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Essays by dark whisper

Coming out of the Closet by dark whisper
Filed in: leather, lifestyle, outting, family

I recently found myself in the unique position of having to try to "explain" dominance and submission. One afternoon, out of the blue, I wrote to my sister and told her not only that I was a[...]

One Woman's Views on Submission by dark whisper
Filed in: submission

Who am I? I have asked myself that question at least a thousand times, especially since I began to walk the path of submission. This path is not easily trod at times. It challenges one to move [...]

The New VT Submissive by dark whisper
Filed in: submission, online

So you've come to the realization that you are most likely a submissive, aye? Are you a little, or maybe not so little, afraid? What does the world of BDSM or D/s hold for you? How will you know which[...]

VT Serves -- is there a purpose? by dark whisper
Filed in: submission, online

When I first found my way into a chatroom based on BDSM, I felt like I'd gone to an alien planet. There were those speaking in third person, or Olde English as if it was the natural order of the day. [...]