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Ebony's Story Part 2

Author: ChocletRn

Filed in: bondage, spanking, sex toys, anal fisting, breast torture, double penetration

Ebony scrambled to comply, her own passion taking control of her actions. Ebony was once again on hands and knees. This position meant easy access to either her pussy or asshole. And ebony loved when he used either one. Her body burned with her need.

“What is your word”, he asked as if he didn’t know? “It’s Red Sir.” They never played without a safe word. Ebony felt him completely cover her ass and back with body oil. He was rubbing it in and she was getting more aroused as he ran the oil up the crack of her ass and inserted a finger now and again. She was getting prepared, when she felt the small butt plug being pushed into her tight hole.  

     She began to moan, and slowly worked her hips, as he worked the smaller plug in and out. Just when it seemed to be getting her on the verge of an orgasm, he quickly removed it. Ebony was trying her hardest not to move, but her body was wracked with sensations. She could feel the electric pulses that threatened to make her pussy explode.

She gasped, when she felt the larger of the two butt plugs being slowly pushed up into her ass. Ebony’s moans were louder, but that only made him work it harder and deeper. Her breathing came faster and harder. “Is it red”, he asked? “No it’s not Sir”, she gasped, reassuring him that she was ok. “If you want my fist you will have to take this and more first”.  

     The thought of his fist excited her more, and she had to clamp down hard on her control to prevent her climax. She felt the butt plug being removed, and shuddered as a micro climax hit her. SMACK! His palm slapping her ass hard caused her to cry out. “I gave no permission for you to cum!” SMACK! “Did I?” SMACK! SMACK! “No Sir! I’m sorry sir!” 

     Ebony felt his hand rest on the small of her back. She bit her lip to stifle the groan, as he slowly worked in the larger of the dildos she had brought with her. It was nine inches long and two and a quarter inches wide. Her body was on fire. The stretching of her tight anus only added to her anticipation. He pushed the dildo in further, working it in a circular motion. He was slowly pumping it in and out of her. 

     “You should see the way it pushes in and pulls out the tight skin around your asshole. It looks the same way when it’s my dick pumping you this way.” She was on the verge of cumming, and his words only inflamed her lust even more. Her moans were even louder, and she could only imagine what anyone hearing her would think. She grabbed the pillow and buried her face in it to quiet her cries. 

     She started to rock her hips back and forth. She soon matched his thrusting rhythm. When he pushed the dildo in she would push her hips back to sink it deeper. She was again on the verge of cumming, when he removed the dildo. “NO!” She screamed into the pillow. But she knew that even if she had said the word openly and plainly, he would not have stopped.  

     She felt him slowly insert a finger. He seesawed it back and forth. Then he inserted another finger. He went from two fingers to three with ease as he worked them around in a circular motion. Ebony’s mind screamed even as body language was begging for more. He inserted all four fingers into her. And her body was taunt as a bowstring. She could hardly wait for his thumb.  

     Ebony felt every inch of her ass stretching. Her breathing was coming in gasps. Why did he always take so long to finally push his thumb in. And she knew that if she begged him for it, he would only make her wait even longer. Then she felt it! His thumb was pushing down between his four fingers. As he slowly inserted them all, with that slow twisting and turning motion, she began to react. She could feel him as he gently curled his fingers.


    Her body began to shake. The feeling that her asshole was being stretched left her. She felt her mind begin to slip down into that “that place”. Oh, how she loved to be in “that place’. She had been close to it many times. But there were very few men or women that could really push her pass the closed door into it. But he had the key. And he was one person that seemed to walk her thru that door with very little effort at all. 

     She could feel every inch of his hand going deeper, deeper up into her. Her nipples were so swollen they ached. And she felt the cum at the tip of her pussy begging to be released. “Do you need to cum Ebony”, he asked? Her body shook as each breath came with a gasp and moan. “Yes! Oh please, yes!” She was begging now. Pleading with him to allow her to cum. The thought of doing it without his explicit permission didn’t even enter her mind. He owned her at times like this. Possessed her like very few ever did.  

     Ebony was at the ragged edge of her release. And she knew that she wouldn’t be able to hold it much longer. “You can cum now”. His words were said so softly. And yet, in her mind, it was like he had shouted them into her ear. With exaggerated heaving and humping of her stretched ass, she tried to drive his fist even deeper. Then the world stood still. 

     Ebony came! And like she knew would happen, it was an orgasm of monstrous proportions. With a scream into the pillow, her body went rigid. And she let her lustful emotions take control. Her mind became aware of each and every thing that happened and in exactly what order. Later on, as she remembered it, she would actually relive the orgasm as it happened. 

     Her nipples seemed to swell to almost twice their already huge size. It was only at times like this, that she felt like the nipples would swell to the point of bursting. They were so sensitive that all he would have had to do was touch them and she would have cum. Then, that feeling that bare electric wire had been placed inside her body. Wire that was connected between her nipples and her clit. And that wire carried a current strong enough to shock a gorilla. 

     Ebony couldn’t believe how big her clit felt to her. She knew that when she grew excited, that it would swell and elongate. But when she was this way, it felt like she had grown a dick at least three inches long. And the pulsing in her nipples was nothing compared to the pounding in her clit. Her muscles began to spasm. First it was the muscles within her pulsing pussy. The only comparison she knew that resembled the way she felt was when she had watched a nature film and she watched the rhythmic muscles that moved a snake. The muscles in her pussy throbbed up and down just like that. 

     But her whole being centered on the fist that was buried in her ass. He would flex his fingers ever so slightly, only to close them as he pushed them in further. Over and over he worked her. Over and over her body jerked, humped and thrashed. Then it happened. She came! And she came in that way that only she could. 

      Her anal muscles clenched down around his fist. And it felt like they were milking him. From wrist to fingertips; fingertips to wrist, they rolled back and forth. Her mouth opened as her head was involuntarily thrown back. But as much as she wanted to scream, as much as her mouth mimicked the actions, not a sound came forth.  

     Her cum came first. Shooting from between the throbbing lips of her pussy, it splashed between her legs. Ebony looked down and was amazed at the amount. Then another cramp hit her and she almost blacked out from the sensation. Shaking, as if she were going into convulsions, she lost control. With a loud hiss, like steam escaping thru a small hole, a steady stream of her golden nectar exploded from her.  

     Behind her, she could feel his actions intensify. It felt like he was ramming his fist in and out. And ebony pumped her ass back to give him all the access to her that he could get. Another orgasm hit her and this time she could do nothing but fall forward. She was unaware of him gently disengaging his hand from her ass. When she opened her eyes and could once again breath with some regularity, she could hear him in the bathroom. He had gone to the sink, to wash his hands. Had he told her to lay there and catch her breath, or did she just imagine him saying that? 
      After he was sure she was rested, and had drank enough water to prevent dehydration, he instructed her to kneel on the bed. She saw him place the ropes on the bed. Then he laid the leather strap along side her. One of the ropes had a large knot in the middle of it. He smiled at her as he told her that this would be used to gag her.  

     He took another rope, and tied it around one of her breast twice. After tying it, he left a long piece hanging. She wasn’t sure what the hanging piece was for, or what kind of knot he was using. He did the same thing with her other breast and stood back to admire his work. His other strong suite was tit torture. He loved that best after anal play.

He gathered her wrist behind her back and tied them as well. He told her to rest. But to remain on her feet, so that she didn’t get too tired too quickly. He gently squeezed her nipples, applying more and more pressure until she let out a moan through her gag. He smacked her squarely on her left nipple causing her to wince. “This is what you like isn’t it Ebony”. She lowered her head.  

     He smacked her again on her nipple. Only this time it stung so much, she screamed thru the gag. “Don’t ever be ashamed of your desires and needs”, he said. With that he squarely smacked her on the other nipple. Again she moaned through her gag. He then picked up the strap and slowly swatted it across her breast. He grabbed the rope and pulled. Even thru her gag, her gasp could be heard. 

     Ebony finally realized what the dangling rope was for. Tied around her tits the way it was, when he pulled the rope up, it lifted her tit so that her nipples stood out before her. First the left one, then the right one was targeted. The swats grew stronger and harder, as Ebony winced and drew back. “Is it red”, he asked. Ebony shook her head no.

He applied clamps to her nipples. Their eyes locked, and he smiled as he tightened them down until she winced. He then proceeded to strap her tits again. Ebony moaned, as the pain became more intense. And the pleasure of that pain was more than she could have imagined it would be. The wetness between her legs grew, as the intensity and heat in her breast grew greater.  

     When he was finished with the strap, he pulled the clamps off. The rush of her returning blood-flow caused her to tremble. Ebony’s hands were untied, but her breasts were left bound. Tied like they were, she saw how swollen they had become. She couldn’t help but admire how big they were herself. If they had been attached to another woman, she would be in heaven right now.  

     She was helped to her feet, so that she could bend over the bed easier. “Are you ready?” Ebony shook her head yes. She felt the hard wooden paddle come down squarely across her ass. Ebony winced as her cheeks shook from the force of the smack. The blows continued and the smacks grew harder. Each time the intensity increased, she was checked to see if she could continue.  

     The paddling went on until she had reached her limit. “Is it red Ebony?” Even thru her pain, she could hear the concern in his voice. She shook her head yes, and he helped to her feet. He kissed her cheeks. Then he kissed her tears, assuring her of how proud he was of her. She was nervous. She had never used her safe word before. But she was at her limit, and had possibly past it she thought.  

      Her breasts were untied and the gag was removed. She was given a drink of water and helped to the bed to rest. Her body ached; she was wondering why he was now standing at the side of the bed. “Turn around”, he instructed. He wanted to know how many times she had come and she had her fill. She assured him she had and was now lying side ways across the bed with her feet hanging over.  

     He took the dildos off the counter, where he had placed them, after having washed them clean. He propped one of her feet up on the bed, causing her pussy to open up and become exposed. He placed the tip of one dildo at her opening, and squeezed the lubricant onto the tip of it. He also spread a generous amount on her ass hole. He slowly started to work the large dildo into her pussy.  

     Ebony was on fire. He now had both her legs gaped open. He held them up, raising her ass up off the bed. As he worked the dildo in and out, he reached for the smaller one of the two. Ebony could feel it. The cum was dripping from her pussy down to her asshole, further lubing it. As he lifted her hips off the bed, it caused her asshole to open.

He took the second dildo, and placed that at the tip of her asshole. “You want both don’t you Ebony”. The thought of the double penetration made her shake with excitement. Afraid to speak the words, she just nodded her head. He slowly worked the second dildo in and she felt both being pushed further and further into her.  

     She couldn’t take the pleasure much longer. He worked both dildos in and out with a fast and furious pace. She could feel the pressure building up. “Do you want to cum Ebony”? “Yes! Yes! Please! Now!” She was begging, and the pace and the fuck grew more intense. With her legs gaped opened this wide, and with both her holes being impaled, Ebony was in heaven.  

     When he knew she couldn’t hold it another second, she was given permission to cum. And cum she did. Once again, the fluid went every where. He loved it when she ejaculated all over his chest. Ebony’s body was on fire and she was now releasing all the pressure from the scene in forceful gushes. When she had calmed, he removed the dildos and helped roll her onto her side. He was allowing her to rest her body and her mind. Ebony looked up at him and smiled. She knew by his smile that he was very pleased. She was already looking forward to the next time they could be together. 

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