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Lifestyle Poetry

Lyrical, rhyming and passionate words are a beauty to this Lifestyle. Enter into the creative muse, the mind of submissives and Dominants alike. Find just the right words to express how you are feeling from someone who was able to use their inner voices.

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God's Message

Author: Bill

Filed in: surrender, sex, transformation, worship, god

you are lying beneath Me

collared, cuffed and quite nude -
you know your true place
and I'm much in the mood

to use you, to mold you
to conquer your soul -
to lead you in life
and to make you feel whole.

It is more than hot sex
and in this you must know -
for I aim to transform you
and take you below.

you are nothing without Me
and you know this is true -
that your home is beneath Me,
as I brighten your hue.

you ache to surrender
and give all to Me,
for its your calling, your purpose
and its where you're to be.

When in My pres-ence
your knees they do buckle,
for you know its your place
to take My manhood and suckle.

I seek life-long commitment
from your submissive, bare ass -
(exposed and quite eager)
to make our bond truly last.

It is time to give in
despite your self-doubt,
for its I who's in charge
and to guide you about

in your life's daily journey
both in love, life and lust -
for you're helpless, unfocused
but in Me you'll not rust

away to a nothing
that's blown clear with the wind,
for you're grounded and centered
and in Me you will win

the collar you seek
that completes now your soul -
its your calling, your purpose,
may your card house now fold.

I'm your God, Lord and Master
its you're purpose, you see?
you're a nothing, a no one
without attention from Me.

you belong chained and positioned
giving all to your Man,
serving all of the time -
kneeling, kissing My hand.

I'm your God, Lord and Master
your Focus and Calling -
I am all of these things
and it is time for your falling

into place and to take
what is meant, what is due,
for your ass is My ass -
nothing's left up to you!

your clothing, your tasks
are dictated by Me,
regardless of time or of space,
you belong under Me.

As you read here these lines
may your sweet spot get wet -
that your mind, body, soul
has quite nothing to fret

for I'm here for you, slave
in every way, shape and form -
standing strong over you
as you weather life's storms.

I'll protect, I'll instruct,
I'll employ My strong hand
on your ass and your frame
so on your knees you will land

to be beg to be taken
in every which way,
for I wish to encase you
taking your old life away.

I'm not domineering,
for I'm sure of Myself,
for I've left insecurity
on an old dusty shelf.

I'm strong, firm, direct,
I am honest, My slave -
you need now surrender
and your soul needs to cave

in-to My desires
and My dominance too,
for I'm your God, Lord and Master
I’m your Center, its true.

you drop to your knees
so willing, so free,
taking all of Me fully -
and it's where you're to be.

you submit and surrender
you adore Me, its true -
you crave, love, embrace me
and you soak up my hue.

you're My slave who will please
both in night and in day -
you will crave, love, respect Me,
and you will not have a say

how in life you will live
for its My judgment call -
you're a guest in My house
as you crawl down the hall.

It's My hope you will chose
to surrender the fight -
and bare your true soul
without suspicion and fright

and embrace Me, My girl
and surrender your all -
for its time you give in
and take heed your true call.


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