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The Spanking

Author: selkie

Filed in: spanking, orgasm, oral sex, female ejactulation

When D. first looked at her consideringly, she wasn’t sure what he had in that complicated head of his …she just knew that it involved something that would most likely hurt.  Grinning, he studied her with an air that left her breathless.

She was wearing her favourite bedtime tee-shirt. Worn soft and almost translucent through washing and use, her small breasts showed through the soft pale material, a warm glow of pale flesh and rosy nipples.  She sat, cross-legged on the bed, watching him warily, the tee shirt pooling between her taut thighs, masking her from his gaze. 

“Pull up the shirt,” he said softly.

Putting her hand to the bottom of the material, she hesitated.

“Now, Ms. s.” NOW.”

Grimacing, a little angry, she complied.  Pulling it up, she exposed herself to his look.  Her rings glinted in the muted light of the bedroom, her outer labia gaping slightly from her cross legged position, a slick glistening trail was already starting to worm its way along the muted pink softness of her inner lips. 

D. studied her intently, pulling himself up to kneel in order to peer more closely at her exposed sex.  s. blushed, flushing pink from her pale forehead down to the barely concealed mounds of her freckled breasts. 

Leaning, D. delicately reached between her legs, his fingers grasping, then twirling the silver rings, which added a piquant naughtiness on either side of her clit.  s. gasped and then moaned as his fingers pinched her long slender lips.  Stiffening his fingers, D. gently but firmly pushed two into the swelling deepness of her sex.  Watching intently, relishing the squishing sound as he pushed in and out, D.’s jaw tightened. 

Deep within her, s. felt the stiff fingers rubbing against that special pad of flesh.  Moaning, she went to move her legs, then stopped, as D. slapped her pale thigh, admonishing her to be still.  Holding herself stiff, quivering, she struggled to stay quiet.

D. slowly, rhythmically pushed his fingers in and out.  He grinned as he watched the soft pink flesh swell to crimson, moisture trickling around his fingers, dripping onto the sheet below. 

s. closed her eyes, concentrating on the feel of his fingers in her.  She gasped as she felt the swelling in the front of her sex, the hot pulsating feeling of fullness just above her urethra.  The aching fullness which felt like she needed to urinate intensified and s. moaned louder, her eyes snapping open, fastening upon his despairingly.

“Do it!” he commanded her, knowing what was coming.

She wiggled, uncomfortable, aroused, unsure.

“DO it.”

s. bit her lip and closed her eyes.  Her concentration focused on the delicious feel of his fingers deep inside her, pushing, fucking, rubbing the slick swollen flesh.  The aching increased to the point of pain, an intensity that made her pant and cry out.

Suddenly, with a gush, she allowed it to spurt.  A long stream of clear, hot liquid gushed from between her lips, drenching the silver rings and dripping onto D’s pistoning fingers.  Moaning again, s. grunted and ejaculated another stream of liquid, soaking the sheets below her.

D. moaned as he felt her cunt pulsate around his hand, the stream of liquid hot against his palm.

Pulling out, he lifted his fingers to his nose, drinking in the clean fresh smell of her ejaculate, then his tongue flicked out and he licked up the clear glistening substance, pulling it into his warm mouth and licking his fingers clean.

s. was panting, and turning once more to her, he enjoyed the sight of the soft breasts jiggling under the translucent material of the tee shirt.

“I want to see your tits, pull it up now”. he said sternly.

s.’s eyes open, blindly looking at him. Almost in a trance, she pulled the shirt up so that shortly the soft firm mounds appeared, their tips swollen and bright red.  D. reached over and grasped one thick swollen nipple, rolling it between his fingers.  Then watching her intently, he pinched it sharply.

s. gasped and D. was rewarded as a spontaneous spurt of liquid squirted from between the spraddled thighs, soaking the already damps sheets beneath.

“Bad girl!” he admonished!

“Wetting the bed like that!”

s. looked guilty then leaning up, reached for the towel that was always placed at the end of the bed.

She squealed as she suddenly felt D. grab her around her waist and before she knew it, she was lying across his lap.

Giggling, pretending outrage, she struggled to free herself.  Against her naked groin, she felt the hard evidence of his own arousal and wiggling, she pushed herself against it.

Air wafted against her ass as D. pulled the tee shirt high over her back, pushing her up so he could ensure her breasts hung free.  He pulled the tee shirt high over her head, stretching her arms up and tangling them in the shirt which he left wrapped around her extended arms and partially around her tumbled curls and flushed face.

s. squirming, feeling vulnerable and open to him, her entire body naked from the neck down, available to him.

She felt his hand in the small of her back and unconsciously, she arched, flaring her small firm buttocks, her chest rising, breasts jouncing as she twisted into a half bow.  D.’s arm was an iron bar against her back, her arms useless, tangled and caught as they were in her tee shirt.

Her eyes moved under the thin membrane tee-shirt as she strained to turn to see what he was planning.  Sighing, she relaxed somewhat as she felt his warm hand caressing the firm mounds of her small buttocks.  Delicately, gently, he ran sensitive fingers over the smooth pale surface, and then gently down the deep furrow.

s. moaned under her breath and pushed her soft belly against his straining erection, pushing her warm ass into the caressing hand.

She felt his hand tighten and unconsciously clenched her buttocks, jumping when his cupped palm came down firmly but not hard on one cheek.  Tensing up, she waited, her ears straining and her attention focused on what he was going to do next.

For several minutes, nothing happened and s. began to relax.  She jumped when the hot palm came down a little harder, this time against her other cheek. 

D. began a steady rhythm, spanking first one cheek, then the other. He kept his hand even and firm, awakening the nerve endings in the sensitive skin of her delicate ass, coaxing a flush which pinkened the normally pale expanse.  Occasionally, he would stop for just a minute, run a finger down the tight crack, wiggle clever fingers between the clenched thighs and quickly flick an awakening clit.

s.’s awareness began to narrow as sensation flooded her mind and body.  Normally highly strung, with a restless and questing intellect, her world began to shrink as the sensation in her nether regions became the focus of her now. 

Deep within the atavistic part of her brain, neurons flared and hormones began to flood her system.  As her body sent endorphins flooding through her system, s.’s pain threshold increased tenfold.

D. watched her intently, judging his strikes and their intensity in the language of wiggle and push, yearning and desire.  Almost imperceptibly, he began to spank harder, the crack of his palm against her crimsoning flesh sharp in the quiet room.

A small part of s. took note of the increased pressure and sent messages to escape.  Vague, already lost in a deep part of her mind, s. struggled sluggishly.

Against her bare belly she felt his prick, hard and throbbing, and in response, deep between her legs she felt hot arousal flood her inner passageway.

Kicking her legs, s. struggled but D. was deceptively strong and he simply tightened his grip.  Raising his arm, he brought his hand down hard.

s. screeched as his large, hard palm met the soft flesh of her buttocks.  Stinging and aching, she tried to move her butt away from the punishing hand.  All that happened is she felt a smear of wet trail across her belly and realized his prick was leaking pre-cuman> across her pale skin.  Despite herself, she paused, unable to resist the sweet feel of that hot organ against her. Again, she wiggled, but this time sensuously, pushing against his stiff cock.

D.’s hand rubbed her now stinging flesh gently, softly and s. calmed a little more.  His hand slowly released her back, although she felt his thigh muscles tense as he tried to anticipate her movements.  But she felt comfortable now and simply pushed her groin further into his lap.  His hand came up again and this time, held her hands, tangled as they were in the teeshirt. 

His fingers probed between her clenched thighs, coaxing them open and after a cursory refusal, s. allowed her thighs to fall open.  Gently, he probed between her tight lips, pushing gently into her deep swollen hole.  She groaned and pushed back against the questing fingers.  In the quiet room she could hear him probing her wetness, a sucking sound as he pushed in and out.

Suddenly, he removed his fingers, and before she could protest, his hand came down hard yet again on her abused ass.  This time, she pushed back against it …. relishing the sting and the feel of his hard palm, the sensation blooming and tugging deep inside her. 

D. pulled her up by her tangled arms for a moment, then fumbling under her quivering breasts and soft stomach, he released his stiff cock. 

s. struggled to pull herself up, wanting that beautiful prick deep within her mouth, but D. pushed her back down roughly.  Before she could adjust herself, his hand came down again, smacking against the outer thigh, then the full plump cheek, and then pushing her legs apart, slapped her inner thighs.

Methodically, rhythmically, never striking the same place twice, D. proceeded to spank her thoroughly and with great expertise.

s. stopped struggling, lying passively, her hips jerking, the pale freckled breasts quivering as she fell deep within herself,, giving herself up to the sensation of his hand against her ass, the feel of flesh against flesh, the sting and deep ache as he increased the strength of his blows. 

D. looked down and his breath shortened as he watched her ass flare pink, then red, the normally soft pale flesh crimson in spots, the translucent skin trembling and quivering.  His prick was hard and throbbing against the soft belly, pre-cum trickling and sliding across her flesh and causing unbearably delicious friction that made his balls tighten.

Pausing, he probed roughly between her legs, groaning as his fingers slid into hot swollen wetness.  With no preamble, he pushed three fingers roughly deep into her, rubbing the little pad of flesh he knew so intimately.  A scant two minutes later he felt hot liquid spurting over his wrist as s. moaned and ejaculated.

Quickly pulling his now soaking fingers from her, he held his other arm tightly against her back, then pushing that warm belly into his prick, began to smack those delicious buttocks again, short hard smacks that made her groan and pant.

Again he probed between her legs, this time his fingers roughly working the swollen clit which now protruded from between her engorged labia, flicking the silver rings on either side as his forefinger and thumb pinched the impudent clit.  s. reared up, the tee shirt falling back from her face.  Turning to him, her eyes blind, turned deep within in that special place, her mouth soft and vulnerable. 

His mouth tight, his cock painfully hard, D. pulled her clit again and opening her mouth, s. came in a long almost painful rush of sensation.  Bucking and thrashing, she almost dislodged his fingers but hanging on grimly his breath shortened as he felt her cunt throb and convulse, hot fluid covering his hand in sweet erotic spurts of pure lust.

As he felt her throbbing lessen, the convulsions wane, D. gently pulled her up beside him, then almost desperately, his cock so hard it was painful, he pushed her down to the floor.

Obediently, bones like water, s. knelt. Looking up at him adoringly, she opened her small mouth and leaning, engulfed him in its warm wetness. 

D. sank right to the back of her throat, groaning as he felt the tugging from deep at the back of her cheeks, the suckling , the soft sweep of tongue.   Tangling his hands in the riotous curls, he tugged her head closer, shoving his cock hard into the soft prison of her mouth.  Tears spurted as she took him deep and seeing her nose flare and the tears trickling down the great green eyes, D. felt his balls tighten and then release.  Like acid, his cum boiled up the throbbing shaft of his penis, erupting in her hot mouth.

Choking, swallowing desperately, s. sought to contain all his warm essence, but as spurt after spurt boiled out of the tip of his spasming penis, it trickled out of the corners of her mouth, dripping down her chin in glistening streaks.

s. sucked eagerly and greedily at the hot pulsating shaft, wanting all its warm essence in her mouth, down her throat.  D. pressed his hands almost painfully into her curls, pulling from the roots and creating a sweet aching between her still pulsating lips. 

Slowly, as the throbbing prick began to soften, trickling the last starchy drops of cum into her mouth, s. pulled back.  Gently, delicately, her pink tongue soft, she sipped up the drops of cum around her own mouth, using her finger to scoop a stream onto her tongue.  Then leaning, she lapped up every drop of fluid, each small drop of pale fluid bedewing her beloved D’s belly.

Content, almost purring, she slid up beside him as he pulled her by the shoulders.  Meeting her soft, moist lips with his own, D. kissed her deeply, relishing the taste of himself in her.  Nestling into his warm shoulder, s.’s eyes grew heavy and content, she drifted off.  Holding her close, D. looked down at his sleepy submissive and grinned fondly.  With a gentle hand, he brushed one stubbron curl out of her sleepy eyes, then pulling her closer still, closed. his own eyes.

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