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Summer Vacation

Author: ChocletRn

Filed in: FF, strap-on, girl on girl

      Angie began packing last night unsure of what to take and what to leave.  Tracy assured her she needed to pack light and she thought it was jokingly that her roommate told her to pack nothing.  Their relationship was a strange one to her.  They had moved in with each other two years ago and had been inseparable ever since last summer.  They were two college students in need of roommates and they discovered that they shared many things in common.  But she realized all too late that she was developing feelings for her roommate that went beyond girlfriends or roommates even.  The feelings were not the “normal” ones like she was used to between two girls.  She didn’t understand why though because she had never considered herself gay, bisexual or even curios.  But last summer was when everything changed and now she was going away with her roommate again for another summer vacation.  Angie was unsure of what her roommate Tracy had in store for her this summer but if it was anything like last summer she was in for a wild summer.   

      They spent last summer at her roommates parent’s summer home.  Her parents were gone and they would not be using the home for another two weeks.  They began to get comfortable with one another wearing next to nothing.  Until finally they were walking around the house naked and neither thought anything of it.  They were both girls she told her self it meant nothing.   

      Nothing until the day she caught herself staring at Tracy a little longer than she normally did.  Angie shook it off as nothing.  She couldn’t help herself that her roommate’s breasts were perky with nipples like Hershey kisses waiting to be sucked.  The small triangle pattern of hair that covered Tracy’s pussy also made her think things she never would admit too out loud before that day.  She felt that warmth and moisture collect between her own legs and felt ashamed to the point that the images left her mind.   

      She would often compare her own breast and body to her roommates and this also made her feel ashamed.  Her roommate however assured her that her body was also beautiful.  She said there was just more of her to love and she would make someone very happy some day.  But there were many times Tracy had to remind Angie she was as beautiful as the next woman.  It was during one of these times last summer that things changed. 

      They had become so close that Tracy knew her thoughts before she could finish thinking them.  Angie relied on Tracy in a way she couldn’t understand her self.  But she knew that Tracy protected her and kept her inline.  She didn’t understand why she surrendered her will and more to Tracy.  If she had a situation she couldn’t handle she deferred to Tracy for the answer.   

      Angie was lying on the bed staring up at the ceiling when Tracy walked into the room.  She was on her back feeling her large breast as they fell to the sides of her body.  She was staring at the ceiling cursing her body.  Tracy sat beside her on the bed and asked her why she was unhappy with her body.  She replied that it was too large and she would never find anyone to make her feel special and loved because of it.   

      Before she realized it her roommate’s hands were stroking her breast.  Tracy sat looking into her eyes reminding her of her beauty and self worth.  The strange thing was if Tracy said it was so, than it was so.  She was startled to feel her hands caress her breast but could only let out a gasp as her body shuddered. 

      Her roommate picked up on every cue and began to rub on her stomach alternating between this and her breast.  Angie instinctively opened her legs wanting more.  Tracy’s hands were between Angie’s legs massaging her wet spot before she knew it.  She let out moans and gasps and wondered why this felt so good.  She wanted to feel more of what she was feeling.  She had never felt like this before.   

      Her roommate brought her mouth over hers and kissed her more passionately than any man before her had ever done.  Her body was reacting in ways she never knew existed.  She soon realized that she was kissing her back.  Her roommate’s lips were soft and her wet tongue found its way into her mouth.  She couldn’t control the feelings that were flooding through her body. 

      Her roommate took her hands into hers and guided them between her legs.  She had never felt herself like this before.  She was always taught good girls did not touch themselves.  She was also taught that laying with someone of the same sex in a sexual way was wrong.  But what she was feeling now was very real, very intense, and very right.  She felt the wetness between her legs and it seemed to be getting wetter.  It became warmer than before and very moist.  She could only hope that Tracy put her out of her misery quickly.  But that was not what Tracy had in mind and the torture went on.   

      Angie moved her hips as Tracy’s hands again took over on and in her pussy, slipping one than two fingers into her pussy.  Angie moaned louder and couldn’t control the desire to have all of Tracy inside of her.  Tracy brought her fingers to Angie’s lips and she instinctively sucked them dry.  Her pussy throbbed and opened up waiting for what ever Tracy wanted to place inside of it.  In her heart and mind she knew she would take whatever at this point.  Angie’s hands clinched the bed sheets as her hips moved in sync with Tracy’s rhythm in and out of her pussy.  She had never been fingered before least of all by another woman.  She could feel her pussy getting wetter and hotter.   

      Angie would do anything Tracy asked of her now.  Tracy again placed Angie’s hands onto her own pussy and got up from the bed.  Angie was so excited she could only rub as hard as she could to make the juices reach a peak and didn’t notice what Tracy was doing.  Tracy returned and guided Angie onto her hands and knees.  Her ass was high up in the air and her face was forced into her pillow.  Angie felt Tracy’s hands on her hips as she felt Tracy guide her strapped on apparatus into her pussy.

      The feeling of 8 inches into her open and waiting pussy was almost more than she could bear.  The tears came as her body instinctively moved back onto Tracy’s strap on.  Her body had never felt this way before.  Tracy knew all of the spots to hit and the juices squirted down her legs with each stroke.  Being positioned like she was allowed for deeper penetration.  She could only moan and softly cry into the pillow as she felt Tracy pound deeper and faster.  Knowing that Tracy herself was getting excited by the way the strap on rubbed against her own pussy every time she rammed into Angie.   

      Sensing that Angie was past a point of return she reached to the night stand for her strategically placed astroglide.  She lubed her index finger and as Angie let out moans and cries she slipped it slowly into her ass hole.  This brought about a different moan from Angie.  Sensing she could take more Tracy inserted two more lubed fingers into Angie’s ass slowly going back and forth pounding away on her pussy.  Angie began to shake the double penetration was taking its toll and she needed release and soon. 

      Tracy now had three lubed fingers inside Angie’s ass and was thoroughly fucking her with her strap on.  The faster Tracy fingered and fucked the loader Angie’s moans became.  She was wild with pleasure and her entire body shook.  Hearing Tracy lean into her and whisper in her ear it was time to cum came none too soon.  She distinctively heard Tracy tell her to cum and not stop until she pulled out.  Angie heard Tracy behind her let out a soft moan and she knew they were both satisfied. 

      To be continued…you want to know what happened this summer don’t you ;o)

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