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Kalli's Adventure Begins

Author: kitty

Filed in: masturbation, fantasy, spanking, orgasms, oral sex

It was a cold, rainy day in June.  Kalli was sitting in the boardroom staring out the window, not wanting to listen to the monotone speaker making his presentation on the annual company reports.  Her thoughts turn to her upcoming trip, which she was to take for a month to the beautiful island of Kythera, Greece.  Kalli's boss graciously allowed her to take the next month off, saying the vacation would be good for her since she has never taken a vacation in 3 years since she joined the company as their new Assistant Foreign Affairs Director.  She was in need of total relaxation and forgetting about work.

Kalli was not the typical corporate employee.  Her good looks and sensational entrance video got her into Yale and able to graduate with honors in 3 years.  On more than one occasion, her olive complexion, bright green eyes and long flowing brown hair which stopped at her perfectly shaped waist had afforded her many slides on a few projects or needed extensions. Kalli wasn't afraid to use her looks when it was really needed.  Of course, her flirtatious attitude got her into more hot water that a good blowjob didn't fix.

Finally the meeting was over at 4:30 and Kalli's boss who always had the hots for her let her go home early to pack for her redeye flight.  Knowing that she was going to be on a plane for 18 hours, Kalli decided to wear something fitting, light weight and sexy.  She chose a dress made from a sheer sapphire blue Dupioni silk with spaghetti straps nicely resting in her bronzed shoulders.  Kalli pulled her arms through and allowed the silk to slide down her body, resting 4 inches above her knees.  With her body already tanned, there was no need for stockings.  She chose to wear a matching dark blue lace thong with pearls as the "string".  Next would have to be the shoes... something comfortable to do the walking in the airports but having a heel long enough to accentuate her long legs.  Finally she found the perfect pair of slip on shoes of blue with a touch of silver on the heel and at her already statuesque figure of 5'11" the added 3 inches would make her feel like a goddess.

Kalli was able to borrow the company limo to get a ride to the airport.  After she was helped inside, the driver poured her a class of champagne so she could relax.  She decides to stretch our her long legs, which causes her dress to ride up to her already moist pussy, Kalli takes the pearl string and starts to rub them against her slit.   Taking another drink, she then takes her finger and inserts it deep inside her hot, wet pussy and starts to take it in and out in a regular rhythm bringing her temp up rather quickly.  The driver hears her moans and adjusts his mirror to see all that Kalli is doing and is enjoying the view tremendously.

They arrive at the airport a little early, and the driver asks Kalli if she would like him to continue driving around so she may finish what she's doing.  Kalli told the driver to find a spot to park, away from the lights and he complies.  The car stops and Kalli continues what she started, inserting another finger and with her other hand she takes her breast out of her bra and pulls on her nipple and squeezing until she starts to feel pain.  Kalli asks the driver to join her in the back to help her with something.  Not wanting to resist such an offer, he climbs in the back seat and asks what he could do to help.  Kalli instructs the driver that she needs to have at least two orgasms before boarding the plane and she wants him to finger fuck her pussy and ass.  Eagerly the driver does exactly that, with his largest two fingers he teases her clit first, and then shoves them in her hot pussy.  A huge grin comes across his face and he already likes what he feels and starts to lube his fingers with her pussy juices.  Surprisingly Kalli is getting more turned on by the minute and it doesn't take but a moment for her to realize he's already going to shove those enormous fingers in her tight ass.  One quick thrust is all it takes as the driver's fingers easily go into her ass and he starts to finger fuck her.  He then takes his thumb, rubbing it on her clit then drives that into her pussy.  Kalli thought she was going to explode right then as the driver was able to rock her back and forth between her ass and pussy, but he tells her not to cum yet and if she does, there will be a punishment.  Hearing those words spoken to her shakes Kalli back into reality for a moment and repeats what he said.  She decides to test him, since she doesn't believe he would have the nerve to strike her, and within seconds she is rocking like a horse and cumming hard.

The driver stops fucking her ass and pussy almost immediately, grabs Kalli's arm to pull her over his lap, making sure her dress is up to her waist and starts to slap her ass.  First the left cheek and then the right alternating, as each blow to her cheeks starts to get a little harder.  Kalli wasn't sure what to make of this, but it was turning her on even more, and said, "Yes, give me more.  I am a bad slut and deserve it, harder please."  He smiles and gladly fulfills her request and decides to reach around with his other hand and finds her hard nipples and pinches one. The alternating pain between Kalli's ass and nipples is more than she can stand and orgasms again.  This time, however, he stops the spankings and starts finger fucking her ass again.

 After a few minutes, which seemed like an eternity, he tells her to kneel in front of him and unzip his pants to take out his cock which is all ready to burst the seem.  Kalli complies and kneels in front of him, taking his hard and rather large cock out of his pants.  "My, my... this is a surprise," is all Kalli could say because the driver then takes his hands on each side of her face and tells her to suck his cock until he either orgasms or tells her to stop.  Leaning back, he takes a deep breath in as her soft, moist lips touch his shaft.  Running her tongue up and down each side getting the cock good and wet.  Kalli decided it's time for her to pay him back for her pleasure and deep throats his entire 8 inches of cock all at once.  She holds it in her mouth for a minute, then slowly slides up to the tip and masterfully takes her tongue and starts to tease it.

The driver grows impatient, and helps Kalli go deeper and with more force.  "Suck me harder" was all he said, as he let out a moan soon after.  Kalli definitely knew how to suck a good cock, and his is one of the largest and thickest she has seen in quite some time.  Once again the driver takes her head and motions her up and down, increasing the speed as Kalli can already tell he is close to cumming.  On an upward pull, he tells her to stick her tongue out and open her mouth wide as he shoots his hot cum directly into her mouth, telling her not to swallow until he's done.  Finally, she listened to him the first time, and he sees the pool of cream in her mouth.  For what seems to be an eternity, the driver finally finishes cumming and then tells Kalli she can swallow... and then soon after she must lick every drop off of his cock before he will drive her around to the terminal where she needs to be.

Kalli makes herself presentable as the driver goes around to the terminal she needs for her flight.  Walking up to the international side for her flight and going through customs, the attendant looks at Kalli and sees the blush in her cheeks, wondering what could have brought such color.  Looking the attendant straight in the eyes, she licks her lips seductively and says thank you and continues on to her gate.  Before Kalli booked the flight, she knew she wanted to really treat herself to a fabulous vacation and sprung for the extra money to get a first class ticket instead of the usual coach.   Sitting in the airport lounge waiting for her boarding call, Kalli notices a well- dressed man a few tables over.  While enjoying his drink, he catches her eye and raises his class.  She acknowledges him with a simple gesture of uncrossing her legs, showing him her wet pussy, then crossing the other leg over.  Of course this brings a smile to his face, and his eye tell her he is pleased with what he sees and wants to know more.  Hearing her flight being called, Kalli stands up and purposefully bends over in such a way that the man got a birds-eye view of her ass and pussy.  She notices that in order to get to the gate she must walk passed him and smiles.  Just as she reaches his table, he reaches out to her and says a polite thank you, and I'll see you in a few minutes. Puzzled, she just looks at him and continues on her way.

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