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The Best That I Could Do

Author: SirWolfr1

Filed in: inspirational, poetry

The munch had ended in the usual way,
With good friends saying their goodbye's in the parking lot.
The Doms and the subs, each bidding the other farewell,
With exchanged numbers, hugs and soft knowing smiles.
No clues for an outsider to spot.

There were a few new faces to be found this time.
A couple of the type that the old Doms knew too well.
Vanilla's, out looking for quick, easy sex.
The sort that you could in an instant smell.

They had been identified, tolerated, and closely watched.
The subs warned and had been scurried away.
But as they left, one had to shoot off his mouth,
And say to his friend that which he had ought not to say.

"Did you get a load of that one guy's sub?
Talk about a load of fat. I half expected her to moo.
I thought that subs were supposed to be slim,
You know, easy on the eyes.
Is that the best that guy can do?"

The sub heard the words as did her Master.
And she knew that this insult he would not abide.
She raised her head to the stars above,
And prayed that this night might not end in homicide.

She watched him approach them silently from behind,
Unheard as they continued to laugh and rail.
And as he reached out and grabbed each, by the scruff of the neck,
She wondered if there was enough in the bank to cover his bail.

"The best I could do?" He said with a snarl in his voice.
As he held their heads tight in the crook of each arm.
You see only the body, I, the woman within,
And you should be grateful, for that woman wishes,
That I do you no harm.

"The worth of a submissive is the fire in her soul.
The service...the submission...the love.
Yet you would defile that flame with cheap tawdry jokes?
I tell you, you know nothing of what you speak of."

"You came to this gathering in search of quick kinky sex.
Not knowing or caring what else there may be here to find.
But a submissive is a gemstone, a pearl beyond price.
And her submission is not in her body,
But her heart, soul and mind."

"Now leave this gathering, this family of Leather and love.
And bother us no more with your ignorance and your lies.
Be thankful that you leave with your tails tucked, but intact.
But first to my sub, you shall apologize."

They quickly did as he did bid, to the teary eyed sub.
With the little her Master allowed them in the way of breath.
They realized their words had touched a raw open nerve.
And save for her wishes, this night they may well have met with their deaths.

As they roared away into the dark of the night.
That same Family of Leather stayed to insure that all was as it should be.
The Doms in their leathers, the subs at their sides.
Proudly together in a special and eternal way.

"They were right my pet, about one thing.
Though to them it was cast as pearls before swine.
A tiny glimmer of truth, which they could not see.
That you should know, if I am to call you mine."

"What truth, my Master?" said the still teary eyed sub.
As he held her head tight upon his chest.
For she knew that whatever storms may come her way,
In his arms could she find safety and rest.

Her Master turned to their friends, all still gathered round.
As he said, "I say this not just to her, but to all of you.
This woman that I hold...that I cherish, and love...
They were right....She is the BEST that I could do."

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