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Crash Course in Tantric Sex

Author: Dzy

Filed in: sex, sex advice, sex practices, tantra, tantric sex

The practice of tantric sex begins with delayed gratification and really has to do with focus. Not a myopic focus on your beloved's genitals, but a really concerted effort to arouse, prolong arousal while enjoying your lover's whole persona, and honing the skills of total gratification; both male and female. Some misguided souls think that tantric practices are all about the man? Wrong. If he's wildly aroused then so are you!

Allow me to bring you right up to the point of genital penetration. If you get bored with this I'm sorry for you; but I'm more sorry for your partner!

  1. Launching passion; this is very similar to brewing coffee. You start out with all of the necessary ingredients but its your job to slowly percolate your desires. Take the initiative to heat things up without rushing ahead. Heavy petting is always allowed, but not the kind where you are hanging on to your partner's naughty bits. Let it build then slow it down (pattern it just like you're breathing).
  2. If you have an agenda, be smart and clear away all of your bills, papers, obligations, and what I call "trappings of adult life."Nothing kills your mood like a pile of financial obligations or a guiltyletter from your aging in-laws.
  3. Light those erotic scents like sandalwood, jasmine, and musk. Don't dismiss this part; most women just swoon over this! It also acts as the ultimate transition between worries of the day and ecstasy of the night. If you feel amorous; you're on the right track!
  4. Spoon. Curl up around your partner and imitate his/her breathing. Once you start inhaling and exhaling together; you can start to explore your lover's body (not the genitals).
  5. Turn towards your partner and gaze into each other's eyes. You wouldn't believe how many people don't eye gaze; these are the same people who never feel totally consumed by passion.
  6. Now that you've engaged your partner start to really explore but still avoid genital contact. Stroke, lick, arouse and touch as light as a feather, but don't give in to the obvious spots!
  7. Try the thigh squeeze. Run you hand lightly around the insides of the thighs with some scented oil. Squeeze while gently kneading your hands around the muscles. Go as close to the genitals as possible, but stop short.
  8. Try aural sex: massage the ears around the edges before you run your finger in the crease between the head and the ear. While you do this run the tip of your tongue inside the ear but make sure its feather-light, and not too slobbery!
  9. Use your plateaus! Build your arousal as high as you can then cool it down. Keep going until you know you can't stand it anymore. Now you can move towards genital manipulation.
  10. For the woman; try running you fingers around the tip of his penis like you're trying to coax a genie out of a lamp. Rub your thumb and index finger around the tip of the penis while he places his fingers inside of your vagina motioning a come hither action with the fingers. This should stimulate the G-Spot and drive her crazy!

Obviously, this takes a while which is the premise of tantric sex. The idea is to prolong and intensify the experience. It's not a race, breathe, touch, feel, and submerge yourself in the totality of the union. Keep writing and we'll talk in more detail later. Now; go make some fireworks of your own!

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