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Debut Series: Part 5

Author: selkie

Filed in: dominance, oral sex, initiation

Damian turned from the room which was still captivated with Fazila's caging. Turning his cold gaze on S., he felt an unfamiliar anticipation roiling in his gut but schooled his impassive face to remain calm. S., with Lydia, stood quietly and unobtrusively to the side of the third cross, ignoring the commotion in the outer room, talking quietly together. Lydia had released S.'s arms from their cuffs and S. was absently rubbing the marks which bracketed her wrists.

Snapping the crop against his thigh, Damian caught their attention.

Servile, nervously, Lydia grabbed her charge, turning her to the cross.

"Leave her." Damian ordered peremptorily.

Catching her nervous eyes, he said nothing more for a moment, simply pillorying her with his cold navy gaze.

Oblivious to the crowd who were once again gathering, aware that the third and final act of this very amusing evening was about to start, Damian pondered his next move. He was aware that his prick was throbbing in his pants, an unusual occurrence in that while he took pride in his work, it seldom garnered more than a removed sense of pride. Professional, perfectionistic and demanding, he kept his own sexual urgings largely private and was aware that he was very much the source of much speculation among the House staff. All they knew was that twice a year, for three weeks, Damian took a well deserved holiday to places he divulged to no one.

But, watching S., he was aware that no matter the crowd, no matter the public venue, he was going to bring this bitch to her knees – and right now, literally.

Motioning, he indicated to Lydia to bring S. forward.

As she approached, he watched the small firm breasts move, those beautiful nipples stiff and deep crimson, the soft underside crying out for the whip. His cock throbbed as he saw S.'s long beautiful legs stride forward, the sweet pouting sex tight and private, the silver rings catching the light. S.'s green eyes were downcast, but Damian knew that it was merely a ploy to avoid his eyes – her submission though outward was most obviously a sham.

His chest felt tight, his heart thumping beneath the black silk shirt, his prick feeling damp and so hard it was almost painful. As S. came closer, he reached and slowly, deliberately, began to unbutton his fly.

S.'s eyes snapped up, shocked.

He smiled tightly. That would show the little bitch – she wasn't expecting this, he thought.

Lydia handed Damian the leash apprehensively. Angrily, Damian realized she was reluctant to pass her charge over to him and spared a harsh glare for his normally well trained staff member which quite clearly promised repercussions to follow later.

With a jerk, he tugged at S.'s lead, forcing the proud neck to bow. Pulling harder, angrily, Damian forced the girl to her knees.

Reaching into his fly, he pulled out his hot throbbing member, the tip glistening and drooling a clear translucent stream of arousal. Tangling his fingers in the studded leather collar, with no preparation he thrust his prick into the soft small mouth of the kneeling girl.

S. choked as Damian's thick cock pushed in, desperately rounding her lips so the thrusting member wouldn't scrape along her teeth. She snorted and fought to breathe, her neck aching as Damian pulled her harshly against his groin. Grunting, he shoved his prick in harder, ignoring the appreciative murmuring from the crowd as they watched the slave get face fucked.

S.'s breath whistled as she strove to breath around the invading member. Her lips ached as she fought to keep her tongue lashing against the silken swollen skin of Damian's cock as it thrust in and out, choking again as his prick hit the back of her throat, abrading its sensitive skin.

Damian snapped at the heavy collar encircling the slender neck, pulling the luscious mouth tighter and deeper against his pistoning cock. She felt so goddam good. Looking down, his eyes wild and cold, he thought savagely that this was how she should always be, on her knees, that little mouth full of thick cock, those breasts trembling and jouncing.

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