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An Offer of Intimacy

Author: silkmaskedkitten

Filed in: dominance, submission, protocol, passion, collaring

One day Brea slipped into His room in the early evening.  She knew He would be waiting for her.  She had been told.  He extended His hand and she lowered her lips to it, kissing Him gently where His fingers met His hand.   

“Good evening little one,” He said to her.

“Good evening Sir,” came her loving whispered response.  

She felt the familiar warmth of happiness spread through her body and her heart at the words.  He drew her to Him, and then kissed her firmly on the mouth.  She took comfort in their now familiar ritual.  It tended to make her soft feeling, and during it she focused only on Him.  There were candles glowing softly around her and she hadn’t even noticed.

“Attend,” He murmured and she moved easily to sit at His feet, resting her head against His knee.  Her eyes turned up to Him, big and admiring.  Then He shifted in a way that told He would speak.  His hand reached down and twined into her hair.  

“W/we have much to discuss my kitten.”  She trembled at the idea that she was just that, His.

He pulled out a simple black leather collar and let her see it.  He watched her face go solemn, but not unhappy.  “Kitten, this collar represents a commitment, and as such, it is not given lightly.  It is not something I can let you take casually to please me.  If you want it, and wish to be under my training, you’ll have to ask for it.”  

Her heart swelled just thinking about it.  “I love you Sir, and I’d be honored wear Your collar.  I will work every day to be deserving of it.

He smiled in that way He had, simple, pleased, and approving.  “Then kneel little one.”  She moved onto her knees at His command, not quite as comfortable, but far more submissive feeling.  She would’ve pleased Him right there, and been pleased to do so, but now wasn’t the time.

When her eyes met His though, it was with that promise.   Her hand reached up and swept her hair away from the nape of her neck, and the cool leather wrapped snugly around her throat.  She felt this overwhelming sense of relief come over her as He buckled it firmly in place.  He always made her feel safe, but this was better.  

His heart swelled at seeing her there at His feet, but there was work to do.  “Let’s begin.”  She nodded, and bowed her head in what she considered a polite manner, but His hand reached out and took her chin firmly in hand.  “Look at Me.”  Her eyes flew up to His and locked there, hypnotized by them.  “Good girl,” He whispered, seductively.  “How much can you take for Me?”

She shivered, wondering if He meant pain or pleasure.  Either way, she knew there was only one acceptable answer.  “I will take anything You wish to give me,” she responded, so quiet He barely heard her.

“Are You sure kitten?” He asked quietly.  

When she nodded, His hands reached forward to fondle her breasts.  She held His eyes, even if she let a small moan slip.  Gradually His hands moved to Her nipples.  He gave them a small warning flick, and then preceded to pinch, slowly applying more and more pressure.

So He meant pain, she thought numbly, as her breasts began to ache.  She caught herself whimpering and bit her lip to keep herself from crying out.  She wanted to prove to Him she could take it.  She didn’t want to fail at His first test.  He watched her face and the determination there with interest.  He hadn’t hurt her until now.  It wasn’t a requirement for Him that she be a masochist.  If she had been able to take less, He would still push her, it would just be to a different place.  

She kept taking it without complaint though; even when He twisted her nipples, and soon her body was aching and enflamed.  She gasped, breathing a little harder.  She could see Him studying her reactions, and holding His eyes helped her to keep going through the pain.  

Finally, He decided she’d had enough.  “Good,” He said simply, as He released His hold.  She yelped and doubled over, her eyes stinging as the sudden rush of blood back to her nipples doubled the previous pain.  

He chuckled, and twisted His hand into her hair.  “Just because you behave well, doesn’t mean I'm going to stop kitten.  Rest easy though, I am pleased.”  His hand reached down and started to massage away the pain, turning it into delicious pleasure.  He smiled more, and she let loose a low throaty moan.  

She had been wrong, this didn’t hurt at all.  She let herself sink into His lovely touches and strokes until she was quivering with desire.  She was lost and caught up in Him.  He could see it in the way her eyes were glazed over.  He used it to surprise her.  His hand reached down and stroked her most intimate places, bringing His wet fingers up to show her.  “Someone’s enjoying herself, but perhaps she’s forgotten her place is in pleasing her Sir, hmm...?”

She practically dove at His pants, undoing them and pulling them down.  He caught her hand before she got to His boxers, and gave her a stern look, even if it was accompanied by a small laugh.  

“Try some finesse little one.  I already know you’re eager.”  

She squeaked an apology, mentally kicking herself, and nuzzled His bulge tenderly.  She rose up to gently pull His shirt up over His head, trailing her nails ever so lightly over His chest.  Her lips lowered, murmuring sweet things in a whisper over His stomach, then His thigh.  Finally, she pulled away the boxers that separated them, and freed Him.  

She took her mouth to Him, using her tongue to lavish attention on Him, then her throat to ravish Him.  She felt Him pulse in her as she swallowed Him whole, and took pleasure in pleasing.  Her nails were digging into His hips.  She suspected He enjoyed it given the low groan He let out, but it also helped to fight off the near ever present gag reflex that wanted her to back off His cock.  She eventually yanked her head back to gasp for breath, her lips swollen from her eager attentions to Him.  

She was heading right back to it, but He growled, “Enough,” and she rocked back on her haunches waiting.  

He motioned her to the bed and then pinned her to it, where she trembled under Him.  “You are mine, and I can have you any time I want.  Isn’t that right?" He half whispered, half hissed.  She nodded.  “Isn’t that right?” He repeated louder.

“Yes Sir,” she responded, loving the fact that it was true.

“Good,” He said as He slipped on the condom, “because I want you.”  He thurst hard into her, “Now.” 

She groaned, moving under Him.  She would show Him that she could take it all for Him, but she thought as He moved over her, it might be harder to hold off than she had thought.  She was already so close to orgasm that that her holding off was painful, but she wanted badly to wait for Him.

“Kitten, there will be a longer session very soon, but I am going to come in you now.  We’ve waited long enough tonight."

She moaned agreeably.  “Yes, please cum,” she panted, begging, “May I? Please?”  

“Yes, now!”

She came screaming around Him as He emptied Himself into her.  He pounded her tight little chasm over and over again as she spasmed around Him, holding onto Him, never wanting to let go.  When they were both finally empty, they stayed there locked together for a long moment before He rolled off to lay sprawled next to her.  She couldn’t even begin to close her legs for the first few moments, but found the energy to curl into Him, as sweetly as she had after their first time.  

“You’re so good little one,” He said stroking her hair.  She heard it as she drifted to sleep and she smiled because she wanted to be His.  





He awoke the next morning to find her gone.  It created an instant deep-seated fear in the pit of His stomach.  It would’ve done the same to her , but it had never occurred to her that He would have reason to fear her leaving.

He reached the door in two strides and then smelled the aromas from the kitchen downstairs.  She was already filling her role then.  He smiled.

By the time He slid up behind her He wore His usual calm and cocky smile.  She was wearing a green sundress and truth be told the site of her cooking Him breakfast, the light in her hair framing her face, thrilled Him.  Still though, He wouldn’t want to establish precedent.  He pulled a clean apron from the drawer.  

Brea had been singing softly to herself and so was surprised when His stern voice came from behind her.  “Is that how you dress for service?  Strip.  Now!” She had flinched in surprise, then forced herself to calm.  

She turned off the stove, and turn to Him.  She drew her dress over her head as slow as she dared and hung it over the kitchen chair.  He was pleased by her white lace panties and bare breasts, but handed her the apron.  She obediently tied it on, wrapping the cords around her back, to tie the bow in the front.  

He almost took her in that moment, but instead waved her back to the stove.  Later He would have His chance to have her again, but He wanted more than a pet, so for right now T/they would have breakfast and conversation.  He relaxed at their table.  He was a patient man.  He could wait until after His espresso.  

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