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Essay Collection

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Essays by Polly Peachum

Qualities of A Successful Dominant by Polly Peachum
Filed in: dominance

"The Problems Started After I Moved In" When talking to submissive women about their lives and relationships, the most frequent cause of sorrow and difficulty that gets mentioned is the tra[...]

Romanticism vs. realism by Polly Peachum
Filed in: submission, needs, romanticism, realism

From, a now defunct website.Polly originally wrote this article on a private mailing list to explain to the small readership, most of whom were self-identified romantics, why [...]

Submissive Needs vs. Submissive Wants by Polly Peachum
Filed in: submission, needs, wants

Polly wrote the following message on a mailing list she once belonged to, in response to another submissive's message. All information that might identify this woman or her situation has been removed.[...]

The Fragrant Dust by Polly Peachum
Filed in: submission, service, spirituality, acceptance, humility, norms

From, a now defunct website. From the author:  I wrote this article in 1988 for one issue of a short-lived print bdsm zine called "The Original Agenda." This zi[...]

Violence in the Garden by Polly Peachum
Filed in: submission, feminism, feminist

From, a now defunct website. After being approached by a well known Third Wave feminist author who saw some of her work in the USENET news group, Polly Peachum[...]