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His Obedient Pet

Author: selkie

Filed in: watersports, masturbation, sex toys, breast torture, anal play, pee, piss control, outdoors

He was running late for work, but before he left, he had some business to take care of.

Walking into the bedroom, he pulled down the sheet, exposing her to his gaze. She remained asleep, exhaustion from their lovemaking the previous night taking its toll. She lay on her back, her legs relaxed and slightly apart, one arm over her head. The threadbare t-shirt she wore hid very little of her body. Her small plump breasts were clearly outlined through the thin cotton, their large nipples prominent. One breast hung slightly to the side while the other pointed up to the ceiling, pulled by her arm which was flung over her head.

Quietly, he moved to the end of the bed and peered between her legs. Her shaved cunt lips were just visible, tightly closed, hiding the pearl within. But as he looked he could see the lips glistening slightly and he was satisfied that even in sleep she was slightly aroused.

Then without any warning, he took her legs and thrust them rudely apart.

She woke with a start, instinctively attempting to pull them closed. He slapped her thigh sharply, leaving a red handprint. Startled she left them straddled. Her heavy lidded eyes, dazed with sleep, questioned him silently.

He pulled her t-shirt up, exposing the round soft stomach, curving waist and then her plump pale breasts. With one hand he squeezed one of her tits firmly, as if weighing fruit, deciding whether to buy. He moulded it and pushed it and pulled it away from her body. Then he pinched her nipple fairly sharply. She gave a small cry. He pulled back and clinically looked between her spread thighs. The pale soft cunt lips gaped slightly in this position, while from within their red counterparts split open.

At the tip he could see her clitoris peaking out, and grunted when he saw it starting to erect. Grabbing one thigh he pulled it apart even further thus giving him visual access to her entire vulva. Putting his head between her thighs he inspected her cunt hole. Normally pink he was pleased to see it flush a darker, richer colour and as he watched a clear stream of cunt juice suddenly squeezed out and trickled down the crack of her ass.

Her hips moved slightly as if to give him greater access but again he smacked her hip sharply. She stilled and he continued his inspection. Her vulva was starting to swell before his eyes and he watched with pleasure as her cunt lips plumped and expanded while the folds of her vagina began to pulsate.

Taking his hand he reached into his pocket and pulled out the beads. On a thin latex string, there were 5 attached beads, each around 2 inches in diameter. With his other hand, using his fingers, he spread her cunt hole wide so he could look in.

Then taking the beads he pushed the first one up the soft, warm folds. Her passage was tight, and initially there was some resistance, then before his eyes, the wide plastic egg shaped bead slid up into the swollen deep pink hole, the flesh contracting around the string as it disappeared.

He took the next one and pushed and again her cunt seemed to suck the bead into its soft, slippery depths. He followed suit with each bead until the entire string had disappeared up her cunt, leaving only a dangling tail emerging from the soft swollen cunt whose folds hid the bounty within.

Satisfied, he sat straight and gave her her instructions for the day. Pulling out a soft Indian dress with a low round bodice he told her she was to wear it today. Standing, her legs trembling slightly, she stood obediently while he pulled the dress on over her head. The valley between her breasts was clearly visible while the slope of her tits could be seen almost to her nipples. Opening a button, he reached into her bodice and pulled out first one breast, then the other, allowing them to fall naked against the cotton of the dress.

He cupped them, fondling and moulding them and running his thumbs roughly over the nipples. Her breasts seemed to swell in front of his eyes and her nipples contracted and elongated until they were like tiny red fingers at the end of their tips.

Standing back he admired the picture she made. The rich, burnished curls of her head cascaded around the pale shoulders, her green eyes, heavy lidded and still dazed by sleep glowed in her pale Irish face. Her plump pale breasts stood out against the muted blue of the dress, their tips swollen and crimson, their nakedness glaringly obvious and obscenely arousing.

Taking her hand, he led her to the bathroom and pushing her gently, sat her on the toilet, gathering up the folds of the dress so her entire groin and legs were open to his gaze. Obediently she spread her legs so he could see the crack of her cunt gaping open. Looking up, she mutely begged permission.

Kneeling, he put his hand between her legs feeling her cunt thoroughly from the tip of her pudenda to her firm ass cheeks. Pushing with two fingers, he ensured the beads were still safely ensconced in their warm prison, then rocking back on his heels, nodded.

Biting her lips slightly, she concentrated then closed her eyes as with a sigh, a hot pale stream of urine splashed into the toilet. He watched intently as she grimaced with relief, emptying her bladder from the night's concentration. The stream splashed noisily into the bowl from between the gaping lips, her inner labia stretched as she spread her legs a little wider. The hiss of the piss escaping her urethra was quite arousing and he felt his prick stir.

The hot stream faltered, then thinned, and he watched her stomach muscles contract as she emptied the last drops.

Taking some toilet paper, he wiped her thoroughly, checking for a last time the beads enwrapped in her inner recesses. Then pulling her to stand, he turned and washed his hands.

He told her she was to go about her business like this all day, with her breasts swinging free, her cunt naked and that the beads must never come out until he returned home and made the decision to remove them. Should she need to urinate she was to phone him and he would decide whether she could or not and where and when she would be allowed to piss.

Submissively, she agreed, then twining soft arms around his neck kissed his throat. He held her close, moulding the cheeks of her ass against his groin and kissing her deeply. Then he left.

She went about her tasks, feeding the animals, washing dishes, making phone calls. She was constantly aware of her naked cunt because to keep the beads up, she had to consciously be aware that they were shoved up her and keep her cunt muscles contracted. Squeezing and releasing her cunt as she went about her business, she found herself becoming inexorably aroused.

To complicate things, as she worked her breasts would swing freely, jiggling and pulling at her chest. When she was bent over the bath, scrubbing, her tight hard nipples came into contact with the cold porcelain, making her pause and then almost guiltily she swung them against it again, relishing the feel of its coolness against their hot tips.

She reached between her legs and fingered her cunt, tugging slightly at the string and gasping as the beads rolled and shifted deep within her cunt. She was very wet and because her cunt hole was blocked, she coated her finger with her juices then delicately probed her anus.

Gently, she slowly, voluptuously pushed her stiff finger up the tiny hole. Her sphincter muscle resisted for a moment, then closing her eyes and concentrating, she pushed harder and with a sigh, felt her finger sink into the tight muscular vice of her anus.

She knelt, her breasts rubbing against the cold side of the bath, her finger pushing in and out of her ass while the beads rolled and clacked inside her. Then, aware that she was getting very close to cumming and knowing he would be furious if she did, she reluctantly pulled her finger out. Washing, she turned then and continued with her work.

She tried to drink as little as possible but the day was warm and she craved tea. Between the tea and water, by 1 o'clock she was bursting to urinate. She was tempted just to void and not tell him but decided it would be better to get permission. Phoning, she asked to be connected.

Getting on the phone, he asked her brusquely what she wanted. A bit hesitantly she told him she needed to pee. He was quiet for a moment then told her he was busy and he would call her back when he was ready.

She felt a little desperate as he hung up. Her cunt felt heavy and swollen and her bladder was already straining. Willing herself to ignore it, she finished up some laundry. Bending to pick up the basket, she inadvertently released some urine from her bursting bladder, and a thin stream ran down her leg. Clamping the muscles of her cunt tight she stopped the flow before it really began, tears starting as the sensation became painful.

It must have been three quarters of an hour later. She was sitting quietly, afraid to move, in case the urine she was so desperately trying to suppress would spurt out. She was quite honestly close to crying when he called back. He made her describe exactly how she felt, listening while she talking about how her cunt was aching between her need to piss and the effort involved in keeping the beads up her vagina. He told her he was going to allow her to pee but she had to follow his instructions. He told her to go outside to the backyard to the small secret garden he had built for her.

Taking the phone, she obediently went out, looking around carefully to ensure no neighbour was around to see her bouncing, naked breasts. To her horror, as she walked, minute quantities of hot urine would trickle down the inside of her legs with every step. Once safely behind the latticework of her garden, she told him she was ready.

He told her to take her skirt and tie it tightly around her waist so that her entire lower body was exposed. Then, when that was done, he instructed her to crouch and spraddle her legs. Holding onto the phone desperately, in agony now, her bladder aching, she was almost crying. At the other end of the phone, he smiled in satisfaction as he heard her teary voice.

Obediently, every ounce of concentration bent on keeping her bladder clamped shut, she put the phone on the nearby chaise lounge, standing very close so he could hear her and she could hear his further instructions.

After tying up her skirt, she crouched down, spreading her legs. A hot stream of liquid splashed onto the dry earth when she crouched and she gave a cry of distress.

On the phone, she heard him talking and reached for it. He was displeased.

"I heard that � you pissed didn't you?"

Tearfully she admitted some had escaped.

Telling her he would deal with that later, he told her to grasp the string which dangled obscenely between her straddled legs. Reaching between she grasped the string.

Almost light-headed with relief, she heard him tell her she could piss.

For a moment she could do nothing. Her cunt was very wet and very hot, her lips swollen and red; then, clenching her stomach muscles, she concentrated on pissing. With a spurt, a hot yellow stream gushed out of her cunt, soaking her hand and wrist. She heard him tell her to pull on the string, gently but carefully.

She slowly pulled on the string, conscious of the hot piss running down her arm and pooling in her palm. With a small pop the first bead, coated and thick with her juice, popped out. The feeling was quite incredible, the bead was large and stretched her cunt wide before suddenly allowing the hot red folds to contract together on the next portion of the string which it pulled. The sound of the thick stream of urine splashing on the ground added to her arousal, as it emerged from between her cunt lips it streamed to the ground, splashing the inside of her thighs and soaking her feet.

She gritted her teeth against the pleasure and tugged and with a groan felt the second bead pop out.

Musky with her juice, she slowly and methodically began to pull the entire string of beads from her swollen cunt. The golden stream of piss was thinning now and her entire groin felt tense and heavy. As the hot piss streamed out, it was as if she was directing a stream of water which massaged and caressed her while each bead as it emerged, seemed to pull at her very womb. Deep within her she felt that tight, wonderful sensation and she knew once she got the final beads pulled out of her she would cum.

Suddenly she heard his voice faintly and reluctantly she picked up the phone, her hand dripping. Briskly he asked her how many beads she had left. She told him, then he asked her to describe exactly how close she was to cumming. Her bladder was almost empty and she consciously stopped the stream, wanting hot piss to be spilling out when she pulled out the final beads.

Then she heard him tell her sternly to finish her piss but to leave the beads in and that once she was through pissing she was to shove the ones she had already removed back up. Almost tearfully she tried to explain that she was quite desperate to cum and if she could just finish ... angrily he told her to obey and deeply disappointed, but obedient she agreed.

Telling her she was a good girl he hung up.

Spreading her legs wider she squatted slightly and released her bladder, allowing the rest of her piss to stream to the ground. Then as it sputtered and emptied, she used her fingers to push the beads back up her aching cunt.

Finished, she went into the house, undressing and quickly but carefully showering so she would be fragrant and clean for his return.

The rest of the day passed slowly, she could not resist fingering her cunt at intervals, rubbing her fingers between her swollen wet lips, pushing a finger delicately up her ass and swivelling her hips to feel the hard beads roll and push within her. Finally, to escape she lay down and tried to doze.

Some time later, somewhere between sleep and awareness she heard him come in. Immediately she stood, a bit dazed, her breasts bouncing as she staggered slightly. He came into the bedroom and without saying anything to her, simply grasped her and turned her around. Pulling her skirt up from the back, he pushed her face down so her ass was up in the air, exposing her entire cunt to his gaze. First he checked the string, then satisfied it was intact, intently studied her cunt.

Her lips were swollen and dusky with arousal, while not just the slit but the entire inside of her soft thighs were wet with her juice. She bent over the bed, the skirt thrown over her head, pulsating with lust. She felt him rub his fingers between her slit, roughly, then without any warning she felt his index finger penetrate her in the ass.

She groaned as his stiff finger pushed in her and began to fuck her roughly. She began to move her hips back and flinched as he administered a stinging slap.

He then pulled out his finger and telling her to stay as she was went to the bathroom to wash it. Docile, she stayed in her position, relishing the feel of the breeze against her naked exposed ass. Then she heard him calling and eagerly went to find him. He was in the washroom standing before the toilet.

"Take out my prick and hold it while I piss," he commanded her.

Her fingers trembling, she unbuttoned his fly. Reaching inside she pulled out his thick, flaccid prick and directed it to the bowl. For a moment there was nothing and then from the spongy tip of his cock a thick golden stream of piss began to splash into the bowl. He stood aloof while she directed the hot stream into the toilet bowl, loving the feel of his velvet prick and the splash of the hot piss. His prick jerked and filled as he pissed, its soft length hardening slightly.

As the stream thinned, he suddenly stopped it, then turning to her took his prick from her hand and pushed her down to kneeling. Obediently she opened her small lips, and he pushed in just the head of his cock.

Watching intently, she saw his stomach clench and suddenly a hot stream of piss filled her mouth. She swallowed quickly but some of the ambrosia of his essence spurted out of the sides of her lips, running in rivulets down her chin. After a moment his stream petered out and happily, she allowed the rest to run down the back of her throat, hot and acrid and delicious.

Turning more fully toward her, he wrapped his hands in her tangled curls, and slowly, roughly, began to thrust his still slightly flaccid cock into the small mouth. Rhythmically, he pushed his hips into her face, relishing the feel of her hot warm tongue, while even the slight grating of her teeth along his length was unbelievably erotic.

Looking down he admired the picture she made. Tightening his hands, he pulled the curls sharply, harshly so around his now thickening organ she gave a cry. His prick jerked at her distress and he tightened his hands even more, pulling sharply at the roots of the beautiful glossy curls.

Tears started from her eyes as her hair was cruelly pulled but she continued to suck avidly at the sweet moist prick now throbbing and stiff between her lips.

Holding her head steady, he began to fuck her mouth in earnest, shoving his prick harder and deeper within its soft prison.

She gagged as his prick thrust at the back of her throat, constricting her breathing and a mixture of snot and fluid snorted from her nose. Ignoring her distress, he held her head tightly, pulling up so her hair was being tugged harshly and thrusting his cock deep down her throat.

His prick was stiff and throbbing now and filled her small mouth to the point of pain. Her lips were distended, the corners pulled tight, straining to encompass his girth. Her eyes streamed and she fought not to gag as his prick pushed down the back of her throat.

Her reality narrowed to the immediate; a hot stiff prick fucking her mouth, the sweet pain of her hair being tugged and pulled, the feel of the cool tiles beneath her knees.

A moment later, her breath hitching, she was able to take a deep cleansing breath as he pulled his cock free.

Prick bobbing, its pale length glistening from her saliva, he motioned to her to follow.

As silent as a cat, he slipped behind her, crop grasped in one gloved hand. Quietly, he raised his arm and then with a crack brought the thongs sharply against the fleshy part of her shoulder.

She cried out as the whip caressed her pale Irish flesh. Pink bloomed along her shoulder blade as he brought it down yet again. Gently, not harshly, light as a butterfly he swept its leather tongues along her back, coaxing, caressing and eliciting a sigh as she flexed her spine, accepting its kiss.

Creating an intricate pattern, never once allowing the tongues to touch where they had before, he wielded a Master's hand. Her thighs trembling, she felt her skin expand and swell, her heart fill as her beloved gave her his love.

Her skin flickered, the nerve endings awakening and singing, blood rushing to the surface, neurons sending messages to her brain. Between her legs, her vagina, already swollen and hot, plumped even more, slick and wet and in her subspace she strained to remember to keep her sweet tight passage contracted, trapping the beads he had put there.

Moving around his captive darling, he studied the jiggling breasts, their nipples swollen and extended. Gently, caressingly, he swept the tongues of the crop along their sensitive tips and smiled as she cried out.

Pausing, he took the clamps attached to his belt and cautioning her to remain still, delicately opened their tiny clamps. Voluptuously slowly, he brought the plastic covered metal near the swollen tip and then felt his prick jerk as their blunt teeth fastened around its red length. She groaned as she felt the clamp bite into her nipple then silenced as he murmured encouragement. Slowly, carefully, he fastened the second clamp to the hard swollen nipple of her other breast, and then stood back, admiring the sight of the clamps biting into the soft white breasts, a slim golden chain attaching them one to the other, dragging the firm breasts down slightly.

The moving to her back yet again, he commenced his whispering seduction of his beloved. His arm rose and fell and in the silence of the room the whisper and crack of the whip was moist and seductive, a vocal partner to the sensation imparted by its slick tongues.

Her shoulders hyper extended and flexing, she twisted on trembling legs, her back a mass of sensation. Her swollen lips dripped a steady stream of arousal, her breasts flared, an exquisite pain radiating from their cruelly clamped tips.

Watching intently, judging, planning, he paused, gently putting his hand between her legs.

Groaning deep in her throat, almost unaware, lost deep in her personal ecstasy and sensation almost beyond bearing, she began to pant.

Crouching, he studied the luscious cunt intently. Licking his lips, his prick felt swollen and almost sore, his balls aching and tight. Rubbing a hand along its swollen crimson length, he coated his fingers with his own juice, now leaking in a pale glistening stream from the blinking eye.

Finger coated with pre-cum he gently grasped the swollen clit, rubbing so gently his touch was almost a whisper of breath. With his other hand, he grasped the dangling slippery string and tugging, began to pull.

Deep within her womb, she felt the tugging. Her clit flamed and it felt as if her entire womb was being pulled out from between her legs. Panting harshly, hips moving without conscious thought she began moaning, small cries of animal lust that inflamed her beloved.

"Now," he whispered.

"Now!" he said louder.

Obeying,, helpless against his voice, she complied.

With a scream she began to cum. Powerful contractions racked her groin and a strong, overwhelming pressure pushed at the front of her cunt.

"Yes" she heard him say and sighing and moaning, she capitulated.

A hot spray of liquid gushed from the front of her cunt as she ejaculated, coating his hand and spraying his face.

As the last slippery, coated bead slipped from her hot passageway, she came again, her hips jerking and spasming as the sensations overwhelmed and thundered over her.

Moaning and thrashing, tears streamed from under the blindfold, soaking its soft surface and leaving a glistening trail along her flushed cheeks, she was helpless.

Standing, his prick throbbing and hard, its crimson tip uncovered, spongy head glistening and angry, he watched with glittering eyes.

Going behind her, with no preliminaries, he grasped the slender hips and probing between the tight buttocks, found his target.

With a yell, he thrust into her tight, slippery nether passage, impaling himself to the groin. His prick was squeezed and scraped as unprepared, she had no time to consciously loosen. Revelling in the tight unforgiving feel of her anus, he thrust harshly, relishing the feel of his prick raping her unprepared fundament.

Holding her tips tightly, his fingers white as he dug into the narrow hips, he fucked her hard.

Panting, pain flaring along the sensitive muscles of her ass, she moaned again. Thrusting back, she pushed her buttocks against his groin, impaling herself further on his stiff pistoning prick.

As he felt the tight, firm buttocks spread and push against his groin, his prick like an iron bar, he came � his prick spurting long molten streams of cum up her tight ass. His balls contracted and spasmed as almost painfully, he emptied himself into her. Once, twice, three times, he thrust, lost in sensation as he felt his essence streaming in a delicious sticky gush into his beloved.

Slowly, he began to slow as his orgasm began to subside. Leaning against her, his face in her shoulder, she could feel his harsh breathing against her neck. Her shoulders aching, she pushed back against him, glorying in the feel of his warm body against her back, the aching feel of his prick still buried in her tight anus.

Finally, able to catch his breath, he stood. Gently, he reached up and unhooked her cuffs from the doorway and catching her as she trembled and almost lost her balance, lay her gently on the bed.

Smoothing the sweat soaked hair from her flushed face, he kissed her gently, his lips clinging, and gently undid the blindfold. Then going to the bathroom, he ran the bath.

On the bed, she lay, in a fugue of satiation and emotion, trembling and sensitive to every nuance, her body shook.

A moment later, her beloved was beside her. Gently guiding her, he lowered her into the warm, scented bath and lovingly began to run a cloth along her flushed and trembling body. Closing her eyes, she listened to his murmurs of love, his gentle compliments and sweet words of praise, her heart singing.

Half asleep, clean and warm, he led her to the bed. There, gently but thoroughly, he worked the cream into her arms and back and even into the taut thighs, paying special attention to the abraded and flushed back.

Finally, pulling back the blankets he rolled her into warm comfort and crawling in beside her, gathered her in his arms.

Warm, loved and surrounded by him, she fell into blissful sleep.

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