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Short Story

Author: ChocletRn

Filed in: punishment, discipline, daddy, girl

She was running late again for yet another appointment.  She searched the road praying she didn’t run into her Daddy or any of his friends/coworkers.  It was simple she needed to be on time and had better not get one more speeding ticket.  Just because he was a police officer didn’t mean he could always get her out of a jam.  She could hear his words in her head.  She couldn’t help it she was taking a shower when she got all caught up with the detachable, water force changing shower head.  That felt good but it sure wasn’t worth the punishment she would receive if she was late or got caught.  The rule was two fold she could not be late nor could she get a ticket.  But she found her self in danger of both running late and getting a ticket.


She was two blocks away she let out a sigh of relief.  She looked down to have her wallet in reach.  If she had everything in hand she thought she could hop out of the car and run into the building.  She looked up one hand on the wheel the other with wallet in hand.  What was that…shyt she looked in the mirror to find those famous lights swirling.  The language she used was unbecoming even for a sailor. 


There was no way to get out of this one she couldn’t think up a story quick enough.  She noticed the officer step out of the car.  Her heart sank in to the bottom of her feet.  “Do you know why I pulled you over”.  “Yes Daddy”.  “Haven’t we discussed this at length”.  “Yes Daddy”.  “Let’s hear it”.  She knew nothing she could say was getting her out of trouble.  She stammered to get her words out.  “Well Daddy…I thought it was going to rain Daddy, so I was going to buy new windshield wipers.  I know how much you value my safety…but when I started off to the store I realized I was going to be really really late so I turned around and was on my way to my appointment when you stopped me”.  “Ok” Dang that was easy she thought…”So the windshield wipers need to be replaced”.  “Just the right one Daddy”.  Ok off to your appointment I’ll get on that when I get home.  He kissed her on her forehead and sent her off.  She sighed and thanked the heavens the whole rest of the way. 


          Tonight was his late night so she usually drifted off to sleep before he made it home.  She was good into her sleep when she heard what she thought was metal clanking.  Hmmm she dismissed it and drifted back off to sleep.  Before she had time to react her arms were pulled out from under her and handcuffed to the bed post.  That metal she heard was now being wrapped securely around her waist and secured under the bed.  She was forced onto her knees and her feet were secured she could not move a muscle. 


          There she lay naked with ass in the air.  She thought she heard more than one voice.  But surely her Daddy would not bring his friends to see them play.  She was immediately scared.  This didn’t feel much like play.  She soon realized that he brought not one officer but three to witness what ever it was he had in mind. 


          “Precious”, “yes Daddy”.  He then explained that it was apparent that nothing he had done so far convinced her as to how serious he was about her not being late and not getting any more tickets.  She was scared and he knew it.  “Now, about this windshield wiper”.  Was he holding it in his hand?  Out of the corner of her eye she answered her own question. 


          “Well Precious we are going to see just how broke this wiper is”.  The first smack sent a sting from the cheek it landed on, up her back and back down to her toes.  The smacks that followed felt just as bad if not worse.  She was in tears now when he asked her if she thought the wiper blade was still broken.  She could barely muster a response.


          He was behind her now and she could feel his hand wiping her cheeks.  What ever he was using was wet and slippery.  With one motion he slipped two fingers into her ass.  She still could not move a muscle.  He explained they were going to try one more thing to make sure this blade was not broken.  The tears were still running down her cheeks when the scream spilled from her mouth.  She had never felt such pain and it took her a few seconds to realize he was fucking her in her ass with the wiper blade.  He always prided himself as the sadist.  The more she cried the harder he rammed.  The next part was too embarrassing to fathom. 


          She felt two separate pairs of hands holding her ass cheeks apart as he rammed and twisted that blade inside.  When he was finished he told the others if they ever needed help keeping theirs inline they knew where he was.  She heard the front door downstairs open and close.  The chains and handcuffs were now being released.  “So now the windshield wiper truly is broken I’ll replace it tomorrow”.  She was then instructed to go take a shower and return.  From that night on she thought to herself she was never going to be late for anything else.  She knew dam sure she wasn’t getting another ticket.

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