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Ebony’s Daddy

Author: ChocletRN

Filed in: punishment, discipline, caning, belts, communication

      The past few weeks were pure torture for Ebony.  She found herself going through the motions at home and work.  She missed her Daddy terribly and it was beginning to take its toll both mentally and physically.  She hated that her Daddy was so busy on the road all the time.  But none of that was important now.  She continually reminded herself that she belonged to him and that as all that mattered.  Knowing he would soon be home helped her get through the days until he arrived.  Tonight was the big night he was expected home after being gone all week.  She took a vacation day from work and had the weekend blocked just for her Daddy.  The boys were sent to their friends for the weekend.  Ebony couldn’t wait for his call to let her know he was on his way.

      She lay in bed and thought of how much she missed her Daddy.  The way she felt in his arms, his touch, his smell, his very essence.  She missed the way he felt deep inside her and the way he made her body explode with his touch. She even missed the way she felt across his lap when those times were necessary.  She missed all the things that reminded her that he was her Daddy.  She missed the love, trust, and protection she felt knowing she was his.  This was something that none before him truly made her feel.  At times the mere thought of him made her body shiver.  She knew that being possessed by him was all she needed to complete herself.

      Ebony was so caught up in her thoughts her hand slide between her legs to sooth her growing desire.  Her fingers delved into that hot, wet spot as her desire grew.  Her loud moans stopped her and snapped her back to reality.  This was part of what had her in trouble with her Daddy now.  Self control was one of the hardest things her Daddy had to teach her when it came to that.  Before she met her Daddy she enjoyed masturbating when and where she felt.  When the need arose and the opportunity presented itself her hands found their way and became very busy.  She found herself so hot and horny at times she couldn’t take it.  The need would grow until it consumed her every thought.      

      But it wasn’t hers to play with anymore.  Her body was his to do with it what he wanted.  She had to ask for permission to do anything with it.  As much as she wanted and needed to see her Daddy it didn’t make what she was going to get once he got there any easier.  Her Daddy was always true to his word, she knew this was not going to be a mild spanking.  She also knew she deserved what was coming to her.  The first thing he promised her was the punishment she was overdue. 

      The ringing snapped her back once again from the day dream.  Hearing his voice on the other end of the phone swept a wave of emotions through her entire body.  “Baby girl I’ll be there soon”.  Ebony quickly jumped in the shower to be prepared before he got home.  At least this time he was giving her notice.    Even though she knew when he was due home it was usually the sound of the jingling key that alerted her that her Daddy was coming through the door. 

      Ebony heard the key and made her way to the living room.  She looked up as he walked through the door.  Every fiber in her body wanted to run and jump in his arms.  Her recent behavior prevented her from having that liberty he had often times given her in the past.  She looked to where he stood and her eyes and heart smiled as she quickly lowered her eyes.  She dare not speak a word until given permission.  Her journal sat on the table next to his “Nfinity Paddle”, usually all he needed to remind her of her place or quickly correct a behavior. 

      Her Daddy went to the table and picked up the journal and her paddle.  His command “Present” came quickly.  Ebony stood in the middle of the floor wearing only her collar.  She knelt with her knees spread wide, back straight and head up high with her eyes slightly lowered.  She placed her hands palm up on her thighs.  She patiently waited for his next instructions.  She watched as he proceeded to the table and picked up her journal.  Her journal was for his review of her thoughts, feelings, and actions when he was not home.  But Ebony had already spoken with her Daddy letting him know what a couple of her transgressions were while he was gone.  He had a preview of her journal prior to coming home.  He didn’t like what he heard and she knew it no sooner than it escaped her lips.          

      As she stood here now his comments while he read served to only further her anxiety.  But Ebony was sure to remain still and quite.  Ebony’s Daddy stood to his feet with his tall figure towering in front of her.  With that he said one word and proceeded to their room “come”.  Making her way to the room Ebony’s fear grew.  She hated to disappoint her Daddy as much as she hated for him to have to punish her.  She walked through the bedroom door and watched as he rearranged the pillows on the bed.  Her heart sank knowing what was to come.  He used this position when he was going to take as much time as he would need to get his point across to her behind.     

      He only needed to look at the bed for her to know that was where she needed to immediately be.  She quickly made her way to the bed and placed herself face-down on the bed with her face pressed snuggly into the pillow.  Her hips and bottom were elevated on three more pillows.  Her arms were outstretched above her head with her fingers spread apart to prevent her from drawing up, clenching her fist or holding in the pain. 

      Eyes closed she prepared for the first blow unsure of where it would come from.    She was prepared for the paddle.  His “Nfinity” paddle always left a sting with a nice impression to remind her that she was his for infinity and needed to act like it.  She let out a small gasp as she heard him unfastening his belt buckle and pulling it through his pants loops.  More than any other instrument her Daddy used for discipline the belt was the one she despised the most.  The sting always lingered after the strike.  The humiliation of her Daddy having to remind her of her behavior by literally taking off his belt served as part of the reason she despised it so.  When he was finished pulling the belt through he spoke softly as he made her recite again what she had done to deserve this punishment.  It was all right there in the book, but now she had to openly speak it furthering her humiliation. 

      Ebony truly was sorry for her misdeeds.  But it was too late to do anything about it now.  She could only accept what she was going to receive.  Ebony began by apologizing and begging for forgiveness.  She knew she was not allowed to touch her Daddy’s pussy.  So the fact that she not only touched it, put played in and tasted it was worse.  The first <smack> sent a sting through her cheeks into her stomach.  As much as she wanted to she did not move, nor did she cover her behind.  The next few <smacks> were slightly harder than the first causing her to let a soft cry escape her lips.

      Her Daddy was at her ear asking her why she was crying now for something she enjoyed doing so much before.  He quickly made his way behind her.  The <smacks> quickly warmed both cheeks as he alternated between them.  Although her skin was choclet brown she knew her ass was turning bright red because she could feel the heat growing and creeping between her legs.  The <SMACKS> continued growing louder and coming faster while Ebony explained the things she had done that displeased her Daddy while he was away. 

      On the verge of tears the <SMACKS> continue to get harder and faster.  The tears begin to flow and Ebony knew this was far from over.  She was never to complain, struggle to get free, or beg her Daddy to stop when she was being punished.  There was to be no interference of any kind.  But she was coming closer this night than she had in a long time to breaking that rule.  She could not help the soft cries that made their way to her throat.  The cries became louder and now escaped her throat.    Her repeated “Ooos and Ows” only brought more <SMACKS> from her Daddy’s belt. 

      Ebony listened as her Daddy explained why she was receiving every lick.  Ebony began to struggle and her hand quickly shot behind her in a feeble attempt to protect her now red and swollen cheeks.  She immediately removed her hand and stretched it back out but the damage had already been done.  Now she was crying because of her punishment and because she had made a mistake she didn’t often make, interrupting her Daddy while he punished her.   

      There were several more <smacks> form the belt and then nothing.  The strikes from the belt stopped but it wasn’t for a good reason, or because he was finished.  Ebony felt the leather cuffs wrap around her wrist and felt them being pulled to the edge of both sides of the bed and be tied to the post.  The disappointment in her Daddy’s voice could be heard.  “Little one, you do know that this will cost more than what you had to receive tonight, don’t you”.  She could only muster the weakest of replies “yes Daddy”.  She braced herself for more blows from the belt.

      Ebony watched in shock as the belt was thrown to the floor.  She could hear her Daddy’s footsteps make his way to the locked closet that contained all of his other instruments.  He was back to his spot now and she buried her face deeper into the pillow attempting to stifle her cries.  She felt his cane slowly dragging down her back.  Next she could feel the cane across the red hot welts that now covered her choclet behind.  She knew the feel of that cane anywhere.  The cane was a close second to the belt in her book.  And that is why her Daddy always reminded her; that was why he got to pick what he would be using. 

      Her sobs decreased as the sting faded in and out.  She attempted to brace herself for the sting of the cane.  The cane found its mark on her ass after it whistled through the air.  She didn’t dare let out a cry of any kind.  Ebony felt each strike hit its mark perfectly.  Her Daddy now reminded her that would be the last time she interfered with his discipline again, “wouldn’t it”.  “Yes Daddy” came through her inward sobs.  

      This went on for what seemed like forever to Ebony.  Her tears were streaming down her face providing a source of release.  The cane stopped and Ebony’s wrists were released.  She could only lay there and sob convulsively as she was gathered into her Daddy’s arms.  Ebony cried for everything she had done while he was gone.  She let it all out knowing that when she was done she was forgiven and that would be the end of it.  Her Daddy didn’t dwell on things; once she was disciplined it was over.  It usually took her ass longer to get over it than that.   

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