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Five Phases of Punishment

Author: Amsterdam News Desk

Filed in: punishment, discipline, process

Punishing is serious business. And good and effectful domestic punishment should be executed with care, a sharp for ritual and most of all, carefully planned and timed to create optimal effect. Classic domestic discipline can be dedived in five - equally important - phases that all contribute to the total punishment in their own way. 
1. Confession and judgement 
2. Awaiting punishment 
3. Presentation for punishment 
4. The punishment itself 
5. Finalizing
In is important that you both explore and exploit each phase to the max - make sure attention is given to every detail and also make sure that every phase is exetuted to its full capacity. Not only will this make the punishment session a very long and intens one - it will also make sure it is a punishment she is not likely to forget quickly. A sharp eye for detail as well as ritual is what has an impact and leaves a deeper impression than the actual punishment itself. Confession and judgement Shame, embarrassement, humilation, discomfort and fear are all factors that are just as important as the actual pain itself. In fact they will have a mental influence on the pain-perception (i.e. make it more intens) and largely contribute to the effect of the punishment as a whole. An experienced disciplinarian will enjoy every phase of the disciplining process, but will probably find most of his joy in the initial, first phase - in the tears, the fears, the blushing and the nervousness.  

In this first phase she must stand - or kneel - before her dominant and confess her sins, 
whichever they will be. Most experienced dominants will prefer the sub standing, since this is a more uncertain position and does not allow her to "crawl into her submmission" as she is likely to do when being allowed to kneel down. 
Don't accept whispering or stammering. She must confess her sins out load - verbalize them clearly and she must feel the full embarrassement and the same. 
Tell her how disappointed you are, how she has let you down (in fact betrayed you) and do tell her just how disappointed you are having to punish her (again). 
Lecturing is a very good idea now. Make her stand, feel uneasy, ashamed, humiliated. She is likely to blush and cry. Let the tears flow - she is supposed to feel ashamed, small, worthless and agonized. She must know she can only regain a certain dignity though punishment, pain and suffering. 
Opinions vary on the question if a sentence should be brought forward now. Some masters prefer to fell a judgment now, others prefer to keep her unaware of her fait for a while longer. All of that is simply a matter of personal preference. However, in the event you are planning to me mercyful this time and let her off with a mild punishment, better don't tell her. She may find false hope and false self-assurance in the fact that she's going to get away with a mild punishment this time. Wether she should be dressed or undressed in this phase is also up for debate. But since the idea is to create maximum unease at this point, you want to take that into account 
when deciding about which you prefer. 

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