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Dreams Can Come True

Author: Devil Woman

Filed in: sex, oral sex, romance

I dreamt of you last night....

There we were walking through the woods, the wind catching our laughter and carrying it away. The late evening autumn sky streaked with all the brilliant shades of red and orange; filling us with a warm cozy feeling. Arm in arm we walk silently; there's no need for words between us now.

Finally we reach the cabin we had rented for our rendezvous and step inside. Closing the door behind us, I turn around to find you just inches from me and I can't help but smile. Your strong arms pull me to you and softly you kiss me; I put up no resistance as you part my lips and search. My heart skips a beat and races just to be in your arms again. Ever so slowly and reluctantly we break the passionate embrace, only to have you sweep me up in your arms and carry me to the bedroom.

As you bring me into the room I see that there's a fire burning in the fireplace and the flames from what seems to be a million candles flickering. The scent of roses fill the air as you lay me down gently on the king-sized bed covered with the petals from the fragrant flower.

With your eyes locked on mine, you lean over and tenderly begin to kiss and nibble at my neck. In an instant I can feel my nipples harden, and my breath quicken as your hands roam over me. Soft moans begin to escape from my lips as your hands come to rest on my breasts, your fingertips brushing the hard nipples through the material of the blouse I was wearing.

Leaving a trail of kisses across my neck, you begin to slowly undress me. The first thing you remove is the blouse that seems to be in your way. Then as you cover my bare upper body with light kisses and tender caresses, my body trembles when your hands cup my breasts, fondling them, taking first one and then the other to your hungry lips.

As your tongue runs along my body, I feel your hands leave my breasts, but only long enough to remove the rest of my clothes. I feel your hands toying with the edges of my lace panties, tracing every line; before you tug them off and throw them to the floor. With your hand rubbing along the calf of my leg I feel the desire I have for you burning hotter as I watch you quickly remove your own clothes.

With no barriers between our hot bodies now, you pull me toward you and your growing excitement. Lovingly I caress your hips as I kiss my way down your stomach, and feel your hands seductively massaging my shoulders and stroking my hair. But all I want for now is to bury my face into your warm skin, and slowly wrap my lips around you.

Raising my eyes to your look at you, I can see the pleasure on your face and feel your heart beating within me. And even though I can sense your climax wanting to let go, you have other plans for us. With your hands on my shoulders you push me back until I'm lying nestled amongst the rose petals and the mountain of pillows.

I moan as your hands begin to explore my willing body. Your warm touch sends chills shooting along my spine as you caress my face, my shoulders, and my breasts; all the time working your way lower. Kissing my stomach as your hands run over my thighs, slowly spreading my legs wider I feel my body start to ache from wanting you.

Every nerve in my body is on edge and I tremble under your touch, as your fingers tenderly dip into my delicate folds. Looking deep into your eyes I see the crooked grin cross your face as you find all the magical places. Soon you have me at your mercy. Never before has any man taken me to the heights of pleasure you have. If only you knew how, with just the touch of one finger you have total control of me.Laying there in total ecstasy, explosions rip through me when you replace your fingers with your lips. Your sweet kisses invade my deepest recesses; as I feel the desire rush through my body. Your warm breath on the sensitive skin of my inner thighs causes me to wiggle and squirm beneath your kisses.

Your tongue fills me, and my hips rise to meet you. As you caress my hips and thighs I feel as if I can't stand another second of this delightful torture you're inflicting on me. But I also know the thought of you pulling away from me is unbearable. I can feel your determination to please me in the way your fingers stroke my most sensitive, secret places. But your fingers are not alone as you continue to kiss me the way you know excites me.

Running my own fingers through your hair, I can't believe how much pleasure you're giving me. You know that I am on the edge and you let your tongue go deeper, pushing me toward my climax. I scream as my heart pounds like the beating of a drum, and my breath struggles to get out as you begin to kiss your way back up my sweat drenched body.

Your hands caress my face, tracing every line with your fingertips. Following the curve of my lips, over my eyelids and the slope of my nose. Then you kiss me deeply but gently, taking my breath away and I taste myself on your lips. But before I can collect myself from my first orgasm, I feel your hardness slide into me where only moments before your lips had been. In an instant you fill me with your manhood and now we are as one. Locked in passionate embraces, it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.

How I wish I could make you understand how long I have needed you. How I have craved your touch, needing to feel your body, to feel you inside of me pleasing me and pleasing yourself. To let you know this is our time now, our time to spend enjoying each other; the way only lovers can do. But then again this is just a dream.

With you inside me I feel complete. Your movements are tender but forceful as already a second orgasm builds inside of my body. But even as I fight the urge to let go, I know it's a battle I cannot win. I raise my hips to meet your eager thrusts; tightening my muscles around you, pulling you even deeper into me.
The room is filled with our moans, as we move in rhythm. Listening to the sound of your labored breathing, as I feel your warm breath in my ear whispering, urging me once again to let go. Kissing you, and looking deep into your eyes; I whisper softly, and tell you how much pleasure I'm feeling. Wrapping my arms around you even tighter, I beg for you to open up and release all that you have built up inside of you.
But my pleading is ignored as you raise your body from mine and increase the speed of your thrusts. Now you move inside of me a little harder and a little faster; touching wonderfully sensual places. I'm losing the battle, I can't hold back much longer; and I scream your name wanting you to feel the pleasure with me.
As the excitement in both of us builds to a fever pitch, my nails claw at your back as I fall into the grips of sweet release. Over and over I feel myself being swept away by the waves, and yet you continue to drive into me with powerful thrusts. Suddenly I hear the moans coming from your lips, and see the line of your jaw tighten and then relax. As your fists grab at the sheets, you surrender all that is yours to me.

With the candlelight still flickering, you move to lie beside me. We lay there wrapped in each other's arms; the heat radiates we from our skin. Tenderly we kiss one last before we drift off to dream.  That's when I slowly wake to find you lying next to me. From the moonlight shining through the window I see you sleeping with a smile on your face and know that you must be having your own dreams. As I move closer, kissing your cheek and moving to your earlobes, I feel your body start to stir. In those few seconds as the passion builds; we both come to realize dreams can come true.

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