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Lifestyle Poetry

Lyrical, rhyming and passionate words are a beauty to this Lifestyle. Enter into the creative muse, the mind of submissives and Dominants alike. Find just the right words to express how you are feeling from someone who was able to use their inner voices.

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A Slaves Desire

Author: slave marie

Filed in: desire, want, craving

Sitting here wishing to be tied
Craving, that whip upon my skin
Needing his hand around my neck
Looking at the bowl at the end of the counter
I close my eyes for a brief moment
feeling my tongue lapping the liquid
that was left
I heard him say
 I saw the want in your eyes
I saw the drool drip
Then my eyes opened wide
I saw him walk to the counter
then back with the bowl
He placed it on the floor
I heard him whisper you need it
You desire it
Your body quivers for it
The bowl disappeared as he walked away

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