape will cling only to itself so you must make sure that the ends overlap well. Repeat this same process with the other leg.

It is normally at this point that I place a blindfold and a set of headphones on the slave/ sub. I find soothing music playing softly through the headphones encourages the slave/sub to remain calm.


Have the slave/sub stand for this portion, there may be some difficulty getting them upright since their legs are now wrapped, just take it slow and if possible have someone help you. Have the slave/sub extend his/her arms out straight, begin the wrap under the left arm, you may wish to place a small piece of tape to secure the end. Now go across the chest and under the right arm, continue the process around the body. Hint: When you get to the nipples place a cotton ball over each nipple and then wrap over it, this will allow you to cut a hole in the wrappings and free the nipples for possible fun and torture, without cutting the skin. As you are wrapping over the chest have the slave/sub inhale deeply, expanding the chest as much as possible; this will ensure that you do not wrap too tightly and constrict the breathing. Continue the wrapping over the chest and abdomen, over lapping the wrap by approximately half the width of the wrapping. Hint: Before you wrap the genitals and hips place a towel folded length ways between the legs from groin to ankles, this will ensure comfort and prevent over heating to a great degree. Now proceed to wrap around the hips and legs. When you get to the ankles, simply reverse and wrap upwards to the chest again, do this process only once.


When you have reached the chest area have the slave/sub lower his/her arms; place a hand towel in the armpit, make sure the towel is folded in half. Have him/her press his/her arms against his/her body to hold the towels in place. Take the wrap and angle it up to the right shoulder, wrap across the back and over the left shoulder. Continue the wrapping downward, allowing for quite a bit of over lapping, when you get to the chest area remember to have the slave/sub inhale deeply so that you won't wrap too tightly. Hint: By the time you get to the thighs the slave/sub may be having a problem with balance, without the use of their arms they may start to weave or tip over. Make sure that you keep a close eye on him and do not allow him to fall. When you get to the feet simply start wrapping upward, until you reach the shoulders. You may want to put some medical tape on the cling wrap at the shoulders to keep it in place. Because of the body's natural curves it may tend to bunch or slip out of place.

Lay the slave down as soon as you have finished this step he or she will not be able to maintain their balance and it is at this point that most people have problems with dizziness, disorientation, and sometimes fall. Remember they have no way to break their fall so don't let them fall if it can be helped.


Some people will use wrap and wrap the neck and head, personally I find this process to be questionable at best. At this point I will take the headphones off the slave, I ask him/her if everything is going ok, and check his/her response time and ability to respond. If I find that they are cognitive and able to continue I will then take the blindfold off, instructing him/her to keep their eyes shut. I will then put a leather hood over his/her head, this hood has zippers for the eyes and mouth, I will have the eyes zipped and leave the mouth open. If I have worked with the individual previously I will utilize a special tube gag that was made for this hood. I do not use this gag unless I know how the person is going to react, due to the fact that it does restrict speech to some degree. Normally I will allow the slave/sub to remain like this, untouched for about 30 minutes to an hour, very rarely have I allowed this stage to go longer than one hour. By this time the slave is beginning to feel "spacey" at best. This plus the heat, the compressed feeling and the sensory deprivation may cause your slave/sub to panic, so keep a close eye on him or her.

The best way I can describe what he/she is feeling is that the experience feels as if you are floating somewhere outside your body. You can't feel the world beneath you; all you can hear is the beating of your own heart thundering in your ears and your breath echoing through your world of silence. Your eyes blinded but to a world of darkness; all you can taste is your own sweat, all you can feel is the very life being squeezed from your body. Seconds tick away time is lost to you; somewhere outside your world seconds become minutes and minutes become an eternity. Just as the darkness begins to play tricks with your mind, just as your breath begins to burn in your chest, someone frees you from your nightmare and welcomes you back into the world as a newborn child emerging from the womb.


When you are ready to release the slave/sub, start with the head. Take the hood off or any wrappings from around the head and heck. Give your slave a drink of water and make sure that he/she is doing ok. Now using the bandage scissors make a cut along the right arm, between the arm and chest. This will cut the top layer across the chest and allow you to put the wrapping away from the chest and shoulders. Once this layer across the chest has been removed, go to the top of the lower layer and gently place the scissors between the slave/sub and the wrapping, cut the wrapping strait down to the feet. Next start with the right arm, start the cut at the shoulder and continue to the fingertips, normally you should be able to remove the wrapping about half way down the arm, repeat the process with the left arm. Now to the legs, start again on the right this time place the scissors between the slave and the wrappings by the hip, cut towards the feet. Here again you should be able to remove the wrapping about half way through the cutting. Repeat with the left leg. The slave/sub will be virtually drenched in sweat so it is best to provide him/her with a towel to dry off with, also it is now that the slave/sub will get chilled if not covered in a timely manner. I always recommend a nice warm shower to get rid of the sweat and bring the senses back to life, you may have to have the slave/sub wait a while and make sure they are not too dizzy or disoriented…you don't need them getting hurt by falling in the shower.

This experience is one that I feel everyone should have, but many are unable to. Do to their own fears they will never know the feeling of soaring through a dark mist, or feeling as if you are sinking to the depths of a mighty ocean, out of control and helpless. This experience is not for everyone, but for those that share in its majesty I solute you, your courage has allowed you to touch the depths of your soul in a way that others may never know.

As with all my writings this is just my opinion and my experiences, take what you will and leave the rest. If you wish to contact me, my email address is

Mistress Norische

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