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VT Serves -- is there a purpose?

Author: dark whisper

Filed in: submission, online

When I first found my way into a chatroom based on BDSM, I felt like I'd gone to an alien planet. There were those speaking in third person, or Olde English as if it was the natural order of the day. Dominants wore helmets and broadswords, flowing capes and almost all had a "piercing gaze" or "cold eyes." The submissives seemed to either be dressed in layers of "silks" two sizes too small, if they were dressed at all, or wearing full fetish apparel.

A strange world. Online chat is, by it's very existence, fantasy. People are not sitting in thrones or on piles of furs. They do not leap into friend's laps and tumble across the floor tickling and giggling. A dominant is not this all seeing, all powerful god/dess that the online world has made them out to be. A submissive is not a simpering, soft voiced little mouse of a person who trembles when even looked at by a "piercing gaze." We are people. Good and bad, beautiful and homely. We don't live in castles which have flickering torches upon the walls.

We are simply people who choose to live life by our own rules. Our relationships are often stronger and deeper than the vast majority of people outside of the lifestyle (often referred to as "vanilla"), when they are based on the basic tenets of BDSM. Trust, respect, safety, consensuality, and above all… communication.

I suppose there will always be those who need the fantasy - those who are not looking for more than virtual exploration come to mind, but there are others who are into the lifestyle in real-time who simply enjoy the high drama.

The first time I saw a "serve" I had no idea of the purpose of it. Submissives in real-time gatherings don't do this, what was the reason behind doing it in chat? Well, being the ever curious person I am, I asked. I was truly surprised at the answers I received. They ranged from the intelligent to the absurd.

The commonly accepted reason for online serves is that it allows the submissive the opportunity to show off his/her skills and submission, and also gives an indication to the dominant of the level of interest the submissive might have in that dominant. However, I simply don't see how performing a virtual "serve" shows submissiveness in any manner.

Most of the online serves I see (and I see a lot) are almost interchangeable. The submissive will walk to the servery (servery?? What is a servery????) with rolling hips and dainty steps while her ass peeks out from beneath a too short skirt/dress/kimono/etc.. Once in the kitchen there is more flashing flesh and hardened nipples as one simply must reach to the uppermost shelf and of course those dainty little silks rise dangerously high, exposing those creamy thighs and buttocks.

My rather cynical nature has been trying to convince me that these types of serves are little more than foreplay designed as a precursor to scene/cybersex. My tolerant side tells me that I'm too cynical and it is simply a way to bring pleasure to those watching.

I'd like to do something a little different here, with your help. I'd like to invite you to send your comments on this particular subject and I will post them. Just because I don't fully understand the need for VT serves, doesn't mean that I am closed-minded and unwilling to accept different opinions and perhaps gain some understanding and knowledge. So if you have a comment, please drop me a note with your comment and what name (if any) you wish to be identified with.

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