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Come enjoy a fantasy, get wrapped up in a hot erotic story. The Iron Gate brings authors and readers together in stories of Dominance, submission and kinky sex. Readers like you have donated their works of fiction. Got a story to share? Please submit it for addition to this page!

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Master in the Morning

Author: Greg's little one

Filed in: spanking, fellatio, control

It is early in the morning, the suns not up yet. i slide out of bed and turn on the coffee maker then go to the bathroom and turn on the shower. Quiet as can be so as not to wake You.Removing my collar i slip into the shower letting the hot steamy water run over my head and down my back. Sighing at its heat.i wash my hair and bathe every part of my body with the scent You prefer the most. Then shave my legs and pussy until i feel no more stubble as you like it smooth.

Turning the water off, my nipples get hard as cold air hits them. i open the shower curtain to find You standing there with the crop in Your hand and very playful but serious look in Your eyes. i still thought You were asleep and You startled me into confusion. i instantly lowered my eyes and dropped to my knees, then noticing Your throbbing cock right in front of my lips. With out thinking i instantly licked my this i heard a chuckle.

"Whats my little one doing up so early and why didn't You awaken me properly?"

Fully awake now i respond," i only wanted to make sure i was fresh and smooth for you Master before awakening You."

Rubbing the crop between these pussy lips as W/we speak, noticing my intake of breath as you press on this clit. "Mmmhmmm, and what, my little slut, are You suppose to do when You awaken in the morning?"

Making the mistake of glancing up at You when i replied got me a whack on this pussy making me whimper from the sting.Lowering my eyes again i answer," i am suppose to suck Your cock Sir."

Your hand grasping my hair firmly, but not violently, You pull upwards on it so i am now standing and tell me to go to the room. "Yes Sir." My nipples so hard now they ache and my pussy beginning to drip with anticipation of what was to come. i was unsure at that moment if i was being punished or if You were playing with me, but i thought playing. When i returned to the bedroom the first thing i noticed was a cup of coffee on the table and all of Your whipping devices laid out beside the bed. It was then i realized You had been up the entire time i was in the shower thinking of what You were going to do.

"Kneel now" i instantly dropped to my knees head high eyes lowered as Your slipped the black leather collar that said slave on it around my neck. Grabbing my hair forcing my head up so i had to see your eyes. They danced. There was a sparkle there that told me exactly what i was in for this morning and a smile playing on Your lips. "Are You ready to be used my little slut girl?" Before i could answer Your lips came down on mine forcing them to part with Your tongue. One hand still in my hair the other now inserting fingers into this nice wet pussy. i moaned softly as You kissed me. Now moving behind me, forcing my head to the ground, i instantly put both arms above my head, crossed at the wrist and ready to be tied if You so desired. The only time You had ever put my head to the floor is to whip me which usually meant my wrist were bound. Just as i had suspected i felt the restraints pulled tightly around first one wrist then the other. Walking back around behind me, Your warm firm hand gripping this ass, Your fingers rubbing over this pussy to feel how smooth it had been shaven." Good girl" and with that a slight slap on my ass. My head still to the ground i smiled at the sign of pleasure i had brought You. Pushing my ass higher and as far out as i could for Your access. " My little slut likes to please her Master does she?" Whap!! Another slap...this one a little harder as i gasp and reply " oh yes Sir" You begin to lay smacks on either side of my ass with Your bare hand, making the milky skin begin to turn pink while rubbing Your fingers up and down this wet pussy and toying with my ass, my ass pushing towards You, your finger sliding in teasing me. Your cock hard You rub it against me, grinding Your hips, but not allowing it to enter. My juice shining on the head.

Grabbing the crop now, You slap this ass with it hard, making me jump and whimper. " Do You like that my slut?" My only answer a small " mmhmm, yes Master." As You continue in a steady rhythm. Laying hard whacks acroos my ass turning it a deep deep red, my skin hit and begining to bruise. You insert the crop into this pussy and my hips begin to move, Whap!! " Don't move slut" i stop instantly. You walk around in front of me and lower yourself to the ground, still moving the crop in and out, reaching for the cat with the other hand. You begin with light swipes across this back, on occasion laying harder ones, stinging my back. You tell me to lift my head.Your cock level with my mouth again and say to me," Show me little slut, how much You love My cock, how much You love making me feel good." Whipping my ass and back now with the cat, as i take You in my mouth vigorously the hits become harder the more i suck. The tighter my mouth becomes on Your hard throbbing cock. You grab the crop and guide my ass around almost sideways and then take it out, replacing it with your fingers. Now slapping my ass with the cat, tracing it lightly over Your ass and pussy. i'm gushing pussy juice by now and completely focused on making You cum and trying so hard not to myself. You lean over and bite me some what roughly on hip and slap my ass as i bring You closer to orgasm with my swollen warm lips. i hear an almost animal growl from the back of Your throat as You ask me if i think You should let me cum. " Mmmmm"....." Tell me slut now!" i let You fall out of my mouth long enough to beg You," Ohh pleaseeee Master" And right back in my mouth You went. You pulled out of my mouth so fast my head went to the floor before i could stop it. Grabbing my hair as You twisted behind me and slammed into this open wet pussy. i feel the first wave of my orgasm almost as soon as You yelled at me to cum now." Cum now slut, cum with me,aughhhh" And our bodies shook together, Your hand so tight in my hair You pulled me up to You as we came. My hands stretched out in front of me, still bound. Your teeth on my neck, your tongue teasing my skin as i holler, " Ohhh Master." tears streaming down my face from the pleasure of the way You make this body feel. This slut. This girl. Your arms around mine, Your hands sliding down my arms and around my wrists, gripping them. My skin covered in chill bumps, You lay light kisses on my neck, behind my ear as You undo the straps releasing my hands. My body slowly lowered to the floor.You behind me, still in me, W/we lay there like that for along time until O/our breathing became even. You kiss my ear and whisper,"Love You little one" Smiling, "love You to Master."  Slapping my ass playfully," Now go get my coffee." Giggling as i move swiftly saying "Yes Sir"

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