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Lifestyle Poetry

Lyrical, rhyming and passionate words are a beauty to this Lifestyle. Enter into the creative muse, the mind of submissives and Dominants alike. Find just the right words to express how you are feeling from someone who was able to use their inner voices.

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My Dearest Master

Author: Slave Marie

Filed in: love, pleasure, surrender, pain

I want to start off by saying I love you

I can't live my life without you

You have shown me another life I can't go


The pain you leave upon my body when you close

the door behind, it's like nothing else in this world


When the door opens its like a whole new beginning

of pain to where you don't know where it starts and

where it ends

Your fingers are like a switch you can turn me on

and turn me off that fast

My body has never responded like this before

I can't go back to where I use to be as the life

I once lived

I would be a shell and weep forever

You have given me this other life to fulfill

all my fantasies

This torture you inflict upon my body

it intoxicates my inner-soul

I feel aroused when you bite my lip

and pinch my nipples

You make me orgasm when you have

the knife to my throat

The place I seek needs to be for I want to lose


Bound and blindfolded to the tree is where life

shall begin

Orgasmic swells of our pleasure will build

into this pleasant torture of my desire

I need to be tied into your dungeon and let you have

your way and please me to no end

I ask no gag within my mouth let the screams

take you into ecstasy of our sinful play

Lick the droplets from my wetness

as the flogger makes contact with my skin

Make my body squirm as you fulfill all my fantasies

bring me to my knees with your pain I need

Brand me as your slave submissive

keep me caged and use me as you please

Beat me

Chain me

Cuff me

Love me

Bite me

Choke me

Make me beg

Hang me from the highest branch

whip me till my body goes limp

Then caress me down into a world

of thorns as I give myself to you

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