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The puppy slave

Author: Falcon~s moonbeam

Filed in: sex, blowjob, puppy play, human pet

When He came home from work early on Friday afternoon, He said, “I have something special planned for you this evening.” i smiled at Him and said, “Whatever you wish, Master.”

His instructions were clear. i was to go upstairs, remove all clothing, and present myself for use, with collar and leash. While i undressed, Master took a shower. i managed to shed my clothing, retrieve my working collar and leash from the bin in the closet, and kneel in the sitting room before He emerged from the bathroom. He smiled down at me and from my knees i offered up my collar and leash in upturned hands.

He took the collar and leash from me, and i lifted my hair so He could put on my collar. He then snapped the leash to the D-ring on the collar and said to me, “For the remainder of this evening, until tomorrow morning, you will be treated like a puppy. You are relegated to the floor, and except for using the toilet, you will not be afforded any human privileges. Is that understood?”

At that point, i was afraid to speak. Dogs do not speak words, only whines and growls and barking. At a loss for words, i simply nodded my head in understanding, and that seemed to please Him. He scratched me behind the ear, and pulled me by the leash over to the kitchenette, me crawling on my hands and knees. He hooked the leash to one of the drawer knobs, and walked across the room and pulled out a bag that i hadnt noticed before.


From the bag, He retrieved 2 dog bowls and a nylon dog bone. The bone He set on the table, and with the bowls, He came back to the kitchenette where i was waiting on all fours. He washed the bowls in the sink, and He filled one with water and placed it on the floor in the kitchenette. He went to the bathroom, and returned with a hair scrunchie and instructed me to put my hair up to keep it out of the way. “Have a drink,” He commanded. i crawled over to the bowl and lapped at the water with my tongue, then looked up at Him adoringly, water dripping from my chin.

He put a large doggie bed on the floor by His easy chair, and then came back to the kitchenette to retrieve the end of the leash. He led me to the bed, secured the leash to the leg of the couch, threw a pillow on one end of the doggie bed, and pointed to it. i curled up on the bed, and Master sat down to watch a movie. We watched for a while in companionable silence. i became thirsty, and wanted another drink. Should i say something? Would He deny me a drink if i asked? Should i ask? What should i do? i was to be afforded no human privilege. Did that include speech? Or a drink if i wanted one?

i crawled out of the doggie bed and crawled over to the water bowl. The leash was too short and i could not reach it. i looked around at Master and whimpered a little, unsure of myself, wondering what a sight i made. Nude, on hands and knees, ass exposed, looking around at Him, whimpering for water, afraid to ask in any other way. He ignored me, so after a few minutes i sat down where i was, stretched to the end of the leash, looking at my water bowl. After a few minutes more, He arose from His chair and walked over to the kitchenette. He picked up my water bowl, emptied it into the sink, and put a few ice cubes in it. He then poured a good measure of vodka into the bowl, then some 7up soda. He placed the bowl back on the floor and then said, “Do you want a drink?”

I couldnt help myself i make a high-pitched whining sound at the back of my throat as i looked up at him, back on my hands and knees, stretching the leash taut. He walked over to the couch and unhooked the end of the leash from the couch leg and dropped it on the floor. “Go ahead,” He said. i crawled over to the water bowl and lapped at the drink happily. What a treat, to have a real cocktail in my water bowl!

He removed His shorts and sat back down into his easy chair. “Come,” He said, and pointed to the floor in front of Him. As He spread His legs, He used the remote to switch to the other DVD player, and turned on the pornographic disk of Cum Shots as He spread His legs. i knew what He wanted,  and i happily complied. i crawled in closer to His crotch, and could hardly contain my excitement. Without using my hands, i greedily took Him into my mouth and drew my tongue along the underside of His hardening shaft. i continued to work my lips and tongue over Him, lapping with my tongue and nibbling at His cock with my lips, working down and up the shaft and over the head, taking it back into my mouth frequently to suck gently. i began to draw my lips from the base of the shaft to the tip, repeatedly, without sucking, tongue constantly swirling, and i heard Master grunt a little.

He grabbed my head and shoved me down on His cock so that it grazed the back of my throat. He held me there for several seconds, seemingly like an eternity; i was trying to open my throat so as not to gag, until he let up and i withdrew a little. i began to suck in earnest as he pumped my head up and down on His cock. He grabbed my hair and pulled at my head, forcing my head down repeatedly, until i could feel His urgency. As He continued, i could feel He was about to cum, and i started sucking even harder, being careful not to graze Him with my teeth. As His cock exploded in my mouth, i swallowed all of His cum, and i could hear His growls and grunts of pleasure. i felt happy that i had satisfied Him. i sucked what i thought was the last of the cum from His cock, and he pulled my head off, pumping himself and wiping the last bit of it on my face.

I lapped at my face, licking off the last of His cum, and looked up at Him, my hair a mess, my face sticky. He smiled at me, and as it often does, His smile lit up His eyes. He nodded over toward my water bowl and said, “Go have yourself a nice long drink.” i smiled back at Him and crawled over to my water bowl and lapped at my drink, happy to have pleased Him. When i was finished drinking, i licked my face clean as best i could, and returned to my doggie bed, my head close to his feet. i wiped my face on the edge of the bed to dry it off, and proceeded to kiss His feet in adoration. i ended up resting my cheek on the top of His foot while He switched DVDs again and continued to watch His movie.

When the movie was over, Master hooked my leash to the couch leg again and left the room. He returned several minutes later with a doggie cage, which He proceeded to put together. When He was finished, He picked up the end of the doggie bed and nudged me off it with His foot. i sat on the carpet near the couch, and i could feel my pussy getting wetter than before, just at the thought of being caged. Master placed the doggie bed in the cage, and it was a perfect fit. He unsnapped the leash from my collar and dragged me by the collar over to the entrance to the cage and pulled me in as far as he could reach. i needed no further encouragement i crawled all the way in. Master closed the door and went over to the TV console.  He turned on the pornographic DVD again and turned to me and said, While i am cooking dinner i expect you to watch this movie, and you are not permitted to cum.” He then left the room and went downstairs to cook.

i wondered 2 things how would i eat whatever was for dinner, and how can i ensure that i do not orgasm while He is gone. He has put on my favorite pornographic disk. The only way i can ensure that i do not orgasm is that i not touch myself at all. My pussy was already wet, and watching the movie, my clit began to throb. He sure knows how to ensure that i remain horny.

i sat there, in my lovely cage, on my doggie bed, and i realized how lucky i am to have such a Master. i watched the movie and became even more horny .i decided  that it was better to not touch myself a all, so i layed down and curled up (thankful that He had given me my pillow) and watched the show. i could feel my pussy getting wetter, begin caged, watching women on TV getting cum baths, hoping Master would return soon. i was getting hungry in addition to being horny. i heard the back door slam a few times and i surmised that he was grilling something for dinner. Oh how i wanted to touch myself!

Master returned after a while with 2 plates. i couldnt quite see what was on them. He put His plate down on His little table by His chair, and brought the other plate to the kitchenette, where He proceeded to cut up the food on the plate. He placed the food in the other doggie bowl and put it on the floor next to the water bowl in the kitchenette. i was so fascinated by what He was doing that i forgot about the movie. He let me out of my cage and snapped on the leash and dragged me over to the kitchenette. He hooked the end of the leash on the cabinet knob again and told me i could eat my dinner but to remember the rules in place.

Yikes i had to eat my food with no hands just my mouth! It was a cheeseburger with a bun, chopped onions and pickles and ketchup, all chopped up in the bowl. i could only imagine what my face would look like when i was finished. How humiliating. i looked up at Master and He merely said, “Dig in, pet.” i couldnt help myself; i smiled up at Him. Oh how i enjoy what he does to me! His control over me is so cherished. i bent down over my bowl and began to eat. Master sat down in His chair, changed the TV to the history channel, and proceeded to eat His dinner.

When i was finished eating, i looked up at Him and was acutely aware of what a mess my face was. i licked as much food and ketchup off my face as i could reach, but Im sure i was a mess. i sat down and looked at Him; He was still eating. i didnt know what to do. i so wanted to wash my face! i crawled over toward him, as far as the leash would go, and then sat down again and looked at Him. He finally looked over me and said, “All finished with your dinner?”

i nodded. When He was finished eating, He brought His plate to the sink, and also placed my food bowl in the sink as well. He looked down at me and said, “Do you want your face washed?” i nodded vigorously. Was it that obvious? He smiled and His smile lit up His eyes again, as it often does. “There is a price to pay for having your face washed. Are you prepared to pay the price?”

What do i do now? i desperately wanted my face washed, but i had no idea what He was talking about regarding paying a price. It could mean anything. Well, I wanted my face washed, and I decided to once again put my trust in Him and yield myself to His will. I nodded. He went into the bathroom and came out with a wet washcloth and proceeded to silently wash my face. He then put the cloth back in the bathroom, and came back to me and grabbed the end of my leash. He also grabbed the doggie bone from the table.

He walked me to the middle of the sitting room, moved the cage over, and stood over me, putting the doggie bone in my mouth. He then put His foot on my upper back, pushing my head and shoulders down onto the floor. I was still on my knees, so my ass was up in the air, exposed. He pulled the scrunchie out of my hair and my hair fell over my face so I couldnt see a thing. I got the feeling He wanted it that way…

I couldnt see where He was or what He was doing. The TV switched off and I could feel His hand on my upper back, more firmly pushing my upper body into the carpet, while his other hand caressed my ass and pussy. I began to wonder just what the “price” involved. Then I knew.

I could feel Him tapping my ass lightly with a cane, and I knew what the “price” was. As the first blow came down, I could hear the rush of the cane before it hit. It wasnt a very severe hit, and I was grateful that He was warming me up. I felt a few light taps, and then another blow, and more taps and then another blow. He rubbed my ass gently with His hand, and then I felt several more blows, this time a little more severe. I yelped a little I couldnt help it.

“How does that feel, bitch, having a clean face and a red ass, hmmmm?”

He bought the cane down again, this time much stronger and i screamed. His hand came back, rubbing gently, fingering the emerging welts, fingering my wet pussy, and i knew He knew how aroused i was. He brought the cane down again and then proceeded to work His way down my upper legs, and then back up to my ass. By this time, i had screamed several times, and was close to tears. He stroked the backs of my legs gently with His hands, and then I felt yet more blows with the cane, eliciting more screaming. I was grateful for the bone in my mouth on which to bite.

He stroked the back of my head, pushing it into the floor more firmly, whispering, “Good girl.” He brought the cane down again for a few more blows, and my screaming turning to crying at that point. He gently said, “youre almost done, slave. Im going to leave 3 more good welts on each cheek.” At that point my ass was on fire and I wanted a tissue. My hair still covered my face and I was drooling around the bone;  I surmised I was a mess again. I could feel him rubbing my ass with the cane, then a few light taps, and I knew what was coming. I tried to brace myself but there was no time.

He brought the cane down hard in rapid succession 6 times, 3 on each cheek, and I screamed and cried and was so grateful to Him for this. He instinctively knows what I need and when I need it, and I needed a good caning to remind me of my place in our household. When He was finished, He rubbed my ass gently with His hand to sooth the burn a little and said again, “Good girl.” i was overjoyed.

I cried softly as he fetched me a few tissues and pushed the hair back from my face. He removed the bone from my mouth and I blew my nose and dried my eyes and thanked Him profusely. “Youre not done yet, slave,” He said. I looked at Him in askance, and He disappeared into the bedroom again. When He returned, He had the clover clamps dangling from a finger. He instructed me to lie on my back, with my legs up and knees bent inward, sort of how a puppy lies on her back when having her belly scratched.

He applied the clamps to my nipples, and I panted through the pain of it, realizing that my ass was still on fire as well. He began stroking my exposed ass and the backs of my thighs were the welts were, drawing His fingers along the raised hot flesh. He then moved His hand up to my pussy and began to fuck me with His fingers. He used His thumb to stimulate my clit as He fucked me, and He soon had me begging to cum. “Please, Master, please can I cum, please?”

“Yes, you little bitch slut, cum for me.” He fucked my pussy with his fingers, rubbed my clit with His thumb, and with his other hand, he grabbed the chain between the clamps and tugged on it. This put me over the edge and the orgasm hit with wave after wave of bright white heat. As the orgasm died down, He withdrew His hand and slathered my own juices all over my face for me to lick off. “And no, you may not wash your face this time…” He said.

He got up, tugged on the end of the leash until I was on all fours, and led me back to my cage, where He removed the clamps. He massaged the pain into my nipples then closed the cage door. While caged, we watched another movie, and then Master permitted me to use the bathroom and then led me by the leash to the bedroom. “Ill let you sleep in the bed with me, but only because I know you dont have fleas, “ He smiled. He unhooked my leash and I crawled into bed next to him and snuggled into him as if I were born to do so.

I am such a lucky slave to have a Master who cares enough about me to use me. I had no trouble falling asleep in His arms, hoping He will want to play this game again some time soon.

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