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Lifestyle Poetry

Lyrical, rhyming and passionate words are a beauty to this Lifestyle. Enter into the creative muse, the mind of submissives and Dominants alike. Find just the right words to express how you are feeling from someone who was able to use their inner voices.

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Poetry by Pantheris

The Masochist Ode #1 by Pantheris
Filed in: pleasure, trust, ode

Can I celebrateat casting away independenceand watch it face as surrendersets in, until my very life is leftdangling upon the slightest whimsand fancies of your mind?Pure trust is what shifts mefrom c[...]

The Masochist Ode #2 by Pantheris
Filed in: ode, unknown, madness, bound

...and I never once uttera protest howeversubtle or vehementwhen you take your leave,but it is truethat I diminish along with youwhen you must recede elsewhere.Between us, there are depths thatbecome [...]

The Masochist Ode #3 by Pantheris
Filed in: control, pleasure, pain, ode

Would you rend me intonothingness, would you takemy spirit and crush it toyour shape and fancy?There is a fierce ardencethat punctuates your senses,especially when we shiftfrom hobbyists to artisans i[...]

The Masochist Ode #4 by Pantheris
Filed in: passion, ode, secrets, exchange

What secrets I have exploredwith the guidance of your handpulling the reins that are the ribbonsthat lift me airborne -and so - silken sensations escorta brutal desire. Is it?subtle, is it savage...T[...]