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The Ache

Author: Tracy

Filed in: submission, oral sex, FFM, sharing, dildo

Lisa glanced at the clock as she paced through the house nervously. He will be home soon, she thought, What does he have in store for me this time? Lisa wandered over to the couch and settled in. He has the most amazing way of knowing when I am getting complacent, she mused. Things were going so well, for the first time in her life she was truly content, but she had a sinking feeling that was about to change. Recently, they had been discussing playing with another submissive. She knew it was something he really wanted and she wanted to give him everything he desired, but it was so difficult for her to even think about. She wasn't bisexual, or at least she thought she wasn't. How can anyone really know that until they try it?, she wondered for the millionth time. Thinking about it made her very afraid. She was afraid of the competition, afraid she might not measure up, afraid that she wasn't enough to keep him satisfied. They had talked about it many times, and she had tried to explain how she felt, but it never seemed to come out right. How could she admit that the thought of sharing him with another made her feel unworthy and unloved, especially after everything he had done for her. He was the most amazing man she had ever met and she wanted to give him everything he desired. Did that mean she had to share him? Was he asking too much or was she offering too little? Lisa sighed and settled into the cushion, pulling an afghan around her. She inhaled deeply and smiled as his scent surronded her. She felt calmer just smelling him. Whatever we decide it will be alright, she thought I trust him. But do you really, that small voice whispered in her head. .Lisa laid her head back and continued to argue with herself. She heard the key click in the door and turned towards it in suprise. It couldn't have been that long, she thought, shaking out of her reverie.

She jumped off the couch, ran to the door, and quickly knelt with her head down. She felt the breeze as it opened and his hand lightly on her hair. "Hello my love," he murmured and she felt warm at the sound of his voice. He gave her hair a little tug and she rose quickly into his arms. He kissed her passionately and then gave her a little smack on her ass. "I have a present for you love," he said. She smiled in delight and curiousity. "What is it Master?", she begged prettily. He chuckled. "So greedy my pet." With a smile, he opened the door wider and a beautiful woman walked in the room. Lisa blushed furiously, realizing she had been caught unawares. Delighting in her awkwardness, Master took the woman's hand and led her into the room. "Welcome to my home," he said formally. The blonde curtsied gracefully and said in a low voice, "Thank you for the honor, Sir." Lisa felt her face getting redder. Even her voice is beautiful, she thought, with an inward groan. Lisa stood straight and put a mechanical smile on her face. "Lisa, I would like you to meet an old friend of mine, Debra. Debra, this is my pet I have spoken so much about."

The woman looked her over casually and turned to Master. "She is as beautiful as you said she was, Sir." Lisa stared at her with a vacant look on her face. This gorgeous creature thought she was beautiful? Then she felt anger as she realized the blonde had called him Sir. Lost in thought,she heard her Master clear his throat and she started abruptly. She had forgotten her manners. Pulling herself together, she smiled a polite hostess smile and said, "Pleased to meet you, Debra." "That remains to be seen doesn't it my pet," chuckled the Master, as if he was enjoying some sort of private joke.

"Please make yourself comfortable, Debra," said Lisa, fighting to control her conflicting emotions. "May I get you something to drink?" Debra looked at Master and a rage filled Lisa. She was looking to him for permission. How dare she? She was struggled to stamp the feeling down, when he said, "Yes, I think we could all use some wine." Lisa walked over to the side bar grateful for something, anything, to do so she wouldn't have to look at Debra any longer. She didn't understand this ealousy. She wasn't a jealous person, she thought. She poured three glasses of wine, amazed that none spilled, and she walked over to the Master. She knelt gracefully and offered him his glass. His smile showed that he was pleased and she felt a little better, she then handed Debra her glass and knelt at the floor very close to Master's legs. She sipped her wine, glancing surreptiously at the woman. Why was she here? What did she want?

"So Debra are we in agreement?" the Master said. definitely." laughed Debra, with a lilt in her voice "This should be very interesting." Lisa looked up at her Master. "Ah, my pet does not understand." Looking at him with a pleading expression, Lisa silently begged him to explain. "We have talked about this, my love and you have yet to come up with one valid reason for denying me this. So, I have taken matters into my own hands. For this evening you are hers. You will obey her as you obey me. Is that understood?" Lisa gulped and nodded her head unable to speak. She recognized his tone and discussion was not something he was interested in. Debra looked at him and said, "As I see fit Sir, as we agreed?" Master nodded and leaned back on the couch. Debra stood up and walked over to Lisa. "Come here." she said softly and held out her hand. Lisa snuck a glance at Master and seeing his stern look, she put her hand in the other woman's.

Debra led her across the room and sat down. "Undress for me," she said softly looking Lisa straight in the eye. Lisa stood straight, breathing heavily, and close to panic. "It will be alright, I promise," Debra murmured. Slowly with trembling fingers Lisa undid the buttons of her blouse. She slipped the blouse off and her breasts stood out in front of her. She slid the skirt down and stepped out slowly, not daring to glance at Debra. She heard the other woman gasp softly in appreciation and her eyes flew to Debra's face. It wasn't possible this beautiful creature found her attractive, yet she recognized the look on her face. Debra looked up and smiled. "You are very beautiful," she said, "and very brave." Lisa smiled at her in gratitude, then she remembered Master's presence. Looking over her shoulder at him,she saw he was staring at her with an intent look on his face. Debra stood and gently grabbed her chin. "Concentrate on me," she said, "but remember you are doing this for his pleasure. Lisa turned back to her and noticed her eyes. They were an amazing shade of blue and radiated kindness. Taking a deep breath, she whispered, "I don't know what to do." "But I do Lisa," said Debra and placed her hand on Lisa's breast. Lisa looked down amazed. A woman's hand on her breast looked so unusual. The hand started to move and she was transfixed by Debra's beautiful long, red nails. Suddenly, she noticed she was feeling it too. It was different, not unpleasant, just different. She shuddered and Debra smiled as her mouth dipped to her breast. Debra's tongue lightly ran around Lisa's nipple and Lisa gasped. She felt a suckle on her breast and a light nip and reflexively she arched against the mouth. "Very sweet," murmured Debra, as she moved to the other breast. Lisa closed her eyes as the feelings washed over her. It was different, yet it was not. Her mouth was so soft, she thought, and their were no stubbles to hurt her. She concentrated on teh feelings for a moment amazed that this was even happening to her. She opened her eyes and saw herself staring at her Master. Debra had turned her around and he was watching her face. Lisa blushed and stepped back in confusion.

Suddenly, she was aware of what she had been doing, Shame washed over her and confusion. This is not right, she thought, at least I think it isn't. She was breathing heavily in and she felt warm all over, but she couldn'tif the warmth was from embarrasment or from something else. Her mind shied from the thought of something else. She couldn't handle the thought that she may have actually liked it. She looked into her Master's eyes and was suprised by what she saw in them. They were dark green and passionate. She couldn't ever remember seeing that particular look on his face before. His stare was lustful and oddly gentle. Lisa looked at Debra, who was staring at her intently. "Yes," said Debra, as if she could read her mind,"see what we are doing to him." Slowly, Lisa relaxed. Anything that put that look on Master's face couldn't be bad, she thought. Debra stepped in front of her and gently caressed her face. . "There is so much more, Lisa," she said. Debra's gracefully slipped out of her dress. Lisa gasped because she was so very beautiful. Her breasts were very large, something that had always fascinated Lisa.

Involuntarily, she reached her hand out towards them, but realized what she was doing and snatched it back. Debra smiled, "It is alright," she said and gently brought Lisa's hand to her breast. Lisa moved her hand gently across the breast ,amazed by how different it felt. She had touched herself many times, of course, but she had never felt anyone elses. Unknowingly, the tip of her tongue ran quickly across her lip. "See what it tastes like," Debra urged and gently pushed her face against her. Lisa closed her eyes and ran her mouth across the nipple. Her tongue lightly flicked out and she heard Debra moan softly. Feeling braver she suckled at her breast, amazed by how comforting and soft it felt. She slipped her tongue across to the other side and felt herself relaxing into Debra's breast. She smelled so nice and her skin was so warm. Lisa reached out her hand and gently caressed the underside of her breast. She moved her hand down to Debra's stomach and then as if of it's own voltion the hand strayed lower. Lisa quickly snatched her hand back when she touched Debra's pussy. She stepped back away from Debra to get her bearings. Why did I do that she thought furiously. Haven't you always wondered, the small voice said. Lisa fought to control herself. There were too many conflicting emotions raging within her. Part of her was fascinated, part was repelled, and anothr part, a secret part, was making her warm all over.

Debra gently stepped towards her. "Kneel down," she said. Taking Lisa's hand she pulled her gently down onto the plush carpet. Lisa knelt down, but kept her legs closed in front of her. Debra chuckled and then gently pushed them open. "You know better than that,"she said. Lisa glanced at Master with a blush and spread her legs as she had been taught. It was an incredibly vulnerable posisiton and she struggled not to squirm. Kneeling in front of her Debra placed her hand on Lisa's breast. She stroked it slowly and gently and Lisa felt herself get hotter. Closing her eyes, she melted into the sensation, trying to ignore the fact that it was a woman's hands evoking this feeling. She couldn't completely push that thought away. It felt so different, softer, gentler, Looking down, she saw Debra's naills poised against her clit. "You will like this," Debra murmured and flicked her with her nail. Lisa jumped at the sensation. She looked at Debra and Debra leaned forward and gave her a kiss. It was sweet and soft and gentle. She felt the finger rub tiny circles on her and then the kiss became more. She was flooded with sensation from the kiss and the stroking. She felt herself become wet and she arched against Debra's hand. "Lean back," , Debra said Instinctively, she obeyed and allowed Debra to spread her legs. She closed her eyes and felt the other woman touch her intimately. Suddenly, a finger inserted itself into her. The nail scraped her wall and she flinched from the strangeness of it. A warm breath on her clit soothed her and then she felt a tongue flick against her. LIsa jumped and then the mouth closed on her. The tongue was smaller and gentler, but it lingered delightful on her most intmate places. She felt desired and it was so very pleasurable. The finger started to move within her and Lisa groaned. Unable to help herself and pushed against the hand. Debra's face moved against her and her tongue moved quickly. Lisa opened her eyes and looked down and moaned at the sight of the woman's head between her legs. Debra lifted her head and said ,"You like that, don't you sweetie?" Lisa nodded unable to speak. "When you are ready, beg him to come."

Lisa looked in confusion and then remembered her Master. She lay back and started to shake. Would he allow her? Was this some sort of complicated test? A wave of pleasure, swept away her thoughts and Lisa started to squirm in delight. Debra took her tongue and ran it down to Lisa's ass and then gently up again. She licked Lisa's thighs and sucked the juices that ran down her leg. The finger circled her clit in familar rythyms. Shaking with pleasure, she threw caution to the winds and cried out,"Please Master, Please Master may I come?" She opened her eyes to look for him and she saw he was crouched naked by her face. His cock stood straight out near her face. Another wave of pleasure shook her. "Please, Master, please." "Yes, little one." and the waves crashed down on her. Breathing deeply, Lisa tried to sort through her conflicting emotions. She felt the loveliest glow throughout her body, but she also felt an uncomfortableness at what she had done. She started to dissect the feeling when she heard his voice. "Thank you Debra, that was very nice," he murmured and then Lisa heard a familar noise. Opening her eyes, she saw Debra kneeling at Master's feet. His hands were in her hair and he was kissing her soundly.

With a gasp she struggled up and started towards them, but then she saw Master snap his fingers sharply. Automatically, she went into a kneeling posistion and watched agonized, she continued to kiss her. Pulling away slowly, Master looked into Debra's eyes and softly said, "Now you will receive your reward." Debra smiled at him and Lisa felt a stablike sensation in her stomach. Turning to Lisa, Master looked her in the eye and firmly said, "Now it is my turn." Lisa swallowed and clenched her fists, uncertain as to what that meant exactly. Master looked down at her hands and then stared at her again. She slowly unclenched them and tried to appear calm. Inside, she was churning with emotions, rage, jealousy, lust, and curiousity. He stood quickly and snapped his fingers at her. "Into the play room, my pets."

Lisa quickly stood and followed him, dimly aware that Debra was right behind her. "Kneel ladies," he said, in a voice that invited no argument. Lisa and Debra both knelt facing him and he slowly walked around them, perusing them with his hot stare. "I am a very lucky man," he murmured and reached out his hands to grasp both of their hair. "Face each other," he snapped and they quickly turned towards each other on their knees. He walked over to the wardrobe and pulled out a long length of light rope. With a mischievious smile, he walked back to them swinging it slightly. "This should be fun," he said and he started to wrap the rope around them, binding them together. LIsa stared into Debra's face and was suprised by the passion she saw there. Debra leaned forward and lightly brushed her mouth along Lisa's and Lisa melted into the kiss. When they broke away, Lisa realized that they were very neatly bound together. Master came up and stood between them and put his erect cock between their mouths. "Lick", he said and Debra and Lisa started loving him together. He stood, legs apart, with his hands braced on top of their heads. Lisa felt him shake with feeling as two sets of tongues wandered over him. He stepped back slightly, and put his cock into Debra's mouth. She took him all the way in and bobbed her head back and forth. Feeling left out, Lisa started to lick his balls. She ran her tongue across them several times and then took them into her mouth. "Enough." he said with a ragged catch to his breath.

He caught Debra's mouth in his and kissed her passionately, as his hand grabbed Lisa's breast and started caressing it. Then he switched posistions, and Lisa was drowning in the sensation of his kiss. He pulled away from them, and Lisa gave him a little squeak of protest. He smiled at her and walked over to the cabinet. "I bought something special for this," he said. Walking back, he held two pairs of nipple clamps. He reached down between Lisa's legs and felt her wetness. Bringing his finger to his mouth, he sucked her juice. He reached with the other hand and checked Debra. "I am pleased you are enjoying yourself," said Master, and Debra blushed and lowered her head. He tasted her and then settled back as if trying to decide something. "They are different but both are very nice." Lisa smiled at him in pleasure and then she felt the first clamp go onto her breast. Waves of mingled pain and pleasure coursed through her, going directly to her cunt. She shook with feeling and then felt the second clamp on her other breast. Lost in the feeling. she jerked back against the ropes and heard Debra gasp. Looking down she realized they were hooked together. Master smiled an evil grin at her, and said, "Don't move too much, little one. You wouldn't want to hurt Debra."

Instinctively Lisa moved closer to Debra and then as if compelled, she leaned forward and gave her a kiss. The kiss deepened and she lost track of everything else, until she felt a little tug. A sharp pain went through her and tears came into her eyes. Lisa looked at Master who said, "Do not forget about me either, Lisa." Lisa quickly lowered her eyes in shame. The feelings had been so delicious , she had momentarily forgotten him. "I think we need to try another posistion."he said. He quickly untied them and led them over to the T bar. Posistioning them so they face each other, he cuffed them to the bar. He walked over to the wardrobe and brought out his favorite flogger. Walking over to them, he started lightly stroking them with the skin. . He walked around them with some blows hitting Lisa and others Debra. With every hit Debra took, Lisa felt two conflicting emotions, one was gratitude, the other was jealousy. Her skin began to feel warm and Debra leaned across and kissed her. The pain melted into pleasure and she felt something rise within her. Lost in the sensation, she felt the clamps relaeased from her nipples. She gasped, as the pain went through her and cleared her head.

She felt her arms being unclasped and was led over to the padded horse. Master secured her to it, with her legs and arms spread wide..Suddenly, she felt a warm body on top of her, and was amazed as he secured Debra over her. It didn't hurt, but the pressure of Debra's body was causing many other sensations. She squirmed against the horse and felt Debra squirm against her ass. Debra leaned down and licked her neck as Lisa moaned in need. "Very soon, my pets," murmured Master and he bit the back of Debra's neck. "Please Sir, please may I come," Debra begged. "You may both come whenever you like," said the Master "This is a special occasion." Lisa smiled in relief and melted into the feelings. She felt his hand come around and stroke her clit and she immediately started to come. Master stuck his finger into Debra's ass and she came as well. Feeling Debra's wetness trickle down her ass, merely heigthened the sensation.

Master walked over to the wardrobe and brought out a dildo, roughly the size of his cock.. "Unfortunately, I am not equpped with two of these of my own," he said with a chuckle, "so this will have to do." Placing himself behind the girls he inserted the dildo into Lisa's cunt. She squealed and gasped beneath it and immediately came again. She felt Debra moaning on top of her and realized Master has put himself into her.

Suddenly she felt the dildo withdraw and his cock in it's place. She loved the feel of it, and moaned in delight. "Thank you Master," she whispered, truly grateful that he was inside her. His cock withdrew and the dildo was back in place, but this time it was warm and wet. Vaguely, Lisa realized that it was warm with Debra's juices. That thought made her squirm all the more. . Over and over, he switched back and forth between the two. She lost track of which was inside her and felt a massive climax building. She heard herself begging for release and. suddenly she felt her Master's juices squirt into her. The realization that it was him inside her, sent her over the edge and she screamed her release. She faintly she Debra, screaming also above her and she collapsed against the horse.

When she could breathe again, she looked up and saw Master's smiling face. "Thank you my love," he whispered and placed a light kiss on her lips. Lisa smiled content and briefly wondered when they could do this again. She blushed and the Master smiled as he read her mind.

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