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Lifestyle Poetry

Lyrical, rhyming and passionate words are a beauty to this Lifestyle. Enter into the creative muse, the mind of submissives and Dominants alike. Find just the right words to express how you are feeling from someone who was able to use their inner voices.

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Black & Red

Author: Velvet Stallion

Filed in: play, pleasure, pain

Black and red,

In strands of woven leather,

Such beauty.

Just a tool, or maybe less,

Just an object,

Until it finds your hand,

And then,

It comes to life.

Each strand, a living thing,

A hungry tongue,

A teasing finger,

A painful stinger,

A joyous needle.

You test the heft,

You gauge the fall,

You speak of obedience,

You speak of worthiness,

I hear your words,

And I understand,

But my attention is rapt upon

Each motion of your hand,

Each swing,

Each time the strands strike the pillow,

The arm of the couch,

The side of your booted leg.

You laugh at my response,

Untouched, yet flinching each time,

So eager and yet afraid,

Hungry, but held back,

I am like a wild dog that smells food,

I approach and whine with desire,

You are the Alpha and I must await your pleasure.

You caress me with it.

You stroke me with it.

This is almost more painful than what it was built to do.

My senses so heightened with anticipation,

My erection throbs in agony of desire,

My nipples burn in sympathy and memory,

My back aches for your charms.

My lust moves my tongue to beg your swing,

My memory moves my teeth to bite my tongue,

My back reminds my throat to stifle the scream,

My cock reminds them all what pleasures you bring.

My body writhes in groaning agony,

You laugh again, and praise my pretty noises,

I burn for you so that I think my flesh is glowing,

I know that soon you will make it so,

And all the world becomes a swirling string of black and red.

You strike my chest,

My nipples sing,

My sounds excite you,

Your lust will soon direct your blows,

The fire in your eyes makes me want to ask for more,

My fear that any body would do silences me,

And then, your eyes meet mine,

And you look into my soul,

Not for what is there,

But to bring me a message:

This is only for you.

There is no other that I would give this to.

It is my pleasure to bring you this gift.

Be true to me and I will be true to you.

Do not hold back from me and I will not hold back from you.

And in that moment,

I am safer than I have ever been.

The pain is a drug that brings me to clarity,

Your beauty is enveloping,

Your love is empowering,

My surrender complete,

I embrace each stroke,

My sounds are like a song,

And I will sing only for you.

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