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Come enjoy a fantasy, get wrapped up in a hot erotic story. The Iron Gate brings authors and readers together in stories of Dominance, submission and kinky sex. Readers like you have donated their works of fiction. Got a story to share? Please submit it for addition to this page!

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Winter Fantasy

Author: Greg's little one

Filed in: sex, fantasy, winter

Its winter time and there is snow on the ground outside. There is a knock at the door and I answer it to find a man standing there. All he says is, “ your Master says you are to get your coat girl and come with me.” I am already naked, as You require me this way at all times, with the exception of Your collar which I wear at all times with pride. I slip on my long, full length coat and lock the door, sliding into the back seat of this strangers car. “ Where are you taking me?” I ask the man. He glances in the rearview mirror but says not one word. We drive for a while and I begin to doze, drifting off into a light slumber. I wake suddenly when the door I am leaning on opens and the man says I am to go inside and wait for You.

He has dropped me off at a small, but nice cabin surrounded by snow covered trees. It is dark outside but amazingly bright due to the full moon over head. I walk up the four steps to the porch and push open the door slowly to see a simple but very elegantly decorated cabin. A blazing fire and candles everywhere. In front of the fire there is some sort of animal skin rug, I guess bear but am not sure. On the table is a note along with a bottle of rum and coke with a bucket of ice. The note simply says,” My little one, make yourself a drink, remove your clothing and wait for me on the rug by the fire.” I look around a smile playing on my lips, wondering where You are and what Your up to. I pour two drinks, pick them up and walk over to the fire, placing them on the floor beside the rug. I remove my coat and lay it over the couch, lowering my self onto the rug. I drink my drink and spread out and get comfortable. The warmth of the fire and the smell of the wood, mixed with the drink relaxes me to much,I begin to fall asleep again as I wait.

Some time later I wake but do not see anything as a blindfold has been slid over my head. But I feel You. I feel Your lips caressing mine softly, tugging at my lip. I feel Your warm naked body pressing against mine, Your hardness between my legs I begin to move against You.  You begin to suck on my ear lobe while whispering,” Shhhh, lie still my little one, tonight You will just feel.” I swallow and reply,” Yes Master. My fingers tracing softly over Your back feeling the heat on Your skin from the fire. You take my wrists and gently place my hands above my head sliding what feels like silk over my hands and tightening them on my wrists. Your lips kissing mine deeply. Our tongues dancing. You begin kissing my neck ,moving lower, taking first one nipple and then the other between Your teeth, Your tongue flipping over them. Letting them go You leave trails down my stomach, by passing my pussy as my back arches, needing You. You are suddenly gone and I no longer feel You. I lift my head and listen for You as you tell me to settle down, You are still there. I feel Your hand on my foot as You tell me to open my legs wide.   Sliding another silk rope over each ankle and pulling them firm so I cannot move my legs. I hear music begin to play and immediately recognize the song, its principles of lust, I smile softly. You are suddenly back on top of me kissing my lips passionately while massaging my body with Your firm hands. Hands that I trust. Whispering in my ear, “ Who are you My little one?” Your hand sliding between my legs as You fingers push into me I say breathlessly, “ I am Your slave Master.” Your thumb working on my clit, “ And what are you My little one?” Whimpering,” I am Your toy Master, I am Your slut Master, I am Your love Master.” Suddenly feeling something hot on my skin at my neck and being poured over my nipples,. Running down my belly it stops at my pussy. I gasp at this sudden heat, knowing instantly it is wax from one of the many candles that were lit. My back arches in response to this sudden sensation and I hear You   chuckle deeply. “ Does My little one like that?”

“Oh yes Master.” At that You begin to drip wax over Your slaves clit. I moan loudly, never having felt it in that area before. It runs down over my lips, hot, making Your slaves pussy swell and open more. Your lips on my belly. You begin to peel the wax off of my nipples blowing softly were the wax has has heated my skin and made it tender. Light flicks of your tongue on the red hard nipples. Moaning at the feel of this. You continue this down my belly and to Your slaves pussy. Peeling the wax free Your tongue begins to suck softly on my clit, my hips moving slowly against Your face. You trace Your tongue to the bottom of my pussy darting it in and out sending chills all over my body, sucking harder, almost biting on first the right lip and then the left. My arms pulling against the ropes, wanting to feel Your head between my legs. To put my fingers in Your hair. My pussy dripping and shining with juices You slide something into it. Something solid although I do not know what it feels fabulous filling this pussy, Your tongue on my clit. Sucking, nibbling. My body begins to shake as an orgasm begins. Your mouth suddenly removed I moan loudly, “ Ohhhhh Master” in a pathetically begging manner. Suddenly in my ear, “ oh no no no, not yet My little one” thrusting it deep into my pussy. My hips moving to meet this object inside of me. I feel something warm on my lips, instantly recognizing it to be Your hard cock. My lips part and I lift my head eager to have You in my mouth, but you pull back. You slid this object deep into this little ones pussy and tell me to squeeze my thighs on it and keep them together. Sliding Your hand in my hair soft, but firmly guiding my head towards your cock.  The head enters my mouth, my lips tightening over it as you push it in slowly. Then sliding it back out, fucking my face, Your hands tighten in my hair and I let out a deep hungry moan. Hearing You breath harder as You begin a slow, rhythmatic pumping to the music. I hear You sigh with pleasure and tease the head of Your cock with my tongue. You are now straddling my chest, reaching behind You, You tell me to open my legs and begin pumping my pussy, my hips thrusting, You suddenly push my head back , making Your hardness fall from my mouth. Uttering a disappointing moan as You do so. You know how much Your little one enjoys making You cum, being fed Your juices. You slid down my body and I feel Your soft tender lips delicately playing on my clit again as You push this object into my ass. Teasing me, building me close once again. Now working it in and out of my ass, You let my  ankles loose and sit up placing them on Your shoulder as you slid Your cock into my tight dripping pussy. Gasping at the fullness thrusting to meet You, You pull back slightly, leaning forward, You remove the mask and kiss me deeply. Pushing your tongue in and out to match Your hips. You stop kissing me and tell me to open my eyes and look at You, As soon as I do, You whisper, “ Cum for me now little one.” Together our bodies tighten and begin to shake as You shoot load after load into my contracting pussy. I spill onto your cock, hot gushing fluids, as Your cock slams into me. Never once looking away from You, screaming “ ohhh Master, Ohhhhh God Master.” My arms pulling hard against the silk, wanting to hold onto you. Your hand still grasping my hair tightly, Your body shaking on top of me, O/our breathing hard, O/our bodies glistening with sweat. W/we just lay there for a few minutes not saying a word. You release my hands. My arms slid around You holding tight...not ever wanting to let go. You kiss me, caressing my skin lightly with Your finger tips. Still inside me, my legs wrapped around You, W/we lay there, kissing each other and touching until W/we fall asleep in this tightly locked embrace. ~~Your little one

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