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Her Master's Return

Author: Myndian Rotularen

Filed in: sex, fantasy, romance, vampirism

My love; my lover: who has waited so long for her Master’s return; rejoice, for He that created you returns to reclaim that which is His. Thou art and have always been His most perfect creation. You are strong, yet submissive to Him; powerful, yet incomplete without Him, and the most beautiful, sensuous creature to have ever found favour in His sight. Embrace now the Darkness that He has graciously bestowed you with, and let His energy flow through you—complete you. Drink deeply of the light of the full moon under which you were created and from which you draw your power, for you shall need your strength when your Master comes.

Now wait in silence while Darkness falls, and the bright light of the moon is drowned in a crimson hue. All sounds of the night shall fade into the distance, as Death walks with Him. The rhythmic beating of your heart shall draw Him closer, closer; until at last He appears from the darkness, looking upon His creation—drawing in each detail. Without a word, you shall kneel before Him, offering yourself for His pleasure. You shall feel His energy flowing through you as He drinks you in, His dark eyes piercing through your soul. With a gentle touch upon your chin, you shall rise to meet Him, and in His eyes, you will find the comfort that you have been seeking for so long.

He shall draw you close and your crimson lips shall part, bidding Him to drink of you. His lips shall meet yours, and His eyes shall finally close, as he tastes of your sweet breath, drawing you into Himself with passionate fervor. Ceasing momentarily, and looking deep into your eyes, He will smile at you as you turn your head gently to the side, offering your neck to Him. Hearing the rhythmic pounding of your heart, He shall place His lips gently upon your neck, tasting of you with His tongue before slowly sinking sharp, ivory fangs into your willing skin, and drinking deeply of your life—your soul.

Your body will grow weak with pleasure as heat rises between your gently parted thighs, not to go unnoticed by His sharp senses. Gently, He will lay you upon the ground as He quenches His thirst for your blood. Removing His fangs as gently as they were inserted, He shall move again to your lips, His tongue again finding yours, and you shall taste your own life force upon His mouth. Feeling your lust, He shall rip your shirt from your body, exposing your exquisite breasts, your nipples responding immediately to the chilly night air. Slowly, He shall take them each in turn into His mouth to be nursed by his skilled tongue, while His expert hands explore your thighs.

Dragging His tongue slowly down your body, across your stomach, and down the inside of your thigh, your scent shall overcome His self-control; and pushing your skirt up with His hands, He shall press His tongue eagerly between the gentle petals of your sex, and drink deeply of the sweet nectar within. Withdrawing His tongue again, He will find your aching clit protruding from between soft folds of moist flesh. Drawing it into His mouth, caressing it gently with His lips and tongue, His eyes shall rise to meet yours, looking deep within you as your hips involuntarily rise and fall against His mouth. Bringing you close to climax, but not yet allowing you to fulfill your desire, He will again turn His attention to your tender lips, as he hastily removes His clothes.

Pressing Himself gently against your mound, He can feel the desire swelling within you, the heat growing more intense with each passing second. Feeling your body grind helplessly against Him, He shall deny your needs no more, and shall plunge His swollen manhood deep into your aching body; and in slow, steady movements, He shall fill your body again and again with His full length. Pressing His chest against yours, feeling your swollen nipples against His skin, He will increase His pace, bringing you closer—closer.

At long last, whispered words shall come from your lips, begging Him for release, to which He shall oblige; and both bodies shall shudder at the peak of pleasure, all restraint and self-control forgotten as His hot seed spills deep into your welcoming body, your hips bucking wildly against Him. Your shall muscles tighten around His cock, greedily milking every drop from within Him, until at last both collapse, locked in a tight embrace.

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