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The Desire

Author: Tracy

Filed in: submission, love, internet, encounter, newbie

She walked into her apartment and threw her keys on the table with a sigh. It had been another long day and she was exhausted. Throwing herself down on the couch, she stretched herself out like a cat running her fingers through her long auburn hair. Lisa felt the pressures of the day draining from her....leaving her feeling empty inside. Tears welled into her eyes suddenly. It was better at work, she thought, I rarely have time to think there but here...well here it is just me and I can't hide from myself. Giving into the moment, she allowed the tears to fall down her face. She had been alone for such a long time, she could barely remember when she hadn't felt like this. Childhood maybe...when she was very, very small and everything was still right with the world. Taking a deep breath she tried to pull herself together. If only it didn't hurt so bad...this ache within her. She felt as if she was missing a huge piece of her heart and she didn't understand why. This emptiness...this hole had been with her such a long time, but she never got used to it. The smallest things would bring it to her attention again and she would realize how unhappy she truly was.

Forcing herself to her feet, she went into the small kitchen and looked in the cupboards. Shutting the cupboard doors, she realized nothing looked good to her. She knew she was losing too much weight and smoking too much, but she never had an appetite. She made a sandwich, out of duty rather than desire, took three bites and then pushed it away. Lighting a cigarette she walked around the room. Her eyes fell on the computer and momentarily brightened. This was something new...something sort of fun. She had discovered online a few months ago and enjoyed talking to new people. True to form...she rarely talked more than a few times with each person, never allowing anyone to get close. She enjoyed interacting was easier to hide there. Easier to present her facade of powerful career woman...easier to hide the loneliness.

Walking over to the computer she started the ritual of booting up an signing on. Her mind wandered to the last few times she had been online. On impulse, she had gone into a few D/s discussion rooms. She had never even heard of Domination and submission as a lifestyle until a few weeks ago, but what she had learned since then appealed to her. It made so much sense, really, having traditional rules in a relationship, and she enjoyed watching the people interact. She found the discussions intellectually challenging and enjoyed talking about the sex. She had experimented some with kinky sex in college, but this... well, this was more than that. She didn't know how it would translate into real life, but online the rituals seemed so appealing. She enjoyed watching women call men Sir and the formality of the conversations.

Lost in thought, she suddenly noticed she was signed on. She checked her mail...not much there...then wandered into her favorite discussion room. It was a local group of people and made her feel connected to the city in some way. Oh good, she thought, the core group is here this should be fun. She said hello to everyone upon entering, then sat back to watch. A couple of the women said hello back to her , which made her least they are starting to recognize my name she thought. She had come into the room in the middle of a discussion. She concentrated on picking up the thread of the conversation. They were discussing scenes, which she found fascinating, and her eyes danced across the screen in rapt attention. A couple was describing a session where he had had used clothespins and Lisa was amazed. For the hundredth time, she wondered if people actually did the things that they talked about. Someone mentioned a butt plug, and although Lisa had seen these words before she had no idea what they meant. Taking a deep breath, she typed out , "Excuse me, but may I ask a question?" "Certainly", one of the regular Dominants replied. "Thank you," typed Lisa, "This may sound really foolish but I have no idea what a butt plug is. Could someone please explain it to me." "That's all right," replied the woman she recognized as the Dominant's submissive, "You have to ask the questions at least once." Tanya that was her name thought Lisa...relieved she remembered who she was. "It would be easier to send you a pic. Would that be all right? "Tanya typed. "Sure," typed Lisa, "Thank you." The conversation renewed and Lisa's mail sign flashed. She downloaded the pic and her eyes got very wide as she looked at the it. Reentering the conversation during a pause she typed..."Excuse me but does that go where I think it does?" Tanya typed..."LOL. Yes it does." Lisa blushed. " Please feel free to ask a question anytime you don't understand something...we were all newness once." "Thank you," said Lisa, feeling true gratitude for this unknown woman's kindness. She watched the conversation some more, occasionally asking a question. Each time her question was taken seriously, she gained a little more confidence. She felt very naive, which was a new feeling for her. She thought she knew everything there was to know about sex, she was 30 after all. But she quickly realized, this was an entirely new realm, and in this world she might as well be a virgin again. It was an interesting feeling, but a vulnerable one, and she wasn't sure she liked it. Challenged she vowed to discover everything about the lifestyle she could, so she could overcome these feelings of vulnerability.

From that day on she spent all her spare time in the chatroom. She became a regular of sorts and the others looked out after her. Occasionally, a man would come into the room, behaving as if he owned the world, and the other Dominants would quickly get him to leave. She shied away from any intimate conversations, but enjoyed learning and watching. It helped fill up her nights, and the feelings of loneliness were kept at bay by the activity.

A couple of months later, a new face came into the room. The regulars greeted him like an old friend, which surprised Lisa because she had never seen him before. They called him Garrick, and it quickly became apparent that he was well known. Lisa did not speak in the room, she just watched this new person interact...intimidated by his easy informality with the others. It seemed he had been out of the country on business and had just returned to the States. Tanya remembered her and introduced her to him. "This is Lisa, Garrick. She is new to the lifestyle." "Hello Lisa," he replied. "Hello Sir," she typed and her heart flipped in her chest. Going back to his conversation, he dismissed her but she sat watching him for the rest of the night. There was something about him that she was drawn to. Something about the way he spoke and how the others respected him, that moved her. Finally, claiming fatigue, he left the room and Lisa felt as if the sun had gone behind a cloud. This is stupid she thought, get hold of yourself. It is words on a screen and it is crazy for you to feel this way. Still, she needed to know more about him. She messaged Tanya privately and asked who he was. "Oh he is an interesting one," Tanya replied. "He is active in the scene around here but he is not with anyone. He had a submissive for a few years, but he released her. No one knows quite why . She was crazy to upset him. He could be with anyone her wanted to......Lisa if you have questions you should ask Garrick I am sure he will be happy to answer them once he sees you are sincere." Lisa thanked Tanya and excused herself for bed. She lay awake a long time thinking about this man.... no not man DOM, called Garrick. It had been a long time since she had felt this way and she didn't understand it. She didn't even know what he looked like for heavens sakes. Dismissing the feelings as tiredness she rolled over and went to bed.

The next day was very long and difficult at work and Lisa did not get home until later than usual. By the time she got into the room, things were in full swing. Derrick was at the center of the conversation and women wandered in and out all evening saying welcome back to him and throwing barely veiled suggestions his way. Lisa became more and more upset, but she could not understand why. This is ridiculous she thought. I am jealous over someone I do not even know. Ridiculous or not she finally could not stand to watch it anymore. l Excusing herself quickly from the room, she sat staring at the computer screen. This is crazy, she thought, I don't have room in my life for this. I should never have gotten involved in all this anyway, she told herself firmly. Oh well, I learned what I wanted to know and now I can move on to something else. The sadness welled up inside her suddenly . She gasped and felt the tears rush to her eyes. She hadn't felt this strongly in months, she thought.. Not since you went into the D/s room, a little voice whispered back. Taking deep breaths, she struggled to gain some balance when suddenly a message flashed on her screen.

"It's a little overwhelming isn't it?" , it said, and it was from Garrick. Staring at the message her heart began to race in her chest. Her hands were shaking as she typed out "Yes." "It does get better." he said. She paused for a moment then typed the first thing she thought. "Promise?" "Ahh, Little One it's too soon for you to be asking for promises from me." he typed and she felt a jolt of electricity at his words. No one had ever referred to her as Little One before. She was shaking as she stared at the words he had written. "I think we should meet." he typed "I have been hearing quite a bit about you , and frankly I think you are an accident waiting to happen." "What," she said. "I don't understand." "You are too vulnerable Little One...too vulnerable and too new. There are a lot of dangerous people online, and before you rush into a bad decision with someone, I would like a chance to really talk to you about the lifestyle." "It's not all just in here you know...there is a whole real life scene as well and things can be dangerous. If you are not comfortable meeting me then maybe we can arrange for you to meet with one of the other Dominants, but from what I have seen some one on one time is definitely called for." "I can take care of myself" typed Lisa, angry, suddenly at his lack of faith in her. "That remains to be seen Lisa." he typed quickly and her tantrum ended as quickly as it had started. "We can meet in a public place, totally safe environment, and you can check me out with people to make sure I am who I say I am. As a matter of fact, I insist on it. "

Lisa felt pulled. This was not what she had expected...this was coming into her real life and D/S...the computer for that matter, was just for relaxation....but this man...this man had the knowledge she craved and she knew she could learn more in one face to face meeting with him than in hours online. There is also the attraction whispered the small voice. Shut up...Lisa told herself crossly. This is an experiment...a fact finding mission if you will. "OK," Lisa said after a long pause. "Good" he replied. "Check with everyone...make sure I am safe then email me. I will send you back the details of when and where we will meet." "OK," said Lisa petrified by the decision she had made. "This is important Lisa," he typed and then he was gone. Lisa stared at the screen for a very long time, amazed by what she had done.

Lisa stared at herself in the mirror in disbelief. She could not believe she was actually going through with this. She swung her hair up and pinned it into place, then pulled a few tendrils down around her neck. I am absolutely crazy she thought for the millionth time. I am meeting a total stranger. I don't even go on blind dates, she thought, let alone this. Shaking her head slightly in disbelief, she stepped back from the mirror and looked at herself. Dress formal, the email had stated, and at least she had done that right. Her black cocktail dress fell right above her knees and clung to her figure. She checked her makeup and jewelry quickly then looked down to her feet. The black stockings clung to her legs and she slipped on her shoes. She loved herself in heels. The added height gave her confidence and she always felt sexy in them. Something is not quite right, she thought. She reached over to her jewelry box and pulled out a small gold chain. Reaching down, she fastened the anklet...not sure as she did it what impulse encouraged her to wear it. Perfect , she thought and glanced again at herself in the mirror.

The image made her pause...this was not the confident image she wished to project. This person looked soft and fragile. Looking at the clock, she realized there was no time to change. It will have to do, she thought. Turning briskly she walked out of the bedroom to her purse. Checking it to make sure she had everything she needed, she picked up her keys and opened the door. Taking a deep breath, she stepped outside...feeling that she had taken a step towards something phenomenally important. Shaking herself a little for the melodrama, she seated herself in the car and started to drive towards the restaurant.

Her mind wandered, as she drove, and she thought back on the events of the last few days. After taking Garrick's advice and checking with several people who had actually met him, Lisa had decided to at least meet with him. When she was honest with herself, she realized her motivation had little to do with gaining information and more to do with curiosity. The inner voice told her it was much more than that, but she refused to even seriously consider that possibility. The feelings she had online were not real she thought. This is no different than a business meeting with a perspective client, she said firmly to herself ,then squirmed slightly on the seat knowing the half truth for what it was. She pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant glad he had chosen somewhere she had been before. La Scalier was one of the nicer restaurants in town and it had been a long time since she had dated anyone who had taken her there. This is NOT a date she thought sharply. Definitely not a date. Business meeting,she reiterated to herself. She pulled the car up to the attendant and waited until he walked around to open her door. She stepped out of the car gracefully, oblivious to the admiring glances he shot her legs.

She was very nervous now. Handing the attendant her keys, with a quick smile, she walked up to the entrance. She paused at the door for a moment, fighting off the overwhelming compulsion to run. A couple walked up behind her and noticing them she quickly swung the door open. She walked into the room and drunk in the atmosphere for a moment. The lighting was subtle and in the left corner she heard the soft sounds of the piano. A fountain tingled gently in the foyer soothing her jangled nerves. I can do this, she thought. She walked towards the bar taking one slow step after another, focusing all of her will on not panicking. As she stepped into the entryway, she stopped for a moment and her gaze scanned the room. She looked at the bar, appraising and rejecting one patron after another. She had a loose description, tall, dark hair, but nothing specific. As her eyes passed the bar, she noticed a man sitting alone in a corner booth with his back to the wall. He was staring at her, patiently. She looked away quickly, then her eyes were drawn back to him and she knew in that moment that it was Garrick.

She waited for him to acknowledge her, but the man did not get up. She hesitated, then walked slowly towards him, feeling for all the world like a victim walking towards it's prey. As she neared the booth, he slowly scanned her with his eyes, lingering for a moment on her ankle bracelet. Nodding slightly , he rose gracefully and stood beside the table. Not rose, she thought wildly, he uncurled himself like a cat. She stopped in front of him with her heart beating wildly in her chest , unable to speak. She stared into his eyes and felt.......lost. Then he spoke and she was found again.

She let out a long breath that she was not even aware she had been holding. "Little One," he said with a slight smile and the sound of his voice sent a reaction coursing through her. "Garrick?" she stammered barely audible. "Yes Lisa" he replied, "but since you are here seeking knowledge let us begin at the beginning " Her eyes were blank with incomprehension at his words. "Sir," he said, "You shall refer to me as Sir until given permission to do otherwise." Comprehension flooded through her and relief. This she understood. "Of course Sir, I apologize," she said and regained some of her composure. "Sit down Little One," he murmured and she slid into the leather booth next to him. "I want you to try to relax a little." he said "We have many things to discuss this evening and it would be helpful if you remembered some of it.", he said with a soft chuckle. He gave her a quick smile and she laughed in relief. How marvelous, she thought , he has a sense of humor.

A server walked up to their table and said, "Your party has arrived Mr. Walker?" Seeing Garrick's nod he said "We can seat you immediately Sir." Garrick took Lisa by the arm and escorted her after the waiter. Lisa felt as if she was wandering in a cloud. This is too intense, she thought, to many feelings to sort out. She followed Garrick's lead automatically , responding to the slight pressure he placed on her arm. They reached the table and Garrick waved the waiter away seating her himself then he placed himself across the table from her. The waiter placed their napkins, then handed them their menu's. "Would you care for anything to drink?" he asked. Garrick looked to Lisa and asked her "Would you care for a glass of wine perhaps?" Lisa ignored his question and looked directly at the waiter. "I would like a gin and tonic please," she said, missing Garrick's momentary look of irritation. "The same" Garrick said then dismissed the waiter with a nod of his head. Lisa turned to him and immediately realized she had done something wrong.

"What?" she said . "What did I do?" Garrick replied, "When I or any other Dominant asks you a direct question you will always answer that question immediately." Lisa gulped a little at the edge in his voice. "I apologize," she said quickly. "Don't apologize," he stated "Don't do it again." Nodding quickly, Lisa looked down at her lap. When I am speaking to you , you will look into my eyes unless otherwise directed. Is that understood?" "Yes Sir" , she whispered and she raised her gaze to his. Relenting a bit as he saw the look of shame on her face, Garrick gently said, "It is all right Little One. You have a lot to learn. Just remember I do not like to repeat myself . Few dominants do."

Nodding her head, Lisa noticed the server had returned with their drinks. "May I take your order Sir?" the waiter asked. "We will start with the escargot, followed by Caesar salads, two orders of fettucine milano and a bottle of.....Garrick trailed off as he noticed Lisa shaking her head no when he was about to mention the wine. "Forget the wine," he stated brusquely. "Yes Sir," said the waiter and left with the menus. "Never contradict me Lisa, " Garrick said firmly and Lisa's eyes flashed at him. He noticed her show of spirit with some amusement and settled back into his chair. "I do not like wine," she said, "It gives me a headache. " "Ahh my sweet" he said "It does not matter whether you like wine or not. What is important is what I desire." Lisa stared at him with her mouth in the shape of an O. "We will let it pass this time," he said," but never contradict a Dominant in public again...especially not me." "If you have a concern express it in private but remember my decision is final."

Lisa nodded and said, "Yes Sir" meekly and then lowered her gaze. With a sigh, Garrick said "Have you prepared your questions as I have asked?" "Yes" said Lisa, relieved that she could finally discuss something she understood. "I have several", she said with a smile "I hope you are feeling patient." "I have already shown myself to be patient" he replied firmly and she blushed. "Well", she said stuttering slightly, "I suppose the thing I really want to know is do these things really happen." She looked at him quickly to see if he was offended by the question. "Actually," he said , "that is an excellent question. The answer is yes and no. Many people have never done the things they claim to have done. Others concentrate only on the sexual aspects of D/s, missing, in my opinion, the more important subtleties of the relationship. "What do you mean," she asked. Garrick waited until the waiter had placed the escargot before them and then he continued. " A D/s relationship can be a wonderful thing. It can boil the male/ female relationship down to it's most basic elements. Men and women can interact with truth and openness, without the game playing that pervades most vanilla relationships." Garrick paused for a moment, as he watched her pop a snail into her mouth. Her eyes closed briefly in ecstasy at the taste, and the tip of her tongue quickly licked some sauce that lingered on her lips. She opened her eyes and blushed when she saw he was staring. "This is wonderful ," she said. He smiled a gentle smile and placed a snail on his fork. Leaning over, he fed it to her and she took it naturally from his hand.

"All things are part of a complete D/s relationship." he continued amused and touched that she had taken the food from him. "Sex, love, friendship, romance all these things are facets. There is also pain and punishment and sacrifice." Her eyes widened at his words and she listened intently to him. "A 24/7 relationship is ,in my opinion, the very best relationship a man and woman can have, but they involve hard work and extreme sacrifice, especially on the part of the submissive." Lisa was fascinated by what he was saying. It seemed so right. It made so much sense. "Please explain it to me," she said. "It sounds like exactly what I am looking for". Garrick smiled in return and continued to speak. The meal passed in a blur for Lisa. Later, she remembered many details vividly yet others she could not remember at all. She remembered his hands and how strong they looked, how he could make her blush with a look, and how he spoke of the most intimate and personal things, yet he was never crass or boorish. He caught her in his spell and the outside world did not exist.... just him and his words. Finally , as the last dishes were being cleared, Lisa blinked and realized they had talked for over two hours. "

Thank you," she said, "Thank you so much for taking this time with me." "It was my pleasure Little One," he replied. She hesitated and then said, "I have no idea where to go from here," "Everything sounds so wonderful as you described it ,but I have no idea how to go about finding this." "My recommendation would be you try a scene," he said. "Experiment, discover if this is something you not only desire but are willing to sacrifice for." Lisa looked at him hesitantly. "How do you find someone to try with?" she said. "Generally ,"he said, "you talk to people, find someone you trust and then ask them to scene with you. I am sure many men will be willing to help you with this." Lisa looked at him crestfallen. "Oh" , she said in a very small voice. Garrick looked troubled for a moment and seemed to struggle with himself. "Lisa" he said, "generally I do not scene with new people. I prefer to play with more those more experienced , BUT since you seem genuinely interested; and I confess I would like to see your first time be a memorable one, I would be willing to help you . Lisa smiled a brilliant smile at him, as relief flooded her. "Oh thank you Sir." she smiled. "Thank you very much. I will try not to be to much trouble, I promise," Garrick chuckled. "I sincerely doubt that, " he murmured, " but I think in this case it will be worth it " Lisa smiled at him with gratitude in her eyes...

Lisa knelt in the center of the room . The floor was hard and she kept squirming trying to find some level of comfort or at least tolerance. Add to that the fact that she was petrified and she was in a state of near panic. I cannot believe I am doing this she thought. I have no right to be here. I can't even kneel. Taking another deep breath, Lisa looked once again around the room. Everything was in place, as he had asked. The room was lit softly with several candles she had brought with her and the curtains were drawn . Her portable stereo was on the dresser, a Bach CD was playing softly. He had allowed her to choose the music.... one of the few details he had left to her. Her hair was unbound, as he had requested, and she was wearing a black teddy. The lingerie was new...she had spent hours at the store trying on outfits before she had decided on something simple and basic. The hotel bed was turned down and the Do Not Disturb sign was on the door. Breathing deeply, she tried to focus on why she was here. I have to do this, she thought. I have to know if this is everything I think it is. Lisa jumped slightly as she heard the knob turn. Digging her nails into her thighs, she willed herself not to turn around. He had been very, very specific about this point. She was not to turn around until he touched her. She heard the door click and she let out a breath of air. A slight rustling sound was behind her and she sensed his moving closer.

"Very good, Little One," she heard his deep voice say. "Trust is the key tonight Little One and you have taken an important first step. Trust in me and all will go well." "Yes Sir," she whispered and felt the touch on her shoulder. Looking up she saw him standing above her and felt very small. He was so large and masculine, she thought. Garrick ran his finger along the strap of her teddy and murmured with an appreciative tone..."Very nice. I enjoy simplicity, " he said. "It is a pity we will not be needing the outfit this evening." Suddenly he ripped the teddy from her body. Lisa gasped, in dismay, and instinctively tried to cover her breasts with her hands. Firmly, he took her hands and placed them upon her thighs. He bent down, so that he was eye level with her, and said, "Don't ever hide yourself from me, Lisa. When you are here, this is mine." Lisa looked at him with a troubled expression on her face. "That is the key isn't it Sir?" she said, " We are truly here and I am yours." "Yes Little One," he said with a touch of sympathy in his voice, "Do you wish to continue?" Lisa took a deep breath and looked into his eyes. His stare penetrated her and she knew instantly what she wished. "Yes Sir, please continue." she said. "I will not ask you again Lisa. You may safeword as we discussed, but from this moment on you are mine to do with as I please. So I ask you again...ARE YOU SURE." " Yes," she said meekly, not exactly sure what it was she was agreeing to but knowing she had to find out.

Garrick stood quickly and pulled Lisa to him. Lisa pressed against him instinctively but suddenly realized that she was dripping down her thigh. She lowered her eyes and blushed, but he chuckled and raised her face to look at him. "That is as it should be my pet," he murmured with a devilish smile and he reached down and carresed her clit. "You will be more than wet before I am through." With a small laugh, he bent her back and kissed her. No kiss wasn't the right word she thought before she was swept away. His lips ravished her. She had never been kissed so thoroughly in her life. Garrick moved her slowly towards the window amazed that a simple kiss was having such an impact on him. He loved the way she followed him naturally. Ending the kiss he quickly tied her hands with a black piece of soft rope. He looked down at her and noticed her eyes clearing a bit as he stepped away. Good, he thought, I want her to know what is happening to her. Lisa stared at him in confusion as he walked away. The kiss had been wonderful, she thought, how could he be so unaffected? She watched as he turned back towards her and she realized he was had a black blindfold in his hand. Lisa stepped away from him, shaking her head slightly. "Please....please Sir do not blindfold me," she said in a tiny, scared voice. The sound was like a splash of cold water to him. He stopped and looked at her and realized he had hit a trigger. With a sigh, he put the blindfold down. "Alright Little One," he said, "I thought the blindfold would make it easier for you, but obviously that is not the case." She looked up at him with an expression of misery on her face and said, "I am so sorry Sir. I..I should have told you." "It is alright Lisa," he said. "That is why we are here, to learn about each other." She relaxed slightly when she saw that he was not upset. "Shhh now," he said.

Garrick turned and walked towards the door. He reached down and grabbed something that was laying on the chair. When he turned towards her, Lisa saw that he had a black rope in his hand. He walked over to her and attached the rope to the loop on her wrists. Leading her over to the corner of the room, he reached up and threw the rope over a t hook. Lisa stared at the hook in amazement. She had not known it was there. Suddenly she felt her arms jerked above her head. Staring at Garrick, Lisa was absolutely dumbfounded. She knew roughly what he was going to do, but even though she was standing there she could barely believe he was doing it. He checked the knots several times and then he stepped back to admire his handiwork. Lisa suddenly became very conscious of the fact that she was naked. Blushing deeply, she stood as he looked her over. Walking over to her, Garrick ran a hand gently down her side. She quivered as the hand passed over her breasts and she looked up to find him staring into her eyes. As she watched helplessly , he ran his hands over every inch of her body. He lingered on her breasts and she was embarrassed by how small they were. Garrick noticed her expression and murmured into her ear, "They are beautiful Little One." Flushing with pleasure, Lisa pressed herself closer to him. "Oh you are a hot bitch," he said. Startled, she looked into his face. Smiling slightly, Garrick said, "You are a bitch Little One. You are many things, friend lover, bitch, slut. Isn't that true?" Staring at him, she nodded unable to reply, yet unwilling to deny the truth of his words. His hand ran down her back and slid between her legs. Unable to help herself, Lisa squirmed against his hand. " You are very wet, Little One," he said "I think you are ripe for what I have planned for this evening."

Staring at him, Lisa watched as he walked over to the chair and picked up a small black bag. Unzipping it slowly , he walked towards her with a predatory smile on his face. His hand came out of the bag and in it was one clothespin. Lisa looked at him in confusion, then comprehension dawned. "Clothespins," she said in a rush. "Very good Little One," he said with a slight smile. He took the pin and slowly placed it on her inner thigh. Lisa started at the pinch, but immediately thought this isn't so bad. Then she felt the second one on the back of her calf. Now she was aching in two places, but it still wasn't that terrible. It was an interesting sensation and she still was having a hard time believing he was actually doing this to her. She felt another pinch, this time on the fleshy part of her arm. That one hurts a little more, she thought, and squirmed from the discomfort. She was losing track she thought absently how many is that.... when she felt another pin on the small of her back. Pin after pin he placed...some hurt more than others, but soon her entire body felt as if it was on fire. She tried to concentrate on the areas of her skin that were not hurting, but overtime she picked an area it seemed he would place a pin there. Suddenly , she felt a sharp pain on her breast and she let out a little scream. Looking down she saw there were pins on every area of her body except for two. She felt a sharper pain on the other breast and she started to moan. "Be brave Little One," he murmured, " you are doing very well." Lisa clung onto those words, as he placed another pin directly on her left nipple and pain shot through her body down to her clit. She felt her juices running down her legs and he placed another pin on the right nipple. Tears ran down her face unheeded, as she watched him place another and another on her breasts. The room started to fade from view as she melted into the sensation. She had no thoughts, no fears, she could only feel the pain. He held a pin up in front of her face and she could barely focus on what she was seeing. "Last one," he said and she sagged against the rope in relief. Suddenly she felt an unbearable pain on her clit and she floated away.

Garrick stepped away from her and watched her in amazement. He could not believe she had taken as much as she had. What potential she has, he thought. Standing watching her, he suddenly realized, with surprise, how aroused he was. That was unusual, he thought. Generally, when he was working a submissive, he remained relatively unaroused. The raging erection, bulging in his pants, told him somehow this time was different. Sighing with the realization she was hardly in any position to ease him, Garrick started to remove the pins. Slowly, one at a time, he took the pins from her. She remained unresponsive, until he reached her clit. She jumped when he removed the pin. Looking at her, he realized she was still in space. that is unusual too, he thought. Her first time and she trusts me enough to float. Shaking his head he continued removing the pins. He saved her breasts for last, enjoying the way they looked in the light. As he removed each pin from them, she moaned and he enjoyed listening to her respond. When the last pin was removed, he gently untied her and she collapsed against him. Easily swinging her into his arms, he carried her to the bed. Garrick put her down and she looked at him in awe. "Thank you," she whispered, "Thank you Sir." "Shhh Little one," he whispered back, "It was my pleasure. He tucked her into the bed and lay down beside her. She rolled into his arms and lay there shaking slightly until she fell asleep. Garrick held her for a long time, gently stroking her hair.....thinking long into the night.

Lisa sat at her computer, in her darkened room, and watched the screen. He was there again, and as always, she was extremely agitated. How could he have this effect on her, she wondered. How could just thinking about him send her heart racing. She had never felt like this before. She was always cool and distant with men, she was always in charge of her emotions. She hated this and yet she yearned towards it too. She felt so out of control all of the time. She desperately wanted to be with him, but he hardly noticed her. Oh yes, they had scened several times and each time she thought she had died and gone to heaven, but the next time she saw him, he was always polite and distant. She just couldn't understand it. The desire to throw herself at his feet and beg him to take her was overwhelming, but she knew she could not. It was not pride that kept her from it...she was past having pride when it came to him, it was fear. Fear that he would reject her, fear that he would destroy what little hope she had. Several dominants had offered to scene with her and he had never expressed an opinion one way or the other. For the hundredth time, she wondered if he would care. Something in her though could not say yes to any of them. Several times, especially when the request came in front of him, she almost said yes. She wanted to flaunt her independence , but she could not. It was him she wanted, him she needed. Oh she couldn't handle this again. Every night for 3 months, it was the same agony. Crying softly , she stared at the screen, then quickly typed Goodnight and turned the computer off.

Standing up, she walked over to the window and smelled the night air. The loneliness was terrible now, she thought. It had been better before she had met him, she could handle it then, but now her heart felt like a raw, aching wound. She promised herself over and over , she would stay away from him, but she was like a moth drawn to the flame. She heard a sound which jarred her from her thoughts, the telephone rang and Lisa stared at it in confusion. It's late, she thought, who would be calling me at this hour. She walked over and picked it up and said "Hello," "Hello," he said in his deep sexy voice. "Garrick", she breathed out in a sigh. "I am...I am surprised to hear from you." "You left rather quickly," he said "Are you alright?" Lisa let out a breath and then started to cry. "Little one? Little One what is it?" "I am so unhappy Sir." Lisa said and cried harder into the phone. Garrick paused for a moment . "Little One," he said firmly , "I am coming over." Suddenly, the line went dead in her hand. Lisa stared down at the phone in confusion. He was coming over? He knew where she lived because he had escorted her home a few times, but he had never been inside. Why is he finally coming here, she wondered. Pacing in agitation, Lisa walked the small room. Her mind darted in every direction, as she waited for him to come. She kept wondering what he could possibly want. What did this mean?

Finally, in mid stride , she heard the doorbell ring. Straightening her hair quickly, she walked to the door. Lisa opened the door and saw him leaning against the wall. God he looks good, she thought. He was wearing black jeans and a green shirt that brought out the color of his eyes. Suddenly, Lisa realized , she was leaving him standing in the door. "Come in, please," she said. With a smile , Garrick entered her small apartment. Garrick paused for a moment and looked around. It was very neat, if sparsely decorated, and done almost completely in white. "I approve." he murmured and Lisa smiled at him as a feeling of relief washed over her. Strange, she thought, why should I care if he likes my place or not. "May I get you something to drink?" she said in a prim hostess voice. "Do you have any bourbon?" Garrick said. Lisa nodded. "Bourbon and coke in a tall glass...4 ice cubes." Lisa stared at him for a moment then gestured and said "Please be seated." She went into the kitchen and started making his drink. She had the strangest feeling as she made it, she had made many people many drinks, but it was never like this. Why did this give her such a warm feeling? Turning, she walked out of the kitchen and into the living room. He was sitting on the couch staring at her pictures on the wall. "Here you are," she said. He turned and looked at her with an intense look on his face. She recognized THAT look, she had seen it before. "Kneel," he said, "when you present me a drink. Feeling slightly foolish but very submissive , she knelt at his feet with the drink in her hand. She looked up and said, "For you Sir." "Thank you Little One," he murmured. She leaned back a bit and watched him, as he took a sip. "Perfect," he said with a smile. She smiled in return and started to rise. "I think not," he said gesturing down, "I like seeing you at my feet." Lisa settled back down, then looked up at him. "Why," she said, "why do I feel this way around you? Why do I do these things for you?" "That is what I am here to explain," he replied.

Garrick looked at her kneeling at his feet and an overwhelming feeling ofpossessiveness overcame him. He took a moment to compose himself. This part will be difficult he thought. Gently, he thought, start gently. "Lisa, I know you have been confused by my emotional distancing ,and I wanted to explain why that was necessary." Lisa looked at him intently, realizing that this was very important. ."What is between you and I is very complicated," he said. "I was in a relationship for a long time that ended badly , and you. well as enthusiastic, as you are , you are very new to this lifestyle. I knew we both needed time and distance to let this work itself out." Lisa nodded, she could understand this. "What I have found, is that time and distance have only made you more desirable to me." Lisa felt herself begin to shake at his words. "I know this is perhaps somewhat unexpected," he said, "but I realized tonight that leaving you in this ambivalent situation was not only harsh but cruel. The time has come for us to discuss where we are going to go with this."

"I love you," Lisa blurted out. He looked at her and she said it again more firmly. "I love you Garrick, I truly do." "I know you do Little One, but love is not enough." he replied softly. Lisa looked up at him in surprise and a touch of hurt. "I do not wish to be with someone who just loves me," he said gently, "I wish to be with someone who adores me. My slave will be willing to sacrifice for me, obey my every whim, be open to me at all times, and fulfill my every desire. In return I will cherish her and protect her, possibly I will love her, but she will be mine in every way." "I know this is not an easy thing I ask and I also know it will not happen over night, but this is what I desire long-term and frankly I do not wish to waste time with anyone who does not wish these things as well." Garrick looked slightly uncomfortable. "You have to understand," he continued, "My last relationship ended badly , because I was not upfront about these desires from the beginning and I will not let that happen again." Lisa let out a little "oh" . That explained so many things to her. "This is a bit overwhelming," she said. Garrick nodded and watched the emotions pass across her face. Lisa looked up at him and said, "May I please rise I think better on my feet." Garrick nodded and Lisa rose gracefully and started pacing the floor. He watched her, feeling a tenseness he was barely aware of, until she turned to him and he saw theexpression on her face. "I do not know if I can be these things for you,"she said. "I will not lie or promise you something I am not capable of.But I would very much like to try, if you would be willing to train me." Garrick nodded slowly, feeling a huge weight lift off his chest. "I will take you into training then," he said firmly. "When you know in your heart, you are capable of what I need you will find a way to let me know. If at anytime, I feel you are not taking your training seriously or you are not giving me one hundred percent then I will discontinue and you will continue on with your life and I with my search." Lisa took a deep breath and nodded feeling very much as if she was taking a step of a tall cliff.

Garrick snapped his fingers at her and she looked at him in suprise. "Lesson One", he said, "when I snap, you come to me and if we are in private you will kneel. " Garrick snapped again and Lisa rushed to him kneeling at his feet. He swung one leg over her and positioned her between his legs. "Suck my cock," he said. "I want to see how good you are at it." Lisa looked at him. She reached down and slowly pulled the zipper down on his pants. His cock sprang forth and she looked at it in amazement for a moment. She had fantasized about what he looked like, but she had never seen him before. Eagerly, she placed her lips to him and started to lick the tip with her tongue. Slowly , she lowered her mouth down onto him, taking in the entire head, and started to suck. She felt herself grow wet and she reached her hand down to caress his balls under his jeans. A small pearl of come appeared on the tip and Lisa eagerly tasted it. It tasteswonderful she thought. Licking him she ran her tongue as far down his cockas she could go, then slowly ran it back up. She felt a hand in her hairand he pressed her mouth down on his penis. She took as much in of him asshe could but started to gag when he pushed too hard. "We will have to work on that," he murmured.

"Undress yourself for me." he said and a thrill coursed through her. Standing in front of him, Lisa slowly undid the buttons on her shirt. She slipped it off and then slid he hands down to her pants. Sliding out of her jeans slowly, she watched his face has his eyes stayed focused on her hands. Standing in her bra and panties, she ran her fingers over her body until she reached her bra. With a snap she unclasped it from the front and then slid it off. She slid her thumbs down to the waist band of the panties, then slowly pushed them off. "Very nice," he said and then he snapped again. She knelt at his feet quickly and he once again put his hands in her hair. Pushing her head down, she took his cock into her mouth. She could feel herself getting wet and she started to wiggle with excitement. "Do you want some of this bitch," he growled as he felt her squirm against him. "Oh yes please Sir", she said. "Sit back for a moment , Little One." Lisa sat back and he stood in front of her with his cock pointing straight out. "Undress me" he said as he slipped his hand into his pocket. Hands shaking, Lisa pulled his jeans down around his feet then slipped off his socks and shoes as he sat down. She crawled up him to his chest and undid his buttons on his shirt. Slipping it off slowly, she nibbled on his chest. Her tongue ran a trail from the side of his neck, circling his nipples, and down to his cock again. She moved back up and placed a nipple in her mouth and sucked. Garrick arched his back and then grabbed her hair and pulled hard. "Enjoying yourself?" he asked in a stern voice. Lisa blinked back the tears and looked at him a little scared. Garrick took his other hand and handed her the wrapped condom. "Put it on," he said. She stared at it for a moment, then ripped it with her teeth. Taking it in her hand she slowly spread it down the length of his cock. Garrick grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her up to him. "You are mine now," he said looking her in the eye and he kissed her hard. Lisa melted into the kiss and felt his hand between her legs. He pushed three fingers inside her cunt and she squirmed against his hand. "Do not come unless you have permission, Lisa. Do you understand?" Lisa looked at him dazed. "Yes Sir," she said then pushed against his hand again. "Greedy, greedy bitch," he chuckled. "I decide when and how you come, if I let you come at all that is." Lisa moaned a bit at his words and raised her mouth to him. Garrick leaned down and kissed her again, taking her tongue into his mouth. He sucked her tongue, and she moaned into him. Pulling her up, he stood and held her against him. Suddenly, he broke away and left her standing their panting. He picked up his glass and took a slow drink. He dipped hid finger into the glass and he ran the alcohol over the tips of her breasts. He moved his mouth down and suckled the bourbon from her breasts, as she collapsed against him. His teeth grazed her nipple sending a tiny scream from her and he suddenly bit her. Lisa started in suprise, then tensed, as he started on the other breast. He moved her over to the couch as he sucked and then suddenly threw her down on it. "Spread your legs," he growled. Lisa spread her legs instantly as she watched him. "Please Sir...oh please Sir., she begged. He knelt down over her, loving the frantic look on her face. "Touch yourself." he said. Lisa hesitated for a moment and he barked "Touch yourself now." Lisa moved her hands down between her legs and shut her eyes. "Look at me," he said. "This is mine, you have given it to me." Lisa took her middle finger and started to circle her clit. Her hips moved, as she stared at him and pleasured herself. Suddenly her grabbed her finger and raised it to his mouth, licking the juices from it. "You will never do that without permission. Is that understood?" "Yes, Sir", Lisa said, gasping as she felt his weight press down on her. "Excellent Little One," he said. "I will know if you do and I will punish you." Lisa looked at him and winced. "Yes Little One, that is part of it too." Slowly Garrick leaned down and slid himself inside her a little. "You are mine now," he said. He paused and then plunged his cock into her. Lisa arched up against him and he started to move. "Please Sir, please may I come?" she screamed. "Not yet, Little One." he said moving roughly against her. Lisa was desperate to come. She moaned and thrashed her body against him feeling his hot cock in her cunt. "Please, please, Master, "she said Garrick moved quickly against her and felt the pressure start to build. "Come now," he said and she felt the orgasm collapse around her. She screamed against his shoulder and she felt him start to shake. With a growl, he thrust against her again and again, as the waves of pleasure crashed over them. Lisa reached her hand up and cautiously swept the hair from his face. He looked down at her and gave her a soft smile. " That was a very good beginning Little One," Lisa murmured "I love you Sir," and smiled in return.

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