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Hundreds of the most informative essays have been hand-picked for depth of knowledge and varied opinions with new and seasoned practitioners in mind. A wide range of topics are available for you to explore. Donations are always open so submit your essay to The Iron Gate for consideration!

Essays Tagged: Newbies

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BDSM Tips for Beginners by Lady Green and Jay Wiseman
Filed in: newbies, general knowledge

Hi folks. The following material is very closely based on the handout we give to the audience when we are invited to give an "SM For Beginners" presentation at a location such as a college c[...]

Red Flags, Warning Signs, and Intuition: Learning to Trust You Instincts - Part One: Dominants by Norische
Filed in: newbies, lifestyle, dangers

Within this lifestyle there are unfortunately many dangers, there are people out there using the BDSM lifestyle as a way to abuse or use individuals under an umbrella of acceptance. Within each situat[...]

Red Flags, Warning Signs, and Intuition: Learning to Trust You Instincts- Part 2: Submissives/Slaves by Norische
Filed in: newbies, lifestyle, dangers

The BDSM lifestyle harbors many dangers, oddly enough most people think only about the dangers to the submissive or slave and not to those dangers present for the Dominant. Among the thousands of dedi[...]

Wannabe Infestation by Norische
Filed in: newbies, general knowledge

wan·na·be also wan·na·bee P Pronunciation Key (wn-b, wôn-) Informal n. One who aspires to a role or position. One who imitates the behavior, customs, or dress of an a[...]

What to Expect at a Munch by Mistress Constance
Filed in: newbies, munches

If you've never been to a munch before, the prospect can be very intimidating. What should you expect, how should you behave, how should you dress, what might happen, what might not? When you add that[...]

A Beginners Guide to Munches by Stu
Filed in: newbies, general knowledge, munches

This document may be copied only in it's entirety, including this header and the e-mail address at the bottom. It must not be edited or altered in any way. If you have comments/suggestions, please let[...]

A Submissive Bill of Rights by Author Unknown
Filed in: submission, newbies

You have the right to be treated with respect. Not only do you have this right, you have the right to demand it. Being submissive [...]

10 Doms Online by Unknown
Filed in: dominance, humor, newbies, online

1. The 'I Am Dom Hear Me Roar' Dom: All shiny new leather wear, with a belt full of toys (just bought at Jack's Whip-O-Rama). Of *course* he knows what to do! He read SM101...and even watched Ex[...]

Common Sense by Sean R. Powell
Filed in: newbies, general knowledge, d/s

My name is Sean and I have been actively participating in the D/S community for over 20 years. I have a published book available at (Sensual Intelligence....An Intimate Path Towards P[...]

Learning to Be a Dom by Master Demetrius
Filed in: dominance, newbies

Even though I'd had Dom impulses all my life, I still had to travel the same learning curve that any Dom does. It's one thing to have an impulse, and quite another to learn how to act on it effectivel[...]

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