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The Meager Manager Case

Author: Dragonkeeper

Filed in: training, cropping


From the files of Dr. Dominique Payne

Doctor Dominique Payne closed the door to her office after the last couple left and spoke into her tape recorder.

"I finished our first session with Marta and Sean Mengler. Marta, 28, is on her second marriage after a six month marriage at the age of 18. Marta's first husband died in a motorcycle accident that left her with a son. Marta worked as a clerk when she met her current husband and they were married a year later. Marta is happy with her marriage but she feels something is missing in the relationship. She feels urges with Sean that are not normal and that my colleague, Dr. Alberta Trotter, feels that I can help with."

"I know what is missing but Sean is too nice to do it. He is 33 and never been married. His success with women from high school wasn't all that great and dated several women. The common factor in his relationships is they 'like him like a brother.' That old line had discouraged him many times. There was something that Marta said in this session that is the key and I think next week we will act on it."

The next week Dominique had prepared herself for this session. She cleared the next hour of any appointments and calmly waited for three o'clock. The receptionist sent the couple in. Dominique stood and greeted them and then sat in her chair, her leather mini skirt squeaked against the leather chair. Her cold blue eyes studied the almond eyed woman and she watched Marta shrink in her chair and gave the impression she was avoiding her gaze. Her slender bronze body shifted nervously in her chair.

Dominique glanced at Sean who slumped forward but looking with his pale green eyes at the therapist. She noted how proper his sandy blond hair appeared to be freshly trimmed and his clothes were pressed. She guessed he changed after his shift and tried to influence her somehow but why? He was an army reservist, assistant manger at Price Mart, always climbing and wanting more but his body language, leaning forward and listening, shoulders rolled forward and hands between his knees, and buffed black shoes pointed

The doctor inhaled and stared at both of them.

She exhaled and said, "I've been reviewing your case and the reason Dr. Trotter has sent you to me is you two have needs that your personalities can't cope with and this is a huge problem for both of you, but I have set some time to work with both of you this afternoon."

Sean had to speak, "Doctor, what is the problem? Marta and I are perfect for each other. I love her and she loves me and we have a wonderful kid. Things are finally getting better in our lives."

"But it's more than just the soft romantic side of you she wants, Sean." She pointed at Sean and stopped. "Why don't we go to the treatment room and we can explore the problem and solve it." She pushed a button on her desk and the bookcase opened to reveal black metal spiral stairs.

Marta's eyes adjusted to the dim light and then her eyes danced as she saw the dungeon layout and collection of whips and canes on the wall along with the gags and blindfolds.

Sean was marveled by the pummel horse and the large wooden "X"

He stared and pointed at a corner, "Is that a rack?"

Dominique removed her jacket and shirt. She undid the bun in her white hair and let it down. Her breasts pushed against her leather corset and she finally removed her skirt to reveal the leather thong underneath.

Dominique motioned the two to enter and glided to her throne. She picked her riding crop and pointed with it where the couple should be. The bewildered couple looked for chairs and then they looked to Dominique sitting in her throne-like chair (or maybe it was a throne) for direction.

Marta seemed to know what to do but she was hesitant to act and never noticed the lift in the doctor's mouth for she bowed her head forward slightly. Marta felt a power control her, a power from the past putting her in her place.

Dominique knew this.

Sean's eyes darted around the room and he kept shifting his weight.

"Sean. Marta. Kneel!" Dominique softly commanded. Marta wasted no seconds in responding. Sean gawked at his wives' response and looked at the doctor again.

Dominique's eyes narrowed sharply and she slapped her crop against the chair. "Do not make me repeat an order again!"

Sean knelt.

"Sean, the problem you two have in the bedroom is Marta's needs. Marta, explain to Sean your first experience and why you were attracted to him."

Marta slowly turned to her husband. "When my step father brought me and mother and my older two sisters to America from Panama, my mother and father had a special room in our house we were not allowed to go in to but one Sunday night during a storm, I slipped out of bed and looked for my mother. I found her in the room, tied up and being whipped by my step-father. I was angry and confused and ran back to bed.

"I talked to my mother the next day about it and she said since I was 12 now that she hopes that I understood what happened. I didn't but that night, I kept dreaming about my naked mother tied up and had dreams it me in her place. That was the first time I masturbated.

"I would sneak into websites and look at pictures of women in bondage and other women whipping them or men. The smell of the leather couch aroused me and I had to have leather outfits. It was during my best friend's slumber party, when I was 16, that I got my first taste when I slipped out to room to her older brother's computer and looked up some the bondage sites. He caught me.

"Jack was into motorcycles and leather and I was instantly aroused by him. He smiled and asked if I wanted to be tied up. I weakly shook my head and we went down to the basement. He had me tied up and helpless. I never felt more aroused than before. He spanked me and whipped me with his leather belt and we were at it for a long time before he released me. He told me at school, I was his girlfriend and secret slave, but outside of school; I was his slave. We were married after I graduated and Jack continued to work at the motorcycle dealers and he also raced and I was still his slave girl."

"After he died, I felt alone and empty and had his insurance, but I wanted to work after our son started school. I met you. You were more forceful with some of your employees and that what attracted me to you. I loved you, Sean, but after we dated, you seemed less aggressive. I still needed you."

Dominique smile showed all her teeth, "You see, Sean, she has wanted someone to take control of her and she feels you are the one. You own her heart but I'm going to teach you to possess her."

She was off her throne and stood in front of Marta. She grabbed Marta's hair and stood her up. She turned to Sean. "You need to be firm, like this." She stared into Marta's eyes.


Marta wasted no time and unbuttoned the top of her sundress. She let the material slide down to the floor and stood with her hair being held.

"No bra, huh? But the panties also, Marta."

Marta lowered her panties over her hips while Dominique held her hair. She stepped out of her pink lacy panties and blushed when both and she and Dominique noticed the wet spot on her panties.

Dominique led the girl to the over to a special walled area and blindfolded her. She attached a ready pair of leather cuffs on Marta and secured her to the ceiling chains. When she was satisfied with her work, she signaled to Sean to come to her.

Sean got up.

"No. Crawl over here!"

Sean got back down and did as he was told. Dominique smiled inwardly at the reactions she is getting from these two with Sean crawling to her and his wife is chained up and extremely sexually stimulated.

"Sean, you may stand now and remove your clothes."

Sean was naked in seconds and stood naked by his wife now.

"Look at her, Sean. This is what she wants from you and for herself." Dominique reached around and pinched Marta's erect nipples. Marta moaned softly. Her mouth formed an "O" and rubbed her thighs together.

Dominique got the spreader bar and with cuffs and Marta was now open and her thighs were moist with her juices. Dominique rubbed the captive girl's pussy lips and stuck her finger under Sean's nose.

"Her body is not lying. She's not faking this, Sean." She took his hand and guided his hand to her sex. Marta's breathing increased from light to panting. Sean's cock stiffened.

Dominique smacked Marta's ass with the crop.

Marta lurched forward from the blow and her juices flowed stronger while Sean played with her cunt. "Enjoying yourself, Marta."

"Yes, Ma'am." She whispered in a husky voice.

Dominique handed the crop to Sean.

Sean held the crop in his hand and felt a power grow in him and then looked at Marta's pert ass. He inhaled. Dominique could see the conflict in him grow. She knew from years of study that Sean can't hurt his wife but he wants to and she sees that in him.


Marta lurched forward with the blow and breathing turned to panting.


Marta cried out a little from the blow. The sting warmed her ass.


"OOOOHHHH!" moaned Marta.

Sean felt a power-the power grow in him-as he continued to strike. Dominique decided to stop him after a total of ten strokes. She removed Marta's blindfold.

Marta was surrounded on three sides by mirrors and all she could see was herself spread and helpless. She accepted her position and situation. A warm glow burned inside her, a glow that had been a small ember waiting to be fueled.

"Sean, she is ready for you."

Sean grabbed Marta's hair. "Is that what you wanted?"

Marta gulped, "Yes."

"Yes what?"

Yes, Master Sean!"

Dominique clapped. "Very good, Sean. You have it in you. You needed to bring it out. We can keep working on it if you wish."

"I would like that, doctor." Sean smiled while Dominique undid the cuffs. Once Marta was free, the doctor forced Marta to kneel before Sean.

Sean looked down at Marta and asked, "Who are you now?"

"Master, I'm your slave girl now. That is all I want to be for you."

Dominique handed Sean a collar and Sean put the collar on his slave girl. "I think we need to do some shopping for our dungeon."

Dominique smiled. "I have lists of locations and people who can help you. I will need to see you two for a few weeks for follow up appointments and more training and there is group you can join that are people like you who want to learn and experience more of the lifestyle."

"We would like that, Doctor Payne." Sean beamed. "Thank you. I feel empowered now."

"You've holding back because you were always taught to protect women. You are protecting her and you are harming her but you must learn also to understand her before you can master her. She has chosen you to be her master, now you must prove it to yourself that you are worthy for that title."

"Yes, doctor. Thank you. I will try."

Dominique nodded at Sean. "I can help both of you on this journey. It's what I do best. I'm a kinky sex therapist and I love my job."

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