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Author: luna

Filed in: bondage, masturbation, dreams

You never know where dreams will take you until you embark on the slumber cruise. My dream last night was so real that I woke to wish you were here with me. So here is what kept me in highly electric fantasy land.

I fell asleep after talking with you about how horny I was today, and my thoughts of masturbation filled my before dreams. I think that is what sparked it for me. You were there almost instantly as I drifted into my dreams, cradling my pillows that I have lining the side of the bed, so that I don’t feel alone in my sleep. I was certainly not alone last night. As soon as my eyes fell, you were standing over me as I lay there, smiling at me and I was wonderfully excited about what was about to happen. I have been looking forward to something, anything for so long. Ever since I tasted it a month ago, I knew that I would crave it for the rest of my life. I wanted more, and you were about to give me what I needed.

There were no words in this dream, only the sounds of whispering and moaning. The lights were just right, and everything was perfect. I felt at peace when you took me in your arms and held me tight. Kissing me deeply I became absorbed by your touch, pliable for anything you had planned.

In the next instant I was on my knees, bent down with my face to the mattress. I was tied this way, my ass pointed over the edge of the bed, my hands attached to the same corners as my ankles, held in that curled position, completely exposed to whatever you wanted to do to me. I was to feel the crop for the first time in a month, and that sharp stinging slap was first more than I could remember it begin, and you alternated it with the palm of your hand, responding to my cries and moans as if they were feeding your pleasure, as the pain that heated my ass became my pleasure. My body was responding with warmth and a low belly ache that would only get stronger as the night wore on.

I am continuously surprised by my enjoyment of the pain factor, and question my body’s response every time I begin to get the cravings not for sex, not for release, but for pain, for a spanking, a whipping, the feel of leather or wood across my body. I am confused at my body’s wiring. I enjoy the pain almost more than the pleasure touches that I know for a fact that I enjoy. All my body aches for the touch, any touch it can receive from you now.

Throughout the whipping, I am catapulted into a pleasure realm where I feel the slaps, each and every one, but they are no where near as painful, and the residual pain is so hot that I drives me wild and I wait anxiously for another, the pain fading and a new feeling that I can’t explain invades me. One that I felt once before and felt like I was on drugs, only these drugs were given by you and I wanted more, so much more. This whipping drove me crazy and I couldn’t hold still but began to tremble and shake, moaning loudly and begging for another and another, not sure if I should be doing so in the first place. Should I ask for more, or should I be pleased with what I get?

This is my first waking of the night. My eyes fly open and I am on pins and needles, my hands gripping the pillow nearest me, my fingers numb from squeezing it so hard, the joints in my knees locked as if not able to move them for quite a while. I slowly rise out of bed and fetch a glass of water, my mouth feels so dry. I am not completely out of the dream sleep for I can still feel and hear you encouraging me to take more, praising my response and I can feel that odd pleasure deep in my belly. I crave a spanking as I crawl back into bed and toss and turn for a bit before falling deep into slumber once more.

It wasn’t long before I was back in your hands in my dreams. This time I was having a large plug placed in my ass, and you were cooing about how nice that looked, and I was squirming through the discomfort until it was seated and I was able to relax a bit more. I was very wet as you slide your fingers all over my slit and then leaning over to have me suck your fingers. I moaned so loud in my still curled up position, sucking your fingers.

You reached down then and untied my arms and legs, but left the cords hanging off my ankles and wrists as you asked me to make myself comfortable in the middle of the bed. I used the pillows to relax and laid there, the plug pressing into me, my ass warm and aching from the whipping it received. I closed my eyes and before I knew it I was plunged behind a blindfold and you were tying my legs and wrists up again, this time to the headboard. My legs were spread wide apart and my wet pussy was blasted with cool air. This new position excited me, just being so open and exposed to you has a way of changing my breathing, and the blindfold was wonderful.

The first thing I felt was an assault on my breasts, with heavy slaps I felt my breasts swell and tighten. With the hard pinches on my nipples they stiffened and extended, just enough for me to feel the clamps pinch down on them. The pain sliding through my breasts was only heightened when I felt you give a few hearty tugs on the clamps. My nipples felt like they were going to be ripped out, and at the same time, it sent ripples of hot energy throughout my body.

I never thought I would enjoy pain in my breasts, being that they are very sensitive any other time, but I have loved what has been done to them in the past, so keep it coming. The sensations I get are marvelous, and even the pain is worth it, because it feels good after awhile. The slaps, the pinching, the clamps... all that I have endured I know crave once again. I am shocked awake then, my breasts aching and craving attention.

I played with my breasts then, tweaking the nipples and squeezing them. I gave them the attention they craved. My fingers moved all over my body, my fingers tracing my erect nipples and down my belly to my wet slit. I fingered myself once more to orgasm, feeling so wonderful as I fell slowly back to dreamland.

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