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Come enjoy a fantasy, get wrapped up in a hot erotic story. The Iron Gate brings authors and readers together in stories of Dominance, submission and kinky sex. Readers like you have donated their works of fiction. Got a story to share? Please submit it for addition to this page!

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Fantasy in Black

Author: pet

Filed in: sex, scene, orgasm denial, ownership

“Don’t you dare...” The low, dangerous tone of Your voice freezes me, and my eyes meet Yours, dark blue now, and watch for a moment, wondering if i’ll get away with it or not. The almost cold shine there tells me no, and i let the movement die almost before it begins, the backs of my hands settling back onto the bed. Nothing actually ties me in place, i can feel the weight of the cuffs resettle as i move my hands back into place.

“That’s better. Don’t fucking do it again.” The warning is clear in Your voice, but just to emphasize, You reach up, and tap the inside of each wrist with each word, almost like the taps will hold me in place.

“Don’t. Move. Your. Hands.” i whimper a little, and Your face shifts a little, a slow, wicked grin spreading across it as an idea enters Your mind. i watch, anticipatory thrills running through me. i know that grin. i know what it means... You’ve come up with some new way to torment me, to tease with, and You know that i’ll love/hate it, that it will make me writhe and squirm under You. Straddling my hips, You settle over me, pressing the heat and hardness of Your cock against my clit, and for a second, You just grin as You watch me struggle to keep my eyes open, to meet Your eyes. You lean down slowly, until Your eyes disappear from view, and as i turn my head to follow Your face, Your hand clamps tight over my mouth, pulling my head almost roughly back so i’m looking straight up, and i shudder as You whisper into my ear. Your mouth is so close that i can feel Your lips move, warm breath brushing teasingly at the sensitive skin.

“No more sounds. Not a one. No whimpers, no moans, no squeals... no words. I better not hear a fucking thing other than breathing from you, and you better hope I don’t decide you’re doing that too loud.” my eyes widen for a moment, not believing what i’m hearing, and as it sinks in, and i realise what You’ve just said, a flood of heat and a new surge of wetness coats my pussy, and my eyes slam shut as i shiver. i feel You move, and open my eyes again, squeaking in surprise as You are right there, inches from my face. You draw back, a soft tsking noise the only one in the room now, watching me. Your hand comes out of nowhere, and stuns me.

“I said not a sound, kitten.” The combination of the loving endearment and the harsh slap send my mind reeling, and, too stunned to do anything else, i nod, trying to quell the urge to press my clit into Your hard cock. Your voice again, soft, with just enough of an edge to let me know that You are just beginning Your fun.

“Good girl.” A rapid thrust of Your hips makes me jerk, and bite my lip, trying to suppress another moan, and You just snicker wickedly, knowing how hard it will be for me to stay quiet, and not touch. As You trace a path along my jaw to just behind my ear with small kisses and light nips, a realization hits, and i fall completely still. i can feel You grin; You’ve already thought of this, and murmur into my ear once again.

“Oh, yes... that’s right... caught up, did you, kitten?” The nickname sends another shudder through me, and You just grin, biting gently at my ear before speaking again. “Yep... unless you can convince Me how much you NEED to cum with just your eyes and that body of yours, mmm, you are nothing more than My little fucktoy right now, My plaything. Unable to move your hands, not allowed to talk...” Your voice trails off into that trademark chuckle of Yours, and i let my eyes fall shut, trying to rein in the raging need to feel You in me, moving, pushing toward orgasm. A harder bite to my earlobe sends my body shaking, and the flick of Your tongue across trapped skin causes me to forcibly exhale. i can feel You, still smiling, as You set up a slow, teasing stroking across my clit with the head of Your cock. Twitching a little with each slow slide, my body responds, and i fight the urge to whimper and moan, fight the need to touch You, to use my hands to press all those little buttons i know to urge You on. Instead, i press my hands and wrists into the bed a little further, a reminder not to move them, and shift my hands to lay one atop the other, lacing my fingers together. In my arousal-hazed state, however, the always-present weight of the cuffs is forgotten, as is the fact that they have metal rings and locks on them. The small jingling noise of metal sliding on metal seems loud in the otherwise silent room, and You pause. That quiet, and now menacing disapproving click fills my ear, followed immediately by a loud CRACK as Your hand connects with my inner thigh, HARD. You pause a moment, to let the sting of the smack surface, and then punctuate each word with an equally hard blow, in the exact same spot.

“I... said... don’t...move... your...HANDS  ” The last blow lands harder than the rest, and this time You don’t let Your hand bounce back, but follow the blow through, increasing the force of it tenfold as Your hand shifts my whole body slightly with the force of it. Up until that last blow, i had been panting with the effort to not cry out, but that final slap drags a pained cry from my lips, and Your face is instantly in my hazy field of vision, and i’m stunned by the speed with which Your hand moves from my thigh to strike my left cheek. The blow is hard, just shy of too much, and You watch for a second, to make sure that it wasn’t too much, but Your eyes are still glittering in sadistic, controlled glee. i don’t move, don’t speak, reeling for a moment, trying to make sense of up and down, left and right, and finally open my eyes, and for a moment, i’m disoriented, because all i can see is the landing on the stairs, and not the ceiling or You, and then i blink, and remember why my head is now facing the stairs, and turn it, slowly, meeting Your eyes in a pain-induced stupor. You watch, knowing me, knowing You’re pushing hard at my pain tolerance, and wait a moment, then lean in close, searching my eyes with Yours, cold, calculating, almost cruel, and i wait, slowly coming back from the pain, feeling it ebb, and then You catch my jaw hard between Your fingers, and give my head a tiny shake. Your voice is hard when You speak, matching Your eyes.

“Shhh. I don’t want to hear you, distracting Me from My fun. Shut up.” i blink, once, twice, and You land an almost light-hearted kiss to the top of my nose, and speak again, the now light tone contrasting harshly with Your prior words, and spinning my already confused mind out of control. “Oh, kitten, this will go so much more easily when You just do it My way...” The rapid shifts in demeanor keep me off balance, unable to gain any kind of equilibrium, and You know it, know how much it fucks with me, and it’s having exactly the effect You want. It’s breaking me down, cracking the defenses against the pain, making me malleable. Grinning, You lean in again, mumbling something about picking up where You left off, and Your mouth returns to my neck, just at my jawline, and You begin trailing hot licks and hard, sharp bites down my neck, ending in a deep bite that sunk into the muscles, and sent a hot thrill to the core of me, my hips rocking up off the bed into You, my wet skin sliding across Yours, and after a moment, there was a small popping sensation, and it felt like the skin had broken, and the sensation shifted to a deep drawing sensation as You pulled hard on the skin You had between Your teeth. my breath comes in quick, ragged gasps and pants, and i barely remember to not make any noise through the erotic heat that fills my body. my clit throbs, and i subconsciously pulse my hips against You, and as my pulse gets heavier, i can feel it pounding in the hot skin on my face and the inside of my thigh where Your handprint probably now glows a deep, angry red. You release the muscle and skin You’ve bitten into suddenly, and pull Your hips back, depriving me of the delicious friction i had been creating. For a moment, my body arches hard as i try to follow You, stretching my shoulders to the point of pain trying to reattain the contact, and i suck in a sharp breath as Your hand makes contact with my pussy, slapping it hard, once, my hips dropping instantly back, my shoulders relaxing.

“Uhuhuh... no, no, baby... not yet... you don’t want it enough...” The thought frantically circles my head of how much i want it, and i open my eyes and mouth at the same time to find You staring down at me, one eyebrow cocked, hand poised to pop my mouth, and i click my jaws shut, and You grin down at me, tapping approvingly at my lips.

“See? SO much easier. The only reason that pretty mouth should open is for Me to shove My cock down your throat.” You laugh, low and wicked, as my eyes flicker for a second, and my body twitches involuntarily at the mental picture You just painted. Leaning in close, You catch and hold my eyes as You keep speaking, Your voice slowly lowering to a dark whisper.

“Oh, yes, my pet... I know what makes You tick. I know what makes that mind work, what makes your body betray you. My little slut, My whore, My plaything, My toy...” You trailed off, and leaned in further until Your eyes filled my vision, and i could see nothing else without moving my head, and Your next words, despite being nearly inaudible, echoed in my ears deafeningly.

“I OWN you. you’re Mine, all mine... heart, mind, body and soul, I OWN YOU.” The world narrowed for an eternity of moments, the only thing that existed in it now being You, and everything else outside of that space simply ceased to be as the truth of Your words sunk deep and rocked me to the core. You didn’t move, only watched, and then, backing up just enough so that i could see Your entire face, You captured one nipple between Your fingers, twisting it cruelly, so that my upper back arched off the bed, my body trembling with the effort of not moving my hands or crying out. i bit hard on my lip, clamping my mouth shut as Your mouth curved evilly into a half-grin, slightly open, Your eyes sparking. Letting go as suddenly as You had taken it, i collapsed back to the bed, breathing fast, watching You, still trying to think straight. As Your fingers slowly trailed across my chest to tease around the other nipple, You began speaking again, and by the third word had the other nipple pinched between Your fingers, slowly increasing the strength of the pinch, and then twisting, slowly, slowly, not easing, always increasing the pain.

“All Mine, to do with as I will, for whatever I want. To beat, to cuddle, to fuck, to love, to hurt, to use... anything I can devise, you will endure, all for Me, all for My pleasure. You will serve My slightest whim, fulfill My every wish, obey My every command. you will kneel before Me and BEG for My pain, beg for My pleasure, beg for whatever it is I may decide to give you. And you’ll love it all, CRAVE it all...oh, you are lost, kitten, lost to My desires, and now, now, you are Mine, at My mercy, in My dark world.” You leaned in now, Your eyes boring deep into my pain hazed ones, making sure i was paying attention, not lost in the MindFuck You were about to lay. Once i surfaced, You smirked wickedly, and said the final words. “Yes, My pet, under My heel, in My dark world, and all because you asked for it... all because You begged for it, begged for My collar... and now, you are Mine.. hopelessly, irreversibly, endlessly MINE. My pet, My toy... My slave.” And with those final two words You watched me sink, deep into the dark web You had so carefully woven around my mind, watched me lose myself in dark fantasies that were no longer mine, but Yours, trading my own desires for Yours, the line between me and You blurring, until i became all Yours, my sense of self completely lost within the confines of You.

Finally, You moved then, shifting, settling between my legs, pressing just barely on the insides of my thighs before i moved them further apart, and You slid into me, slowly, watching my face as the new sensation drew me back to You, but now not through myself to You, but through You, through the web of control within my mind. Steadily You pushed into me, easily from the insane amount of wetness my body had created as You teased and played with me, spoke to me, and hurt me, until You were as far in as You could go, as deep as You could get inside me, and then, You meet my eyes, narrowing my world even further into You, to simply the sensations You were creating and the control You held over me, unshakable now, sunk deep and pulled up from within me, from places i didn’t know You had taken over, meshed now, Yours. You leaned in close, and spoke softly, Your voice demanding.

“Say it.” i watched You, blinking once slowly, unsure, and You pulled back and thrust in again, and prompted my response.

“Whose are you?” You continued the slow pace, and i answered, my voice surprising me in it’s strength and surety.

“Yours, my Master.” A small, satisfied grin began to creep across Your lips, and You continued, watching the shift, watching the last dissolution of me into You, the final forging of an unbreakable bond, the creation of a slave.

“Whose body is this?” A hard, deep thrust, emphasis.

“Yours, my Master.” A sense of calm deep under the pain and ecstasy.

“Whose pleasure, whose pain?” A grind, causing a silent gasp of pleasure, and then a sharp, hard slap to the face, and i immediately turned back to meet Your eyes, still sure, voice still even, never thinking of looking away or making a sound other than to answer You. Somewhere in the recesses of my mind i realize that i haven’t struggled or tried to move my hands in some time now.

“Your pleasure, Your pain, my Master.” i sunk into it, a state of altered awareness, not quite there, lost in You... just as You had planned it. You fell silent for a moment, picking up the pace, watching me, watching my mind open to You, my soul shift and become Yours, watching me lay myself bare for You, arching into each thrust, each movement, not seeking my own pleasure but Yours. You shifted, pushing harder, driving me relentlessly toward orgasm, both Yours and mine, and the next question came lower, but still in the same hard, uncompromising tone.

“Whose slave are you? And answer properly. The whole sentence.” Your eyes, dark now, nearly black, drilled into the darkest parts of my mind, searching out any remaining resistance, and were satisfied, finding none.

“this pet is Your slave, my Master.” No hesitation, no fear, nothing but surety and devotion came through my voice, finally settled into my place, knowing beyond any doubt what i was, who i was, and to whom i belonged. Again, You fell silent, watching me, close, knowing i was close as well, and You wanted the last question timed just right, just before... there, the shift in my eyes, the need, oh, You know that look all too well. Riding the edge, the dagger edge of orgasm, i gasp, but don’t speak, trusting You to see it in my eyes, to feel it in my body. Your voice rolls out once again, a near growl as You push that edge as well.

“Who owns you, slave?” Watching, waiting, the final edge, the break point... event horizon.

“You own Your pet, my Master... You own her.” Triumph flashes across Your face as You see the knowledge deep in my eyes, set, KNOWN, a part of me now. Leaning in close, Your eyes shift once again, soft now, warm, loving, and i can see You in them, under it all, loving, and happy, so happy, and see within them my own safety and happiness, and a homecoming. Your words slip out, soft, warm, caressing.

“Cum for me, My pet, My love, My property, My slave... cum for Me...” And my body explodes, every nerve firing in what is an overwhelming wave of pleasure and love and heat, and it takes You over the edge as well, cumming deep within me, hard, hard, the sheer ecstasy of it all showing in Your eyes, along with a swell of love and possession. After a few minutes more of stroking, You shudder to a stop, settling atop me, holding my shaking body close, and whisper softly that i can move my hands now, and they fly to you, touching, caressing, feeling everything i can get them on, trying to touch everywhere at once, finally stilling when You push back up and search my eyes, checking in, making sure that i am ok, that i am still there, and i am, only now, i am Yours, within You, and You smile gently. Two words fill the room, and then, only the sound of gentle breathing... nothing else needs to be said, for there aren’t words enough to say what else is felt.



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