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All Wrapped Up In Myself Part 1: Safety Issues With Mummification

Author: Norische

Filed in: health and safety, bondage, mummification

For many people bondage is the most exciting thing within the BDSM realm. The idea that you are helpless, trapped under the ruthless control of a sadistic monster, leads to all sorts of interesting images and fantasies within ones mind. Fantasies that are limited only by the vastness of ones own warped sense of adventure. Within this adventure lies one very specific form of bondage…mummification.

Mummification is one of the most extreme forms of bondage, this intricate form of artwork allows for the slave/sub to become entirely helpless, confined, constricted and immobilized. With the right amount of creativity, sensory deprivation may also be a unique twist that may be added to this wondrous experience. If done properly this form of bondage can provide the slave/sub an intense experience with power exchange, and an extremely emotional experience. The level of trust that must be shared by the participants is extreme, the psychological effect of such a dramatic scene can either allow them to sour to heights far greater than they have ever been able to reach before, or it can destroy all trust and confidence that has ever been shared within the relationship. One must be physically, emotionally and psychologically ready to explore an area of such extreme.

There are three types of basic mummification.

Zone Mummification, this is where very specific portions of the body are wrapped, specifically… the arms, legs, or torso. This experience is not as dramatic as that of a Limited, or Full Body mummification, but the feeling of constriction and immobilization is still present. This is a good way to start out, it will allow the slave/sub to get used to the feeling of constriction and see if they wish to explore further.

Limited Mummification, this is where the body is wrapped from neck to feet; the head is not included in this form of mummification. A blindfold may be utilized to add to the effect, but the most significant thing about this form of mummification is that the nose and mouth are not obstructed in any way. This would be the recommended second step in total full body mummification. The helpless feeling is present, however it is not as dramatic, therefore the possibility for emotional trauma is far less.

Full Body Mummification, this is where the slave/sub is covered from the top of there head to the soles of their feet in some form of wrapping. A breathing tube, ventilation mask, or other form of breathing apparatus must be utilized to guarantee the safety of the slave/sub. This is the most extreme form of mummification and the most dangerous, anytime there is a possibility that the airway may be compromised, extra precautions must be taken. This form is also the most dramatic psychologically; this is not something that should be tried without careful contemplation and a lot of forethought.

There are many safety issues that must addressed before exploration in this area can commence.

1. Always have a pair of surgical scissors (safety scissors) handy when you start this process. Surgical scissors have one flat dull blade and one sharp blade for cutting, this way you can easily cut someone out of the wrapping without fear of literally cutting them.

2. Once the process has started NEVER leave the sub/slave alone.

3. When you are using a material that does not allow ventilation, make sure that your slave/sub does not over heat, even if it is 70 degrees where you are at, he or she may be enshrouded in temperatures close to 100 degrees. Saran Wrap holds in the body’s own heat; it will be a moist heat but it may cause heat related complications that are not pleasant to deal with, and may be life threatening.

4. Make sure to provide padding between the knees and ankles, even if you are wrapping the legs independently you need to make sure that you put padding between the legs. There is little to no natural padding in these areas and when you wrap the legs it may cause the joints to rub against each other and lead to unwanted and unnecessary bruising.

5. Make sure the slave/sub has gone to the bathroom prior to beginning, also if you are intending for this to be a long session you might consider the implementation of a catheter.

6. Never allow the nose or mouth to get blocked. There are a wide variety of items that can be utilized to assist in proper respiration if you wish to do a full mummification.

Mummification is a psychological bondage as well as a physical bondage. There will never be another time in your slave’s/sub’s life that he or she will ever feel so vulnerable, so helpless and so completely out of control. This experience can either allow the level of trust between Dominant and submissive to soar to new levels, or it will destroy any trust that have ever existed between the two. If there is any doubt as to whether or not your slave/sub is ready to cross this line, don’t do it.

To determine if he or she is ready, try these simple steps.

1. Do a simple bondage scene, preferably with rope or straps. This will give you some idea of how he or she will react to restrains.

2. Do a complex bondage scene; make sure that the duration of the bondage is over an hour. This will allow you to see how he or she will handle the initial panic of extended restraints.

3. Do an extended bondage scene; this scene should last between 3 and 4 hours. This will allow you to see if he or she has the patience to handle an extended period of inactivity. Normally full body mummification may take 2 to 3 hours to complete, then you have at least an hour to relish the feeling, and then between and hour and two hours to remove someone from the cocoon.

4. Do a zone mummification scene, sticking to the arms and legs. Make sure that you do not include the head in any manner. This will allow the slave/sub an opportunity to experience the crushing feeling of mummification. It would be beneficial to both the Dominant and the slave/sub to make sure that this scene is limited in time. If the slave/sub has any difficulty with anxiety or fear, remove them from the wrappings immediately.

5. Do a limited mummification scene, do a scene that includes all extremities as well as the torso. Start with the arms, then the legs and then proceed to start wrapping the shoulders, torso, abdomen and genitals. Again look for any sign of anxiety, and be prepared to cut them loose at any point.

6. Do a modified limited mummification scene; this is a scene where the wrapping is from shoulders to feet only, however you include things such as a blindfold, earphones, and a gag. Specifically, this is the stage that you introduce the slave/sub to the sensory deprivation. This will be the final step before exploring full mummification; it is also in this area that individuals tend to start to panic. Psychologically they are helpless and completely without those things that they have relied upon for their daily survival, their instincts, their senses and their ability to flee.

7. Now is the time you have been waiting for, full body mummification. Take it slow, make sure that you are acutely aware of the panic level of your slave/sub. You might want to consider the implication of a hood on your first attempt instead of wrapping the head itself, this will reduce some of the fear and yet allow the full effect. Your first time doing a full body mummification may be a little awkward but that is only natural, the uncertainty of what you are doing mingled with the anxiety of your partner is intense. Just remember to have the ability to cut them out of the wrappings at a moments notice, and watch them carefully.

This article is designed to give you a general overview of the basics of mummification and prepare you for taking the next step, please read “All Wrapped Up In Myself: Part 2” a continuation and tutorial. As with any of my writing please take that information you find useful and discard the rest. If you have any questions or wish to contact me, my email address is .

Mistress Norische

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