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The Blossoming of Luna 1: Private Dance

Author: luna

Filed in: masturbation, voyeurism, bbw

I didn’t usually brave the bars at night, I was new in town, but something drew me that night to see the ladies dancing, and maybe catch glances with a few men. Maybe it was my new found confidence, or the fact that I was free again. My marriage never did make me feel good about myself, it made me feel… stuck, trapped, and undesired. I was ready to be me, to let myself feel everything I had put aside for so long.

Dressing to catch the eyes, I put on my favorite dress, silky pink rayon with a scooping neck, dipping dangerously low over my breasts; it stops just above my knees with a soft finish. The fabric clings to me, shaping my curves, and accentuating my body. I would never have dared to wear this around my husband, he just didn’t care. It has no sleeves, I like the spaghetti straps, my arms are creamy and  luminescent, and this dress made me glow and that makes me feel good. I’m careful with my make-up; I want to look good, not made up. That is till I reached for the deep red lipstick. I don’t know why I love this on my lips so much, just look at my lips puckered lightly with the dangerous stop sign red color. I would drop dead if I were a man looking at me. My hair curls most days, others I have to fight with it, but I’ve never had anyone say it looked bad, so I just play it up a bit, add a bit of volume so that it is still soft to the touch.  The fingers will want to be in it before the end of ‘hello’.

I bend to slide my feet into my heels, chunky heels, with straps up my ankles, I’m buckled in, can’t get out of these in a hurry if I tried. I like the feel of the buckles on my ankles, they make me feel so feminine, so real in my skin, and I caress my legs as I stand. Nice solid legs, nothing like models have, wiry and boney. I have flesh, muscle, definition and I love it. Checking myself in the mirror once more, I grab my purse and head out the door for a night on the town, I deserve.

The walk to the bar isn’t that far, the town hasn’t grown in years, just a stale water place where I moved to get away from the big city and my history. The fresh start was more than welcomed as I began to meet new people and become known in town. I have a sexy walk, I’ve been working on it since childhood, the right sway of the hips in heels, the walk carefully so that the clicking isn’t too loud, soft gentle steps. I bring myself to the bar, standing across the street, just looking at it and the white banner announcing the women featured there tonight, “Crystal and Sasha NUDE!”

I take a deep breath, realizing I had been holding it for nervousness sake, and walk across the empty street and to the heavy black door. My fingers delicately wrap around the handle and I pull it open, looking in carefully through the smoke filled room, darkened, with only neon lights to light my way, I see the high stage, with its stereotypical poles and the bright lights lighting it up like a torch. There are a few men here, sitting at the tables around the stage, a few right up to the stage itself, waiting like bloodhounds for the first site of
flesh from the curtains. Surveying the room, I then walk over to the bar, place my purse down and took a high backed stool, where I could still see the stage and signal to the bartender.

“What’ll it be, miss,” he grunts.

“Cosmopolitan, please,” I say. I’d never had one, but it sounded so sophisticated and I wanted to be special. This was the beginning of the new me.

He places the drink in front of me, and I look at it thoughtfully, reminding myself that drinking always got me hot and excited. This place was not going to help matters; I had always appreciated a beautiful woman, especially as she danced. I toast myself and take a
sip, “here’s to whatever happens.”

I turn my attention back to the stage, the music slowly getting raunchier as the time arrives to see the beauties, I lick my lips sweetly. I cross my legs at the ankle, resting them on the bar foot, reach up and tuck a wisp of hair behind my ear and smile to myself. I lean a bit against the back of the chair. My body’s curves showing under my clingy dress, teasing myself with the feel of it against my skin. This shouldn’t be that bad, I’ve made it. I’m out. I’m free to
explore and be me, and see what there is to see. I casually check out the men in the bar. There are a couple very young guys up at the stage; the ones I thought were drooling when I entered. They look very plastered and I wouldn’t doubt this wasn’t the first time they have
been in here. I smile, thinking of young innocence.

There were only a few others in the bar, sitting at darkened tables, casually sipping their drinks, and I make eye contact with one of them, nod softly and look back to my drink then the stage. Thinking he didn’t look half bad, I glance again his way… he was staring at me! I
flush then redden at the bold gesture of this man, sipping my drink a little too fast, fidgeting in my chair. I decide to get up and find a different seat, at a table near the stage just as the starting music for the wild night began. Nodding to the bartender I rise from my chair, feeling suddenly very tall as I walk to the table closer to the stage, yet consciously not far from the man that looked at me. An announcer comes on the PA and states the show is underway. I make myself comfortable, adjusting my skirt so that it lay smooth over my thighs. Relaxing in the chair as the music gets all steamy.

The curtains burst open and a woman of about 18 comes out, longest legs I’d ever seen and not much on besides. She’s wearing black; bra and panties. High heels I would never dare to try to walk in alone dance in. Her hair is teased and full, makeup caked on her face, brightening her lips, darkening her eyes. I almost gape when I see her huge Barbie doll breasts pressed into that too small bra, but her body looks so perfect. She commands the stage with expertise and I can’t help but wonder how she feels up there. The young men at the stage are enjoying her as she slinks past them, teasing and fingering her body like a
taught violin. She knows what to do to tease the men. Tucking a finger into her mouth she slowly drags it down her body, cupping her breasts, touching, teasing, and fondling. It looked so good. I wish someone were doing that to me.

I close my eyes for a moment, just thinking of the woman on the stage, I’m so hot. It must be the drink; I’ve been drinking it too fast. I run my fingers lightly over my neck and down my skin exposed from my dress. It feels so good, almost tingly. My other hand idly caresses my
thigh over my dress, the fabric so soft and sensuous. My lips are dry and I lick them with my tongue, still enjoying the way I feel; suddenly turned on. Certainly no one can see me in the dark room the stage light up like a runway. Then I hear a tap and my eyes fly open.

The gentleman that was staring so boldly has placed his drink at my table and sat down dangerously close to me. I blush immediately for my thoughts as if he could read them and nod to him sweetly; “hello” I almost trip over my words.

“I hope you don’t mind that I sit here, you seemed to be alone.”

“No, certainly, you may.”

“Enjoying the pretty lady up there?”

“Yes, I am, are you?”

“Not really.”


“No, I’m enjoying watching you more”

There he had said it. He was watching me. He knew that I was caressing myself, and taken with my situation, I turn my head away for a moment. How was I to respond to him? My mind races with scenarios and then a cold thought flashes. The old me would be shy and try to get away. I didn’t want to be that woman anymore. My heart said to talk to him,
nay, touch him. See what he did. Be bold right back. That’s what I wanted to do, and that was what I was going to do. Flirt, be a tease, drive this man crazy, because the old me wouldn’t have done it; not for a million bucks.

I turned to him then, smiled and through my soft lashed eyes I see him smile too. Then I reached out and cautiously touched his hand, placing it under mine just for a moment, and then brought my hand back to my lap. He smiles more at the gesture, which encourages me. “I’m Luna.”

“Tonight, you can just call me Sir”

Perking an eyebrow, I ponder this. He wants to remain a stranger? How odd, yet exciting. It makes no difference to me.

“Nice to meet you.”
“Its, Sir”

“Nice to meet you, Sir”

Okay, now I’m catching on, all this formal stuff. It excites me. I’ll play his game, “Nice to meet you, Sir.”

“Good girl”

Good girl. Interesting. I’ve not been told that for years. Yet is feels nice and I go with it.

He reaches up then and runs his hand through my hair. I’m slightly shocked and yet don’t draw away. My hair gets ‘em every time. I grin this time, teeth and all, leaning into his hand. He must have liked that, because he winks at me. “How about you and me get to know each
other a bit better?”

I wonder exactly what he means. Then I know as he runs his finger over my cheek then chin. My eyes have not left his. I bite my lower lip and nod. What the hay, I’m an adult. I can do anything now. So what that he wants me, go back to his place maybe and fuck. What is wrong with that? Lord knows I need some, it has been so long. Besides, he isn’t bad looking; I could get into him real easy. Let’s see how this tease will play out.

He makes no motion to leave though, and I look at him. He reclines in his seat, looking at me, and I have to admit I’m a bit uncomfortable. What is he doing, undressing me with his eyes? Oh, that thought gives me a blush once again, gosh darn that drink! I smile coyly and place my hands in my lap, wondering just what is on his mind. Then he speaks:
“I’d like to see you up there, on stage like that woman, however I don’t think you are ready, maybe someday. So how about we start small and you give me a little show right here, it’s dark and no one is paying attention anyhow. Besides, I think you would enjoy the attention
. Now, what were you thinking just a moment ago before I sat down? … come one don’t be shy, I don’t see that in you.

My mouth almost falls open, my goodness this man asks for a lot. Maybe it’s my red lips as my hand goes up to my face to cover it. I blink a few times, just trying to absorb it all. He wants me to do something here, and god forbid, he would want to see me up there! Oh, I couldn’t ever, that would just be too much, besides, no one likes a large girl like me dancing around naked. “Uh, uh” I stammer.

“He smiles and leans into me, whispering, “You were thinking about that girl up thereweren’t you, how beautiful she is…tell me about it.”

“Okay,” I croak.

“Okay, Sir” he replies.

Oh, that again, I see. I have to say that every time. I can do that. Be formal about informal things, no problem. “Okay, Sir,” I repeat.He gestures for me to continue and I take a deep breath, not once meeting his eyes as I begin, “I like to look at women, the body of a
woman is beautiful, curvy and so erotic. Not like a man’s body. A man is useful, unadorned, and practical. And the way she moves up there, like she owns her body and knows exactly what to do with it, I envy that. She can tease the men into frenzy and remain cool and calm….. Sir”

I look over to him then, and he is just staring at me, looking me over, it’s getting quite innerving, and I cast my eyes down to my lap. Just stop staring, please, I beg to myself.

“I find you very attractive, Luna. You have a beauty that is much more than that woman up there. She is there for the sole purpose to tease men. You have more to offer, you are strong willed, talented, confident, and I see great promise in what you could become, with

Lord, how long has he been watching me? Is he a stalker? No, that’s silly. Maybe he is just over perceptive.  Either way he has my attention and I look back at him with my eyebrows pinched together just a bit. “Thank you Sir” Guidance, what kind of guidance, I think I’m doing well by myself here, I’m alive. What more is there?

“I’d like you to take your panties off.”

My eyes go wide. “Here, right now?”


I look away, my hands crossing across my chest tightly, quite shocked and uncomfortable, yet I’m curious, almost excited by the request. He is right, the room isn’t watching me, what harm is there in doing as he asked. He’s probably some underwear pervert or something. I decide that there is no harm in it, this is an adult place. I can be naughty here and no one will mind.  I slowly unlace my hands and slide them down to the hem of my dress, raising it carefully and slipping my hands under just enough to catch the band of my lace panties, wiggling them over my ample behind and down my legs. I carefully lift one foot at a time and slide them over my heels then place them in my lap and look at him, questioningly.

He opens his hand out to me, “Give them to me.”

I was right, some underwear nut. Oh well, I have plenty more where those have come from. I hand him my panties, my hands shaking from the nerves and mild excitement of what I am doing. He takes them and smiles at me.

“Are you excited, Luna? Does this turn you on?”

“Yes, it does Sir”


I sit like that for a good 2 minutes, just watching him with my panties and then back to the stage, where another girl has taken the first’s place. This one is a brunette, shorter than the last and curvier too. Her breasts aren’t as large as the lasts, but her eyes are a beautiful green, like emeralds flashing in the light. She has freckles on her back and thighs and she is so into the music, you could touch her and she wouldn’t know. I swear she was going to orgasm right here on the stage for us, her gyrations of lust and need so evident. Oh, it was
so hot. I flush and feel myself get more excited. I reach for my drink and take a sip; it’s over half gone now. I look back at him, and he is smiling at me still. I actually relax a bit, recline in my chair and feel a soft sensation over my body, like a glow or heat, and I ache to touch myself again and see if I get that same tingly feeling. My fingers curl at my sides where they rest.

“Go ahead, Luna. No one is looking. You want to touch yourself don’t  you?  I can see it. Pretend I’m not here, and do it. Do it for me, please?”

His words are a whisper, but they sound like shouting in my ears. Yes, I think. Just do it, feel yourself. What harm is there? My hands slide up to my face, my neck and I delicately caress it, sliding down my neck to my upper chest, the skin so soft. Yes, I can feel that tingle
again; it’s so good, so warm. I look over, he is watching me. I close my eyes to block him out, yet subconsciously I know he is there. My hands slide down over my soft dress, over my breasts, pressed up in my favorite bra, cupping them gently. They are so heavy, and I can feel my nipples tighten at my fingertips. Oh that feels so delicious. I must do it again. I tweak my nipples over my dress, “mmm.”

“Good, I believe you are ready.”

My eyes fly open, “Ready for what? Sir?”

“Pull up your dress, so that I may see your thighs, Luna”

Oh god, more exposure, and why am I so turned on by it? Showing a complete stranger something so intimate about myself just because he commands it? Yes, there is something so hidden and dirty about it. I like that. I nibble my lower lip, thinking about what he has requested I do and look around the bar. There aren’t many here, and those that are are watching the naked lady on stage so I reach down to the hem of my dress and slide it up slowly over my creamy thighs, my large smooth thighs now visible to the man. I pull it up almost to my sex, stopping; thinking this is a great tease for him, to want to see and
can’t. He shifts in his seat so that I don’t have to turn to look at him; he is there almost in front of me. I’m not sure if he did that to block the view for others, or to get a better view himself, and I just didn’t care. My heart was beating rapidly and it was because of this

“Beautiful. Now Luna, how wet are you?”

“A bit, why Sir?” I’m more than a bit, I’m dripping surely, but why tell him that. He’s not going to check.


“Check?” Oh god, he wants me to touch my pussy, right here in the bar. Is that legal? Do I really want to do this? Yes, it does seem exciting, and forbidden. It would be the first bar that I get thrown out of, but wait, the dancers are naked… no one will pay any attention. I reach
 down very cautiously, hesitantly and slip my fingers under my soft pink dress and touch my thick meaty cunt, dragging my finger over the slit then lifting my finger away. “Yes, Sir, I’m wet.”

He has this cocky smile on his face, like he is really enjoying telling me what to do, and watching me do it, the underwear fiend. I wouldn’t doubt if he wants to jack off so very bad now. My eyes dart to his lap; I wonder what it looks like. No tastes like. God Luna, what are you thinking!

“Let me see your finger, Luna.”

I raise it to him, and he smiles, looks at it, and then takes it in his mouth. Oh my! He is licking my finger, I can feel his tongue swirling around it in his mouth, and it doesn’t feel bad, not bad at all… kinda nice actually. He takes it out of his mouth, dripping wet, and I look
 at him.

“Play with yourself, Luna. Use that finger to play with yourself. Let me watch you.”

Now this was too much, I can’t believe he is asking this. But then again, isn’t this something you have always wanted to do? Deep down inside this is exciting, alluring, and so very naughty. Show this man, Luna. Show him what you can do to yourself. I close my eyes; I can’t bear to look at him watching me. My finger slips back under my dress and teases my pussy lips, they are so wet! When did that happen, was it when he was sucking on my finger? It had to be, it was so… hot!

“Yes Luna, it feels good doesn’t it?”

I nod softly; eyes squeezed shut, not daring look at him. I hear him adjust his seat again, but I don’t care. My fingers are sliding around my slit, tickling and teasing, the ache getting stronger. I part my pussy lips then and dart my sopping finger into it, touching my clit. It’s so good, it throbs to respond. “mmm” I moan.

“Good Luna, very nice.” His voice is right at my ear. He has moved his chair even closer; I can feel his presence dangerously close to me. Do I open my eyes? Pretend he isn’t there? Just do it, play with yourself, who cares how close he is, so he likes to watch. You’ll get off won’t you?

I rub my clit with that soaked finger, slowly, with deliberate strokes. I know how to please myself. I’ve gotten really good at masturbating, now that I am alone. Become a favorite pastime.  It feels so nice, and I feel so naughty, letting myself go here in a public place, cloaked only by darkness and my pink dress. My head falls back a bit as the pleasure begins to swell, I’m so hot. I could cum right away, without much effort and my finger quickens.

“Slower dear, this isn’t a race,” he whispers, “relax more Luna. Be yourself.”

I slow down a bit as his directions seep into me. My goodness he is good with details, how can he see me that well. My good it feels so good to let myself go. Feel myself relax. I slip my fingers down to finger my cunt hole, so sensitive and wet, teasing my finger in and out, gasping when I hit a good spot, and I bite my lower lip. This is heaven. And I like it even more that he is watching me. No one has ever watched me like this. Even my husband didn’t do it much. Well, you sure are getting a good start on your new life. Masturbating in public? Oh how bad can you be?

I tease myself like this, as the music changes, a hot saxophone, and I’m sure that the dancers are changing too. I don’t want to open my eyes and see; I’m enjoying myself too much. I’m beginning to moan again, my finger working my clit faster, feeling so good. God I want to cum. Do I dare let myself go? I’ve begun to tremble, my thighs shaking lightly, my breath in pants. I’m so turned on, what is causing this; I’ve not felt this good ever. “mmmm, ohhh”

“Yes Luna. Let yourself go. Cum for me. Feel your clit get really hard. Let your body take over,...good girl,” he whispers.

That does it for me. His words are like cream, and they turn me on. I’m over my limit. He is watching me and enjoying it. He wants me to cum, he wants to see me. I’m shaking in my chair now, my body tensing and stiffening as I climb higher. My finger works my clit so fast now, it throbs and pulses under me OH yes, so good. I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum for this stranger, this man who calls himself Sir. I don’t care what happens now. Just have to release. I let myself go.

My body tenses and arches in my chair, I can feel his face just inches from mine, watching me, inhaling me almost. I press my heels into the floor, legs locked tightly as I tremble and buck under my fingers. My body ripples with pleasure, tingling all over, my nipples are painfully hard as I moan loudly, then bite my lip to try and keep quiet, my body crashing wave after wave as my finger assaults my hard little clit. So good, so wet, yes, this is what I needed. Let me soar higher. Oh yes!

I come down slowly, I’m aware of the room and the music once again. He is still there, close to me and I smile to myself. That was so good. I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did. I open my eyes and look at him, all dreamy. My face is dusted with sweat, and my body feels like jell-o. I’ve moved so much in my chair that my dress is almost to my waist. I scoot to adjust it, give me some cover. Bring myself back to reality. Oh but what a ride. He is smiling at me, that cocky pleased with himself grin.

“Very beautiful, Luna. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome…. Sir,” I whisper, my heart still racing as I try to collect myself.

“I’d like to see you again, would you mind?”

“No Sir,” I blush, of course you would, you want to fuck me now. I can see it.

“I shall call on you again, when the time is right. Again, thank you for your…. Show. It was much better than anything these girls could have done. Enjoy your evening, Luna.”

He rises from his chair and walks out of the bar, leaving me blushing and perplexed. No phone number, no address. How was he going to see me again? No clue. I collect myself, adjust my dress, get myself together somewhat, and glance back up to the lady on the stage. They are so beautiful, their bodies perfect and honed. I envy them. My body isn’t
like that. Yet I gave that man some pleasure I’m sure. I get up to leave, sure that he isn’t there waiting for me. Nodding to the bartender as I leave, he smiles at me a bit bigger than I expected and I rush just a bit faster out the door.

Oh! The pervert! My panties! I didn’t even think to ask, as I rush across the street and walk back to my apartment. My first night out and I’m already without panties. What else could happen? Whatever it is, that man promised to be back… and I would be waiting.

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