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Master's Plan

Author: Jays slave

Filed in: submission, slavery, group sex, begging, blow job, slut

You've got your arm through mine as we walk down the hot sidewalk, feeling my blue blazer between your fingers and smiling, looking over at me. I smile back through my sunglasses, practically licking my lips as I look you up and down. Your hair is flowing down your back, and your womanly curves look perfect in the skimpy camisole and short skirt I bought you. You're practically leading me as we approach the bus stop, because I can't keep my eyes off of your legs escaping that short hem on your black skirt.

Finally, the bus arrives, and you do just as you're told once we are on it. The bus driver just shakes his head as I pay, and I walk you all the way to the back seat. The mix of people on the city bus react in every way. A little old woman sticks her lip out and looks away, some businessmen elbow each other and take turns looking in your direction then looking down at their newspaper. A young college co-ed rolls her eyes at her friend as you walk by, your hair grazing her shoulder, and a young black man sitting facing the middle of the bus just looks you up and down, staring at your chest and trying to peek between your legs as you sit down next to me.

You call me Master, just like I told you to, and ask me loudly what you'd like me to do in a voice most of the bus can hear. I can tell you're a little nervous, you’re shaking, but you know how to do what you're told. You're almost thankful when I direct you to get on your knees in front of me and unzip my slacks. Even though your panty-clad ass is visible to the bus crowd, you don't have to look at them anymore.

I smile at the bus as my strong hands squeeze your shoulders comfortingly and run down your back. My cock's almost hard already, so it's not difficult for you to pull it out. Eager to lose yourself in the sex, you start immediately sucking and licking my shaft.

The black guy lets out a howl as he watches your head go down on my cock, and I can see your face turn red. The old lady gasps, the co-eds start to chatter, and the businessmen no longer worry about staring impolitely. I can't tell for sure what the bus driver is doing from here, but I think he might be rubbing himself. He makes his stops, though, and everyone who gets on stops in surprise to stare at you before taking their seats. Keep going, though, baby. It feels so good for your Master.

I unbutton your little shirt to caress your perfect, soft tits, feeling your nipples getting hard under my thumbs. You lick up and down my shaft and ask loudly if you're doing it right. My large hand on the back of your head is answer enough for you to keep going, taking as much of my cock as you can into your throat.

After you gag a little, I decide you need a rest and tell you to get on the seat and lift your black mini skirt and spread your legs....

As she gets up and sits down in the seat next to her Master she lifts the hem of her short skirt. Anyone sitting close by can clearly tell that her pussy is already soaking wet. He reaches over and places his hand over her mound, making her groan with the sensation of what his hand is doing to her. He slowly moves her panties to the side and places his fingers between the lips of her soaking pussy, her head falls back in ecstasy. She is so close to cumming, but she knows that she dare not cum without receiving permission from her Master first. "Oh Master" she moans with a growl, "can I cum please Master?" "No Darling" he tells her, "you have to wait for my hard cock to do that". The bus pulls to their stop and he stands up and reaches his hand out for her, he knows she will have a hard time standing and walking. As they exit the bus he can hear the whispers of the other men. The black man starts to rise out of his seat, all her lover does is looks at him and nods "no". The Business men stand up and he looks at them and smiles, these will be just fine for what I have in mind for my little Darling.....

His hand on the small of her back guides her off of the crowded bus and he walks her into his office building, abandoned for the holiday. He casts a glance backwards to make sure the two gentlemen from the bus are following, then squeezes her ass briefly in anticipation of what's to come. She giggles and blushes slightly. She's still flush from the fun on the bus. A look in the reflection of the door let her know that the two men were following, and she had a feeling they were following for her. The thought of being alone in that outfit with three men, two of them strangers, scared her a little. She knew as the door closed behind them that she was helpless now. And even as she swallowed the lump in her throat, her pussy caught fire again.

Her lover's cock was out and hard the minute they stepped into the office on the tenth floor. He could barely contain himself at that point, but he wanted to taste his slaves sweet, wet pussy before the others arrived. "Lay up on the desk for Master, and spread those legs for me," he commanded her.

"Yes, Sir," she said, doing as she was told. The aroma of her pussy seemed to fill the room and fog the man's brain into a frenzy. He began kissing slowly down her stomach, his hands all over, making her nipples hard, pushing her legs further apart, holding her hips. She could feel his hot breath over her clit, teasing her as his mouth passed by and kissed her inner thigh.

A frustrated whimper escaped her lips. "Ohhh Master please lick my wet pussy. Please, I'll do anything."

The man smiled. "You sure will," he thought to himself. And just like that, his tongue flicked against her clit three times, then flattened and ran allllll the way up the length of her pussy.

"Ohhhhhhohoh yes! Yes, Master, yes!" Her hips thrust forward to his tongue as he began licking, his tongue everywhere. His wet lips gently sucked her clit and he lapped up her wetness as if it would run out. He worked his cock with one hand while the other found two fingers sliding easily into her soaking hole. He curled them inside her and moved them slowly in and out as his mouth drove her clit wild.

"Oh god, Master, I want to cum!" she squealed....

That's when the door opened. In what seemed like a flash, she found herself wet and exposed with three men and their hard cocks standing in a semi-circle around the desk. One smiled and licked his lips; one looked at her, breathing through his mouth as he jerked his hard cock looking at her. Her Master looked at her sternly, and she trembled.

"Get on your knees."

She knew what that meant, and she did as she was told. Immediately she grabbed two of the hard shafts in front of her and began sucking the third, soft lips and matted hair bobbing frantically up and down on the cock. After a few seconds, she'd switch cocks with one of her hands so that they all got to feel her hot mouth.

"Fuck, she's good," one man groaned. "Has she ever done this before?"

"With three guys?" Master replied. "No. But she's a natural cocksucker."

The third man's big hands were playing with her tits while she stroked him, and her Master put his hands on the back of her head and began fucking her face. She winced at first and tried not to gag.

"Open your eyes and look up at me, sweetie. I want to look you in the eye when I fuck your pretty mouth."

With that command one of the men stepped behind her waiting ass…

She thinks to herself, “this is going to be a long, long day”.

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