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Ebony's Holiday Hunger

Author: ChocletRN

Filed in: spanking, fisting, holidays, anal fisting, sensory deprivation

Ebony got dressed that morning and quickly realized she was nervous.  She looked down at the mark she wore on her flesh.  It was his mark and she wore it with pride.   It had been placed there during one of their sessions to remind her and anyone who saw it who she belonged to.  It symbolized the bond they shared.  The only thing that Ebony knew getting ready was that she was promised a special holiday treat.  She prepared herself the way she was instructed and wore what she was instructed to wear.  She sat in her car in front of his house rubbing her fingers across the emblem on the necklace that hugged her neck.  A smile crossed her lips and she knew she was ready.  Ebony walked up the driveway and made it to the door entering as she was instructed to do.  She walked into the room and looked around trying to see where everything was or if anything had changed since her last visit. Before she could finish surveying the room she felt his presence behind her.  Her breaths were short and his presence was as strong as ever.  Ebony could feel the burning growing deep inside turning into a hunger.  She immediately disrobed and placed her clothes neatly on the chair inside the living room.  He didn’t speak a word as she was immediately blindfolded.  His gag placed in her mouth.  She was now completely naked and stood perfectly still before him unable to see or speak.  He ran his finger around her breast noticing how her nipples begin to swell.   His touch was like fire and her body was like ice that melted under it.  He always joked at how her nipples resembled perfect Hershey kisses.  The thought amused him as he took them one at a time playing with each in his mouth nibbling and biting on them.  She let out small gasps as the feelings she experienced earlier seemed to intensify under his touch.  He could hear her breathing grow faster and he enjoyed the effect his presence had on her.  He moved his leg between her thighs forcing them apart.  The cool air hitting just the right spot caused her to shiver.  She let out more gasps that remained trapped behind her gag.  She felt his hand start on her upper thigh making its way to the spot that was moist and hungered for his touch.  But now she wondered if that touch was more than her body could take.  She just wanted the release that only he could give her.  He removed his finger and placed it in her mouth.  She always said she enjoyed the way she tasted and he enjoyed the look on her face when she got to taste it.  He led her to the bedroom assisting her to a bench in the middle of the room.  She was instructed to assume her position.  She could feel his presence closer now as he leaned into her ear telling her not to move.  Her ankles were tied to the sides of the bench as were her wrist.  She was completely immobile and thought she was ready for what was to come.  The first smack landed on its mark and stung more than she last remembered.  Another moan attempted to escape her lips, only to be stifled by her gag.  The smacks came faster and harder on each cheek.  The smacks went from alternating cheeks to concentrating on one cheek at a time.  She was sure his hands didn’t sting like this before.  The warmth was quickly turning to fire.  She quickly adjusted her position on the bench thinking the small movement went unnoticed.  She knew not to move and the consequences if she did.    Feeling the sting of his cane, Ebony quickly learned it hadn’t gone unnoticed.  She thought quietly to herself that she disliked this cane more than any of the others.  It left a nasty sting with each lash.  Tied down she was unable to squirm.  Gagged she was unable to scream.  Each strike was more painful then the last reminding her of who she belonged to.  The tears swelled in her eyes but didn’t fall.  She knew he wouldn’t stop his assault on her ass until it was clear she had learned her lesson.  Her cries remained trapped behind her gag, and her ass remained on fire.  Each blow seemed to find a new untouched spot making the cane sting even more.  When she heard the cane fall to the floor her tears fell with it.       His hand was quickly between her legs now forcing her thighs wide apart.  He found that wet spot between her legs and teased it more than he had earlier.  She could feel the wetness increase and was sure that wetness would slide down her thighs.  She could feel his fingers playing between her lips sliding in and out of her hole.  His fingers went fast that faster going deeper and deeper.  Ebony lost count of the number of fingers going in and out until she could feel that familiar stretch.  It was that stretch that fit tightly around his entire fist pushed deep inside her.  The fingers went in and out until his fist was ramming deep inside of her going in and out.     The orgasms hit her so hard and fast, her body could barley recover from the last before the next one would hit.  He was at her ear again telling her how much he enjoyed having her this way.  She couldn’t understand what made her so hungry for this.  What made her want to feel that stretch that let her body know that she was his.  That stretch that said he was at the deepest part of her.  The thought alone only seem to intensify the hunger and increase the wetness that seemed to be growing between her legs.  With his free hand he removed her gag; she knew this was the part that he enjoyed.  Hearing her moan and seeing the way her body always responded to his touch was a rush for him.  The orgasms continued and now she was squirting, wetting everything beneath her.  She didn’t know how much more she could take.  Ebony’s moans only got louder as she felt his free hand playing at the entrance to her ass, meeting resistance and enjoying her tightness.   Knowing his hand was well lubricated and knowing how much she could take; he continued to penetrate her tight hole.  She tried unsuccessfully to count the number of fingers he inserted.  She continually lost count as a new one was pushed inside.  He slowly went from one to four fingers gently going in and out.  Her ass was on fire now inside and out.  She was being stretched in both places, both holes on fire.  Ebony was past any point he had taken her before while fisting.  He removed his fist from her pussy and she dropped, she wanted more and she needed more.  At the very moment her body was on the edge of release his fist made its way completely into her ass.    He had never completely penetrated her this way before.  Yes he had played in her ass before with small dildos and his fingers but never this.  His fist was completely inside her now claiming it.  It was his to take and he was reminding her of that with every thrust.  The complete and full anal penetration was more than she was used to from him.  But she would do anything to make this feeling continue.  This stretching was a different stretching, but it still affected her body in a powerful way.  The pain was overshadowed by the pleasure she was feeling.  Ebony’s hunger was fed for now.  

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