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Ebony’s Jewel

Author: ChocletRN

Filed in: F/f, oral sex, lesbian, first time, fisting

      Ebony looked across the table at their dinner hosts with a smile.  Ebony thought to herself she preferred thick ones like herself.  Ebony could see herself buried between her thighs bringing her to tears.  The Dominant sitting across the table was one of her Daddy’s oldest friends.  And the lovely female sitting across from her was his submissive.  On more than one occasion this evening her Daddy caught her staring across the table. 

      He would lean over and remark how much he enjoyed seeing her checking out the submissive across from her.  She would lower her eyes and blush and of course honestly answer that she was indeed checking her out.  But Ebony could look at this submissive and see she had never been with another female a day in her life.  Every time she caught Ebony staring she would lower her head and blush.  That was the tale-tale sign that she hadn’t but she had thought about it.  She smiled inside as she thought to herself that she didn’t mind being Jewel’s first. 

      For the past few weeks her Daddy had been remarking how he would love to see her enjoy herself with another female again.  To think that when they first met she had never touched another woman sexually.  She looked and thought about it but she never acted upon those thoughts until she was with her Daddy.  Now given the right specimen she could out eat many a man.  Her Daddy enjoyed watching her as much she enjoyed being watched by her Daddy.  It was something that she enjoyed doing especially because it pleased her Daddy so much.

      The host and his sub disappeared just as Ebony’s Daddy motioned her to follow him upstairs.  Ebony had been horny all day and was hoping that this would be when her Daddy would finally allow her some release today.  She would get release not with her Daddy but with the lovely Jewel waiting inside the bedroom with her Sir.  Ebony smiled as her Daddy reminded her that this was Jewels first time.  There was nothing like being someone’s first as Ebony fondly remembered hers. 

      The fear Jewel had was out shadowed by this thing she wanted to experience.  The fact that her Sir would be watching made it easier.  The fact that Ebony’s Daddy was also watching was a little unsettling.  Jewel was already on the bed when Ebony and her Daddy entered the room.  She was unsure of what to do or what to expect.  The first thing Ebony told her was that she wouldn’t do anything to her that she wouldn’t beg her to do.   

      They faced each other kneeling on the bed.  Ebony covered Jewels mouth with hers and kissed her until she felt Jewels body loosen and her legs fall apart.  She covered Jewels breast to squeeze and play with her nipples with one hand while letting her other hand find its way between her thighs.  Jewels body betrayed her as she let out several moans.  Ebony continued to work on Jewels pussy until she knew she was ready to move forward.  Ebony positioned herself behind Jewel both still on their knees.  She wrapped one hand around Jewel to continue to play with her breast while wrapping the other hand around her waist to explore Jewels wet throbbing pussy a little more.  Jewel began to ride Ebony’s fingers as she quivered.   

      Just before she was sure Jewels was going to cum she whispered in her ear reminding her that her Sir was there and she would hate for her to forget to have his permission before doing so.  Ebony guided Jewel to lie on her stomach with her thighs spread apart.  Jewel was spread eagle and could feel all eyes on her.  But none of that matter because Jewel had already decided that she was going to enjoy this experience.  To do that she had to let the fact that others were watching her go.  Jewel quivered as she felt Ebony’s fingers rub her twitching pussy lips.   Every inch of Jewel was enjoying this.  

      She could feel Ebony watching how she responded under her touch.  Ebony covered Jewel’s body with hers and continued with her hand between her thighs slowly stroking her rapidly swelling clit. While she stroked Jewel’s wet clit she rode her own wet pussy over Jewel’s ass. Ebony held back her moans as Jewels were the only ones she wanted the others to hear.  Her strokes between Jewel’s legs came faster as her own clit throbbed and twitched. She could feel Jewels body stiffen and quiver under her own.  She knew that feeling well.  The beauty of their bodies in motion was a sight to see.

      Ebony flipped Jewel over and quickly made her way between her thighs again.  The feel of Jewels pussy in Ebony’s mouth, between her lips was the silky smooth feeling she missed.    Jewel’s moans were louder now as Ebony alternated between sucking and rubbing her clit between her fingers.  She found Jewel’s spot over and over again.  Jewel was now grabbing her own breast as she begged her Sir if she could cum.  He smiled and let her know that she could as often as she liked.  She immediately released a wave of her juices deep in Ebony’s mouth.  She fiercely humped begging Ebony not to stop. 

      Ebony made her way back to Jewels breast as she slid two of her fingers into her awaiting pussy.  She worked in and out slowly inserting the third.  Jewel moved between pleasure and pain more times than she could count.  Ebony inserted four than five fingers slowly working in and out.  Jewel wanted it and Ebony was giving it to her she slipped her knuckles inside, folding her thumb inside your fingers.  Ebony’s hands naturally formed a fist allowing Jewel to work through her orgasms one after the other.  The orgasms came faster and harder she didn’t want this feeling to end.  She didn’t want the feeling of having Ebony completely inside of her to end.  This was a feeling Jewel would never forget. 

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