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Cabin Pleasure

Author: Falcon~s moonbeam

Filed in: bondage, outdoor sex, ice

This story was written at the request of a very special Dom in Calgary. His request was that i write him an erotic D/s story which included a black and red twisted cord, an ice cube, and a feather…


Part 1:

There once was a slut who found herself wandering through the forest. She does not do this often, but felt drawn to the peace and tranquility of the trees. Of course, being the slut that she is, and being out in the middle of nowhere, she was walking through the forest nude, her tits swaying as she walked, her hair draping over her shoulders in the light breeze. Her feet tread silently on the soft carpet of pine needles, the ground dappled with sunlight. Unbeknownst to her, she happened to catch the eye of a Dom as she was walking. He hails from a city the cold north, and had rented a cabin in the woods for the summer months to rest and commune with nature. She is the first person to intrude upon that communion, but he was delighted to see her, and couldnt help but wonder how she would look bound to a large tree.

He silently went back the cabin and dug into his duffel bag for some rope, and went out after her. He paused behind her for a moment, enjoying watching her ass as she walked, then he darted in front of her and stopped her in her tracks. She was surprised to see him, not having heard him approaching from behind.  Her eyes looked up and met his and they regarded each other silently. Her breath became shallow and she felt somehow held still by his gaze. She could have sensed his power, his confidence, his dominance, even if he had not been holding the rope and eyeing her with desire, and something else she could not put her finger on. It was if his gaze was familiar somehow, as if they had met before, though she knew they had not. After a few moments, an exchange of silent acceptance passed between them. It was inevitable, and obvious to both of them. He tied one end of the rope around her neck, and smiled at her. Then he pulled a bandana from his pocket and blindfolded her. He then turned and led her through the woods back to his cabin. He had just the tree in mind.

It was a massive pine tree perhaps 30 yards from the front of the cabin. He untied the rope from her neck, tied one end to her wrist, and guided her so that her back was wrapped flat against the rough bark, her hands pulled around behind her. Silently, he bound her wrists around the back of the tree, and then did the same with her ankles. Her discomfort was obvious. And he relished in it. Her breasts were heaving with her breath, her legs and arms drawn away to the back, leaving her exposed and vulnerable. And waiting. He looked at her for a while, watching her breathing, anticipating, and wondered how warm her pussy would be, and he found himself looking forward to exploring her. They still had not spoken. Words were not needed, and he was happy that she did not feel the need to speak. He went into the trunk of his car, and pulled out a small case in which he stored several toys he used when traveling. He brought the case inside, and selected a leather strap, and a stiff feather. He also took from the trunk a vial and filled it with water, screwed on the cap, and put it in the freezer.

Upon returning to her, he knelt in front of her and gently began stroking her clit with the tip of the feather. She had sensed him close to her, but was unprepared for the sensation and she drew her breath in sharply. She was tense with anticipation, her nerves tingling. Her nipples had puckered and hardened and her tits and pussy were aching. And now her clit was coming to life under his light ministrations. She began to want more contact, and tried to thrust her pelvis further out, closer to the feather, but she was bound snugly and could not move much. He drew the feather away from her clit and teased her lower abdomen, down her legs to her knees, up her inner thighs, and on to her swollen lips. Drawing the feather along her flesh, it became wet from her pussy, and he drew the moisture back up to her clit and teased her further. It was delicious for both of them.

He dragged the feather back down to her pussy and stroked her with it lightly, her body desperately wanting more contact with him. He alternated between stroking her lower lips and her clit, listening to the small moaning sound coming from her throat. It was as if she were begging, only without words. He drew the wet feather up her torso and began stroking her tits. Long, light, sweeping strokes from the outer area of the breast, moving inward toward the nipple, but never touching it. She had never experienced such a tingling sensation. Her entire body was taught, tense, anticipating the slightest contact with his feather, knowing he was using it as an extension of himself. As he drew lines inward to her nipples, he began to occasionally flick the hard tip of her nipple with the tip of the feather, causing her to release little high-pitched sounds at the back of her throat. And he wondered how her throat would feel to the tip of his cock. He wanted to explore her from the inside as well as the outside. And he would.

He continued with the feather for several long minutes, gradually branching out from her breasts to her throat, her lips, occasionally returning to her pussy, clit, and nipples.  He also drew it up her throat and along her jaw, and to her lips. She never knew where the feather would stroke next, and her skin was alive with anticipation. She was very responsive, and he was sure that she was silently begging for more.  And he wondered just how far he could take her.

He picked up the leather strap and stood back a little, watching her. She was still anticipating his touch, waiting for more of the gentle torture of the feather. She cried out when instead she felt the crack of the leather on her breast. Her breathing deepened from light panting to sucking in gulps of air. The crack of the leather together with her cry vibrated within him and down through his cock as he struck her again.  He alternated between her two breasts, watching her flesh turn red, hearing her heavy breathing as she endured this sweet agony. She came alive with the pain, even more so than with the teasing of the feather. His lashes with the strap were slow and deliberate, almost lazy, as he took his time with her. When her tits were glowing with welts, he aimed lower, striking her pussy just as deliberately as he had her tits. This brought a new wave of lovely little sounds from the back of her throat. And she whispered her first words to him, so faint that he almost didnt hear her. “Thank you, Sir.”

Part 2:

This pleased him, and he wanted to both reward her and torture her. He wanted to hear her cry with painful pleasure, wanted to hear her beg, wanted her to surrender everything she had. He wanted to fuck her ass until she was sore, and he wanted to hold her in the dark of night. And suddenly he dropped the leather strap and moved closer, resting his lips against her forehead, his hand settling over her swollen, burning mound. His fingers slipped inside her wet pussy and she moaned. She wanted him so badly. He felt her wet warmth as he stroked her, from the inside, now and then withdrawing enough to rub her clit until she was shuddering with burning desire. Back and forth he went, alternating from finger fucking to stroking her clit, when finally his fingertip settled over the hard bud of flesh as he encouraged her to give in and let go. “Cum for me…” he whispered against her hair, still stroking her clit.

Just hearing his quiet voice, just 3 little words, and the tip of his finger, were enough to put her over the edge; her body began shuddering with waves of pleasure. Her cries were music to her ears as he shoved several fingers deep inside her, feeling her tighten in spasms against them, grinding his palm against her swollen clit. God how he wanted to fuck her. When she was calm again, he withdrew his fingers and drew them along her mouth, parting her lips slightly. She needed no further encouragement and greedily sucked them into her mouth and licked them clean. He removed the blindfold and smiled at her. And she smiled back. He kissed her, lightly at first, then more deeply, and felt the fire rise again within her. He untied her and motioned her to pick up the feather and the leather from the ground where he had let them fall. And wordlessly, she followed him into the cabin.

He dropped the rope on the couch and took the feather and leather strap from her and dropped them as well. His hands encircled her waist and he drew her close to him, grabbing her ass and pulling her body firmly against his hard cock. As he ground his body against her, his lips hardened possessively over hers and he kissed her again, invading her mouth with his tongue.  Her arms came up around his neck and pulled him closer. They spent several long minutes like this, kissing deeply, and he felt the urge to both spank her and make love to her. But which should come first? He broke the kiss and smiled at her again and led her upstairs to the loft. He softly commanded her to undress him, which she did. Slowly. Silently. Gratefully. Happily. Obediently. She desperately wanted to feel his cock in her mouth, but didnt dare. Instead, she knelt in front of him, silently pleading with him to let her touch him.  He knew what she wanted, just by looking at her. And he nodded down at her, indulging her since he wanted it too.


She began almost timidly, reaching out to touch him lightly with her fingers, then more firmly with her hands. She guided him into her mouth and savored the taste of him, his warmth, his hard cock throbbing with need. She took her time pleasing him, with her mouth, fingers, and tongue, covering the tip of his cock, along the shaft, down to its base, sucking his balls into her mouth, one at a time, and drawing her lips over his pubic hair. She couldnt get enough. Her hands settled lightly on his thighs as he reached down to grab her hair to hold her head still and fuck her mouth more firmly. The back of her throat felt wonderful, as he knew it would, and he could feel the orgasm building inside him. As he began to erupt, he drew back slightly to fill her mouth with his cum, ensuring that she taste all of him. And she was greedy about it, intent on sucking on him dry. Some of his cum escaped her lips and dribbled a little down to her chin. When she was done sucking, he withdrew and used his finger to scrape the escaping cum back into her mouth. She licked his finger and cock until they were both clean, and she smiled up at him, hoping he was pleased with her performance. He gently grabbed her hair and lifted until she was standing before him, and he led her to the bed. They spent the next hour gently exploring each other, a constant roaming of hands and lips. There were no words to break the silence, only their breathing, gentle sighs, and occasional smiles, until they slept.

She was a little disoriented when she awoke. It took a minute for her to realize where she was and what had happened. What drew her foggy mind from sleep was the fact that she could not move her arms or legs. She discovered she was bound to the bedposts in a spread eagle position, face down, covered with a light blanket. And her dominant lover was nowhere to be found. The next thing that penetrated her foggy mind was that there was an aroma of food wafting up from downstairs, she also discovered she was very hungry.  She waited patiently.

After a while she could hear him coming up the stairs. She could see nothing as her hair covered her face. He pulled the blanket off, and slid his arm under her pelvis, lifting her up off the bed. He slipped two pillows under her pussy. The result of this was that her ass was higher in the air, exposed and vulnerable, and her arms and legs were bound more tautly than before. The next thing she felt was his hand, brushing her hair from her face so she could see him. They smiled at each other again, and he left her field of vision. She looked at the rope binding her wrists, and was touched by the fact that it was not the coarse rope he had used outside. This rope was black and red twisted satin cord. She felt honored to be bound with something so beautiful, and wondered what awaited her.

Part 3:

His weight pressed down on the mattress, kneeling between her legs, and she felt his hand stroke her ass gently for a long moment. He could touch her so softly, but she knew the sadist in him was not too far away, as evidenced when his hand came down on her ass in a quick stinging slap. It took her breath away, the suddenness of it, and she felt her ass burning where his hand had struck. Again, his hand touched her ass softly, gently rubbing in circles, feeling the part he had struck, delighting in the sudden redness of her flesh. He could begin to see his red handprint against her white skin and he smiled. He struck again, swiftly, on her other cheek, and again her breath escaped in a rush. They went on like this for a little while, driving each other crazy with the sensations they were feeling. He alternated back and forth between gentle rubbing and stroking, to hard stinging slaps which made her feel so alive. He occasionally would stroke her ass very lightly with his fingertips, sending a shiver up her back. Her clit was throbbing as he used her, and she wanted him to fuck her hard. She kept silent her desires, knowing that he will do as he pleases. She hoped he was enjoying the spanking he was giving her.

When her ass was burning hot and glowing bright red, he stopped and got off the bed. Her hair had fallen over her face again due to her movements during the spanking, but he did not brush her hair aside this time. She waited again, burning, aching, breathing hard, wanting, and needing more of him. And he did not disappoint her. The next thing she felt was a sharp sting of a crop on her ass. It was an amazing sensation, feeling the narrow focused slap of the leather crop against her ass which was already burning all over. His perception of it was just as keen, noticing the contrast as he saw darker marks of red slowly appear in her flesh which was already bright red all over.  And he hoped her ass would bruise nicely, looking forward to seeing his marks on her body. He continued for a several more moments, his strokes slow and deliberate as before, until he was satisfied with the work of art he had created in her flesh. They were both burning now, with desire, with a need for each other, feeding off each other in symbiosis and harmony.

He left her again, and again she waited wordlessly, breathing heavily, ass burning, her pussy squirming into the pillows under her. And again, she wondered what awaited her. She could hear him go downstairs, and come back a few moments later, then silence. Her breathing slowed somewhat, and soon she became aware of a strange sensation on her fiery ass. She almost thought she imagined it, but as her head cleared a little, she felt him drawing something over her burning skin. And then she felt a trickle down to her back, and knew what it was:  ice. He was gently rubbing her ass with an ice cube, drawing on her as a child draws with a crayon. The combination of heat from the spanking and the crop, together with the cold of the ice, and the trickle of water, made her shudder. He continued drawing, moving it into the crack of her ass, which had not been welted, and she felt the full impact of the cold ice. And she realized it must not be a cube; it is larger, and longer.  He dug the ice deeper along her crack, down to her pussy, and it penetrated her a little, and she realized its shape was phallic. And she wondered at her good fortune and was grateful and honored for being with him.

He continued to tease her with the ice, gently nudging it into her pussy, then withdrawing it and rubbing it on her ass in a circular motion, then back to her pussy, only deeper. He continued this a while longer, again with a lazy, deliberate manner, only every time he returned to her pussy, he probed deeper. She began to moan, and he smiled at her. He moved to sit on the edge of the bed, brushed her hair aside, and drew the icecock across her lips, applying pressure as they parted. She enveloped the ice with her lips, drawing it in, tasting herself. He pulled it slowly from her mouth, and drew a cold line from her shoulder back down to her ass, and began the cycle all over again: all over her ass, into her pussy, now aching from the cold, penetrating but not quite fucking, then up to her mouth. She kept squirming her pelvis, hoping he would fuck her, even if it was with ice, but he denied her. The ice finally melted.

Part 4:

He whispered to her, “Are you hungry?” A moan escaped her lips as she answered in a pleading way, “Yesssss…..” She was hungry for food, but hungrier for him; she wanted him to fuck her. She heard a plastic pop and soon felt him probing her ass. Gently and slowly he pushed the tip of his cock into her tight opening. The fullness of him inside her drew more moaning from her, and her tight ass hugged his cock as he slowly withdrew. Back and forth he went, deep inside her, then pulling out slowly, savoring the feeling. Her clit was throbbing as he fucked her and she wanted more of him. He bent his arms and leaned on bent elbows on either side of her, resting some of the weight of his torso on her back as he buried his face in her hair. He fucked her slowly for quite a while, not able to avoid moaning himself, a rumbling deep in his throat which came out from his lips close to her ear,  “Mmmmmmmm……” After a while, he could not hold out any longer. As he picked up the pace, he slid his right hand under her and grabbed her clit between 2 fingers and squeezed. This was enough to send her over the edge and they exploded together, speaking only in animalistic grunts and moans. When his body slowed, he kissed her hair and they lay together in a heap, breathing heavily, enjoying the afterglow of what they had just shared.

They lay there for quite some time, until he heard her own body rumbling with hunger. He got up from the bed and she soon felt another probing at her ass as he inserted a plug. She heard another plastic pop, and felt cool soothing aloe being rubbed into her burned flesh. He drew pleasure from seeing her welted ass, and hoped she would too. He then untied her, and retied one end of the black and red cord to her neck, and led her downstairs. He brought her to the table, kissed her deeply, and pushed down on her shoulders until she was kneeling. He tied the other end of the rope to the leg of the kitchen table and put a bowl of water on the floor next to her. She was thirsty and leaned over the bowl, her hair shrouding her head as she lapped the water gratefully. She felt content, somehow comforted by the fact that he was treating her as a pet.

He disappeared for a few moments, then returned to the kitchen wearing a robe and proceeded to finish preparing their dinner. A few minutes later he walked over to the table with 2 plates. One he put on the table, and the other he put on the floor next to her. And he sat down beside her and they ate in companionable silence, he with a fork, and she with her fingers. They regarded each other now and then, and on an impulse, he held his fork down to give her a bite from his plate. She smiled at him as she enveloped the food with her mouth, drawing her closed lips slowly away from the fork, turning it into sensual experience. He did this again just for the pleasure of watching her do it. He found her humility appealing, and liked how she blended humility with sensuality. She seemed perfectly content eating on the floor at his feet. And on another impulse, he picked up a bite of food with his fingers, and lowered his hand to her and smiled. She leaned forward, timidly taking the food in her teeth. It was an intimate exchange, one of both affection, and eroticism. He fed her several bites of food in this manner, after which she licked his fingers clean. He then reached for his wineglass, dipped a finger in, and drew it along the line where her lips met. She opened her mouth and with the tip of her tongue she tasted the wine.  He gave her several drops of wine in this manner before holding the glass down for her to sip. She was practically glowing with subservience, loving every minute of it, as did he.

It took them a long time to finish eating, which didnt surprise either of them. He then untied her rope and said quietly, “Clean up the kitchen, pet.” Happy to be able to do something useful for him, she got right to work as he showered. It took her a while since she was unfamiliar with the kitchen, but she soon had everything in order. He returned to the kitchen, still wearing the robe, his hair damp from the shower, as he watched her finish her work. It occurred to her that she would have liked to have bathed him herself. She wondered if she would have the opportunity to do this tomorrow. And suddenly she felt a wave of panic as she realized she didnt even know if he would keep her that long. When she was done in the kitchen, he crooked his finger, beckoning her to follow him into the bathroom.

What she saw in the bathroom delighted her. The tub was enormous, and filled with warm scented water. There were candles in the bathroom, reflected off the mirrors. He held his arm out, inviting her to step into the tub, and he removed the plug. As she sank her body down in the warm water, she sighed a tired but happy sigh. Her ass was sore as she sat, but the bath felt heavenly. He proceeded to bathe her, as a parent bathes a child, working his soapy fingers into every crevice of her body. She was feeling both sleepy contentment and sexual arousal, and she couldnt decide which feeling to give in to. He took his time bathing her, rinsing, and washing her hair. There were few words between them, but she knew at some point they would have to engage in a much-needed conversation. But not yet. They were still savoring each other, and she had no wish to face reality so soon.

He released the drain and helped her out of the tub, wrapping her in a large towel. He drew her close and kissed her.  They kissed for quite some time, him fucking her mouth with his tongue, making her knees weak and his cock hard. Finally he released her and dried her off. He instructed her to turn around and bend over, and he smoothed more aloe on her glowing ass, and permitted her to use the toilet. He then led her from the bathroom back into the kitchen, grabbing the black and red cord and handing it to her. He grabbed the bottle of wine and a glass and led her upstairs.

In the bedroom, he tied her spread eagle to the bed again with the red and black cord, only this time she was face up. She savored the feeling of vulnerability being bound in this way, unable to move, utterly at his mercy. He played with her for quite some time, exploring her, testing her, teasing her, and watching her react to his experimentation. He slapped her breasts and her pussy, and she loved that he was indulging the sadist in him. He drew lines of wine along her abdomen and then licked her mercilessly. He stroked, prodded, slapped, kissed, and tasted every inch her, driving her crazy with a burning need for him. They ended up laying under the covers, her still bound to the bed, him beside her, stroking her, kissing her deeply, making her clit burn. As he moved and settled over her, he regarded her silently and entered her slowly. They were both aching for each other as he began to move in her and she finally felt that which she craved all day. He ground himself against her and she closed her eyes in ecstasy. He leaned down and whispered into her ear, commanding her, “Open your eyes and look at Me.”

She obeyed, opening her eyes and looking into his. And he drew them together toward climax, watching the pleasure play across her face and in her eyes as she came. And watching her face, seeing her soul exposed on her face, and feeling her pussy contract against him, pulled him to climax as well. They stayed a long time like that, kissing languidly, his body covering hers, his cock still inside her. Eventually he untied one arm and one leg and nudged her onto her side and curled up against her. They slept like this, nestled against one another, him holding her close, the Dominant and the submissive resting in peace and harmony. And they were both smiling, thinking about tomorrow.


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