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Author: Velvet Stallion

Filed in: bondage, flogging, group sex

Damon is the first.  It seems only fitting to me.  I don’t know how many you’ve had, but he was the one who was “with you” when I came back into your life.  “With you”.  Can anyone really be with you?  I don’t think so.


You have a small glass of wine and some halfhearted conversation and then Damon gets straight to business.


He walks up to you and grabs a full hand of your hair and pulls your head back so that he can rape your mouth with his tongue.  Your response is immediate and expected: your knees get weak and your cunt begins to get hot and wet.  You can feel your juices flowing and although it is more sensation than reality, you almost think you’ve wet yourself.  That will come.


I’ve never seen you with Damon, so I’m not sure what his exact technique is, but I imagine him roughly and with total disregard undressing you without urgency but with no concern for any damage he might do to your clothing.  As soon as you are completely naked, he says just two words, “Kneel, bitch.”  You obey.


“Take out my cock and suck it.”  As you’ve done so many times, your deft and experienced fingers release his massive cock and you begin to suck on his penis.  He bucks his hips just slightly so that the head of his cock just hits the back of your throat maybe every third or fourth thrust.  He doesn’t need to grab your hair or force you at this point, you are fucking him with your mouth and throat quite willingly.


When you finally show a slight sign of being at your limit, he does grab your hair and begins to expertly throat fuck you nearly to gagging.  This makes your cunt so wet you actually feel like you might be dripping.  He continues fucking your mouth like this till you are gasping and still he pumps his cock into your mouth so that when he finally does stop, you are light headed from only getting short gasps of air.  This makes you unable to resist when he pushes you down and begins tying you up. 


His goal here is not some artistic shibari form, but to hold you open and vulnerable to whatever he wants to do to you.  He binds your hands together in front you, palm to palm,  so that he can raise your hands above your head or down to your ankles.  With your hands bound, laying face down on the floor, he stands and you think you will have a moment to catch your breath.  Then the first blow of the flogger lands on your round ass.  Just a wake up call, it still stings enough that you gasp.  He works up and down from your calves, your thighs, your ass, your back, landing perfectly timed and powered blows on your silky white flesh.  The sound of the flogger is hypnotic and musical. 


He know you, knows what a pain slut you are, and increases his attentions until you are a beautiful, even red from ankles to neck.  You are in your subspace, writhing in pleasure, oblivious to the world.  There could be a camera crew filming this and you wouldn’t know.  You wouldn’t care. 


When he has you where he wants you (and where you love to be), he stops long enough to get a good sized butt plug and lube your ass generously before inserting it.  You raise your ass up to accept his gift, slight wiggles helping to ease the insertion as you feel the firm rubber fill your anus.  The stretching is just at the verge of discomfort.  Just how you like it.  All the while, he is talking to you, taunting you, calling you a slutty ass whore, pain slut, bitch, cunt.


He turns you over on your back, hands over your head, and kneels between your legs.  He takes a spreader bar, simple wooden stick really, and ties your legs wide apart, the bar at your ankles.  Once you’re secure, he begins to lick your wet pussy and then slips first one and then a second finger into your throbbing box, your wetness is flowing now and this fingers pump into you while his tongue works your swollen clit.  He still knows your signs and before you can orgasm he stops.  He stands and retrieves a set of clover clamps… or two.


You are barely able to focus your eyes as you watch him take the first pair of clamps and instead of kneeling above your breasts, he again kneels between your legs.  You feel him pinch your left labia and place the clamp, then the right.  He give the chain a slight tug to make sure your slickness won’t let them slide off.  The sensation runs up your body to the crown of your head and you moan with pleasure.  Then he does move to your breasts and affixes the other set of clamps on your erect nipples.   Then, he goes to the sliding door and you are totally confused.


He pushes the curtain aside and opens the door to retrieve a small tank he must have put on your patio before coming around to the front.  You hadn’t even noticed.  He brings the tank over beside you and begins to inflate… balloons?  Helium filled balloons?  You are still clear headed enough to think, “What the FUCK?”


He fills a balloon, secures the end with one of those plastic clips that make tying unnecessary and then takes a piece of string and ties to the end.  He repeats this process again and again until there are perhaps 10 or a dozen brightly colored balloons dancing against the ceiling, their strings hanging down like loose strands of hair.  He has made the strings long enough so that as he kneels beside you, he can reach up and pull a balloon down easily.  He begins tying them to the chain of the nipple clamps on your tits, the first one nothing more than a decoration on the heavy chain.  With each additional balloon, it becomes obvious that you are in for some lighter-than-air travel tonight. 


He continues to tie balloons to the chains between your tits and legs until you become almost disoriented as the sensations compete for your attention.  You will never, ever be able to see another helium filled balloon with out your cunt throbbing and getting wet.


He stands and steps back to admire his art.  He takes several pictures to capture the moment before returning to administering your pleasure. 


He takes his belt and begins to lay stripes on your thighs and belly.  He deftly strikes your taught breasts with quick, short strokes that bring you to whimpering within just a few minutes.  He occasionally puts his hand between your legs to test your wetness and taste you.


Over and over he brings you to the brink of orgasm, but each time, he denies your release.  Finally, he takes a dildo and begins to pump your pussy in earnest, fucking you with the silicone toy, your ass and pussy filled with toys, your breasts and cuntlips throbbing with the pleasure pain of the clamps.  He continues this until your orgasm rocks you with an intensity that nearly makes you pass out.


He removes the clamps from your pussy lips, and then from your nipples, vigorously rubbing them and eliciting a squeal from you.  He stands and takes the spreader bar in his hand and raises your legs so that your ass, still deliciously plugged, is exposed.  He then proceeds to strap your ass with ever increasing intensity until you are bright red and panting/squealing.  Once your ass is the cherry red he desires he kneels, your legs still held over his head and slides into you.


In your pain slut euphoria it takes a half dozen thrusts for you to realize he isn’t wearing a condom.


He fucks you with a fury.  His cock rubbing against the butt plug in your ass, hitting your depths and driving you insane with pleasure.  After what seems like an hour of bliss, he shoots his load inside you and you suck in a sharp breath of shock and pleasure. 


After he recovers slightly, he dismounts you.  He then pulls the ottoman from your couch over and positions you over it, your ass now readily accessible.


He eases the butt plug from your ass and after taking it to the bathroom sink, returns to continue the flogging.  He re-warms your back and thighs and ass for several minutes, putting you back into that subspace where you swim like a fish in clear water, detached, unconcerned, blissful.


The next thing you feel is some sort of cloth or scarf around your neck and as he begins to slide his cock into your well stretched asshole, he pulls back, choking you just enough so that if you wanted to scream from the stretching of your asshole, you would only manage a muffled, choking cough.  He gathers up your hair and combines it with the cloth/choker and uses it like the bridle of a horse as he begins to pound your ass, balls deep in your ass, fucking you like his slave.  His thick cock fills your ass and you again go into subspace as he pounds your hole, choking and pulling your hair perfectly to bring you to yet another body wracking orgasm as his cum fills your ass.


You are completely spent.  Weak with your muscle crunching orgasms.  Draped over the ottoman like a rag doll, you feel his slightly less rigid cock slip from your ass, his semen oozing out of your battered hole, running down your legs.


It almost shocks you back to reality when you feel him take a rope and tie your hands, passing the rope under the ottoman and securing them to the spreader bar between your legs.  He gets up and goes to clean up in the bathroom.


The sound of running water.  You drift in and out of the post sexual stupor.  You are swimming in the endorphins and glow of being thoroughly and completely fucked and used, maybe as good as you ever have been.  You wonder how upset to be about him not using protection, but right now, you can only try to focus on breathing.


Then he is standing beside you.  Dressed.  Dressed?  Wait!  You’re still tied to the ottoman!  What the fuck is going on?


“I’ll be in touch, my pet.  Enjoy the rest of your evening.”


You start to protest, but your mouth is dry and you only just now realize how exhausted and weak he has left you.  You see him as he walks out the door.


How long did you lay there like that?  A minute?  10?  An hour?  Did you fall asleep?  Pass out?  Your mouth is so dry now.  Just a little water and you would be all right.  This is just a tactic.  He’s used it before.  Like in the scene report you made sure you let me know was a scene report.  Back when it could still hurt me to even think of you with another man.  Back when I had a heart.  What am I thinking, you wonder.  Where is that coming from?  He’ll be back in a minute or two.  Or has it been an hour already?  You start to get scared.


And then the door opens.


But it isn’t Damon.


Ben comes in, the lights dim, but not so much that it will take more than maybe a minute for his eyes to adjust.


“What’s with the balloons?  You having a party for me?  Oh! and look at you!  All tied up and ready for me…  The question is out completely, but not the question mark.  There is just enough halt in his voice that you realize his eyes have adjusted and now he can see you, the marks on your skin, the jism oozing out of your ass and cunt, running down your legs.  Your throat is still too dry to make more noise than a pained croak.


“Well, aren’t you the busy little slut tonight.”  He walks over and runs a hand over your back and ass, admiring the marks and raising new sensations in you. 


“Well, I guess I’ll just clean you up a bit and pick up where whoever left off.”


He disappears into the kitchen and comes back with a glass of water.  He puts the glass to your lips and lets you drink, making sure you don’t gulp the water.  The cool, sweet water refreshes you and soothes your throat.  At this moment, it is the finest nectar you’ve ever tasted. 


After he is sure you have had enough to revive and restore you, he sets the glass aside.


“Would you care to explain this to me?” he asks, almost sweetly, but as you open your mouth to speak, he smoothly places a ball gag in your mouth and fastens it.


“I don’t think I need any explanations.  I know what kind of fuck slut you are.  I figured that out a while back.  It’s one of the things I like about you.  No morals, no regrets, no worries.”  He leaves you still tied, now gagged, but at least your throat isn’t dry and burning.  He goes to the bathroom and returns with a warm washcloth and towel and proceeds to clean up Damon’s mess.  The attention is expert and almost….loving.  Like a good Samaritan who finds a wounded stranger in dire circumstance, vulnerable, abused.


After cleaning you up, Ben finds some soothing oil or lubricant and begins to massage you, from neck to toes, soothing, comforting, and at the same time, his attentions take on a firmness that, combined with the thorough beating you’ve already receives begins to heighten your sensitivity.  It is a form of torture in itself.  And then, without warning you feel the spiny teeth of the Wartenberg Wheel moving over your body and the sensation is like your skin is being unzipped and peeled back.  The overwhelming nature nearly snaps you back into your subspace!  The sensations, on your sensitized skin, elicit involuntary whines and whimpers and moans that are nearly completely muffled by the ball gag.  It feels as if your skin is being peeled from your body.  When he finally stops, you nearly pass out from relief.


Then you feel his hard cock rubbing at the swollen, lips of your re-wetted pussy.  There is no real foreplay or pretense, he simply begins to pound away at your recently fucked cunt with abandon, your hair and now the strap of the ball gag his new bridle.  He is focused and intense, but there is no hurry in his pounding.  He intends to satisfy himself first, then perhaps you’ll get something….


He begins to use the Wartenberg wheel again and the cacophony of sensations moves you a place even you have only rarely been to.  When his orgasm comes, and he fills you with his semen, you are again shocked by the realization that he has abandoned protection.  But by now, you don’t give a damn.  You are so in the complete moment of being totally owned and fucked that you just enjoy the feeling of his hot cum inside you. 


He pulls out and stands.  You can’t even turn your head to look at him.  You are spent.


But Ben isn’t finished.


The next thing you feel is the teaser flogger, brushing you, but in your highly sensitized state, it might as well be the fingers of the electric cord flogger I made for you with it’s sharp, copper frills, it feels as though your skin is being flayed from you, although you know it is just the lies your nerves are telling you.  You embrace the sensation and swim in it.  Back, butt, thighs, butt, back, thighs, calves, back, thighs, butt, swirling, your mind spinning, your senses drowning in pleasure.


When he stops, it is more of a shock than a tug on clover clamps.


He repositions you on your back. You are now arched backwards over the ottoman, the feet hooked over the spreader bar.  He kneels in front of you, but in this position, you can’t raise your head enough to look at him or see what he is doing.  You feel him rubbing your left leg, gently, soothingly, and then there is the cold plastic of a Magic Wand, it’s large, round head firmly pressed, almost inserted in your pussy.  He ties it there with several coils of rope , securing it almost like a splint.  Your pussy begins to flow with anticipation. 


He plugs in the vibrator and the sensation shoots through your tortured, abused body in indescribable waves of pleasure, almost too intense to bear.  Then you feel him standing above you and open your eyes to see him with a set of clover clamps.  He affixes them again to your already ravaged nipples.


“Ah… balloons!  There is a party in store for tonight!”  As if he were briefed or maybe even part of the plan, he begins gathering up balloons and tying them to the chain.  With only one chain to worry about, the added balloons give an even greater pull on the chain and you are unsure if you can really endure the pleasure.


“That’s nice, isn’t it, my dear?” he asks.  You nod your head, surprising even yourself at how much you want this, how much the pain is pleasing you.


He kneels at your head and removes the ball gag, but before you can utter a sound, his cock is at your lips and he is sliding it into your mouth and then further, further, his balls touch your nose and you nearly gag before he pulls back.  He places a hand on your throat and begins to fuck your mouth and throat, not as roughly or as quickly as he pounded your cunt, but with equal purpose and focus.


The vibrator between your legs is competing with his cock in your throat for your attention.  There is a veritable war raging between your cunt and your throat for who is being best abused.  You can feel your orgasm building, but he keeps it in check with perfectly timed tugs on the nipple clamps.  It isn’t the pain that stops your orgasm, but the pleasure of the pain that distracts your from it.  The sensations are coursing through you and you are floating in such complete immersion of them that you imagine this is what being a pure energy creature must be like.  You feel as though you can actually feel subatomic particles rushing through you, bouncing off your skin, penetrating you like millions of tiny cocks.


Ben times his orgasm nearly perfectly to yours and shoots another load of cum in your mouth, nearly choking you.  You gobble it up like nectar, licking your lips and almost wishing there were more, but not sure if you could swallow it all.  Truth is, you don’t and little drops begin to run down your face.  Could you be any happier?


He unplugs the vibrator, but leaves it tied to your thigh.  It is covered in your juices.  You should probably be dehydrated as much as your cunt has flowed tonight.  He cuts the balloons from the chain and lets them drift to the ceiling.  You are in a pain/fuck stupor and watch them as they slowly move against the ceiling, the endorphins creating a drugged state of euphoria that just slightly blurs your vision and creates a near hallucinatory effect with the balloons against the white ceiling.  You don’t even notice as Ben leaves you to get cleaned up. 


Time, for you, has stopped.  Or at least slowed to some point where it’s meaning is less important than you ever thought possible.  It seems like a split second ago, his cock was gushing that sweet, thick liquid down your throat and yet there he stands, dressed, looking relaxed and happy. 


“I’ll call you tomorrow.  Enjoy your night.  Sleep well.”


He turns toward the door and a tiny voice in your head begins to be recognizable…”Wait!  You aren’t leaving me like this are you?  Untie me!  Hold me!  Bring me down gently!  Wait!”


As the door closes behind him, you realize not a sound has come from your lips.


Did you pass out?  Fall asleep in exhaustion, simply shut down mentally?  You aren’t sure because the next thing you are aware of is me, a cool washcloth on your face, my lips tenderly kissing yours. 


Without intention, your tongue touches mine.  I can taste the distinctive taste of semen on your tongue.  I kiss you deeply, licking your tongue with mine.  I’m shocked at the arousal I feel as I taste another man’s semen in your mouth, but then I realize that I don’t care about anything but you.  Your pleasure.  It isn’t another man’s essence that arouses me, but you.  Your chemistry, your saliva mixed and changing it into something I can enjoy. 


I remove one nipple clamp and suck and lick the swollen, abused bud, sucking and gently kneading it with my teeth, eliciting electric shock like responses from you.  Your moaning makes my cock so hard I can hardly stand it.  Then the other nipple, the same attention. 


I move between your legs and unwrap the vibrator, and begin to clean you with my mouth.  I lick up all the delicious juices, the flavor of you mixed with two other men, the copious amounts of body fluids is nearly a meal.  I can not restrain myself and I begin to suck on your cunt, my tongue working your clit.  I want to consume you completely, make you cum as hard a I am able to make you cum, feel the tensing of your body, suck and lick the moans and gasps from you, please you like I never have before. 


When you do come, it is as wonderful as I hoped.  Your hips buck against my mouth, your body writhing. 


Your experiences tonight have left you so sensitive that even my breath on your skin creates a response.  How can let this opportunity go untouched?  I begin blowing on your skin, altering the pressure and volume to create alternating cool and warm flows of breath over your skin.  You intense reactions please me and I take the rope that secured the vibrator and run it over your skin like a paint brush.  The different coils and the texture rubbing over your flesh are as intense as if I had hooked up a wet sponge to a car battery!  You writhe and moan and squeal so that I have to cover your mouth with my hand for fear your neighbors might call the police.


I have to be inside you.  I stop just long enough to remove my clothes and then, back between your legs, I slide inside you and continue the rope brushing.  Your writhing makes it completely unnecessary for me to expend any energy to pump my cock in and out of you.  You are fucking me in your writhing, and I am enjoying it completely! 

Your orgasm or orgasms seem to go on and on and your noises and thrashing are driving me mad with the desire to fill you with my cum.    When you finally collapse in exhaustion, I pull out of you long enough to untie you, but I’m not finished yet.


I untie your bonds and massage your rope marks.  I raise your legs, putting one ankle on each of my shoulders and enter you again, eager to please you and in dire need of the release of filling you.  I slide into you easily as you have been so thoroughly fucked already, and fuck you with animal intensity, unworried that you might not be primed well enough.  My orgasm comes far more quickly than I would like, but as you know, I am good for multiple efforts with very little rest. 


I immediately lower my head between your legs and suck my own come from your well fucked cunt, bringing you to another orgasm. 


I help you up and hold you, sitting on the couch with you, my arms wrapped around you, breathing in the scent of your hair, nearly matted with sweat.  After you are somewhat recovered, I give you a bit of water and take you to the bathroom and start a shower for us. 


I hold you under the warm running water, running my hands over your skin, feeling the welts,  gently worshiping your flesh.  I soap you all over, gently, with all the care I can give.  After you are rinsed, I kneel behind you and kiss your ass cheeks, licking the water off of you, and then begin to tongue fuck your asshole.  Gently, lovingly, like a cat washes it’s kittens, soothing more than erotic.  Then my own lust for you over takes me and I bend you over and slide my cock into your pussy.  I fuck you like this to my own next orgasm, but instead of pulling out, I pee inside you, rinsing out my jism and cleansing you in that special way that gives you such intense orgasms.  I am not disappointed.  Your orgasm nearly makes your knees buckle and I have to hold your hips to keep you from collapsing in the tub.


A few more minutes under the running water and I help you out.  I towel you off and lead you to the bedroom, pulling back the covers and sliding in next to you, spooning you.  I cuddle with you like this until you fall asleep. 


In the morning, you wake up, almost not believing it really happened at all.  Then as you stretch, your body confirms the memory.  You are sore nearly from head to toe, your pussy sensitive to the touch, your ass throbbing in that pleasant way that lets you know you have had a really good ass day.  With each moment, every inch of your flesh tells its own little story about how much fun it had last night.  You stretch again and get out of bed.  You go to the bathroom and admire the marks on your body with intense satisfaction and pleasure. 


You wrap your robe around you gingerly, the fabric eliciting tingles wherever it touches, and head into the kitchen to make coffee.


There, under the edge of the coffee maker is an envelope.  On the front, one word, “Trinity”.


You open the envelope and read the following note:


“Our dear Anguisette,


We hope you enjoyed yourself last night as much as we did.  Yes, we acted in concert.  We hope our performance was appreciated. 


We have agreed that monogamy can mean “one at a time”.  If you agree, you can let us know by contacting each of us and merely mentioning that you enjoyed the Trinity.


If you want to experience more of this union, there are only a few conditions:  Ben and Damon may alter their order in the proceedings, but I will always be the Third.  We will not meet with you all together.  You may see who you wish when you wish by mutual agreement.


Love as thou whilst.



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