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The Need

Author: Tracy

Filed in: submission, flogging, knife play, protocol, humiliation, oral sex, m/s, pet play

She knelt patiently by the door waiting for him as she did everyday , naked except for her collar and a thong. Her long auburn hair flowed freely down her back. She loved this ritual, it was one of her favorite parts of the day,. unfortunately today was different than most days. She felt an inner turmoil that she could barely conceal. She took deep breaths and tried to calm herself. He would be displeased if the ritual was not perfect and the last thing she wanted to do was make him unhappy.

It had started innocently enough...a call to her mother just to say hi. But the conversation turned to her relationship with Master and once again she had tried to explain herself. It was difficult verbalizing why she felt about him as she did. She tried to explain to her mother that he was her world and her life and she was proud to be with him, but her mother just didn't understand. All she could see was that he "ordered" her around. It wasn't that her mother didn't like him, she did, but she worried about her daughter's "unnatural" subservience to him. Lisa knew her mother could feel the nuances between Master and her but she did not understand what she was seeing. Lisa did not know how she could explain it without violating her Master's privacy. so once again the conversation had ended badly and Lisa felt she had done more harm than good.

This is not helping she thought and again tried the relaxation exercises Master had taught her. She breathed deeply and focused on a mental picture of him...standing strong above her with a whip in his hand. The door opened and she was suprised, but she quickly started the ritual. She lowered her head and whispered, "Good evening Master. " "Hello little one", he replied and a thrill shot through her as it always did. My God I am wet already she thought....amazed, as always, his voice could have such an effect on her.

He looked at her and smiled....he loved seeing her like this and it never failed to give him pleasure, but he kept the smile out of his voice. It would not do, he thought, for his slave to become overproud. "Down" he said and snapped his fingers once. She quickly placed her head at the toe of his cowboy boot. "Why are you here?" he asked. She hesitated for a moment then took a deep breath and spoke. "Master" she said. "Yes slave" he replied sternly...this was not part of the ritual. "Master" she said hesitantly "I have a need." He paused for a moment then said, with his displeasure coloring his voice, "Slave you do not speak to my boots you speak to me," She snapped up into her kneeling posistion and looked into his eyes. He looked down and saw the unshed tears gleaming in the light and his face softened a bit. "Is it a need or a desire?" he said quietly. After hesitating a moment she replied "A need Master." " Speak then Lisa," he said and she let out a little sigh. "Master this slave begs that you remind her of why you own her", she said and then quickly looked down. "Why do you NEED to be reminded slave?", he said, ."Are you doubting my authority over you?" "Oh no Master" she quickly replied. An image briefly entered her head of the early days when she had once defied his authority and a shudder coursed through her. Noticing the shudder he relaxed his stance marginally pleased she remembered her earlier lessons. "Master", she replied again close to tears "I want to be perfect for you and I want to be reminded of WHY." "Aaah" he said quietly. He realized that she was doubting herself, not him and he understood. She was after all not completely trained. "Finish the ritual" he said in a not unkind voice.

She straightened her back and looked at him and smiled a tentative smile. "All that I am is yours. All that I have to give I will give. All that you desire I will be." "Very good little one," he said and lightly stroked her hair. He walked past her and snapped and she rose gracefully to follow him. He walked through the living room noticing that everything was in place before he sat down in his black leather chair. She knelt quietly at his feet and gently began pulling off his boots. Many days he released her from high protocol at this point and they talked about their respective days, but sometimes he enjoyed the quiet and she knew to wait until she was released before speaking again. He tapped her shoulder once and she rose silently to make him a drink. Shaking slightly she poured a bourbon and coke over four ice cubes careful not to spill a drop. She brought it back to him and knelt at his feet head bowed, drink raised. He took it from her and said "Sit." She curled her legs under her and sat at his feet with her head leaning against his thigh. He placed his hand in her hair, stroking her hair lightly as he sipped his drink.

She leaned against his jeans feeling the muscles in his thighs and revelling in his strength. I am so safe with him she thought he will know how to fix this unhappy feeling inside me. I do not understand why I have these doubts but he will know what to do...he always knows what to do. SInking against him she tried to relax and let the stress from the day flow out of her. She recited her own little mantra in her head. He is my life, he is my love, he will protect me.

He leaned back into his chair and thought about what she had told him. Methodically he considered then discarded the things that could have caused this reaction in her. When he considered her mother he paused. That must be it he thought, she has been at her again. He sighed a bit because the situation was difficult. Lisa and her mother had been very close after her father had died and her mother was having a difficult time letting go of her control. In her fear of losing her, Lisa's mother had tried to control every aspect of Lisa's life. What she had succeeded in doing was raising a rebellious,scared child. When he had come into Lisa's life she. like so many other submissive's had simultaneously craved and feared control. Little by little he had tamed her as one would gentle a colt. He smiled in remembrance of those challenging days. He had thought that was behind them now ,but obviously not. He had put alot of effort into making Lisa into a near perfect slave and mother or not no one was going to disturb that. Decision made, he snapped twice and Lisa quickly knelt again at his feet. "Suck my cock slave, " he demanded and she quickly started to comply.

Happy that he was allowing her to please him , Lisa placed herself between his legs. She gently rubbed her cheek along the inside of his thigh and her hands caressed his firm legs. Slowly, ever so slowly,she reached up and undid his top button. "With your teeth slave," he growled and she smiled because she had been practicing this. Rubbing her face up slowly over the bulge in his jeans she took the second button into her mouth. With a twist it came unfastened and she smiled with pleasure. She moved to the third button and pushed her face into the opening that the jeans made. With her tongue she gently caressed him as his stomach muscles tightened. She opened the next button and used her tongue more pushing it beneath the waistband of his briefs. The fourth button was harder but he pressed up a bit and she snapped it open with a sigh. Her hands moved across him caressing his balls beneath the jeans and feeling his hardness above them. Finally she tugged on the last button but it refused to come undone. She took a large piece of jean in her mouth and tugged as hard as she good. It popped open and she looked up with a beautiful smile on her face. "Very good little one," he said "I see you have been practicing let's see what else you have learned."

She moved her hand to the waistband of his jeans and slowly pulled them down his body. He lifted a little to help and they slid off of him. She ran her tongue along the inside of his leg then up his thigh. Gently rubbing her cheek along his balls, she slipped the briefs off of him. His cock sprang forth when the briefs came down and once again tears came into her eyes. She was so lucky to have him she thought, and she was grateful that he allowed her to worship him in this way. Her tongue slid up along his balls and played in the crease between them. He groaned in pleasure and encouraged she licked some more. The flat of her tomgue ran up his shaft slowly and she teased and licked his head. She pushed down in the crease at the tip and her hands slowly caressed his balls. " AH little one," he said "You have gotten very good at this." Her tongue teased him some more then she took the tip of the head into her mouth. Sucking gently she tasted a drop of his come and licked it appreciatively. She loved the taste of him and she hoped he would allow her to bring him pleasure.

Suddenly, he grabbed her hair and pulled her head up. . "Always remember," he said with a fierce look in his eyes, "Always remember this is a priviledge not a right." She whimpered partly in pain mostly with fear and whispered ,"Yes Master. Thank you Master." He nodded then said "You may continue." She licked him fervently, wishing only to please him, lost in the sensation of what she was doing. Her hands moved up and down the shaft and her tongue moved from his balls to the head and back again. He grabbed her hair again and pushed her head down on his cock. "All of it bitch and NOW." She took most of him into her mouth relaxing her throat as best she could but he was not pleased. "All of it I said," and he pushed down harder. She relaxed her throat and took him all the way in with tears streaming down her face. She stayed still nose to his groin until he relaxed his hold on her. He moved her head up and down slowly and she moved her hands to his balls ad caressed them lightly as he moved her head faster up and down his cock.

He leaned back and watched her head, loving this moment, loving the feeling of her mouth submissive to his cock. He felt a finger at the base of his ass and it tentatively moved up. He shifted up a little and she slowly inserted her perfectly manicured finger into his anus. He felt the feelings rise in him, waves of pleasure buliding to a crescendo. . He placed his hands in her hair and pushed down as he thrust up against her mouth and he felt his come explode in her mouth. She licked every drop making sure none went to waste and he smiled pleased that she had remembered her lessons as the last shudders passed from him. He wound his hand in her hair again and pulled her face up...looking into her slightly dazed eyes. With a possessive smile he said, "Now we begin."

"Prepare," he said and she immediately rose to her feet. She walked gracefully into the play area aware of his eyes on her. The room was a large one specifically designed by him for their play. Each corner of the room had something special. One corner had a St. Andrews cross and a set of stocks. Another corner had a horse and two sets of specialized manacles hanging from the walls. The third corner had a comfortable mat and pillows. The final corner held their toy chest which was a 6 foot tall antique bureau ful of drawers and trays. Next to the chest was his CHAIR. She always thought of it in those terms. It was his special chair that she rarely sat in and then only on his lap. The chair had a high back and ornately carved arms. The cushions were velvet covered and it looked like something from another place and time. A king's chair she mused, but then in a way it was. Her king's chair, her Master's special place. Moving to the chest she opened the doors wide then pulled the drawers partially out so he could see his selection. She then changed her thong to a red velvet one he was especially fond of and she placed her leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles. Before placing each cuff she kissed it reverenty, loving the smell of leather which always left her a little heady. She knelt next to the chair, her thighs were spread open for him and her hands rested behind her back. Her head was down and she relaxed.

He entered the room quietly and said, "Perfect my pet." She looked up smiling and said, "Thank you Master, how may I serve you?" He looked at her for a moment and motioned her over to the mat. "Lay open to me Lisa." She moved quickly to the mat and lay face up, legs spread wide, hands clasped above her head. "Lisa you have made a very serious request of me this evening. To prepare yourself I wish you to spend some time alone." As he spoke he walked over to the bureau and pulled a black blindfold from it. "This will help you concentrate on your task, little one. He walked over to her and slipped the blindfold over her eyes. "Yes Master," she whispered a little afraid by his unusual manner. He walked back to the bureau and pulled his keys out of his pocket. One drawer had a key and the contents of that drawer she had never seen. He opened the drawer and slipped a small box and headphones out of it. "Little one," he said approaching her, . " there is something I want you to listen to." He saw her breathe a little sigh of relief . She had heard the lock click, as he had known she would, and her imagination was in overdrive. He smiled for a moment, enjoying the knowledge that the thing unknown was normally worse than anything known.

She had not realized how tense she was until she relaxed. She didn't like suprises very much. She knew this was a major fault in her, she needed to be willing and open to accept whatever he chose to do to her, but she was much better at things she understood. That's why she enjoyed the rituals so much. She knew exactly what his expectations were and she fulfilled them. This though, this was all new and she could not escape the fact that she had had initiated it. "I want you to think of the four main reasons that I own you. You asked why although I have shown you time and again. Your doubt was acceptable up until this point but after tonight it is not." She listened to his words and his tone, stern and serious and tried to understand what he meant. Don't overthink this Lisa, she thought, just follow his lead and trust in him. Suddenly she felt something cold and round against her left breast. "20 minutes Lisa," he said and she felt him place the earphones on her head. A moment later she heard a beat and then another. It took a moment for her to realize it was a heart beat. This is different she thought anxiously and the sound suddenly speeded up. She realized it was HER heartbeat. How had he done this, she wondered. She breathed deeply and heard her heartbeat slow down. He said 20 minutes, she thought.

Four reasons that he owns me, don't think too hard just let it come she thought. Lisa relaxed and let her mind wander. Images from the past flickered through her mind rapidly until she saw something and mentally grabbed ahold of it. She remembered one day a year after he had collared her. They had gone on a picnic and while she was setting it up he left her for a little while. When he came back he had a doberman puppy in her arms. She had stared at him with her mouth hanging open. "For me?" she said and he had said "Yes, my pet, he will be good protection for you when I am gone and... he can also be a friend." She had burst into tears that day from his kindness and he had laughed and kissed them away. She truly fell in love with him that day if such a thing could be explained by one moment. How he had known that she had always wanted a dog? Her mother had never let her have any pets and she had always wanted one. . His simple kindness unlocked something inside her that day. "Because I love him," she whispered and the image was swept away.

She remembered when he had taken her to the dress shop. Before him she had tried to dress nice,but money was always an issue and no one had really taught her how. What style she had was instinctive and unrefined. He showed her that day what colors went with her hair and what type of clothing he preferred , so that she was sexy but not overtly sexual. He opened his mind to her and taught her so many things noone had taken the time to teach her before. She had been so pitifully grateful for his time and his knowledge. Lisa knew then that another reason he owned her was because he made her better. He taught her things and helped her improve herself and for that she would be eternally grateful.

The images flickered again as she listened to her heart beating strong in her ears. She was in a special place and she was completely unaware of anything around her. Her mind stopped at an image of the room she was in, but it looked completely different. He was dressed in a warrior's outfit and she was dressed in very little. He was leaning her back and kissing her, ravishing her with his mouth. Lisa smiled. . One night he had demanded her fantasies from her and very shyly she had told him about her desire to be ravished by a tall dark strnager from another time and another place. Several weeks later he had suprised her by making her fantasy into a reality and it was one of her favorite moments with him. She squirmed a little as she remembered how hot she had been. How he had taken her without a word and she had been his prize that night. It had been something out of a book and how he had known exactly what to do she had never known, but he owned her because he made fantasies come true.

The wetness between her legs became worse and she tried to turn her mind to other things. One more and I will know, she thought and then everything will be ok again. She was so glad he had done this for her. This was exactly what she had needed time to remember all the wonderful things about him. Quickly her mind lighted on an unpleasant image. She tried to dismiss it but it persisted. She took a deep breath and concentrated on the unpleasantness. This is part of it , she thought as her heart beat loudly in her ears. They had gone to their very first play party and she had been so excited. She desperately wanted to meet other submissives like herself and meet other couples. She had dressed carefully and they went to the party which was in a local club. It was so important to her that she made him proud in front of his friends and she vowed she would do nothing to embarrass him. She walked into the club amazed at the amount of people there and how different all those people were. Her eyes were wide as she took everything in. There were several play areas and people practiced all sorts of BDSM. There was a man in the corner whipping his submissive , there was a male sub in a stockade with a Domme striking him with a paddle. In the corner there was a Doctor's table with a scene in progress and a woman on all knees like a dog was in the cage in the corner. Everywhere she looked she wanted to laugh with joy. These were her people, people just like her and so many of them. As the night wore on she met many wonderful people and she laughed and talked. Master had sat back amused and let her have her moment. It was old hat to him but seeing it through her eyes made it fresh even to his slightly jaded eyes. Near the end of the evening she had excused herself to go to the restroom. When she left the restroom it had happened. Lisa winced as she remembered it was a painful memory. A lone Dom was outside the door when she came out. He started to speak to her and his voice frightened her. He was a big man and looked mean to Lisa. She tried to look around him to find her Master but she could not see him. She didn't know what to do she just knew she did not want this man near her. The Dom moved in closer asking her questions and she panicked. A scream rose up but in her terror it came out as a little squeak. Suddenly she looked up and saw Master standing there. "She is mine." he said quietly to the other Dom. "Pardon me I did not know," he said and quickly excused himself. Lisa fell into her Master's arms shaking and begged to be taken home. She was so frantic that they he had quietly took her home. Later, when they had talked about it, she had begged to not go back. She said it was very private to her and she was not ready. So far he had allowed this, but he had made it very clear that this unreasonable fear would not be tolerated forever. He keeps me safe she thought and tears leaked from under her blindfold. He always keeps me safe. Her thoughts drifted off.

He walked over to her and slowly turned the volume down and then he removed the earphones and the blindfolds. The room was dark except for candlelight and she noticed he had showered and changed. He was wearing his preferred black boots, black pants , and white shirt. "Thank you Master," she whispered. "Do you know the answer little one?, he said. "Yes Master, she softly replied, " you own me because I love you, because you make me better, because you make fantasies come true, and because you keep me safe." He looked at her for a moment. "Little one," he said softly, "All of these things are true." She exhaled slowly. "All of these truths have images attached to them don't they?" She looked at him in suprise. "How do you know that Master?" He smiled with a hint of sadness and said, "I do not wantyou to forget these images. They are part of us, but I need to replace those images with stronger ones, so you will never again doubt why I own you." She looked at him for a moment trying to comprehend what he was telling her. He looked at her and once again she saw the sadness.

"Little one we will start with the pain."

He stood quickly and lifted her to her feet. She stared at him... eyes wide, mouth open. She started to speak until she heard the word "Quiet." Immediately she lowered her eyesand closed her mouth, but her mind was racing. What did he mean pain? They had done very little pain play. She did not like it and he knew it. Fortunately it was not a desire of his. He used pain as motivation or punishment rarely for the sheer pleasure of it. Their few scenes involving pain had used pain and pleasure together. She did not react well to physical punishment and he knew it. There had been too much of that in her childhood. Slowly, he was changing those negative feelings to erotic ones, but he was taking his time. He often said they had their entire lives so why rush things. These thoughts ran quickly through her head.and suddenly she relaxed. He wouldn't hurt her, not truly hurt her. Yes there would be discomfort and some pain but not agony.

He watched the thoughts flicker across her face and marvelled at what an open book she was to him. Every expression, every nuance was so clear and it never ceased to amaze him. It had never been like this with anyone else. Oh, he had always been good at reading body language, but not to this extent. He saw her relax and inwardly sighed. She had misjudged him again. Well, he thought, his resolve hardening, after tonight that would never happen again. He took her over to the cross and clipped her cuffed hands to the top of it. Then he spread her legs wide and secured them. He walked over to the bureau and picked a band for her hair. He walked back over to her and pulled her hair into a tight ponytail. He loved the feel of her hair. It was so long and thick. He loved seeing it spread around her head when she lay in bed like a halo, but he also enjoyed it when it was up and her neck was exposed to him. . Something about the sight of her neck brought out the beast within him. He growled and bit the back of her neck then he ran his tongue up along the side of it to her ear. In spite of her precarious posistion, she giggled. Her neck was ticklish and she loved it when he nibbled her there.

She relaxed against him as he nibbled on her neck. Everything will be just fine, she thought. She felt him back away from her and took a deep breath to steady herself. She heard him rustling in the bureau and took a few deep breaths to prepare herself. I will make him proud she though no matter what happens. Suddenly, she felt a soft brush on her back. The flogger touched her gently like a kiss and she recognized it as the softest flogger, The tips carressed her body in a figure 8 pattern, touching her back and her thighs. The flogger gently caressed her ass and she started to feel a little warm. Then a slightly harder flick lit against her thigh. She started a bit. This was a different flogger. It was a harder one, but it still felt ok. She concentrated on her breathing as the strokes continued to fall. They were getting harder, she could tell from the sounds but they didn't feel bad. She thought with suprise this is kind of nice. She felt a momentary surge of pride that she was doing so well, he must be very pleased with her. The warmth continued to grow and there was a slight burning sensation along her thighs. She felt a dampness between her legs and was suprised. That had never happened before This is amazing, she thought, this is making me hot. She squirmed a bit in her bonds and his next stroke missed hitting her in the side. OUCH, that had stung. She concentrated on staying perfectly still. She felt a harder feeling on her body and it startled her. What was that? It hurt! She stayed as still as she could but the burning sensations were everywhere now. Amazingly she was very wet. She felt each blow as they rained down upon her and they were coming so quickly there barely seemed to be a space between them. She felt as if she was on fire yet in a way she was disconnected from everything. It was almost as if someone else was tied to that cross. She was so into herself that it took a few moments before she realized he had stopped. She felt another surge of pride she had taken his worse and she had not begged him to stop.

The Master stopped as soon as he saw the figure at the door. He motioned him in and then placed a finger to his lips. The man nodded and placed his case down on the chair. He pulled out his handmade whip and uncurled it with a flourish. The Master smiled at his friends theatrics, but he quickly sobered. . He walked around in front of Lisa and looked into her eyes. "You have done very well my pet." She smiled a beautiful smile and he wiped a tear off her face with a gentle hand. He looked over her shoulder and nodded at his fellow Dom. The whip snapped and made a loud CRACK. Lisa looked up at her Master, with confusion on her face. The Master nodded once again and she felt a searing pain burn into her thigh. She screamed in pain and fear. She looked at her Master, comprehension dawning in her eyes. When he saw that she understood, he nodded once more to the Dom to continue.

Lisa felt another pain, this time against her butt cheek and she moaned a little. She looked at her Master in disbelief. He had brought someone into their home. Someone else was whipping her. Whipping her hard. CRACK another hit with the whip this time above her shoulder blade. Why had he done this, she thought, and then she could think no more. Her body was aflame. The previous heat was a subnburn compared to this. No part of her body was untouched and she flinched after each blow. Tears started pouring down her face and she moaned and lowered her head. Slowly, she sensed a pattern. He was hitting her in different places, but the time between hits was consistent. She clung onto that pattern and sank into it. The heat started to once again, building in her as the blows continued. Suddenly she felt a hand in her hair and her face was pulled up. Looking into her Master's eyes she saw his hand connect with her face.

"Slave" he said in the meanest voice she had ever heard in her life. "This is NOT for your pleasure." This is for pain. More afraid than she had ever been in her life she started to cry. She realized the blows had stopped but every nerve in her body was screaming in agony. "There will be 5 more slave. Will you take them for me?" She looked at him confused. He was asking her? She had a choice? She quickly realized there was no choice. She would take it for him because she must. Choking, barely able to speak, she said, "Yes Master for you I will take them."

He felt a hint of relief. This was the important part,the lesson, and he had to have her willing participation. "They will be hard little one and after every one I want you to count." "Yes Master," she whispered wishing he would just get it over with. She was near the breaking point. He nodded again and an incredible pain lashed across her thigh. "1", she whispered. He nodded and the whip fell again. "2", CRACK , "3", CRACK "4". She could barely speak and the tears were flowing down her face. "There is one more little one.", he said. "Will you take it for me?" She looked at him in agony and nodded her head, not trusting herself to speak. "Why?" he said. She looked into his eyes and they seared into her soul. They demanded an answer and she spoke without thought, from deep inside herself. "Because I love you.", she said. "Very good little one," and he smiled as the last blow fell upon her.

He released her from her chains and she fell to her knees. He looked at her for a moment , then he walked past her to speak to the Dom. "Thomas" , he said, as he stretched out his hand, "it was good of you to come. "My pleasure." said Thomas. "She took it rather well." Thomas commented. "She's not finshed yet," said the Master, "We will see how good she is when the night is finished . " "Are you hungry?" said the Master. "Actually I am starved", laughed Thomas, "I didn't exactly have time to eat before I came." "Ok,my friend then we eat." laughed the Master and walked back over to his slave.

Lisa knelt on the floor breathing heavily, trying desperately to get her bearings. Did that really just happen to me, she thought. She flexed a muscle and felt the dull ache. Yes it had and she had taken it. This was amazing to her. She opened her eyes and saw his boots in front of her. She looked up, hesitantly and gave him a tiny smile. "I have not eaten yet, slave. So why are you just kneeling there?" A momentary flash of rebellion flared in her eyes, but she quickly lowered her head. Slowly, she stood in front of him and asked as meekly as she could, "How may I serve you, Master?"

Fighting to keep his chuckle inside, he sternly said, "This is Thomas. You will refer to him as Sir. Is the dinner I asked for prepared?" "Yes Master but I only made enough for two," she said. "That will be sufficient," he said and motioned her to the kitchen. Watching as she left the room, he allowed himself to smile. "This should be amusing Thomas, she still has some spirit in her." Thomas returned his grin with one of his own.

Lisa walked into the kitchen fighting tears. How could he do this to her? He couldn't expect her to serve them not after what had just happened. She was so agitated she barely registered the fact that she was only wearing a thong. Walking into the kitchen she pulled out the meal she had prepared earlier in the day. He liked to eat lightly in the summer, so at his request she had fixed a pasta salad with some thin slices of marinated cold roast beef. She reached into the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of white wine. Walking into the dining room she saw they were seated at the two places she had sat earlier in the day. She looked at her Master and filled his wine glass after receiving a nod from him. She looked at Thomas and asked, "Would you care for some wine Sir?" "Certainly,Lisa thank you," he replied. She returned to the kitchen and brought out the two dinners placing them in front of the men then she stood back a little from the table unsure as to what to do next.

"The dinner looks excellent Lisa," the Master said. "It is only missing one thing." "Yes Master?", said Lisa. "The entertainment slave. We can't have a guest and not provide entertainment." he replied with a thread of humor in his voice. Lisa did not understand and loked at him quizzically. "I think what would make this a perfect evening would be a show. What do you think Thomas?" "Oh don't go to any trouble on my account," said Thomas, "but I do enjoy a show with a good meal." "Slave", said the Master. "I think we will have a dog and pony show, but since you are not a very good slave and I don't think you are up to pony, a dog show will have to suffice." She looked at him in horror. He could not possibly mean what he ahd just said. . "NOW" he said and she immediately fled to the play area.

Lisa stood in front of the bureau in disbelief. He could not do this to her. They had played several times,certainly, but that was for fun. It was a private joke between them. This , this was different. How could she do this, she couldn't. How could she not, she thought sadly. She had taken the pain, this couldn't be any worse than that. A little voice inside her whispered I wouldn't be so sure of that. She reached into the bureau with shaking hands and brought out a pair of ears. Taking out her ponytail she placed the ears on her head. Next she took out an anal plug with a strap that had a tail attached to it. Automatically, she jellied up the anal plug and then she took off her thong. This is not happening to me, she thought. Taking a deep breath she slid the plug into her. God that hurt she thought as she whimpered in pain. Finally, when it was in place she fastened the strap around her waist. Taking deep breaths she started to walk into the dining room.

He saw her as she entered the room "On your knees now Bitch." he said and she flushed in shame. How could she have forgotten. How could he talk to her like that? Quickly she fell to her knees, moaning as the anal plug moved inside her. She crawled over to the table and saw a dog bowl full of water next to it. "Drink bitch," he said and she looked at him with a pleading expression on her face. He placed his hand on her head and shoved her face into the bowl. Choking she started lapping up the water realizing how very thirsty she was. She forgot for a moment what she was doing in the pleasure of the cool water. "Heel bitch." he said and she posisitoned herself slightly behind him next to her chair. Her head was down and her face was bright red. This is not happening she thought., it is not happening. She saw something in front of her face and realized it was her Master's hand. In it he had a piece of meat. She hesitated for just a moment before she grabbed it. SMACK, he whapped her on the nose. "Be nice girl, " he said, " or you wont get anymore." Looking up she met the eye of the one called Thomas. He was staring at her with interest and she flushed in embarrasment. He continued to stare and she realized it wasn't completely embarrasment. She was getting aroused. She lowered her head quickly, but she still could feel his gaze upon her. The Master continued to feed her and she delicately took every piece. Occasionally he would order her to drink and she would lower her head to the water. She stopped thinking or even really feeling except for being aware of the throbbing and wetness between her legs. And she couldn't stop thinking about Thomas's eyes on her.

"Would you like to feed her, Thomas?" said the Mastter with amusement in his voice. " "Thank you I think I would" he replied and he looked at her. Raising her head, Lisa moved over to him and delicately took his offering with her teeth. Her lips touched his hand and she tasted him for a moment. Without hesitating she raised her mouth again as he offered her another piece. The Master pushed his plate back and watched her eat from Thomas' fingers. A gleam came into his eyes as he saw how her lips lingered on Thomas's skin. "What a hot little bitch you are,." he murmured and she raised her head fear in her eyes. "It's time for the show, I think. Don't you agree Thomas?" he said. "Whatever you prefer," said Thomas a bit perplexed by his friends sudden change of mood. The Master stood up abruptly and walked into the play room. "Heel" he said and she obediently followed him with Thomas close behind. He walked into his room and motioned Thomas into his chair. "I want you to do your tricks for Thomas my pet," he said and Lisa blushed bright red.

Lisa didn't understand what was happening but she recognized the dangerous tone in her Master's voice. The voice inside whispered obey and she paid close attention to him. "Sit up" he said and she raised up and crouched on her feet. She stood there for a moment and he said "Turn and face Thomas, my pet, the show is for him." Slowly she turned and crouched at Thomas feet waves of shame coursing through her. "Roll over" he said and she immediately rolled over onto her side. "Back", he said and she rolled back the other way. She was following his commands with no thought, aware only that her come was trickling down the insides of her thighs. Over and over she did as he asked until he said "Beg". She hesitated for a moment and looked at him uncertainly. "Beg," he said in a harsh voice and slowly she placed her head in Thomas's lap and whimpered.

The Master walked over and stood above you. "Are you a hot bitch slave?" Speak." She whimpered again and turned to look at him. "Speak" he said.

"This bitch begs you to fill her," she whispered to Thomas. "Very good my pet." The Master said. "What have you learned," he said. " That being humilated makes me wet," she stammered ,barely audible. "Very good my pet", he said "That is an important thing for us to know don't you think?" "Yes Master", she said and hid her head in Thomas's lap "Now we will continue" said the Master.

The Master looked at her lying with her head in Thomas' lap. "Stand", he said and Lisa immediately stood. She faced him with her legs spread and her arms clasped behind her head. "We are finished with this", he said. "Go clean yourself, remove your gear, and then return to us." Lisa looked at him in confusion. Hadn't he just said they would continue. Hesitantly, she walked to the bathroom wondering what she had done wrong. The Master turned to Thomas as soon as she was left the room. "I apologize for my mood change Thomas, this has been somewhat difficult for me." Thomas nodded, then waited for his friend to continue. "Do you want her?" , the Master askedwith a bit of a challenge in his voice. Thomas paused for a moment then spoke. "Of course I want her", he said. "You have trained her exquisitely, what dominant could look at her and not want her. She has this vulnerable quality that is so very rare and her facial expressions are so open. She is very obedient yet has spirit and fire. ." The Master nodded slowly, this was not something that had occured to him maybe he had done in job to well he thought with chagrin. "I would like your help," said the Master. "There is another lesson I would like to teach her and it involves a second party." " I would be honored," said Thomas with true respect in his voice. "Thank you," said the Master with a wry smile. "I do not believe you will be displeased with the bargain."

Lisa walked back into the room as the conversation ceased. She stood in front of Master back straight, naked and smelling fresh. "Stand", he said and she once again presented herself to him legs spread wide and arms behind her head. Her head was back a little and she thrust her breasts out . He smiled a bit at her tiny show of defiance amused once again by her spirit. He turned to Thomas and said casually, "She is yours. Do anything you please but leave her ass for me." Lisa's mouth hung open in disbelief . Thomas looked at his friend who had settled into the chair and then walked over to stand in front of her. "Look at me," he said and she opened her eyes. His eyes were blue, unlike her Master's which were green, and he had a pleasant face. Then she remembered the whip and she shuddered. Thomas smiled a wicked smile and said, "This should be very very fun little girl." He grabbed her arms and pulled her roughly over to the wall. He spread her arms and clasped her hands into the manacles, then he roughly spread her legs with his foot. Leaning down, he ran his tongue along the inside of her thigh . "Sweet," he murmured before he clasped her right ankle to the wall. He clasped the second ankle and then he moved his tongue up her thigh. He stopped right before her cunt and said, "Oh not yet I think. Let's save that for later." Slightly dazed by what was happening to her, she heard her Master say ,"One thing little one you will NOT come until you have my permission." Thomas smiled and the Master said, "I think tonight I will enjoy hearing you beg. I believe making slaves beg is one of Thomas' specialties." Thomas chuckled in response..

Lisa shuddered as she felt herself growing wet. How was this possible she thought. I love Master how could someone else make me feel this way. Having her Master watch her with this other man made her incredibly aroused. Thomas stepped over to the bureau and picked up his whip. Lisa saw it out of the corner of her eye and started to shake with real fear. Oh God not again, she thought. I can't take that again. She heard a crack as Thomas snapped his whip and she flinched. "You have seen only one thing that this whip can do," Thomas said. "It has another function as well." Lisa turned her head and saw the whip uncoil. She tensed and felt this tender kisslike feeling on her right shoulder. That was the whip she thought. She waited for the next blow to fall, but again a tiny kiss was placed upon her butt cheek. Lisa relaxed slightly and allowed herself to feel. Thomas kissed her with the whip on her thighs and her back and her butt. It was so incredibly erotic she shivered in pleasure. When the tip hit her cunt she screamed, partly in terror, partly in ecstacy. She felt herself getting hotter and hotter and she leaned towards every stroke. Oh my God this is amazing she thoght, he is making love to me with his whip. As if he read her mind, Thomas started to focus on her cunt. Stroke after stroke landed and she once again felt the come trail down her leg. He got closer and closer to her until suddenly she felt his breath on the back of her neck.

"Did that get you hot little girl?" he said and Lisa gasped in return. "Did you hear my question little girl," he said in a slightly louder voice. "We can use the whip for it's other purpose if you would prefer", he said. "Oh no Sir," she said quickly. " It felt wonderful." "It is a very versatile tool my whip", said Thomas. "Let's she what else it can do." Thomas took the handle of the whip and ruubbed it along the inside of Lisa's thigh. It was rough on her sensitive skin and she moaned with the contact. When he rubbed the leather along her clit. Lisa's back arched, and she jammed her cunt down onto it. "Oh you are a greedy little girl aren't you? " He smacked his hand on her ass and she pressed her cunt into the handle. "Aren't you?," he said. "Yes Sir," she replied in a quivering voice. Oh anything he wants she thought. Anything to ease the ache inside her.

Thomas reached his hand in and felt her wetness. He chuckled as he looked over at the Master. "She's a hot little bitch isn't she" he said. " I have always found her to be so, " said the Master. Chuckling Thomas released her from her restraints. "Turn around little girl", he said. Lisa immediately turned to face him. "Drop to your knees and suck me", he said. "I hear you are very good at that." Lisa dropped to her knees frantic to please him. She unzipped his pants and dropped her hand in suprise. "Yes I know little girl, " Thomas said, "It's very happy to see you isn't it." Lisa looked at his cock in suprise. It was the thickest one she had ever seen in person. Slowly, she ran her tongue up the length of him and then she stretched her mouth wide to fit him in her mouth. He barely fit in. "That's very good little girl, " Thomas said "Many slaves can't even get that far." Lisa felt the eyes of her Master on her and she knew this was a test. I must make him proud she thought and she sucked on Thomas' cock vigorously. "Ahh little girl, what you lack in expertise you certainly make up for in enthusiasm, " said Thomas and he gently rubbed his fingers through her hair.

Lisa felt her Master's eyes upon her as she sucked Thomas. She was getting more and more excited by the minute. Suddenly, Thomas pulled her head away from him, "Put this on me little girl," he said and handed her a condom. Slowly she slipped the condom on him, amazed that it fit properly. I wonder if he special orders them, she thought with an inward giggle. Then she turned and saw her Master's face and sobered. He is not pleased she thought. I should not be enjoying this so much. It is wrong. Thomas reached down and drew her up to face him. He kissed her on the mouth and she was swept away in the experience. It was so different than Master's kiss but hard, and hot and exciting. She leaned against his leg and rubbed her cunt against him. Oh I want him she thought. She moaned, as he tilted her head back and sucked on her neck. He lifted her into his arms and carried her to the mat. Dumping her unceremoniuosly on the mat, he fell upon her and started stroking her everywhere. Lisa couldn't stand it. She was throbbing with need. "Please Master," she said. " Please may I come?. " I don't think you have begged enough little one," said the Master. Thomas flipped her over and growled to her to get on her knees. He posistioned himself behind her and slowly slid his cock into her cunt. "Please Master, please let me come," screamed Lisa in a tiny voice. She was breathing raggedly and struggling to hold on. The Master walked over to the mat as Thomas continued to plunge into her. "Why little one, why should I let you come." " Because this is my fantasy" she sobbed. . " Very well, little one," he said looking into her eyes, "you...may... come," A tidal wave of pleasure overtook Lisa as she spasmed her release. She felt Thomas bucking into her and she heard him grunt as he found his pleasure. Her breathing slowed and she realized what she had done. She looked over at her Master and he was watching her with a small smile on her face. Blushing bright red she truened to Thomas who kissed her neck and murmured, "Very nice little girl."

Lisa collapsed against the bed as Thomas slowly withdrew from her. She let out a little gasp as she felt him ease out. Breathing quietly, she could not bring herself to look at either of the Dominants. She felt this strange dichotomy in herself. On the one hand, she felt so free and uninhibited, but she also felt uncomfortable with the role she had just played. Thomas, sensitive to her feelings walked over to the bureau, discarded the condom, and quietly dressed. He walked to the Master and they slowly shook hands. Thomas searched the Master's face. The Master smiled in true gratitude and said "Thank you Thomas. I appreciate your help. Thomas smiled and replied, "Well as you stated my friend I am quite satisfied with the bargain." The Master shook his hand once more and Thomas walked over to Lisa. He knelt down and said, "Thank you little girl." Lisa smiled at him and threw herself into his arms. He hugged her tightly and then he stood up. "I can show myself out, " he said and quietly left the room.

The Master walked over to LIsa and stood above her. "Kneel" he said in a nonemotional tone and she quickly assumed her posistion. she could not wuite bring herslef to meet his gaze. "We are not finished little one", he said. "There is still one lesson for you this evening." Lisa bowed her head. She felt more submissive at that moment than she ever had in her life. She knew she would do whatever he wanted, she was incapable of anything else. "Take a few moments," he said. "I need to prepare the room." Lisa walked into the bathroom and got a drink of water her mind completely void of thought, she automatically. bathed herself and then she returned to the play room.

Lisa walked into the room and stopped. The room was darkened and the only light came from a couple of small candles near the mat. "Master?", she whispered, unsure of what she should do. She stepped into the room a small step at a time until she felt the hand on her mouth. She screamed , but he roughly pushed his hand against her. "Shut up bitch," he said. She barely recogni\zed the voice as his. It was raw and harsh and the sound of it sent a chill through her. She felt something against her mouth and he pushed a ball gag into her. She choked and pushed her tongue against it, but she couldn't stop it from coming in. She felt the gag tighten behind her and started to panic at how hard it was to breathe. she struggled against him and he slapped her across the face and held her arms cruelly. "Don't forget to breathe bitch," he snarled and she tried to take breaths through her nose. Tears started streaming down her face from the pain of the gag. suddenly, she felt something against her wrists. A cord cut into her arms. He tied her wrists together very tight and out of instinct she struggled against him. She didn't understand this. This was brutal he wouldn't do this to her.

She was roughly propelled towards the mat and pushed face down upon it. Without her hands to stop her fall, her face smacked the surface hard. Turning her head in an attempt to catch her breath she suddenly felt something sharp against her neck. My God he has a knife, she thought and frantically struggled against him. "Move again bitch and you get cut, " he murmured in an evil voice. "Not that I would mind that but there is a time and place for everything." Lisa lay very still as she felt the tip of the knife move down the side of her neck. "Very good," he said "You wouldn't want that pretty face cut now would you?" Lisa gasped , as she felt the blade travel down her cheek. She squeaked in fear as the pressure increased. "I do love this face, " the Master said, "but if I cut it no Dom would ever look at you like Thomas did again." Lisa became truly frightened. Maybe he was angry, she thought. She had displeased him and he was very angry. She tried to speak but the gag would not allow it. She desperatly wanted to plead with him, explain to him that she had only done it because he had allowed it, but she was not given that opportunity.

Feeling the knife slip down her body, she was suddenly flipped over on her back. Her wrists ached from the pressure of her body, as her ran the knife down to her breasts. "I could cut here," he said, "and noone would ever know." Lisa held very still as the tip circled her nipples. When he flicked the tip of her nipple with her knife a wail rose up inside her. The Master chuckled at her distress. "How does it feel bitch," he said, as he lazily traced the knife over her breasts. "Does it make you hot, like you were with Thomas?" Lisa shook her head no several times, but he just smiled at her protests. He moved the knife down her stomach and slowly ran the blade across her body. LIsa started shaking uncontrollably as the knife moved across her skin. "This is where I really want to cut ," he said and he moved the blade down to the inside of her thigh. Suddenly, she felt a sharp prick and knew that he had cut her. Her mind overcome with terror started to float away. Seeing her dazed expression, the Master removed her ball gag. "Kiss it, " he said. "Kiss it or it will drink again. Lisa slowly ran her tongue along the blade. "Be good to the knife," he said "like the whip it can cause great pleasure or great pain." Lisa visualized his cock in her mouth and lovingly kissed the knife. "Very good. Bitch," he replied. He moved the knife slowly down her body again and Lisa felt herself lean towards it. When he reached her cunt he paused for just a moment. "Be very, very still little one," he said and he dipped the tip of the knife into her cunt.

He pulled the knife out and held it up to the light. "You are such a hot little bitch aren't you slave?" and he showed her the wetness upon it. "Anything I do makes you hot, " Lisa nodded her head and said,"Yes Master," in her most subdued voice. it is the truth she thought and was amazed by it. "LIe still little one," he said again and slowly slid the knife into her cunt. "She moaned as she felt the pressure inside her and struggled not to clench down upon it. She was wild with desire and so afraid that the knife would cut her. He slowly withdrew the knife and looked at her for a moment then he roughly flipped her over on her knees.making a fist in her hair, he pulled back her throat and placed the knife at it. "Your life is mine, slave," he said, "to do with as I WILLl." On the last word, he plunged inside her cunt and she screamed with the sheer pleasure of it. He fucked her hard a couple of times and then withdrew. "Please Master," she gasped, "Please". "Not there slave, " he said, "that hole has already been used tonight." then he thrust his cock into her ass. Lisa screamed as he rammed himself inside her. The knife lay close to her breast and he held her ass with his other hand. He started plunging into her like a rutting animal. She felt the pain and pleasure mix within her and an intolerable need built inside her. She shook in orgasm as he continued to fuck her. Suddenly she felt him jerk against her and hot come shot into her ass. He yelled in triumph and continued to pump into her as the come dripped down her legs. in a blinding explosion of light she came a second time. her body collapsed to the mat and he fell on top of her.

The Master lay atop her for a moment until his breathing slowed. His heart was pounding in his chest and he realized with some awe that he had never experienced anything like that orgasm before. As he withdrew from her, he noticed she was nearly unconcious. He took a blanket and slowly wrapped it around her. gently brushing the hair back from her face and made sure her breathing was even. He stood up slowly and she whimpered as his body left hers. "Shhh, little one," he said "I'll be right back.

Lisa was barely aware of the passage of time, until she realized he had returned. He picked her up in her blanket and carried her into the bathroom. The room was filled with soft light from candles, and she saw that a bubble bath had been drawn in the whirlpool tub. Gently he unwrapped her from the blanket and laid her into the water. She sighed with contentment as the warm water soothed her battered body. She looked up and noticed he was undressing, He is so beautiful she sighed and then realized she had said it out loud. "Thank you little one, " he chuckled and then slid into the tub behind her. Lisa lay with her head against his chest as he gently held her. "What did you learn, little one," he asked in a quiet voice. "That i trust you," said Lisa with a sudden rush of tears in her eyes. The Master gently turned her around to face him. "Earlier this evening you mentioned four reasons why I own you," he said. Lisa nodded. "Have I shown you all the reasons little one?" Lisa looked at him and said , "Yes Master you have , and I thank you." The Master said, "liilte one there is one more reason why I own you." Lisa looked at him and thought she saw a hint of vulnerability on his face. "The final and most important reason is because I love you.", he said and she threw herself into his arms.

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