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Essays Tagged: General knowledge

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BDSM Definitions by D. Glenn Arthur Jr.
Filed in: general knowledge, definitions

BDSM = Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, S&M BDSM is a convenient abbreviation for most of the interesting activities discussed in It's so convenient that it [...]

BDSM Tips for Beginners by Lady Green and Jay Wiseman
Filed in: newbies, general knowledge

Hi folks. The following material is very closely based on the handout we give to the audience when we are invited to give an "SM For Beginners" presentation at a location such as a college c[...]

Flogging In History by Che
Filed in: general knowledge, flogging

"The beautiful woman bent on her adorer a strange look from her green eyes, icy and devouring, then she crossed the room, slowly donned a splendid loose coat of red satin, richly trimmed with pri[...]

Some Facts about SM by Author Unknown
Filed in: general knowledge, sm

S/M is not an aberration. S/M is a sexual orientation that is found in a significant percentage of the population. Surveys have listed S/M behavior by as much as 7 to 14 % of the population, with inte[...]

S.S.C. VS R.A.C.K. by Justin Medlin
Filed in: general knowledge, ssc, rack

I am sure that most everyone reading this knows what S.S.C. stands for......Safe, Sane and Consensual. Its catchy, easy to remember and it has been a worthwhile marketing slogan for the BDSM lifestyle[...]

The PLEASURE of the PAIN Why Some People Need S & M - sadomasochistic sex by Marianne Apostolides, Psychology Today, Sept, 1999
Filed in: general knowledge, sm, sadomasochism

Bind my ankles with your white cotton rope so I cannot walk. Bind my wrists so I cannot push you away. Place me on the bed and wrap your rope tighter around my skin so it grips my flesh. Now I know th[...]

Spiders, Snakes, and Single Tails: Dealing with Fears and Phobias by Norische
Filed in: health and safety, general knowledge, fear

The word phobia originated from the Greek god Phobos. When in battle the Greek army would call on Phobos to assist them, he would inflict the apposing army with irrational, intense fears, fears like&h[...]

Shocking! Absolutely Shocking!: Part VI - The Website Guide to The Violet Wand by Norische
Filed in: general knowledge, electroplay

Rubert Huse and Sons Current manufacture of the Violet Wand Electrodes and Antique Wands For Sale One of the best sel[...]

On becoming 'Real' by Bluedeacon
Filed in: inspirational, general knowledge, d/s

Morning, all! I wanted to share something different with the group this morning. From time to time I've seen posts on and offlist about how a person doesn't yet feel like a sub/slave, or a dom/master[...]

Wannabe Infestation by Norische
Filed in: newbies, general knowledge

wan·na·be also wan·na·bee P Pronunciation Key (wn-b, wôn-) Informal n. One who aspires to a role or position. One who imitates the behavior, customs, or dress of an a[...]

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