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The Position

Author: Barister

Filed in: punishment, bondage, orgasm, F/f, butt pllug, vibrators, strapping

She was extremely uncomfortable. She had been positioned like this for almost an hour now, as she always was before her lover, Ginny, first sexually tormented her and then punished her. She didn't remember when Ginny first began positioning her like this for her punishments, it must have been shortly after she had moved in with her. But, each time that she was to be punished, it was the same routine.

First Ginny slowly undressed her, piece of clothing by piece of clothing. As Ginny removed her clothes, she allowed her soft fingers to trail across the sensitive areas of Mandy's body. By the time that Mandy was down to her bra and skimpy panties, her nipples were always stiff and throbbing with arousal and her pussy was soaking the panel of her panties which stretched between her legs. When Ginny removed Mandy's bra, she always lingered, rolling the already hard nipples between her thumbs and forefingers until Mandy was moaning with unbridled lust. One of the rules was that Mandy could not move, she could only verbalize her feelings.

Once her bra was completely removed, Ginny slid a hand into each side of Mandy's panties, letting her thumbs slide up and down that oh so sensitive join of thighs and pubis. Mandy always had to bite her lower lip to keep from breaking the rule and squirming to intensify the touch. Then, Ginny would push her further into Mandy's panties until the fingers of her hands almost touched in the back, her hands and palms cupping Mandy's firm, athletic, compact buttocks. Ginny always allowed her fingers to stray into the crack between Mandy's cheeks as she slowly, ever so slowly, slid the panties down. As the panties passed Mandy's lower buttocks, Ginny's fingertips always brushed the back of Mandy's now dripping pussy. When Mandy was totally naked, Ginny always made her stand still, hands clasped behind her head, fingers interlocked and her long, sinewy legs spread widely apart. Then Ginny always paid homage to Mandy's turgid nipples, engorged pussy lips and stiff, little clit with her mouth and tongue. By this time, Mandy would be on the brink of orgasm, reduced to a moaning, trembling animal, lust growling at the back of her throat. Of course, Ginny always stopped just before Mandy could cum.

Then, Ginny always led Mandy over to their big, brass bed and put her in "the position". Mandy had to lie on her back and grasp the brass rails of the headboard with her hands while Ginny used soft, silk ropes to firmly tie Mandy's wrists as high and as far apart as she could stretch them. Mandy always felt like a turkey wishbone when this was done. The position made her breasts lie flatly against her chest, with the rock-hard nipples jutting out like hot coals. Before too long her arms ached.

Then, Ginny would tie a soft, silk rope to each of Mandy's ankles and, one-by-one, tie the ankles as high and as widely open as she could to the brass rails of the headboard. This would leave Mandy's thighs open widely and bent backwards until she thought that she would split in two. An added benefit to "the position" was that Mandy's shaved pussy was revealed like a gaping wound and the sweet, crinkled tan rosebud of her anus was also totally exposed.

Once Mandy was tightly bound in this most vulnerable and dangerous position, Ginny would always leave her that way for the hour of contemplation of her misdeeds.

When the hour was finished, Ginny would return and, once again, began to roll Mandy's nipples between her fingers and thumbs until they were again achingly stiff. Then she would quickly place a wooden clothespin with a strong spring on each hot, hard nipple. When she let the wooden clip close, Mandy would always gasp loudly and begin to pant swiftly in an attempt to control the sudden, sharp pain. By the time that both clothespins were tormenting Mandy's nipples, her pussy juices would be running down between her bottom cheeks and on to the bedspread and she would be tugging hungrily at her bonds.

Then Ginny would go and get the vaseline. She would take a big, gooey glob of it on her right index finger and push it into Mandy's tight little asshole, causing Mandy to wiggle and moan with increasing lust. She would then grease her middle finger and slowly push the two fingers into Mandy's anus. By the time that Ginny was through lubricating Mandy's cute little bottom hole, she could almost, not quite, but almost, push four fingers into Mandy's anus.

Ginny would then clean her fingers and begin to play with Mandy's sweet pussy. First, though, she always dipped her fingers into the dripping juices and then put them to Mandy's own lips. Mandy loved the taste of her own pussy. She would avidly suck clean each of Ginny's slippery fingers. Finally, Ginny would use her lips and tongue to bring Mandy, once again, to the very precipice of orgasm and then stop, leaving Mandy a pleading desperate woman.

The final aspect of "the position" would quickly ensue. Ginny would insert a large, flared, butt plug into Mandy's twitching anus, filling her completely with hard, black rubber. Its shape ensured that it would stay lodged firmly and deeply inside of Mandy's bottom. The insertion of this plug always caused Mandy to pant with lust and desire. Ginny loved watching Mandy's anus expand around the hard rubber to accept the fullest part of the plug and then quickly constrict as it gripped the smaller part of the plug which held it in place.

After the butt plug was firmly ensconced in Mandy's bare bottom, Ginny would take the lovely, supple, latex, vibrating dildo and turn it on. She would then slowly, lovingly rub it up and down Mandy's dripping slit, pausing from time-to-time at her hard nubbin of a clitoris. Mandy often began to howl like a wild beast at this point. When Mandy was nearing her peak, Ginny always swiftly thrust the vibrating, rotating dildo into Mandy's gaping pussy. Mandy usually began to cum immediately as the vibrating shaft moved deeply within her and the attached clit stimulator massaged her eager nub.

Ginny then always left Mandy like that for precisely a half-hour, writhing, squirming, moaning and cumming like the lust-crazed woman that she had become. The first several orgasms were always increasingly earth-shattering and served to make Mandy want more, more and more. Then the multiple orgasms became more of a mixed blessing. Towards the end of the half-hour, Mandy would be babbling, begging Ginny to turn off the vibrator and to get on with her punishment. For this was only the warm-up, the preliminary to the punishment which Mandy knew was inevitably coming for, after all, that was the real reason for "the position".

Ginny always sat there during this half-hour, in the rocking chair, watching Mandy's pleasure and torment, slowly rocking as her fingers toyed with her own soaking wet sex.

* * *

Finally, the half-hour was up and the first part of Mandy's pleasure/torment was over. Now it was time for torment alone and the position was perfect for that as well. Ginny got up and went to where Mandy lay, her whole body gasping, trembling and wet with sweat and her own juices. Mandy started at Ginny's touch, lost in her own bittersweet world. She moaned as Ginny turned off the vibrator and slid it out of her clenching pussy with a "pop" of released suction. She groaned as Ginny gently eased the plug out of her anus and whimpered as the large bulbous portion passed her sphincter muscle. She trembled, as she knew what always came next when she was in "the position".

Mandy began to plead with Ginny to untie her, not to punish her, to show her mercy. Her pleas were reduced to babbling as she saw Ginny take up the razor strop and step to her side. Ginny started to lecture Mandy about her misdeeds, her errant ways and her inconsideration as she raised the razor strop for the first wicked blow which landed flush across the crease of Mandy's bottom cheeks, inverted as they were, right where they joined her splayed upper thighs. For the next ten minutes, all that could be heard in the bedroom was the nasty "swish", "thwack" of the strop, the lecturing voice of Ginny and the incoherent, almost hysterical pleas, begs and whimpers of Mandy all blending together into one erotic symphony of pain, punishment and redemption.

When Ginny laid the strop to rest on the foot of the bed, they were both panting - one with lust and one with agony. Then Ginny picked up the final instrument of Mandy's punishment - the soft, supple cat o' nine tails. Before the change of implement could be noticed by the babbling Mandy, Ginny was lashing out with the cat, flogging Mandy's inner thighs, gaping pussy, flinching anus and even that huddled, still stiff clitoris.

As usual, the cat quickly brought Mandy to the very brink of total terror and abject misery. The soft leather caressed every nook and cranny of her most private places causing her unspeakable agony - and yet - as always, Mandy felt the dim beginnings of still another orgasm building in the depths of her being. An orgasm born of suffering.

Ginny could see the subtle transformation in Mandy as her movements became less frantic and more purposeful, as her screams turned to gasps and moans, as the cat became soaked with Mandy's again flowing juices. Ginny changed the rhythm of the strokes as well as their strength and placement so as to enhance Mandy's lust. Ginny's left hand found its way to her own dripping crotch, her fingers keeping time to the rhythm of the cat.

Finally, as Mandy was nearing the peak of her desire, Ginny threw down the cat, hurriedly undid the silk ropes which bound her lover and, pulling Mandy lower on the big brass bed, quickly assumed that other familiar position - sixty-nine. Burrowing her face between her beloved's thighs, her tongue quickly found Mandy's clit, just as the electric shock of Mandy's tongue found her clit. The two women consumed by love and lust, used their tongues and lips to bring each other to sweet, crashing orgasms.

Later, lying in each other's arms, surrounded by love and the odour of their passion, Mandy whispered, "thank you for loving me enough to punish me, Ginny." Ginny simply replied, "it was my pleasure, my love."

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