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The Blossoming of Luna 2: Quiet Control

Author: luna

Filed in: exhibitionism, voyeurism, initiation, questions, stripping

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day and I couldn’t help myself but desire to go for a walk in the park. I had been up since early, my dreams of the night at the bar still causing me to crave a man so badly that I would stir early in the morning and not be able to return to sleep. I usually calmed the craving with masturbation, but today it seemed to not help it one bit. What was it about that night that was stirring me so much? The haunting stare of that man, his charming smile, and the mystery that surrounded him occupied my thoughts frequently.

I’d put on a denim skirt, side split on both sides clear up my thighs, showing off my smooth legs and a soft blue blouse, short sleeves and my string of pearls. I pulled my hair up in a soft ponytail and wore just a bit of makeup, even toned down the lipstick to a dark coral. Slipping on my walking shoes I grab my bottle of water and head out the door, ready for a relaxing walk on the park’s many paths.

My apartment isn’t far from anywhere really and the sun is welcome warmth on my face. It takes me a short 15 min walk to the park, where there are a few families using the playground equipment and picnicking under the trees out in the open. I wave to the kids on the swings and select my path.

Striding into the wooded area, the path well marked I breathe in the fresh air and smile to myself. This is exactly what I need right now. To be able to think and get away from real life, just enjoy nature and the pureness of it all. I peer around me at the foliage and the small animals busy about their work, the smatterings of flowers in the sunlit openings in the wooded canopy and the calmness of the area.

My hands swing freely at my sides, casually holding the bottle of water as I take a slow gait deeper into the woods. This path has benches embedded in places where one can rest and enjoy the view of nature, and I intended to use them whenever possible to draw out and stretch my day as best as I could. Coming up upon the first bench, I look out upon the view it is set before. An open meadow, probably perfect for deer watching when the season is right and I sit for a moment, looking around the place and the peace that is nature.

My mind doesn’t take long to wander back to that night in the bar however and I’m rocketed back to the state I was this morning. I become so hot and in need of pleasure that I begin fanning myself as my visions of that mysterious man come back to me, the cool stare, his gentle smile, that voice. He had awakened something in me that I had no idea how to quiet, and it was becoming a disrupting part of my day, waking me at all hours with subtle aches, reminding me with burning desire. What was happening to me? Why was I thinking about this so much? Was it a spell?

I get up quickly from the bench and walk on, my feet padding along the trail a bit faster as I try to clear my mind with the picturesque view before me; I look all about me, watching the squirrels busy about their nut gathering, the birds singing in the trees. Yet my mind dwells on the events of a few days ago, my body responding to my thoughts, awakening once again with the burning ache, and the hardening of my nipples. I take a gulp of water, suddenly realizing my lips were parched.

I need to know what has stirred my mind so much, why am I craving that man? I was hypnotized to feel so good that night, I can’t explain what inside of me drew me to do it, but I wanted more. I wanted to hear his voice in my ear again, telling me I’m a good girl, making me do things I’d never thought I’d do. I began to think that was the only way to shake this haunting, to know for sure why I craved what this man offered, but what was it?

I must have sped up my walk while my mind was searching for answers, for the next bench was upon me faster than I had expected, and I welcomed the seat, but not the thoughts that rushed through my mind as I sat there looking out at the stream the bench was focused on. The slow moving waters were calming, yet my heart was racing as a need, something inside was pulling at me. So many questions. I need my questions answered. What was going on inside my mind?

I close my eyes then, trying desperately to quiet the voices, the questions and I’m met with his face. Those eyes looking patiently into mine and I feel a calming come over me. My excitement cools for just a moment as I accept the visions behind my closed lids, his face, those eyes, the feeling of comfort and strength. I hear a rustling of leaves around me, imagining the animals busy at their work, and I open my eyes to watch the stream once more, the warmth in the air welcoming and I enjoy the scene before me for quite some time.

Rising from my seat I run my fingers up my sides, then around my neck, just feeling myself making me feel good, as I again step out onto the path before me. Not looking up, but watching my feet crunch the leaves and bark underneath, I smile as I imagine meeting this man again, and then I get this feeling, odd yet… real. He did say he was going to see me again, but how? He didn’t even have my phone number. My steps are slow and deliberate as I walk, as something comes into view on the path. My eyes are trained to it, as it peaks my interest, and I approach. It looks like a bit of fabric, perhaps just a napkin or bit of trash left behind by careless visitors, but as I’m getting closer I have the oddest feeling that I know what it is. Lace and pink. Oh god, could it really be? Bending down to pick it up, I see that yes, it is my panties from a few nights ago. My heart freezes and I look around frantically for the man. The man that could answer my questions is here, I know it. I lift them from the ground and finger them, yes, these are definitely mine, and he was here. Perhaps he is still here. My mind is again absorbed by the visions of his face, that patient smile, those soft eyes, that commanding voice. My body responds and I’m warmed to my very core.

Rising from my crouched position, my panties in my hand, I am unaware of the presence behind me as I am suddenly plunged into darkness by a soft cloth over my eyes. It is tied swiftly behind me. I tense and my heart stops.

“Luna, relax. You know who this is?” A voice whispers behind me.

“Yes,” I croak, the fear at being suddenly blinded taking my voice with it. It's him. I knew it! Oh god, I'm so scared and excited all at once. He has found me. What has he got planned this time? Why am I blindfolded?

“Hmmm, I see we have forgotten something,” he responds.

What? What did I forget? I’m so flustered now, but his voice is what I’ve wanted to hear, listened to in my dreams for these past few days. Yes Sir, he is what I’ve been fantasizing about. SIR! Oh dear. “Yes Sir,” I rush the words past my lips, hoping that they will satisfy him.

I clutch my panties tighter in my hands, the water bottle squeezed as I feel him press his body against my back, and whisper into my ear, “Try not to forget that again, my dear.”

“Yes Sir,” I sigh. Oh his voice in my ear once more, I’ve been longing for that very thing. My body heats with desire and I lick my lips.

“Shall we walk?” he asks a bit more casually than I expected.

How was I expected to walk when I’m blindfolded and frozen to the spot? And walk where? His hand presses the small of my back and I take a slow hesitant step forward, then another. I’m very uncertain of where we are going, only that his hand is there to guide me. I have to trust this man to guide me, lead me safely where ever he has planned. I press my lips together tightly as I concentrate on the steps I’m taking. He then begins to speak.

“How have you been Luna?”

“Good Sir”

“Well, my dear, your tense body tells me otherwise. Have you even thought about the night at the bar? I have.” I can here his footsteps on the path just behind mine, the pressure on my back just enough to keep me going at a steady pace.

“Yes Sir.” Oh god, have I ever. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I’m trapped in this cycle of thinking of the night, and him and my feelings and the questions. My mind races with these thoughts once more and my face reddens. Oh no, can he see that? God it’s so dark. I have to trust this man as he leads me along this path.

“Good. Just as I thought. Now, if my assumptions are correct, you have questions. Things you would like to know, understand better?

Is he reading my mind? How does he know this? Oh my, this man is more than I could ever have thought. “Yes Sir, I do.”

I feel his hand on my arm, tugging it and I stop. “Stand here, good.”

I remain there, fidgeting with my panties and water bottle, my teeth nibbling my lips, my ears listening for any sound other than the birds singing in the trees. My breathing becomes fuller as I slowly resign myself to the situation. I’m not really scared of him, I realize. There is something about him that tells me I can do this because he is here to see it. I feel warmth around me; I must be in the sun. It is a pleasant sensation and I turn my face up a bit to feel it on my cheeks, try to see it through the darkness of the blindfold. His hands capture mine quickly and I feel him take the things that have kept my hands occupied and I then clasp them together, nerves have come back to me.

“Shhhh. It’s okay Luna. You are safe. Nothing will happen that you don’t want to happen. Relax. Just like you did at the bar, be yourself,” his voice is right there again, in my ear, it is so calming, so strong. I need that, crave that. My shoulders relax and I take a deep breath. “Now, on to your questions, I’m sure you have many.”

I hear him take a few steps and his voice sounds a bit further away and lower. I figure he has sat; perhaps we are at another bench. “Yes Sir”

“To get the answers to your questions, you will need to earn them. I am your fountain of knowledge and I can reward you, or I can decide that something is unworthy of an answer, understood?”

“Yes Sir,” I whisper. So what, I’m not going to get all my answers? What does he mean rewards?

“What is your first question, Hun? What is burning in that heart of yours?”

I knew just what to ask, or so I thought. “Who are you?”

I heard him chuckle just a bit, and then reply simply, “Sir. I am Sir. That is all you need to know right now. That was a freebie. The next one will cost you.”

I ponder how it is going to cost me, wondering exactly what is on his mind, but crave his answers so badly. I nod softly and contemplate my next question. “How long have you been watching me?”

“Your panties. Please remove them.”

“What Sir?” I am so baffled.

“That is how you are to earn the answer to your question; however I do have to say I’m a bit disappointed, I could swear you have harder, deeper questions in there for me to answer. Please take off your panties.”

Standing there frozen I can’t help but think that this guy is twisted, always wanting me to take off my panties, and what does he mean by harder questions, I seriously wanted to know if he was a stalker or something. But then my mind would be more afraid of him if he was a stalker, and yet I felt calm around him, almost safe. I decide I want to hear his answer. I try to see through the darkness of the blindfold, wondering just where I am, and where he was. My fingers slip under my skirt, through the high slits and pull my white cotton undies down my legs and over my shoes, balling them up, I hold them in my hands, just like the night at the bar.

“Good girl. The first time I saw you was at the bar 3 days ago. You can believe whatever you wish, but I have not seen you since then and did not see you before that night….. Now certainly there are better, more pressing questions in there.”

I nodded. He wasn’t a stalker. How did that make me feel? How does he know about my personality, he can see details about me that even my ex husband didn’t know. “How did you make me do what I did at the bar? I would have never….”

“Ah, yes, that is a good question. Remove your blouse Luna dear. There is grass under your feet so you can place your things beside you and they won’t get soiled.”

Are you kidding? He wanted me to take my blouse off here in the middle of nowhere? What if someone walked by? But god, I wanted to know the answer to that question. I had to do this, I had to know. Oh the exposure again, why was it turning me on? I could feel it; I was hot, warm deep in my core. Damn it, how does he do that?

I reach up and finger the buttons on my blouse, unfastening one, and then another then another, each one making me feel more and more excited as I disrobe for him, out here in the woods, for anyone to happen upon. My blouse now unbuttoned falls open and I slowly remove it from my shoulders, feeling the flesh of my shoulders get all goosepimply as it falls off my arms and away, taking it carefully I lay it down on the ground and place my panties on top of them. I am now without my top. Just my white cotton bra and skirt. I wrap my arms around my body, not because I am cold, but because I am unexpectedly conscious of my situation.

I am suddenly aware of him once more, standing there in front of me. I can feel his warmth as he takes my hands and unwraps them from my body, holding them out at my sides away from my form. I nibble my lower lip again nervously as I hear him say to me, “You are beautiful Luna, don’t hide yourself from me. It took great courage to do that for me, and I thank you. You are a very good girl, wonderful. The answer to your question is because deep down inside somewhere you wanted to. You desired to please me. I only picked up on that desire from watching you before you knew someone was watching you. You wished to show your appreciation and gain my approval.”

I feel his lips then, pressing against my cheek, softly. His warm lips heating my cheek like molten lava, the press of those charming lips, I’ve only seen in a smile now move up and kiss my covered eyes, hidden by the blindfold. How sweet! Oh how I wish I could look into his eyes, please kiss my lips next, oh god please….

“But why did I enjoy it? Why did I like being told what to do and have you there to watch me?” I speak up as his lips leave my eyes, my voice slightly trembling from his tender kisses.


“That my dear is two questions, but I shall treat it as one, because it is one you need to understand.” His voice was further away again. He had sat down once more.


Without hesitation I fell to my knees. That soft command quaked inside me. I just did it, no question. It was what I wanted to do, and I did it. I wanted to listen to him, and do as he asked. My mind was suddenly clearer as I realized this and the answer to the previous question were true. I kneeled there for him because inside I wanted to do it. I then could feel him again; his breath was on my neck. His voice was strong even through his quiet response I could feel a happiness in the tone.

“Luna, precious Luna. You are so eager, aren’t you? That is a good thing to see in a girl, I am very pleased with you so far sweetie. Your answer you can find within yourself, if you truly look. You are seeking direction. You are looking for guidance and balance. A control for your life, are you not? I gave that to you in the bar. Through gaining my approval and presence by obeying my requests you found that balance you needed.”

I did feel calm when I was doing as he asked. I was so confused because I was doing something that I wouldn’t normally do, but I wanted to do it, and he was there.

That helped somehow to have him there, encouraging me further. It felt good to do as he wanted me to. Now I was so turned on by this man I could barely contain my excitement. I could feel moisture on my inner thighs and the aching need was so strong. I was so drawn to him. Why was I so drawn to him? Was it just his looks? His cool eyes, his smile? Or was it his voice, that calming timbre that could cause me to relax in its sound alone?

“Why am I so drawn to you, Sir?” Exactly. Why am I so turned on when you are around? I could almost feel my clit throbbing under my skirt, and I’m sure if I let myself go right now, I would explode.

“That I can not answer, Luna. You will have to figure that out for yourself. Perhaps I am just what you desire right now.”

Fair enough. That was a question I had to figure out for myself.

“Okay. Then what do you want from me, Sir?” That I hoped was getting to the core of what he and I were doing here on the path. What did he want me to do? I was kneeling here in bra and skirt, practically naked, for him to look at, what else did he want?

“Your bra is next li’l one.”

My bra. Oh god, I was to be stripped naked here for him. The thought rockets me and my nipples harden as a response. Now when I take my bra off he will know I’m excited by all this, it will be evident. I pause and just stare out into the darkness of my blindfolded world. I have to choose, the answer to my question, or my clothing. He has this power over me, and I can not explain why I feel the way I do around him, but if he could tell me what he wanted from me, maybe that would explain it. Give me a clue to this whole thing. I reach back and unclasp my bra. My breath is shallower as I slide the straps off my shoulders and pull the fabric away. My breasts fall gently out of the lift, free of the cotton brazier they perk and swing naturally, I can feel them full and swollen from my excitement, and I know I’m blushing as he gazes at me. This is so exciting and my knees begin to tremble. I toss my bra where I think my clothing lays and then cautiously raise my hands up to my covered eyes, then down my body, barely touching my breasts before lowering them to my sides. Throughout this he is quiet. I have heard nothing from him and that begins to frighten me. Time has almost moved to a standstill and I haven’t heard him, has he left? “Sir?”

“God Luna, you are beautiful.” The voice was right there above me; I could reach out and touch him. I tremble some more as his words mean so much to me in my almost naked state. I am doing this because he has asked me to, and I want to. I want to make him happy. But I need to know the answer to my question.

“What do you want from me, Sir?” I ask again.

“Darling little one, I’d like to give you what you are looking for. I’d like to be that guidance in your out of balance world. I’d like to be your anchor. Let me teach you and you will learn who you are and who you can be.” His voice was so sensitive, so caring.

These were heartfelt words my ears hear, my heart absorbs it all. He wants me. He was not asking much of me. Yet, it was a lot to ask a complete stranger. “I want you to accept me as your guide into the world of pleasure, Luna. There is so much more out there that I know you are hungry for.”

He has peaked my interest, for that I am certain. I am kneeling here almost naked and I don’t feel afraid. In fact I am very highly turned on. If he were to touch me I think I would go over the edge. The old me would have never done this, and yet here I am, in front of a man I barely know, and I’m comfortable with the fact that he has asked me to take off my clothes. What happens if I say yes? I think I just might. I can’t hide my excitement as I sigh aloud. Should I take that chance? “Yes Sir.”


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