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A Night With Two Friends

Author: Greg's little one

Filed in: sex, anal sex, oral sex, voyeurism, FFM, group sex, threesome

Heaven and Chastin had come in from texas one afternoon and picked me and the girls up to go out to their house for the night. After we got out there Rhonda came over saying she was going  to Henryetta and wanted to take the kids to mcdonalds. Of course we were like "Yes!!" lol. After they left Heaven brought out the liquor and made us some drinks and turned on some music. Heaven and i went into her room and laid on the bed to talk/drink for a bit. i'm not really to sure what happend between the time i fell asleep and woke up to heavens moans.The sheet was pulled up over Your lil one and the bed was gently rocking and it was dark. i pulled the sheets down a little to see what was going on and saw heaven, she was on her hands and knees. i, of course, pretended to be asleep and just listened and watched her. i was laying on my side facing them with the sheet pulled up just enough so i could watch with out having to make it look like my eyes were really shut. i looked at Chastin, noticing his body for the first time ever really. He was built rather nice, had nice muscle tone and a very nice size cock. Bigger than i would of thought.Heaven was giving him  a really long and slow blow job. As i watched her slid her mouth up and down his cock, i noticed how shiny it was and then looked at her eyes. She was looking right at me and just winked. i smiled, looking at chastin. He was going nuts thinking she was doing this just for him, it was then i realized she was putting on a show for me. She spread her legs open wide so Chastin and i could see her shining wet pussy. i almost laughed at chastins face, it looked like he was drooling. i could tell He wanted to pound her good right then. Watching this, seeing his throbbing cock made my pussy drip and tingle. It almost felt like it was burning from desire. Chastin slid His hand into her hair and maneuvered behind her, starting to pound into her she whispers to me, " Do You like this?" The little slut lol. all i could manage was mmhmm. It was then i noticed the ropes tied to the head board. i slowly reached up and took one of the ropes in my hand, about to slid it over her wrist and she says,  "Chastin stop." He was confused for a minute,as was i, until she said, " i want You to fuck my ass" i was stunned into silence Sir. i had know idea Heaven was this freaky. She almost gave me away though as she laughed at the look on my face. She grabbed some KY and lubed up his cock real good. She got back on her hands and knees and spread her sweet little ass for that wonderful cock. Watching him fuck that thick thing in and out of my girls ass made my own asshole tingle just as much as my pussy was. i reached up and slid the ropes tight over her wrists. They were at it so hard and heavy neither of them noticed or noticed the movement under the sheet as i shoved my hand between my legs pulling at my clit and sliding my fingers in and out of Your wet pussy. Heaven glanced my way, knowing i could see it all, and smiling. lol They were moaning like crazy and i guess i got caught up in it and let out a moan of my own. Chastin froze right where he was with his cock buried deep in heavens ass. "Oooohhhhh, dont stop Chastin, i'm about to cum, You can do her next chastin, just dont stop." It was then i pushed the sheet off my body and opened my legs letting chastin see how wet the scene was making me and my fingers moving in circles over my clit. (My shorts had been pushed to my ankles along time ago) He just sighed, " Oh god" and then a smile crept over his lips as he began to pump heaven again. That was when i took a chance and moved underneath Heaven to begin licking on that beautiful clit, sliding my fingers into her pussy and working them in motion with Chastins cock.Heavens orgasm hit her so hard it made chastin cum instantly.She had one foot on the floor now and one on the matress, her hands still tied. She lowered herself onto my face. Her juicy pussy and ass both opened up so nicely as she came down. i instantly put my mouth to work on both her holes. Her cum dripping out of that pussy and chastins out of her ass, none went to waste.Chastin took the ropes off of heavens hands and slid them onto mine. Heaven had me kneel on the floor and lean forward across the bed while she played with my ass, teasing Your pussy and ass with her fingers while chastin watched. She suddenly leaned forward and ran her tongue up and down Your pussy, going all the way from one hole to the other. i was whimpering and moaning with lust and need to cum... by then Master and i swere i saw stars when i felt Heavens hand guide Chastins thick cock into Your tight little ass.He felt so much bigger than any of the toys i have used there.i groaned as he started fucking me, Heaven now sitting in front of me with her legs spread wide i began licking her pretty little pussy, Chastin pumping my ass with long thrusts. Heaven playing with her boobs while i licked her into another orgasm, i was cumming over and over again as he pounded this little ass longer than her because it was his second orgasm.i fianlly felt His cock get harder and warm fluid fill this little ass of Yours. He slowly pulled out and guided me so i was over heavens face. She licked this ass and pussy clean as my face was still buried in her pussy. As both our bodies began to calm from the tremors of the orgasm we both began to laugh as chastin just stood there with a dumb look of confusion and delight on his face.

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