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The plaything

Author: Ken

Filed in: male submission, femdom, F/m, service, spanking

I am currently a student in Manchester and have decided that instead of going home for the Easter vacation of my final year I will stay on to revise for my upcoming finals so I was spending quite a lot of time either in the flat that I shared with Carolyn or in the university library studying. However most lunchtimes I could be found in one of the pubs close to the library relaxing over a pint and a newspaper.

One particular afternoon I’d got thoroughly bored with my revision and was sitting in the pub for longer than normal and once the lunchtime rush was over the pub got really quiet so I was chatting to the barmaid as she was a friend from my course at university and we ended up playing a few games of pool. As the pub was really quiet we both turned to look at the woman who had just walked into the pub and made her way confidently over to the bar. She was dressed in a long leather coat which in itself caused my heart to skip a beat or two and then I noticed her lower legs and feet shod in a pair of fantastic black boots complete with impressively high heels. The barmaid finished off the frame that we were playing and went to serve the woman and I watched as the woman bought a glass of orange juice and said a few words very quietly to the barmaid which brought a strange look to her face. I returned to the table and started to read a research paper while sipping from my pint.

Despite the fact that the pub was empty apart from me the woman walked straight over to the table I was sitting at and sat down directly opposite me. She opens the top couple of buttons on her coat and I try to ignore her but it was utterly impossible to do because underneath a sheer black blouse I could see a stunning black corset. This corset was supporting a truly sumptuous bosom and my gaze moved from this up to her face which has a highly sculptured edge to it apart from a pair of full lips that were painted a deep, brilliant scarlet. I notice the woman staring at me with a steely gaze that makes my heart miss a few more beats and if I was to be honest with myself this was because I was very sexually aroused and intimidated by the Goddess sitting opposite me.

‘You are a very rude young man Kenneth to be leering at me like a naughty little schoolboy seeing his first sight of female flesh but I will deal with that later on’ were the first words that this woman said to me.

I was surprised that the woman knew my name but I didn’t give it much of a thought and chose to fight back at her accusation. ‘You were just as rude to sit down opposite me when you could see that I was busy and there were plenty of other tables to sit at.’ Even to me this didn’t sound particularly convincing as an argument.

‘Your arrogance and petulance does not hide the fact that the reason you have never taken your eyes off of me since I walked into the pub is because you want to be my slave don’t you. You want me to make you pay for all of your past, present and future sins don’t you Kenneth. You also want me to make you into a docile little sub boy who knows that all he is good for is to serve the needs of his Goddess.’

I try to deny all of this as I didn’t want to admit it to myself although every word that she had said was true.

‘I will do a deal with you Kenneth. If you can beat me in the best of nine frames on the pool table then I will admit that I was mistaken in my reading of your personality and will leave you alone. However should I win then you will serve me as my slave for the winning margin in days.’

I could, and probably should, have refused this challenge but I was confident of winning the challenge and even if I lost I could console myself that I was being forced into slavery. I didn’t play that badly but the woman absolutely wiped the floor with me winning eight frames to one and I was very lucky to have won that frame. With a gloating expression on her face the woman turned to me.

‘By the end of the seventh day I can assure you that you will be the absolutely perfect slave and will no longer ogle any woman who walks into a pub. I can also assure you that you will be incredibly sore because I know all about your current and previous sins and I believe that corporal punishment and pain generally is by far and away the best way of teaching naughty boys like yourself there true place in life. From now on you will address me as Mistress Sarah at all times and will answer to slave as you have lost the right to a name for the moment. Do I make myself clear slave?’

‘Yes Mistress Sarah’ I dutifully answer wondering whether there was any way of escaping from this predicament because the reality of it was completely overwhelming. From a pocket in her coat Mistress Sarah pulled out a pair of handcuffs

  • Either metal or leather, and worn on the wrists and/or ankles as a method of restraint.
  • ', BALLOON, true, ABOVE, true, WIDTH, 250, FOLLOWMOUSE, false, CENTERMOUSE, true)">span> and she ordered me to hold out my hands so that she could fit these. I hesitated for a moment or two but a sharp forehand and backhand slap across both cheeks brought me straight back to reality and I held my hands out. As the handcuffs tightened around my wrists so I started to feel like I was losing my last chance of escape.

    Mistress Sarah threw her coat over the handcuffs as she led me out of the pub and into the nearby car park where I found myself being sat in the back seat of her car and a further set of cuffs were attached to my ankles at the end of a large wooden rail ensuring that I had no hope of escape. To further disorientate me I felt ear plugs being fitted and then a blindfold was applied tightly around my eyes to remove almost all of my senses. I could feel the car moving but had no idea of what direction and for how long we were driving although it felt like hours but in reality it was probably no longer than about thirty minutes.

    I was aware that the car had stopped and could feel the cooler air as the back door of the car was opened prior to Mistress Sarah removing the wooden rail from between my ankles but she replaced this with a fairly short length of metal chain. I was pulled from the car and led into what I presumed was a house because the air temperature was quite warm. Still blindfolded I was stood upright and ordered not to move which I tried not to do. I couldn’t hear anything so the next thing I was aware of was the touch of cold metal on my right cheek. Mistress Sarah proceeded to cut through all of my clothes so that she could remove them without having to worry about releasing me from my bonds. Only my socks and boots were spared from the knife. I was petrified as I stood basically naked in front of Mistress Sarah and she only increased this fear by playing with what I guessed was the cold metal of a knife over all of my skin but particularly lingering near my cock and balls. Despite my nerves my cock was probably as hard as I’d ever felt it with the treatment that I’d received so far and the thoughts of what was going to happen to me over the next week.

    ‘I knew all along that you were lying slave about not wanting to serve as my slave. I absolutely detest liars and I can assure you that you will pay a very high price for having the temerity to lie to me and you will also pay now for your initial rudeness in the pub.’

    After releasing my hands and removing both the blindfold and the earplugs I could see that I was in the middle of a fully equipped dungeon surrounded by many instruments that looked as if they would cause me lots of pain and torment over the next week or so. ‘Bend over and touch your toes slave. You will receive eighteen strokes for lying to me and a further twelve strokes for your rudeness in the pub. Don’t think that this will be the end of your punishment for the rudeness however because I have a long catalogue of similar incidents that need to be dealt with.’

    Mistress Sarah has walked over to a large vase in the corner of the room and selected a cane which she comes back towards me with swishing it through the air with almost every step that she takes. It is a very high-pitched sound and frightens me each time. I felt Mistress Sarah resting the cane across my bottom and when it was drawn away I knew that I was about to find out if the fantasies that I had long held in my head were going to be as good in reality as they were in my head. As the first stroke cut across my bottom I gave a loud yelp as the sting and fire was immediate. Almost immediately the second and third strokes landed on my bottom and although it was very painful I realised that I was actually enjoying the sharpness of the pain. Although I was enjoying it my erection did die away almost completely as the cane continued to paint its picture across my bottom. By the time the thirtieth stroke had landed I felt as if I had sat on an electric fire such was the heat in my bottom and also that I had been stung by a swarm of angry bees because of the sting. I was pulled upright and seeing that my erection had disappeared Mistress Sarah took the opportunity to lock my cock and balls into a chastity belt with the comment, ‘you certainly won’t be needing access to that for the next seven days at least.’

    ‘You will now lie down on your back on the floor slave.’ Mistress Sarah commanded and I obeyed her instantly. I watched Mistress Sarah remove her skirt and knickers before she squatted down directly above my mouth which she had ordered me to open. Without warning Mistress Sarah released a small stream of her urine into my mouth before ordering me to swallow. I had been taken completely aback by this so naturally did as I was instructed and although it was a very strong taste it wasn’t as bad as I would have thought that it would be so when I was ordered to open my mouth again for a further fill I did it. For a good five minutes this process continued and then Mistress Sarah lowered herself completely down onto my face so that I could lick her clean. This was a very nice feeling but it didn’t last long because Mistress Sarah moved herself forward and presented her anus directly to my mouth.

    ‘Worshipping the pussy of your Goddess is a reward that you will have to earn through your servitude and acceptance of my pain and suffering. Normally you will find yourself worshipping my anus which in itself is a reward for you.’ I was very reluctant to stick my tongue out and make contact with this very delicate little rosebud but Mistress Sarah simply increased the pressure on my face severely restricting my air supply until I had to open my mouth to try and suck in as much air as I possibly could and at this point my lips kissed the rosebud and I started to lick my way around the edge of the hole which was a start and it wasn’t as bad as I would have thought that it would be. I continued like this for a few minutes before I settled the tip of my tongue at the very centre of the hole and started to probe away at it. Eventually I was getting my tongue as far into the hole as it would possibly go and was really beginning to enjoy myself when without any warning Mistress Sarah raised herself from my face and looked down at me lying there with sweat streaming down my face and sucking in as much oxygen as I possibly could.

    ‘Well slave eventually you got the message there. I will expect much more prompt and much better service in the future and rest assured that if I do not get it then you will really suffer.’ I was kept completely naked and set to work in the kitchen preparing Mistress Sarah a meal with absolutely no knowledge of what she liked so I just worked from what I could find in the cupboards and fridge and keeping things fairly simple. Thankfully cooking was something that I really enjoyed doing and there were lots of lovely ingredients available to me so I was able to create a chicken risotto for the main course and a very light fruit salad for the dessert. I prepared enough food for two and served myself a meal and sat down at the same table as Mistress Sarah at the very same time. Only after Mistress Sarah had concluded her meal was I made aware of my mistake.

    ‘Well slave, I notice that you still have the quaint notion that somehow you are equal to me and have the right to eat with me. On your knees when I’m speaking to you slave!! You clearly have a lot to learn about your relative place in life. Firstly you will only eat and drink what you are told to eat or drink at the times you are told to eat or drink. Secondly you are here to serve me and my wishes at all time and that is all you should be thinking about not your own comfort. Thirdly whenever I am speaking to you you will assume a suitably submissive position. Is that understood slave?’ Mistress Sarah barks emphasising each of her final words with a hard slap across each cheek. ‘I clearly have a lot to teach you over the next few days but I’m sure that I will manage. During your initial caning you showed signs of enjoying the pain so I am now going to see just whether this is the case and to test your endurance at the same time. You may or may not have noticed earlier in the day the very large range of tools that I have to punish you with but you should certainly remember my statement that I believe pain and corporal punishment is the most effective ways of teaching slaves their position in life. What will happen tomorrow is that I am will begin the day by taking you through to the punishment room and use each of the implements that I own to thrash you without pity until I believe that you are in a suitable mindset for receiving tuition. For the rest of the night however you will be locked up in my cage to contemplate your position.’

    Sitting in the cell I was surrounded by almost complete silence and this did foster a sense of contemplation within me. My thoughts returned to the very first words that Mistress Sarah spoke to me when she used my name and I wondered how she knew them. It suggested that she either knew me directly or knew someone who did and who had either been aware or had sensed that I had a strong love of BDSM and a submissiveness within my character because I was sure that Mistress Sarah wouldn’t have just approached a random stranger and led them through all that had happened to me since the middle of the afternoon. I was perplexed because I was certain that I didn’t know Mistress Sarah because I would have remembered such a gorgeous and commanding woman as they would have lived with me in my dreams for as long as I’d known her. This meant that she must have known me through someone else but I thought that I’d hidden this side of my character from even my closest of friends so I couldn’t think how she would have found out about this side of me. With these thoughts running through my head I eventually drifted off into a surprisingly good night’s sleep. Mistress Sarah released me from the cage the following morning and my first task was to prepare her bath and then to wash her back and hair.

    I really enjoyed the close physical contact this gave me with Mistress Sarah but also the gentleness of the activities and then my own bath was taken in the lukewarm water left by Mistress Sarah under her supervision as she dried herself off and then I was given the same towel to dry myself off with which seemed like a treat for me but I couldn’t quite explain why. I then prepared breakfast for Mistress Sarah and was instructed to make myself exactly the same breakfast, which was a real novelty for me because I hadn’t eaten breakfast since I was about 14 years old, and while Mistress Sarah ate her breakfast at the table I was instructed to sit on the floor to eat my breakfast. After a few seconds of being miffed at this it seemed a perfectly natural place for me to be.

    After I had cleared away and washed up the breakfast dishes Mistress Sarah took hold of me by the hair a pulled me through to the punishment room. I was led over to a padded whipping stool by Mistress Sarah and was instructed to kneel on the lower part of the stool with my torso lying flat down on the top section of the stool which sloped downwards away from my waist ensuring that my bottom was the most prominent part of my anatomy. Mistress Sarah went round me slowly affixing leather straps and as each one was fastened tightly my nerves became more and more fraught.

    ‘I hope that you are comfortable slave because you are going to be spending a long time over the bench’ Mistress Sarah said casually as she was fixing the final strap around my left wrist. I thought of a response but decided against making it because it was somewhat impertinent and I guessed that it would only land me in greater trouble as quite clearly the question had been rhetorical. I watched closely as Mistress Sarah surveyed the arsenal at her disposal and I saw her select a handful of different straps and tawses before walking back towards me and resting these on my back.

    ‘I see that your bum is still showing the stripes from yesterday rather nicely slave. They will give me something to aim for.’ Mistress Sarah says with a very happy tone in her voice. I felt Mistress Sarah removing one of the straps from my back and rest it on my bottom and after letting it sit there for a second or two she pulled it away and very shortly after this it was back on my bottom but this time there was a lot of force behind the landing and Mistress Sarah then seemed to try and pull the strap across the surface of my bottom letting the slightly roughened side of the strap impart a little bit more sensation into my bottom. I didn’t make a sound with the stroke but I did close my eyes and tightened almost all of the muscles in my body which was noted by Mistress Sarah and she waited for me to relax before delivering the second stroke. This was just as hard and I noticed that because of the way the light was in the room I was able to see the stroke being delivered in the shadow that Mistress Sarah was casting on the wall in front of me. The length of the stroke was phenomenal as was the pace at which her arm descended. Seeing this worried me so I tried not to watch but there was something almost magical about it and I couldn’t help myself from watching the ongoing punishment.

    Each of the straps and tawses was used at least a dozen times across my bottom although I hadn’t been trying to keep count and was very glad that Mistress Sarah did not ask me how many strokes I had had because I had absolutely no idea. Mistress Sarah took away the straps and tawses placing them on a side table in the room and went back to her arsenal to select another selection of tools for my punishment. A wide range of paddles were brought over to me and again placed on my back. I could see that these included both leather and wooden implements and some that I couldn’t decipher what material they were made from. Mistress Sarah was saying virtually nothing during the punishment and this was somewhat disconcerting for me as so far she had always spoken sharply and regularly to me. Whether this contributed to my own fight to keep silent during the punishment I don’t know but I was trying to betray as little reaction to Mistress Sarah as I possibly could and while it certainly was hurting me it was still enjoyable in its own way.

    Mistress Sarah started with the leather paddles first and she started to really vary her techniques so that I could never quite set myself for the next stroke as sometimes they came almost together and then at other times there were a good few seconds between individual strokes. The one consistent factor however was that the strokes were all very hard and delivered with an incredible amount of skill so that there was not one part of my bottom that felt as if it had been missed. A wooden clothes brush was the first non-leather implement that I felt and immediately this gave a very different feeling and again my body stiffened up. This had a much deeper and more penetrating impact that seemed to go through me whereas the leather had felt more like it was sitting on the skin. Mistress Sarah continued with the brush and then switched to another wooden paddle and she noted my stronger reactions to this type of sensation,

    When Mistress Sarah had finished with the last of the paddles which was a particularly severe one she stepped in front of me and with the end of the paddle under my chin she lifted my head up and looked down into my eyes. My eyes were clear but there were beads of sweat on my forehead but I was a bit heartened to notice that Mistress Sarah had also been expending lots of energy during the punishment. Mistress Sarah held me in her gaze and I couldn’t read the look that I was seeing in them but I’m sure that Mistress Sarah would have been able to see the look of respect and awe that were in my eyes. On continued the punishment when Mistress Sarah removed the paddles to the table and from her arsenal brought across a selection of different whips and floggers some of which she used on both my bottom and my back which was another completely new experience for me and something that I found very enjoyable as well. I had absolutely no idea how long the punishment had been going on for and didn’t care in the least because what I was coming to realise very clearly was that all of my fantasies which had contained severe corporal punishment were even better in real life and I knew that they would play an important part in my future.


    Mistress Sarah eventually went and brought her large vase of canes from the corner of the room and placed this next to the bench where I could see it quite clearly and noticed that it contained a large number of canes of widely varying lengths and thicknesses. I watched Mistress Sarah select her first cane and this time she told me ‘you are going to get ten cuts with each of the canes.’ This gave me something to think about and count through during the punishment and again I really noticed both the length and pace of swing from the shadow. Each impact was sharp and distinct and I really started to screw my eyes shut as the punishment continued and I also thought that I could feel that the skin had been broken on my bottom but I wasn’t sure and in any case I was not worried in the least by this. My sense was proved correct when Mistress Sarah paused briefly at the end of one of the canings and retrieved a wet wipe for my bottom and this stung quite sharply. It certainly didn’t stop the punishment however as Mistress Sarah continued to work through her stand of canes and I continued to derive great pleasure from it.

    Eventually Mistress Sarah had no more canes in her vase and again she stood in front of me but this time instead of lifting my head up towards her she squatted down in front of me and looked deep into my eyes with a broad grin on her face. ‘Well slave I think we can safely say that you are something of a pain slut which will be fun for the future.’ Each of the straps was released from the bench and as I lifted my body off of the bench I gave a wince as the movement really told me just how thorough and excellent a job Mistress Sarah had done on every piece of my bottom because there was not a bit of it which did not feel sore.

    My first job after the punishment was to disinfect and clean all of the implements that had been used on me and particularly the canes because the end of them were very red from the large grazes and some cuts that Mistress Sarah had seemingly painted onto my bottom with vivid red paint. For the remainder of the day Mistress Sarah had me working very hard for her in a domestic capacity including cooking all of the meals for her and doing the laundry to some very exacting standards. Here my love of ironing was discovered but equally so was my utter dislike of actually washing the clothes particularly as much of what I had to do for Mistress Sarah was hand washing. Mistress Sarah could see my dislike of the washing and to spur me into greater effort she applied clothes pegs to my nipples and told me that they would be on until the washing was completed. This had some impact on my effort but not sufficient for Mistress Sarah’s liking so she ordered me to bend over and inserted a butt plug into me which drew a grunt from me as it was pushed deep into place although again this was something that I had definitely fantasised about along with the thought of being taken by a strap-on wearing woman. I got the feeling that Mistress Sarah could tell this but she certainly didn’t comment on it.

    As the second day turned into the third day and the third day turned into the fourth day of my slavery I realised that I was as contented within myself as I had probably ever been because it just seemed to be so natural for me to be under Mistress Sarah’s total and utter control. This fact hadn’t gone unnoticed by Mistress Sarah and then in the middle of the fourth afternoon I got a huge shock, A knock at Mistress Sarah’s front door started it and even though I was still completely naked I was instructed to answer the door. I did as I was told because while the idea of public humiliation and public display such as this was a turn on for me it also terrified the life out of me at the same time. However I was now obedient and equally had a level of trust in Mistress Sarah that allowed me to do things like this. As I opened the door I sensed Mistress Sarah standing behind me in the hallway to see whether I was hiding behind the door so I stepped forward into the view of the person who was at the door. I imagined that my face was blushing scarlet with embarrassment at the display but when I saw who was at the door this was multiplied hugely and I dropped my head in shame.

    Standing in front of me was my flatmate Carolyn. ‘So slave have you enjoyed yourself over the last four days?’ Carolyn asks and I don’t answer immediately so without warning Carolyn snakes her arm out and lands a slap square across my cheek.

    ‘Answer your owner slave.’ Mistress Sarah adds from immediately behind me and she too slaps my face. A sense of shock has landed in my mind with this comment and this is writ large across my face drawing grins from both Carolyn and Mistress Sarah.

    ‘Yes slave it was me who set this up for you. When we were sleeping together last month I heard you describing a fantasy where you were my slave in your sleep. You talk very clearly in your sleep you know and normally it’s nothing interesting but this time it was of deep interest to me because I’ve always wanted to own a slave. I have played regularly as a Mistress myself and having been trained by Mistress Sarah I knew that she would be the perfect person to break you in for me.’ Carolyn said.

    Turning her attention away from me to Mistress Sarah Carolyn asks: ‘is he worthy of my ownership? Did he cause you any problems? Is there anything I should particularly watch out for with him?’

    ‘I would say that he is very worthy of your ownership, indeed I would have been very happy to keep him to myself. To begin with he was very forward but the submission and desire to please was obvious from the start so I knew there was something to work on and he has quickly become a very compliant slave with real potential, I have introduced him to everything that you wanted me to and his skills as a domestic and personal maid will make you very happy. My one note of caution would be that if you are going to be using corporal punishment as a tool, as I almost certainly know you will, then it will have to be very severe because he is a pain slut and lapped up everything that I could give virtually without a sound and certainly no hint of any plea for it to stop.’

    ‘Don’t worry I intend to punish him severely and frequently simply because I can.’ Carolyn said with a beautiful smile on her face and I was immediately smitten with this smile.

    ‘Now there was one thing that we agreed you wouldn’t do to him during your breaking in but which I would do in your presence upon taking him over and I am looking forward to this tremendously.’ Carolyn says and I find myself being led to the punishment room and being placed back over the whipping stool.

    I watched agog as Carolyn stripped out of her skirt and knickers before stepping into a harness and selecting a dildo to fit the harness with the help of Mistress Sarah. Mistress Sarah then put on a harness herself and both Mistresses approached me bearing what looked frighteningly large dildos. Mistress Sarah came to my head while Carolyn moved behind me and stood in between the legs of the bench. Carolyn smeared a liberal amount of lube around my anus and onto the head of her dildo before pushing it deep inside me which caused me to gasp and open my mouth such was the size of her weapon and this was Mistress Sarah’s cue to enter my mouth.

    I quickly found myself being taken at both ends and while it was very uncomfortable to begin with it was something that I had regularly dreamt about and I knew that it was something that I would very quickly come to love. In fact I was already growing to love it when Mistress Sarah and Carolyn swapped ends and continued to use my body. I don’t know how long or how often they changed places but I was completely drained by the end of it.

    When eventually I was allowed up from the bench I was taken through to the kitchen and was handed a contract by Carolyn which gave her full ownership rights over me and without any hesitation I signed this and was rewarded with a kiss deep on the lips. Symbolically Mistress Sarah then handed over the key to my chastity belt to Mistress Carolyn as the contract made clear she was to be called and my new life was about to begin for real.

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