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Come enjoy a fantasy, get wrapped up in a hot erotic story. The Iron Gate brings authors and readers together in stories of Dominance, submission and kinky sex. Readers like you have donated their works of fiction. Got a story to share? Please submit it for addition to this page!

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It Was A Cool Night...

Author: Sherri Thornton

Filed in: masturbation, sex toys, dreams, fantasy

It was a cool night. A good night for snuggling. I was alone and couldn't keep my mind off of you. But you had plans and couldn't come over. I kept looking at your picture, thinking of your luscious lips, imagining them against mine, so soft. The thought of your lips and your hands caressing my body was more than I could handle. As I became more aroused, I found myself touching my own body. As I played with my nipples, I could feel your lips rubbing against them, your tongue teasing them. My nipples became hard and erect as my imagination went wild thinking of you.

I decided if I couldn't have you for real, I would have you in my mind. I lit a few candles and turned off the lights. I put on some blues and reached for my toys. After taking off my clothes I laid back on the bed and thought of you being next to me, holding me, caressing me. Your lips so warm and inviting. That treasure between your legs just lying there, waiting to be kissed.

I began to play with my nipples again. They were so hard, wanting you to touch them. I drummed my fingers on them, lightly tugging at them. After a few minutes I could feel myself starting to get wet. I was so caught up in my thoughts of you loving me that I didn't hear you use your key and come inside.

You were very quiet, trying to surprise me. As you came towards my room, you decided to peek and see what was going on before you let me know of your presence. I wish I could have seen your face as you watched me, lying on the bed, touching myself. I can picture you touching yourself in response. I turned over on my side and grabbed one of my toys. I positioned it between my legs, making sure it was positioned at just the right spot and turned it on. My legs held it in place as my hips rotated, moving it against my clit. My hands continued to play with my nipples, twisting them, tugging on them gently. The fire in my loins started to build. I imagined you there, between my legs, your tongue lapping at my clit, sucking it, teasing it. Hopefully you were getting hot watching me, touching yourself, making yourself hard as you watched me getting aroused.

I was sufficiently wet now and wanted you in me so badly. I rolled over on my back and grabbed my hummingbird. I propped one leg up and leaned a little towards my side as I slid the hummingbird inside me. It felt wonderful, even if it wasn't you. Actually nothing can compare with the feeling of having
you inside me, however, in your absence, it was the best I could do. I turned on the switch and felt the little bird vibrating against my clit, my other hand still playing with my nipples.

I pushed the toy deep within me and rotated my hips against it. It was you there, buried in me, your warmth and your hardness in me making me feel so wonderful. I slowly pulled it out except for the head, then pushed it back in all the way. Over and over, as I imagined you moving in me, the little bird teasing my clit with each thrust. You were giving me such wonderful pleasure.

I continued on, feeling your hands caressing me as you slowly kept up your rythym. My heart was pounding, my breathing heavy and the fire inside me was reaching a fevered pitch. Finally I felt my orgasm build to the point of no return. I screamed in pleasure as I came, still plunging the toy inside me. Exhausted, I removed it and tossed it to one side as I lie there in your imaginary arms.

I was pleasantly surprised to feel you slide into bed behind me, naked, and wrap me in your arms. I drifted off to sleep as you kissed my neck and shoulders sweetly. I woke up later to the same kisses, your hands caressing me, bringing me pleasure. Ahh...ain't nothing like the real thing.

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