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Ebony Gets in Touch

Author: ChocletRn

Filed in: masturbation, cybersex, sex toys

Ebony sat at her computer chatting with friends flirting with strangers. She had the computer and living room to herself and the boys were asleep. She liked to flirt because she knew she had an effect on them but strangely they did not have that much of an effect on her. She was startled when his IM popped up. She had corresponded with him in email back and forth and even in IM's once or twice.  Tonight was different something began to light up inside.  She told herself that the conversation they were having was not getting to her but before she knew it she was ignoring everyone else's conversation she only worried about his.  

     She was intrigued by their similarities she discovered they shared many things in common. The more they chatted the wetter she got. However, Ebony was determined not to let him in on this fact. She tried to keep her composure and keep up with the conversation. But half way through the conversation she felt her thighs fall apart. She was wearing a skirt and no panties so when they fell apart the air hit just the right spot. She didn't realize her hand had slid down to rest on her stomach. She was squirming in her chair causing her lips to rub against each other. 

     She rubbed her stomach and squirmed more as her hand down slid down her stomach and rested between her legs. The conversation was coming to an end and her mind was on her toy bag in the bedroom. She played and toyed with him letting him know what she was going to do and promising to tell him all about it later. He was going to hold her to that promise. Ebony signed off and headed to her room with moist thighs and a very wet pussy. 

     She went to the linen closet to grab extra towels and shut the door behind her as she entered her room. After making sure it was locked she went to her closet reaching for her toy bag. She tossed her paddle aside and reached for her large but plug, KY Jelly vibrator and huge black dildo. She picked up the small plastic Champaign bottle smiling as she tossed that aside as well. She got out her small clamps and smiled to her self "and they call these small chip clamps".

     Ebony was very ingenious when it came to finding items to play with. As she removed her clothes she felt her nipples harden and the clit hidden between her thighs swell and throb. She was completely naked and admired her own 5'2" brown beautiful body made up of mostly thighs and breast. She was so hot and wet she could hardly stand it. She grabbed her breast and slowly stroked the nipple as she placed it in her month. She marveled at herself every time she did this.  It was times like these she loved being able to suck her own breast. Ebony's nipples hardened and throbbed more as she began to nibble and slowly bite on them. She gathered her toys and made her way to her bed.  

     Ebony lay down on her back with her thighs parted and her knees bent. She placed her nipples between her fingers and squeezed and pulled before placing clamps on them. She ran her hand down her thighs and back up them to feel the wet spot that was now consuming her. She slowly ran her hands up and down her pussy and then inserted two fingers into her hole holding back her moans of pleasure. She inserted more fingers until she had four very wet fingers going back and forth inside her. Her hips rocked back and forth as she felt her need rising and going over the edge.  

     She took her left hand and removed her nipple clamps before she pulled the hood of her pussy back for more access to her now throbbing and hard clit. She rubbed and squeezed her clit with the other hand until she could feel the juices start to flow down between her legs. She was milking it and the need to cry out was greater than she could imagine. The harder she rubbed her clit the more powerful her need to explode was. She could feel that her body was on fire and it was all she could do not to scream and release her juices before now. 

     Her body shook as she continued to rub her clit and her juices squirted every where. Thank goodness for extra towels.  With her legs so far apart and her knees bent she knew she could slide her hand down her pussy to play with her ass. She reached the entrance to her ass and even though it was covered in her pussy juice she squeezed a big blob of KY onto her big plug before shoving it into her ass.

     She held back a loud moan and slowly began to work the plug until she could feel the juices of her pussy run down her hand. She was so close she could feel it her inside were on fire. The plug was going in and out and she needed more.  She was in fog and was on fire completely. She reached for her black dildo before getting on her knees. She rammed it into her already open and waiting ass hole she was inserting it as much as she could from behind and lowered her chest to the bed which only served to intensify the strokes. She knew it was only a matter of time before she exploded but she had every intention on fucking herself in the ass until she did. She could feel it going in and out past the first sphincter and through until she could feel it deep inside of her.  

     Her arms starting shaking and she knew this was the beginning of the end of a wonderful night alone. The juices squirted again and she removed the dildo from her ass. She smiled as she thought of the one that caused such a powerful night.  On shaky legs she wobbled to the bathroom to clean up her mess she so enjoyed creating.

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